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  1. unobtainable platinum?
  2. PERFECT. 😈 Guys in america only match other in same region. America, Asia, Europe... all regions are locked in matchmaking.
  3. insane Grind.
  4. Sfv netcode sucks
  5. I CAN.
  6. Need a patch. 35 wins is impossible.
  7. I contacted Aquiris and she answered that it is a version launched for Southeast Asia.
  8. Ward...
  9. Fuck garbage game ever.
  10. it's been 3 days that it doesn't connect casual or ranked fights. I already opened the doors of my router, put the ps4 ip in the DMZ, put the wired internet and NOTHING. someone with connectivity problems?
  11. Region confirmed?
  12. With Grundy is "very possible". i got it on the second try
  13. Pure blasphemous, i love it
  14. Horror, RPG Turn Based. Its PERFECT AND ORIGINAL.