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  1. Easy 1/10 plat. I love. Cmom baby to me. (Again)
  2. i need PRO diary farming routes and i need mora... much mora.
  3. Dramatic Golden League
  4. ward.
  5. UP
  6. I did it with everyone in easy and normal. with about 20 on the hard. with 5 in the extreme.
  7. the problem is the ken. who play in a crazy and random way, I already got GOLD in 3 accounts and in all of them I suffer against the crazy kens.
  8. I never tested shareplay, I already did it for several close friends but I had to log into their account
  9. unobtainable platinum?
  10. PERFECT. 😈 Guys in america only match other in same region. America, Asia, Europe... all regions are locked in matchmaking.
  11. insane Grind.
  12. Sfv netcode sucks
  13. I CAN.
  14. Need a patch. 35 wins is impossible.