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  1. I had an issue where some DLC wasn't showing up after I had purchased it (albeit for the "cars" part of the game) and contacted Sony for advice. They informed me that I should try renewing the licences for the game, and it should show up (which I did, and it fixed the issue). Maybe try that and see if it helps?
  2. You're out of your element... I gotta say, reading your introduction, This is a very complicated case - You know? A lotta in's... a lotta out's... a lotta what-have-you's. Obviously, you're not a golfer... and I mean, with all those accounts... I love you, but sooner or later, you're gonna have to face the fact, you're a goddam moron. (Of course, these are friendly quotes from the best film ever made, and not intended to offend you!).
  3. Has he/she even cheated "My name is Mayo" - it looks like an exceptionally fast plat time...
  4. I agree - some of the games I have played have been enjoyable, and the easy plat is just a bonus... They produce some good entertaining games to play in between bigger, more challenging games.
  5. Good work!! It worked for me too - all I need to do now is complete the bike challenges, then its 100%!!!
  6. You can, yes - some are very quick and easy to do with 2 PS3's - some are more challenging, such as the timed challenges - but not impossible, provided you know what the challenge requires and you set it up. The only ones that you really need to do with others are the 8 player trophies. The 8 player bike challenge in particular it's best to do in an open lobby if you can (or create one and wait for 6 or 7 others). There is an offline way of getting the 8 players meet up at the baseball stadium, which can be found here and might be easier than relying on the other players all doing what is required for it. If you need a hand with any, and depending on what time you're playing, I am willing to help if I can
  7. Went online last night with the hope of clearing some of the online trophies, but seemed full of people just randomly driving round taking each other down - no-one doing any challenges or anything productive at all. Is it still worth trying to link up with people in this game?