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  1. Thanks but it's impossible to get the trophy. I have tried everything, from driving the 78-stop route obtaining benefits, to creating a network of routes and driving them all, I have created routes, I have driven them, I have edited them, I have assigned buses and drivers, I have started another game and it is impossible . I have already created 130 routes and there is no way to get the trophy. Above the developers have the balls to say that the trophy is not bugged. I want to not touch the game even with a stick.
  2. My English is not very good and I do not quite understand. How do I know if a stop is making money? When editing my route of 78 stops I see that some are in yellow and the rest in green. All belong to the same route and the maximum number of drivers does not exceed at each stop. I also get benefits from that route.
  3. Hi friend, I'm just starting the game and I bought the DLC for infinite ammo. The problem was that the day after I started playing, the infinite combat knife disappeared and does not appear anywhere. I'm afraid the same thing will happen to me with infinite weapons. I wanted to erase the game data, install it, update it and download the DLC again but just before doing it I saw that in the Store the DLC appears for purchase (again?) And not as something already purchased and to download at any time. I don't know if it's a bug or it just happens to me but I didn't like anything about the disappearance of weapons that I paid to have them.
  4. I contacted the Bus Simulator staff and this is what they answered: To achieve the "All mine" trophy, all of the bus stops of the main game's map have to be included in your route network. Please keep in mind that some stops are consisting of two stops on diffferent locations (the cathedral for example). These stops have to be included too! After making sure, that all of the stops are connected, drive a route of your choice by yourself. Now the trophy should be your's. I sent you the link of this thread and this is what they answered me: I am not sure that this is a bug. In fact, I don't think so. The trophy has been earned by thousands of players without any problems and it worked fine in all of our testruns too. So, I would suspect you missed something
  5. I did not have problems of that type, although I never looked for a shot in the head, unless the enemy was alone. For the rest, the control seemed right and the only thing that seemed bad to me is that sometimes wanting to register a body by mistake you took the enemy's weapon, but that is already settled with one of the most recent updates. Now register with square and take the weapons from the ground with a triangle (and before it was square).
  6. Hi bro. The truth is that I could get it just at the end of the other trophies. I tried to leave it to the end and get the rest of the trophies before and when I went for the trophy to dribble with turbo for 5 seconds I got 3 human enemies and then I jumped the trophy. It can be a bit heavy if left for the post game, but the key is to keep the inventory EMPTY. If you have grenades, molotov, bandages, etc., it is best to throw it away or use it before going out on the map, in order to guarantee that you will be able to collect all the items of the humans that come to meet you. Take into account that it is not worth only to register them but you have to collect the objects they carry. There are some that carry up to 2 or 3 objects and that helps a lot. If there is someone who has the same problem, the key is to go through the map and be attentive to the sign "?" that appears from time to time, because you have to go to that place and the vast majority of times there will be humans to kill to register them later. But take note that the inventory is always as empty as possible.
  7. I have continued playing and I was missing 2 ambush camps and 2 marauders camps, I have also had several random events. Now I have about 90 enemies left to register. The key is to always have empty inventory. When I go out on a motorcycle I make a quick trip to the camp where we were with Boozer at the beginning of the game and I throw some grenades and then heal me with bandages, this with the aim of going empty of rags and styirilizers (materials with which the bandages are created) . This is because most of the items that are collected are rags and sterilizers. Bearing this in mind, it is enough to leave on the motorcycle and when the sign "?" go directly to them because there will be 3 to 6 enemies and when registering some give 2 items and so I go to the trophy.
  8. Hello, first of all I apologize for my very basic English. I have problems with the trophy "You've Got Red on You" which consists of collecting 541 objects from the bodies of the defeated humans. The problem I have is that I already passed the story and I barely got 333, so I need more than 200. I have some ambush camps that I still lack but I do not think it reaches the number that the trophy requires. Is there any method to get this trophy in the post game and that it is real easy and that it does not take me hours? I have not updated the game to version 1.11 but it occurred to me that perhaps in the new challenges that were added there are battles with humans and is it possible to register the bodies for the trophy?
  9. Hola amigo. Debes ir al libro de cuentas de cualquier tienda o la hacienda. Una vez ahí vas al apartado de "desarrollo" y luego a "Objetos especiales" y ahí puedes crear los objetos que aún tienes bloqueados en la tienda. Para ser más precisos, son los que te piden lingote de hierro. Siento escribir en español, pero mi nivel de inglés es muy básico.