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  1. How on earth do you get past this level? I cannot work it out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey all, I've been searching quick play over the last couple of weeks and haven't been able to find a single match. Tried boosting it with a mate from the same region, tried using server selections and still nothing. Anyone got any tips? I can see people are still getting the online trophies.
  3. Fairly accurate rating by Tomy_IV. The single player campaigns and miscellaneous trophies aren't hard at all, just time consuming. The co-op had about 4 levels that were quite challenging but just required decent team work and some tactics. Getting a group together to do the 4p multiplayer trophy wasn't very difficult either. Made a post and had a group within a week. Best of luck!
  4. Forgot to mention. Training ground is located on the main map by selecting a non-hero unit, pressing L2 then going into the top left corner.
  5. Ok so I've managed to work these out. Pumping Iron - You unlock the training grounds after Krell's Landing on the campaign. Apparently it's also unlocked from the start of any Onslaught campaign. Can train your units in here. Released - Either use a unit with the cleanse ability or just wait out the turn limit to have the unit released. Iron Maiden - Can confirm the copying your save data to the USB works for this. I saved this trophy for a second run and did it on easy but if you get careless, it's still possible to get caught and lose your main character which = game over, back to mission 1.
  6. Yep, same for me. I even checked it against the list posted by one of the dev's and confirmed I have the correct amount of each collectible. The little notification icon is still flashing on my journal too, despite having viewed everything in there. Very annoying!
  7. Ok so found this on this on their bug reporting site: Varking commented · August 13, 2021 3:00 AM · Flag as inappropriate For others who do not know, this item was not intended to be picked up. It does not count towards lore completion %. You get the achievement without it.
  8. I have the same issue unfortunately Molasar. Not a lot of info around about how to get around it but I note someone got this trophy on 02/10/2021. There must be a way. If I work it out I'll post an update here.
  9. Pretty much what Daracity said mate. If you don't want to do it through the void crusades you can go and do any random mission and just use the tarot cards that give extra glory. Really doesn't take long to get the weekly goal for that trophy. I found the fate was much slower to accumulate. Ended up picking systems that had fate as the final influence reward, then did missions in that system as much as possible with the tarot cards that gave extra influence. Can't remember the name of the last one I did but it got me 300 fate. You can also do the sell / buy back trick but I found that super boring. My game crashed once too and I lost a bunch of red gear and one daemonforged gun. Was pretty annoyed.
  10. Howdy Everyone, Just after a little advice if possible. The internet is almost totally silent on the majority of these trophies. Pumping Iron - Train the same unit 5 times. How is this achieved? The skill trees for units don't allow anything to be progressed that much. I've also purchased 5 of the same unit in a row pre-mission thinking that might pop it but no. Released - Save a charmed unit by releasing them. I'm assuming the cleanse skill will release any unit from a status ailment but I haven't seemed to encounter anything that can charm them so far. I'm currently invading the lizard kingdom in the sunken lands so around 20 missions in. Iron Maiden - Complete invasion campaign in Iron Maiden mode. Haven't attempted this as I'm currently going for the hardest difficulty. Noted you only have one save game. Is there any option to quit out before game saves if you're about to lose a crucial unit? The rest of them seem fairly straight forward. Cheers for any replies.
  11. Yep, easy as now. I even managed to do it with melee somehow. One thing I've noticed though... only 41 of 100 elites killed for me and I've almost finished a second playthrough. Not sure what's going on there.
  12. Maybe it is somehow possible then... Either way, in a few more weeks I think it will be fine. I'm actually pretty impressed that Neocore bother to listen to us and fix things as they pop up.
  13. I got a response from Marco on discord a while back. The issue is fixed but the patch has only been released to PC so far. Having a look at the Neocore website, patch 2.3.7 for PC is already out and working as it should but they've confirmed the patch for consoles won't be released until around July. I'm actually very curious how that person got the trophy on the 12th considering this.
  14. The devs for this game are awesome. They actively monitor the comments section on their website and respond within a couple of days. A friend is still struggling with the angel of death bonus though. Can anyone confirm if that's working or not?
  15. I'm having issues with the Grenadier trophy. Seems to have stopped counting at 132 / 1000 for reasons unknown. Friend is finding it impossible to get angel of death bonuses too. What the hell.