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  1. Yakuza Kiwami ( on mobile dont know how to add pic)
  2. I try and get the platinum if I just depends on what I need to do for it lol 😂 if I get at least 80% I'm alright with it, I can move onto another game.
  3. I dont think so though it would be nice. Hopefully they will bring more PS2 games to the PS5
  4. A bundle for both would be great! I agree Def jam Icon? was the worst one..defiantly dont wanna see that come back..
  5. PSN: F̶e̶a̶r̶I̶t̶s̶e̶l̶f̶4̶7̶ JesterCrows Feel free to add (leave a message) I play many lol currently playing For Honor and Warriors Orochi 4. Big fan of koei games (Changed my ID)
  6. Games that i would like to see are: The Bouncer Colosseum: road to freedom Sled Storm ( Though i would prefer the PS1 version) but the PS2 version was good Def jam FNY Dynasty Warriors 4 & 5 Samurai warriors 1 & 2 Sly Copper ( All of them) Yeah...i have a few lol