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  1. I remember I was stuck at 99.9% and this video helped me : (follow him while comparing your map to his)
  2. Thanks , I will keep on exploring when I get the game .
  3. I think it will be a new game .
  4. Anyone tried to get the platinum for this game ? I mean It is really fun game .
  5. Can you please give me the game link , I could not find the guide through Google . EDIT : just found the guide , thanks .
  6. I recommend plating Bloodstained , it is really good and special .
  7. Is there a faster method to get Truly Awesome and sooo rich trophies (online trophies) ? or is there like exploit for them ?
  8. Congrat for the platinum ( I know too late lol ) , I just wanted to ask about the collectibles (that needed for the upgrade to level 5 for both attack and defense) , I mean have you followed a guide for it or is there anyway else like upgrading one of them to level 5 then load an old save and upgrade the other ?
  9. Resident Evil 2 remake .
  10. Arise : a simple story .
  11. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare .