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  1. I have got all the wins on PS4and did not get the trophy , been trying for two days ):
  2. I did not get the trophy when I did the state sets , but after I completed the first character sets, I got it , and now I have been trying to get the last trophy (complete all the sets ) for two days and have completed all the sets but no luck so far ):
  3. I do recommend The Messenger , such a great game and so underrated and you will enjoy it if you like the classic action-platform games .
  4. I also think there is a glitch with the perfect parry mode , because I have defeated all bosses in all modes and then it says perfect parry mode unlocked but when I go to it ,it still locked .
  5. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Remastered .
  6. I think I will get Shadow of War and The Messenger .
  7. Can you still get it if you kill enemies in the main game ?
  8. This video really helped me with the mission :
  9. I did the same as this video and it did actually work for me .
  10. God of War III Remastered ( pretty good game ) .
  11. Untitled Goose Game .
  12. Gravity Rush Remastered .
  13. Hellblade : Senua`s Sacrifice
  14. NieR Automata :
  15. Since I am playing Shadow of Mordor and I am really enjoying it , I think I will go for Shadow of War .
  16. NieR Automata :
  17. Horizon Zero Dawn ( great game ) .
  18. Is there a faster method to get Truly Awesome and sooo rich trophies (online trophies) ? or is there like exploit for them ?
  19. I remember I was stuck at 99.9% and this video helped me : (follow him while comparing your map to his)
  20. Thanks , I will keep on exploring when I get the game .