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  1. So all that time, I had "I'll buy it later" up on Lost Grimoires 2 when I had bought it a week ago. So I decided to knock that A.M. game out now... and it's the easiest of the bunch. The only trophies are doing the game, the usual A.M. suspects(finish a hidden object puzzle in a minute, etc., etc.) and collect all of the rose sigils. I used a guide for the sigils but for some weirdo wacko reason, the game had an extra at the beginning so I was one rose sigil ahead of the guide at each point and I got Master Collector before collecting the last rose sigil. Before that I did some more Devious Dungeon 2(Vita, the PS4 version will be platted in 2020 in the ABCs event by iXanon) and managed to defeat two more bosses and get a couple of miscellaneous trophes to get me 40% farther to the plat. The game is okay but it's really boring and should be multi-tasked as you just plod through levels. Halfway through the game now. I am going to take a nap and then purchase the only two games I don't have(save for Ni no Kuni Remastered, which isn't out yet), Dark Cloud and LEGO Jurassic World for PS4. For the record, I got Deadly Tower of Monsters during a sale so I saved 70% on it, great deal! EDIT: Oh yeah, I am busting the platinums! But it won't last... I will probably knock out all of the easy games by the time I get my upper root canal on the 25th, but then that means I have five months to work on the long grindy RPGs like Dragon Quest XI and Ni no Kuni remastered. I will definitely be focusing on Ni no Kuni Remastered when I get it in five days.
  2. I decided to just rework my list completely as some ideas popped up. I'll leave spaces blank but will fill them up before the event starts so I'll edit this list accordingly. Here are the games I know I will be playing for this event. [A] A Hat In Time [D] Devious Dungeon 2 (PS4) [F] Fifty Words by POWGI (PS4) [Q] Queen's Quest 3 [R] Reverie (PS4) [W] World of Final Fantasy [Y] Yooka-Laylee
  3. I was part of the original thread for a little while in an another account, but I'd like to participate so I can get 100% in every game I started for the KYCX event as well as a couple of games I really enjoyed playing on PS2 but feel are too difficult for me because of some of the trophies: Disgaea 1 Complete Disgaea 5 (easiest Disgaea to platinum but the last trophies will be very difficult and take a lot of planning) Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Kingdom Hearts re: Chain of Memories Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (and all of the DLC) Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (I platinumed the game thrice but I will do the DLC, which really really sucks as you have to get 100% time attack on everything) Dark Cloud 2 Rogue Galaxy I don't know how many of these I will finish but I do plan on getting half of these in 2020.
  4. #72 - Fifty Words by POWGI (Vita) Yes, it's another of the POWGI mongrel mutt puzzle titles, but this one is pretty simple and fun, not like Word Search! I played it because I read a guide on it and decided why not? The PS4 version will be part of my Unstarted ABCs under the "F" section.
  5. I checked the trophy list of this game and it looks like it's the format for a Visual Novel. Any thoughts?
  6. Oh. I thought it was something else when you said "delete." Sorry, I knew about that. What I did to find games I wanted to replay after hiding them was use the search function. Anyways, I thought about getting Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon: Every Buddy, but I'm worried I might not be able to platinum it. I might try it on a blank account first just to try it out. I played and beat most of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeons as a kid, and I was wondering about this. I'll check the sale some more. A really easy game to platinum and really really fun. I've got the platinum for it on Vita and it's pretty fun but has some challenges. The bonus dungeon is no joke and you have to be careful to clear it. Don't tell that to the people who made the KFC Dating Game!
  7. You can delete games from your library? HOW?!?!!? Teach me the secret!
  8. #70 - LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (Vita) I don't know why, but for some reason they didn't make a 3DS or Vita version of LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, which means that if you want the full LEGO Potter experience, you need to get a console. Worse, the Vita version is a lot more boring that the console versions. Now, I admit that LEGO Vita games are not recreated from the console versions, they are remakes of the shovelware versions on Nintendo 3DS, which had to be crappy versions due to the limitations of the 3DS hardware. I can forgive them that, but most of the remakes of the 3DS versions are entertaining at the minimum. LEGO Batman 3 for Vita has more cool ship battle sequences and a sassy speaker-com in its dumbed-down Watchtower hub. The LEGO Batman 2 Vita game had the Justice League gauntlets which, while I hate them, were a fresh challenge. Even more so, LEGO Jurassic World for Vita had some really cool-looking mini-hubs and the two dinosaur-only hubs where you had to use custom dinos to get through obstacles! This game... was horrible. It introduced the Dueling Club, which was basically just a list of characters you could duel. True, magical dueling was in the console versions, but at least those duels were more strategic. This game is just mash buttons until you win or get owned. And you have to beat every member of the Dueling Club to get trophies, and duel certain characters with certain characters to get trophies. It was mind-numbingly boring. Also, unless you use a guide online, you will NEVER be able to take just two trips through a level. You WILL miss collectibles, and this is super-annoying especially in the final level of the Deathly Hallows part 2 levels, which is a six part slog which ends in defeating Voldemort. This is bad because you start the level dueling Voldemort and have to duel him again after you do some puzzles!!! I ranted too much but I am so glad I deleted this game and so sad I can't remove it from my library for good and can redownload it. I don't want to. #71: Buff Knight Advanced I really didn't want two LEGO games back-to-back, but this game was worse in the grind. Getting all 20 artifacts to max level requiring collecting them 10 times each, so you to get 200 artifacts. This is really bad as the RNG can troll you. I didn't get the last artifact until I beat all of the stages six times! I do love the graphics and the music but you can only take so much. I figured dueling Voldemort on Vita was far faster than spending an hour mashing the button on my controller to fire fireballs. Oh, and you'd better use the Sorceress instead of the Knight for this game as the former's fireballs can kill enemies before they reach you once you have all your equipment full upgraded and have a few artifacts.
  9. So I didn't realize that Jason Vorhees was going to torment me. Yeah, it's a Friday the 13th, but the only thing murdered was two more platinum trophies. I wanted to have Buff Knight Advanced by my 70th but the grind was so much mindless than before now that I have a special device that I attach to my control to enable it to have turbo functions, so I just hold down the buttons and I rapid-fire. I was getting tired of running Buff Knight Advanced. It's got great chiptunes but ugh, the grind for artifacts sucks. Anyways, LEGO Harry Potter for Vita took #70 after doing a ton of those boring duels. I really did not like the Dueling Club because dueling in that game was boring - if I wanted to play table tennis with a villain, I would go play Ocarina of Time. But that's done and I deserve a break and nap. Will probably dual play both Devious Dungeon 2(just need a few more trophies for that) and Lost Grimoires 2 to get closer to #75. I am not sure I want to go play Kingdom Hearts 3 some more but I know I have to if I want it to be Platinum #75. Did a look over the new Ni No Kuni remastered game; same as the PS3 list but now there probably won't be a dupe glitch so this game will take longer to platinum. Oh well, it's not an action RPG like its sequel and has no DLC.
  10. The bad news: Probably no more duplication glitch so you have to grind for everything now and it's the same grind. The good news: I can sell my PS3 as this game was the only reason I owned a PS3.
  11. So I did do a bit more gaming after my computer game crashed due to some random bug and I lost a lot of progress. Finally cleared all of the stages in Buff Knight Advanced and got some a few in LEGO Harry Potter for Vita. I will probably plan to do some serious trophy grinding in the first week of October as my parents are going to celebrate Oktoberfest literally by traveling to the place It originated. I also bought a device which is supposed to modify your PS4 controller to have rapid fire, which I really need as Buff Knight Advanced is getting to be a grind with mashing the button.
  12. I've been up all night with Realm of Magic for the Sims 4, really cool game pack. You get to pretend to be Harry Potter. Speaking of which, I finally ran through all of the story mode in LEGO Harry Potter for Vita (there is only 5-7, they didn't port 1-4 to the Vita which really ruins it) and cleared one dueling circle. My goal is to get all the red bricks, then get all of the remaining collectibles with the collectible finder. I miss two items in the final level so I will have to go through all of those stupid duels AGAIN a third time. On PS4 I will probably start Enigmatis 2 after a three hour nap once I put my short ribs in the slow cooker. I've been up all night playing Sims 4.
  13. Well, that was fast. Another update! #68 - Abyss: Wraiths of Eden Yep, another Artifex Mundi game! This one two a long time to deal with because somehow the trophy for getting all of the alternate hidden-object mini-games glitched and did not register as 100%. I had to go a little bit into a replay and eventually the 100% dominoes trophy popped. That was really annoying, I thought I had missed a hidden-object puzzle somewhere. The setting is an underwater city with horror elements. Wait, didn't some AAA company do this with Rapture? Anyways, it's an okay game. #69 - LEGO Jurassic World (Vita) Of all the games to get cursed with the number that has a sexual slang tied to it, it had to be this one. Serves it right for having a trophy requiring you to collect two billion studs. Yes, LEGO The Hobbit required a billion but at least it had the 2x stud multiplier! Not this game. So you get stuck farming a certain level 30 times to get all of the studs you need. Based of all three Jurassic Park movies and Jurassic World, this game retells their stories. However, the PS4 version is the director's cut since Vita can't handle too many cutscenes. The retort is that this game gives you two little sublevels where you can only play as dinosaurs so you have to use custom dinos to get abilities you can't get from normal dinos, like giving a Raptor the T-Rex's roar to break amber boulders or the Indominus's cloaking ability to get into another area that is guarded by a security camera. If you want a quick game to play and you love Jurassic Park movies, this might be the game for you. Also, I knew the Indominous Rex wasn't white in the actual movie.
  14. Yeah, I know the feeling. That game really took my attention for a while. But now I have to do some more work. Speaking of which... Still haven't finished the LEGO game! But at least I got the 2 billion studs trophy. I am almost done, just need to finish up collecting the collectibles and do a few more miscellaneous trophies. In the meantime, finally fixed Abyss's trophies - I had a half-done playthrough before the trophy popped after my fifth game of dominoes for 100% dominoes. So I managed to get another playthrough for all of the hidden-object puzzles and the bonus chapter and done. I need to get some ingredients and get some work done of Kingdom Hearts III since it's planned to be my 75th platinum and we're getting closer to #70. I'll try to spend tomorrow to get Corona's treasures collected, do the flan minigame there, and then get started on Monstropolis. EDIT: No need for an update, but I finally got the platinum for LEGO Jurassic World for Vita. Now the only games I have on my Vita are two LEGO games and Devious Dungeon 2, which I will try to work on.
  15. Crikey! It's time for another update! #66 - Pic-A-Pix Classic (Vita) The devil's in the details, or so they say, and I had another devil of a time. I really think Pic-A-Pix is boring, only Phil's Epic Adventure is worse. (I heard that President Trump deported him back to Mexico. ) But I had done this game on PS4 and it's a cross-buy, so... At least I learned how to draw lines holding down the touch screen so the pictures didn't take as long. Still, it was over 150 minutes which I had to break up into blocks of time. Good riddance! #67 - Enigmatis: Ghosts of Maple Creek *sigh* Can we sue Artifex Mundi for false advertising? Yes, the title is falsely advertised. Yes, you do explore Maple Creek. No, there are no specters or spooks. There are only Satanic sacrifices and bells that brainwash people and steal their energy. And annoying hidden-object puzzles that are so dark you can't see the final piece you need, forcing you to upload your save, use a hint to find that last piece, then download your save so you don't void the trophy for not using hints. TWICE. 😡 Despite the title's false advertising and the hidden-object puzzles this game has an easy trophy list - 11 gold trophies for you to earn. It's typical Artifex Mundi fare and is from the Early Age so there were no weird alternative mini-games like Mahjong. (Looking at YOU Nightmares from the Deep!) For all the ragging I did, I did enjoy the story in the game and it was the first game that started a trilogy about a female detective uncovering a demonic cult.