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  1. When I platinumed this game on a very old account(because it was free on PS+ and I didn't have anything else to play), I did the same thing. I felt it was the right choice because Max had been given powers she couldn't be responsible with and now they are biting her in the keister. Letting Arcadia be destroyed would only mean that the storm might keep chasing them and destroying other towns and even the world until they were sucked up into it because the storm was a punishment of the beings that gave Max her powers for her abuse of them. It's a very deep story. I am so saddened by that story I can't play that game ever again, and the sequel is supposed to be just as sad - a boy who has gained powers of telekinesis and is hurting people around him out of anger and abuse. It hurts my heart.
  2. The Sims 4 for PS4 also has an ultra rare platinum. Having fallen back into the Sims 4 on my PC again, I might try this since it seems certain trait-enabling cheats do not disable trophy. Once I complete my Kill Your Completion list, I might look into buying Sims 4 on PS4 since it's cheaper than on PC. If I had a backlog pyramid, I might put this on my Ultra rare list.
  3. Looks like my offer to join has been rejected. *sigh* Hopefully there will be another similar event.
  4. Not sure if I posted before, but I'd like to submit my list. I already have the minimum number of games for the first badge: 36 Fragments of Midnight (PS4) Attack of the Toy Tanks (PS4) Bond of Skies (PS4) Cat Quest D? Eventide: Slavic Fable FullBlast (PS4) Grass Cutter (PS4) Heroes Trials (PS4) I? Jack N' Jill DX (PS4) K? Luna Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom N? One Word by POWGI (PS4) Persian Nights: Sands of Wonder Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past R? Spyro the Dragon T? U? V? Warlock's Tower (PS4) X? Y? Zeroptian Invasion (PS4) TOTAL: 17/27
  5. #35 - Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends Finally finished an Artifex Mundi trilogy, and this is one wild ride. If you are a big fan of Slavic folklore, check this trilogy out. This time you deal with gods and beings who control the weather. I don't know much about Perun outside of this game but if anyone wants to enlighten me, then please do so.
  6. Square-Enix CEO: "Nice going, you dimwit! Thanks to you, we lost our HQ to a terrorist attack!" Composer of above song: "Hey, death metal was supposed to be COOOL! I didn't realize that your Chocobo song doesn't mesh with it!" Square-Enix CEO: "You're fired and if we ever hear your compositions with anyone else, we'll have them blacklist you." Composer: *turns into the Dark Lord of Miitopia* "BWAHAHA! THEN I'LL JUST STEAL YOUR FACES!!!!" (STEALS EVERYONES FACE AND PUTS THEM ONTO CHOCOBOS) "MWAHAHAHA! FEEL THE DESPAIR!!!" Sorry, had to make that skit. Seriously, what the f'k was that?
  7. Game #7: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix New Completion: 83.40% (-1.27%) # of Trophies That Are Somebody: 1 # of Unearned Trophies That Are Nobodies: 49 My Game Experience: Not very much, sadly. I had only completed half of the Roxas Prologue and quit my sessions when I got my first trophy, Struggle Champion. I didn't even spend more than two hours total on the whole thing. The Struggle: (Ha ha, get the joke?) Yeah, basically, I didn't even get through the first part of the game. I had been so busy with other games that I didn't bother with this game, so I have my work cut out for me. Don't get me wrong, I do plan on following a video speedrun of this platinum journey when I get to it, but right now I am struggling through Critical Mode. I spent Day #2 grinding on Dusks in the Station of Rememberance until I could be safe with the first boss. Then on Day #3 I just got the first trophy. I won't spoil anything but it's possible to get Struggle Champion in the Roxas Prologue, you don't need to have Sora's abilities. All in all, it's not a bad. I really enjoyed the story and the adventure... the first time. Now I have so much more work to do. My Game Rating: 3.5/5 My Trophy List Rating: 2.5/5 Hardest Trophy Left to Get: One To Rule Them All or Critical Competitor, pick your poison Easiest Trophy Left to Get: Summer's End - yes, I do plan on awakening Sora someday... Tomorrow will be Day #1 of the final Kingdom Hearts game I plan on doing, Dream Drop Distance HD. I promise I will try to get in a couple of hours more than I did here.
  8. Working on each of the old KH games in Kill Your Completion X. Just finished re:Chain of Memories and tomorrow will be Critical Mode KH2. I think it's best just to get this brutal difficulty out of the way now. In my previous attempts, the farthest I got was the (spoiler) fight, your first boss fight in the final world. Forgot that you have no choice but to spam Reflega to avoid getting one-shot by this first attack, no matter what your level. Right now I am working on Dragon Quest Builders 1 so I can start playing Dragon Quest Builders 2. It's a great building simulation game with combat splashed in. The bosses are really cool. If I get Dreams back, the first thing I will do is try to create a trophy-supportive variant of Miitopia. I really love that game because of the huge amount of character customization, and I think the Dark Lord stole the Dragonlord's hat.
  9. #34 - AER: Memories of Old I know this game is really easy, it's just exploration and puzzle stuff. There's a big bad, but the confrontation with him is cutscene-only. Still, this game is very beautiful in the way it uses polygon graphics and don't say you never wished to fly with wings as a kid.
  10. Game #6: Kingdom Hearts re:Chain of Memories (1.5+2.5 Remix) New Completion: 84.67% (-1.51%) # of Trophies That Were Remembered: 2 # of Unearned Trophies That Were Forgotten: 45 My Game Experience: I didn't do much due to the fact that the second trophy I got here, Expert Card Builder, is a horrible boring grind which has you tapping a button constantly and making sure you don't exit the menu by accident. Editing a deck 500 times is torture. But this game is going to be worked on harder when I switch my focus back to it. I am playing on Proud Mode because you can get all of the trophies there, and Proud Mode isn't too difficult, but getting Tightrope Walker is very tricky as you can be knocked out by even the weakling Shadows. The Struggle: Not really a struggle. I haven't much play in this period for a very sad reason: I woke up yesterday at 4 PM, and I got distracted by Dragon Quest Builders (which I need to platinum so I can play the unwrapped copy of Dragon Quest Builders 2 I just bought) and by the time I realized I needed to get into this game, it was already 11:47 PM. So I missed the second day and only played on the first and third day(right after I washed up after coming back from my weekly gym workout) and I only got one trophy on each day. Definitely killed a lot of completion there. My Game Rating: 3.5/5 My Trophy List Rating: 4/5 Hardest Trophy Left to Obtain: Veggie Master (I really suck at that mini-game) Easiest Trophy Left to Obtain: Ace Striker (for some reason it didn't trigger during the tutorial even though I hit the Shadow with a crate, must be rigged) Tomorrow I will dedicate all three days to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, mostly with grinding.
  11. Sorry guys, I failed the challenge. I missed my second day of Game #5 because I woke up at 4 PM and spent all day playing Dragon Quest Builders, so I didn't have time to play my game. I'll try to play the game after I get off from gym and grocery shopping tomorrow but I only participated in Game #5 two out of the three days I was supposed to.
  12. Game #5: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (1.5+2.5 Remix) (I took this screenshot while playing the game. First-person view can be terrifying at times. ) I am not putting up an "hours played" section as the time in-game is over eight hours but I had the game idle for twice as long as I was sleeping with the game idle for four hours so the time is inconsistent. Still I did put in work every day for the time period. New Completion: 86.18% (-1.29%) # of Trophies Saved by the Keyblade: 1 # of Unearned Trophies Trapped In the World of Darkness: 54!!!! (If you don't get the joke, there was a running gag in RPG Limit Break where people screamed "54!" during the Final Fantasy XIII runs because in one run that was the number that won the run - Lightning did exactly 54 points of damage to the final boss to win the battle without losing time.) Final Game Thoughts: An oldie but goodie, I played the original Kingdom Hearts back in my community college years and really enjoyed the story. When it got trophy support in 1.5 Remix, I thought I would enjoy getting the platinum. I didn't realize that you had to play the game in each difficulty setting to get all of the trophies. Surprisingly, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix for the PS3 was probably my most complete uncomplete game in my very first PSN account, PrinnyBoy238. Here's the link to the page. The only trophy I didn't get was the one for getting all of the Gummi Ship blueprints. Luckily, the full collection for PS4 edited the trophy list - not only allowing you to get all of the trophies for difficulty on Proud(I was surprised that I spent so much time on Standard in my old account ) but giving you a pass at 30 Blueprints instead of making you get them all, which I think was good because you had to do ALL of the Gummi Missions and one of them was probably the most hardcore - you had to go all the way from the final area to the first area via the secret gummi path WITHOUT scoring a single point or taking any damage. Basically you had to barrel roll like mad and pray that your Starfox 64 skills kept you from ramming into an enemy or accidentally picking up something worth points. Also, the PS3 version had summon lag so you had to pause buffer to make the summons faster. If you want the best experience the full collection on PS4 is the best way to go. The Struggle: All I actually did in this three-day run was get to Traverse Town. I haven't even started the sequence to the boss there yet, Sora is still chilling in the hotel room with Yuffie(and Squ--er, Leon, so get your mind out of the gutter ) after opening the chests there. My sessions were farming Shadows in Destiny Islands and then getting Heartless Hunter in the Shadows at Traverse Town. He's not even Level 15 yet, but he's 30 EXP from that. Yeah, you may think "CJ, you are crazy! You'll get that trophy from playing the game normally!" Yeah, normal people get that after clearing everything up to the final boss... but I am not mormal. Still, there are a lot of tough challenges ahead - the slog of 50 rounds of the Hades Cup, the terror of the super-bosses... but first I had to get through Proud Mode and start over on Beginner to reduce the damage I take! No way am I fighting Sephiroth on Proud. Some of you may get your jollies out of that, but not me. Then again, I'd probably die anyways as Sephiroth is no joke. Oh yeah, the secret boss Unknown... My Game Rating: 4.5/5 My Trophy List Rating: 3.5/5 Hardest Trophy Left to Obtain: One-Winged Angel Easiest Trophy Left to Obtain: Customizer (the very next trophy I am going to get when I return to this game) See you tomorrow, when I try to tackle Castle Oblivion. Right now I need to pick up my copy of Dragon Quest Builders 2. FIFTY-FOUR!!!!
  13. It is okay. It's just the first time I noticed that because the game was a popular title. I already read the trophy list, thanks though.
  14. For some reason, you do not have Dragon Quest Builders 2 on your New Trophy Lists but you did put up the list because I found it by Google. Is there some issue with when trophy lists go up because I find it wrong that such a expected title would not have their list up by now, considering, I dunno, today is the release date?
  15. The trophy list looks to be much easier than Dragon Quest Builders but then again it makes sense since you aren't getting shuffled about and starting over from scratch like last game, it's more of a hub-based exploration. I'll be picking this game up today but I intend to try to platinum the original first.