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  1. Yeah, I am almost finished. Right now I am taking a break because Carnage Dark is kicking my ass as I didn't use Killia to fight him and my damage is way too weak. I am using a Sage that I reincarnated a couple of time - she's at 1.8 million stats but that's just not enough to burst CD's defenses. With Pokemon Sword and Shield three days away I will probably be consumed by Pokemon for the next month but I will try to get those final trophies.
  2. So I am pretty much at the impasse of my life. I have only a few trophies left to get in Disgaea 5, I thought it would be my 100th platinum, but nope, the final superboss I have to beat to get the gold trophy is saying "hope, ain't gonna happen", and laughs at me as my strongest character can't even make a dent in his zillion hit points. I am going to put Disgaea 5 in timeout for the time being and focus on the other games I need to do. Ratchet and Clank looks promising. I am almost finished with the regular run, am at the final dungeon now... Or maybe I shouldn't finally get to work on Castlevania which I promised I would do for Halloween and failed hard at it. Some good old retro gaming never hurt a body.
  3. Finally found my list. Sheesh, it has been a long time! Anyways, I swapped Kingdom Hearts III for Disgaea 5. It was 24% when I started so it was under the 30% when I put it on. Not anymore. I managed to finish the main story and unlocked the Carnage Dimension, completing all of the Item World trophies. (In fact, Unlosing Ranger Status was the trophy that pushed me to Level 25 on my trophy rank. ) I'm going to keep at the game until I get the platinum. I had help from this Youtube called Green Z-Saber who loves to speed-run Disgaea 5. I decided on this game as it was easy to get into and Disgaea 4 Complete+ is coming out.
  4. Sly Cooper really needs to be ported to the PS4. I don't feel like buying the games on my Vita and the PS3 versions suck in controls. But they're not going to do it since Sony is too busy with PS5 now. Those games had great dialogue in them. Also, Pokemon-wise, I would love it if Pokemon Sword and Shield had in-game achievements similar to the medals in Black 2/White 2, and you'd get rare items if you did the harder challenges like the Battle Tower. Nobody plays the Battle Tower except for ribbons, which stinks as Emerald's Battle Frontier had a lot going for it. Fighting Pike Queen Lucy after only two runs of the Pike shows how the game can ambush you and surprise you, but now Game Freak is too scared to do things to challenge players. I appreciate the fact that they revealed that you can change your Pokemon's nature with mints and feed them candy to give them free EXP, but it makes those of us who struggled through Gen 3 onward feel cheated. On an off note, I wish that the Fairy type had been added in Gen 3 as a special type, since Eevee has a fairy-type evolution so it still fit the theme of "if Eevee has a type evolution, it's special, that and dragon." Sorry to jump in with that. A lot of people leaked a lot of stuff and it got taken down and now Pokemon Sword and Shield are almost a week away.
  5. I'm still alive, everyone! Sorry, Pokemon has my soul, but I am going to try to multi-task a grind and put Disgaea 5 on this list as another from my Kill Your Completion X list(it was 24% when I quit). Since I forgot how to play the game, I will start over from a fresh file and update when I get a trophy(since I got a lot of trophies on my last file).
  6. That's what I will never play a horror game. It either has tons of jump scares or lots of gore, which is a sad remnant of the old slasher flick era of Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.
  7. They did remaster Red and Blue for the Switch... but they tainted it with Pokemon GO crap. I just reloaded Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and hated it - I kept losing Pokeballs because of the dumb Pokemon GO catching mechanics. Leave that crap to the mobile game. The big sh** is that this is the only way you can gain decent EXP by getting a catch combo up to Level 99. There's a video about someone getting an entire team of Pokemon GO Pokemon up to Level 100 by chaining Butterfree and it was boring. I'll still beat Let's Go Eevee so I can get transfer some of the Gen 1 Mons to Pokemon Sword and Shield, but I'd rather export a Swords Dancing Double Edge Gloom from my Virtual copy of Pokemon Yellow so I can teach it Leaf Blade as a Bellossom and really wreck Chansey. Also, you can't get Meltan except through Pokemon GO, which stinks as Melmetal looks like one of those Digimon in Cyber Sleuth and really awesome. I don't mind you being a Genwunner, Cass. As long as you are civil about it. I hate rabid Genwunners because they wish they could make Pokemon Red and Blue 2 instead of giving the other mechanics a chance. I admit that it would be nice to Earthquake a Weezing and kill it but to each their own. I can see why people are Genwunners - Game Freak think Pokemon is a great testing ground for stuff they try and throw in the trash. I want Pokemon to be more than just earning eight badges and then fighting the champion of the region. At least Sword and Shield seem to be a bit more reactive with all of the commercial sponsorship things Happy Halloween, Cass! May you never accidentally drink a Polteageist.
  8. Since my last Platinum trophy of October was not on the list, I decided to make a summary of all of the Platinum Trophies I earned on this list in October before I commit to anything else. I know the Backlog is going to last the rest of the year and some into 2020, but I want you to know where I've been: (PS4 version) Earned October 6 while house-sitting for my parents. Very long and boring but I do like the hub worlds and the liveliness of the theme park. Earned October 7 while house-sitting for my parents. A very short and easy platinum but really goofy and you won't like it if you don't like Mystery Science Theater. Also, a lot of miscellaneous trophies involving hurling yourself from the tower to land somewhere. Earned October 10 while house-sitting for my parents. It would have taken a lot longer had the game not had this broken glitch that allows you instant upgrades for your weapons very quickly. Before I fought the first boss, I had both Toan and Xiao's weapons to their ultimate level. Still, I do want to try to buy Dark Cloud 2 and Rogue Galaxy and work on those even though they have annoying min-max animal trophies. And those are all I got done. Blame Pokemon. However, I did most of the list in first month and I should have games that are very long and grindy to fill out the rest of the event time period. Can't get 50 games done in 2 months, can we? I do intend to try to get a platinum or two in November despite Pokemon Sword and Shield coming out on the 15th. Sadly, no Castlevania for Halloween.
  9. I'm probably to overhaul my list a bit and put Disgaea 4 Complete+ as my D entry. I really enjoyed the characters in Disgaea 4 and I feel like Disgaea is more suited for the home console than the PS Vita. I know Disgaea 4 is harder to grind in but I have plenty of time to plan for it.
  10. It's not only difficult but also EXPENSIVE. Even after finding a retro game store that sells on the cheap, I was still down $200 for the GameCube, the DS, an actual Gameboy Advance(because the GBA/Cube link cable won't work with DS) and a copy of all of the games I would need. I was lucky my parents paid me good money to watch their house and my sister's dogs during a couple of out-of-state trips. I'm also working on getting ribbons on the Butterfree and that's a whole new can of Wurmple considering you have to do three rounds of contests, Battle Tower for five games for a 50-win streak as well as the Battle Maison AND the Battle Tree in Sun/Moon. Thanks for the luck, I know I won't be able to get 1/3 of the way done before November 15. The Professor Oak challenge isn't tough, just time-consuming. It's worse to grind for EXP in Gens 5 and 7 because the EXP goes the Shining Force route and the higher your Pokemon's level, the less EXP you get from any battle. Gen 7 also axed the trainer 1.5x bonus so it's faster to just farm wild Pokemon instead of wasting time with petty trainers. Ruby's easier because of the Pickup ability Zigzagoon(which you can catch in the first route) have that have a 15% chance every fight to pick up a Rare Candy. If I make a new trophy checklist thread, I can talk all about Pokemon there and not clog Cassy's thread with talk about a series that isn't on Playstation.
  11. Yeah, I used up most of my free money to digitally re-purchase Let's Go Eevee. But my GAWD you CANNOT play this in handheld mode(my favorite Switch mode) because you will never get an Excellent throw on handheld mode. I'll have to locate my dock again... Also, I didn't avoid spoilers because some of the new Pokemon were really cool. I will hint that old Pokemon get regional variants like some did in Pokemon Sun/Moon. If you are a big fan of K.I.S.S., you will probably like one of the Galarian forms which actually gets a new evolution. Yeah, I know. Just think, if I hadn't caught that episode in the original anime where Ash defeats Brock in his gym long ago, I might have had a different life.
  12. I love your banner.
  13. Yes, I know Past Me, I know, I need to get started on this event, but Pokemon Sword is coming out in November... I'm certainly glad this is a year-long event, I don't think I can handle it if I had to get my games platinumed in a month.
  14. You really know how to put humor into the worst situations, Cass. As for me, I... am woefully untouching my PS4 or Vita these days even though I bought a couple of quick easy platinums.... Because of Pokemon. Yeah, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are due out in 18 days so I am trying to do a personal quest to get a Butterfree from Pokemon X.D. all the way to Pokemon Moon with as many ribbons as possible. Sure, you don't get any trophies for playing Pokemon but you get ribbons, so it's sort of a personal challenge for me. Unfortunately, Pokemon games are RPGs so they take a LONG time to complete, even more so since I'm trying to get every Pokemon I can catch before battling each gym. I'm on Pokemon Ruby now grinding out to 67/386 Pokemon before facing the next gym. But I must confess: I like Pokemon more than I do earning trophies. I think it's because I've played Pokemon since the original Red and Blue in 1997 and was a big fan of the anime because it was dubbed correctly. Sure, they removed a few things and changed a few things but it was nice to see Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu solving people's problems. I have earned some PSN trophies, though, I've gotten closer to the Ratchet and Clank platinum and hopefully my DS battery will die so I can recharge it and take time to finish the Vita version of A Winter's Daydream. Or just mash through it. That game is a very beautiful visual novel and you don't have to make any choices to get multiple endings, but that's the thing that makes its more storybook than actual 'game', as you don't have to interact, you can just read stuff. I have every book in the Cat Who series, Midnight Louie, and the Mystic Notch series of cat murder mysteries. If I wanted to read a book, I could read one of those. I like the images but I wonder if I could have just make it a book and imagined the characters. Still, I do intend to try to get to my 100th platinum. Sadly, my save file on Kingdom Hearts III glitched and I couldn't register one of the treasures in Monstropolis, so I had to delete my save and start over. Oh, congrats on finally platinuming The Flame In the Flood and sorry for the wall of text.
  15. Unfortunately, the only game I have to get that has an Ultra Rare I like is Dark Cloud 2(which I will buy eventually).