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  1. Just popping in to say that Square-Enix has not only lifted the 14-day free trilal, so you can play it as long as you want, but they also expanded it in the recent patch to include all of the base game content AND all of the first expansion, Heavensward, setting the level cap to 60 this time. So if you are just going for the plat, you now more wiggle room to do it.
  2. I know I can't join but I will be doing something like this. I had to say good bye to a few physical copies so I wanted to try to platinum the physical games I have left: Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age(yeah, this is definitely gonna take a year ), Ni no Kuni Remastered and at least one Kingdom Hearts game(waiting for Re: Mind to come out before I decide on whether KH3 is worth it, I have decided to avoid DLC trophies for the most part). Since I am on an MMO now and working on that, and with Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansions coming in June, I have to ration what I want to play on PS4. On the other hand, I am only two platinums away from my 100th on this account, so I might as well wrap that up here.
  3. Unfortunately, my money is being invested outside of PSN, especially since I had to cut my budget due to the co-owner of my bank account being told that someone is spending too much on video games and not enough on clothes. Sadly, that money I can have access to now is going to the new Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass which they announced as well as the remake of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team which is coming out in March. I thought Game Freak had quietly ended the life of Mystery Dungeon but it seems that they want to reboot it with all of the stuff that had to drop in Gen 8. Also, the expansion pack is coming with two new lands in Galar and a ton of new Pokemon, all of the old legendaries, and new Galarian forms and Gigantimaxs, so between Wizard101 and Pokemon, I am probably never going to find time for platinum trophies. I hate to say it, but chances are I may have to retire from this hobby and trade in my PS4 and all of the games I have, then delete my PSN accounts. I am almost at middle age and now have to start being responsible for my money so something has to get the axe. If it does happen, I'll give a farewell post here. Was planning on playing Adventures of Mana again but now this bombshell changes everything.
  4. I agree. Having to 100% complete all of the items is almost impossible unless you farm the Explorer's Shores for days. I'm glad Square-Enix realized how much BS having to harvest 120 orichalcum is. 😭 Anyways, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Hopefully they make Dragon Quest Builders 3 with Zoma as the final baddie and he has his wave of ice to keep dispelling your attacks just to be a dick. To be fair, final Malroth is no joke and if you aren't careful, you die and have to go through the stupid hanging text before that battle AGAIN. I know from personal experience.
  5. I'm playing Wizard101 now, I'm used to games like this. Happy New Year's Cassy, hope 2020 treats you well. Wait, the ghosts in DQB2 weren't tough enough for you? Yeah, the ones in DQB1 were tougher because they'd rip you in half most of the time since you were alone and out in the wilderness. Don't worry, DQB3 will be based on the third game in the Loto trilogy, and Dragon Warrior III was FAR more ruthless in its monsters. I expect to see a return of Orochi and Baramos with Zoma as the final boss.
  6. I'm glad you're trying this game. It's a great game, and only a few small caveats mar it(like some of the text hanging; seriously, I know it's supposed to be epic, but at least let us mash through the damn text!) Sorry about you missing the mark on #200, but if you want Hollow Knight to be that, then you said yourself that patience is key, especially with a difficult game like that one! Are you going to dip into Silksong? Saw the trailer and it looked dope. I am gong to be working on trying to play all of the Kingdom Hearts games but probably not KH3 until re:Mind comes out. I don't know if they will put DLC trophies on it(they didn't put difficulty trophies on the game when they released Critical Mode) but I do intend to look for the Oathkeeper and Oblivion and see how to get them as those were cool Keyblades. I also plan on platinuming the two Mana games for the upcoming Trials of Mana in March. Mini-Me: "Well, you're trying to start exercising... if only you hadn't dodged the draft of PE when you were in elementary..." *sigh* Yeah, I do wish I was a little less fat, a little less lazy, and a little less anti-social. Both of my sisters are married and had gotten pregnant once, but me? The only love of my life is Wizard101. Oh well, one of us kids had to be a black sheep and if I had been an honest human being, one of my sisters would be the slob on welfare. Welcome to 2020.
  7. Actually, I'm on a new account and have earned 20 platinums in it already. If you want to change my account to Rune_Crys, that's fine. I didn't want to put a forum profile for the new account because people would judge me for starting over. : ( I plan to try to platinum all of the Kingdom Hearts game in 2020.
  8. This is actually a remake of the story of the original game, which was an adventure game from Sierra. If you want to play the first three games in the series without hacking servers, a group of people remade the games in HD and changed up the stories a bit, especially in King's Quest II which was tropy as hell back in the day - I like the remade version as it fleshes out stuff a bit more and makes the NPCs more alive as well as shows scenes from Graham's past and future. This version is a reboot created by some people who enjoyed the original games. I'll post a link to the remake page. They also remade the second Quest for Glory game to be more high-def. I loved King's Quest and played all of the games up to King's Quest VII. I think King's Quest VI was their glorious moment, but then they jumped the shark. The last game wasn't even an adventure game, it was a terrible Skyrim ripoff. Remake of the first King's Quest games:
  9. Wouldn't that be "but not if you sell the town and save over it?" Which you can do in New Leaf, by the way. Isabel gets really scared if you say you want to sell the town and start over. Yeah, I am going to be being more casual with my trophy hunting this time. I just earned my 20th platinum there yesterday and am using burner accounts unconnected to the network to try out games that I am interested in. That way I won't regret putting a game on that I don't like for the trophies. I also am going to be more intolerant towards DLC. I threw away my second copy of LEGO Dimensions because I don't have the Trump account on-line to buy all of the expansion packs and don't have any time in the world to play through all of the required packs. I like LEGO but not that much. Congrats on #197! I hope you get #200 before 2020!
  10. You could do a Nuzlocke. I am too cowardly to do that challenge run, which explains why I created another PSN account. I'm just too much of a wimp. Also, trophy hunting is no longer top priority anymore. I've gotten back into Wizard101 and am really enjoying it. I know that means my money is now going towards the lootpacks to get that schwag gear and dual-boxing to sweep the early story, but the graphics and audio are awesome and I never expected to enjoy voice acting in a game but this game does it amazingly. I would have done without the zoom-in cinematics to the face like Elder Scrolls Skyrim but I'm in the minority. KingsIsle just upgraded all of Wizard City to HD and I am giving hope that they'll do the same for everything else. I do admit that KI did some bad things - the Deckathlon and Beastmoon stuff is meh - but I am going to hope for better player character models and more sick events. As such, single-player games are getting a bit lackluster so playing a Playstation game is feeling a bit more like a chore. I might change my mind when Trials of Mana 3D comes out in March, but for now I am not as interested in Playstation games. Don't get me wrong: There are some games I enjoyed or will enjoy replaying: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom: A really great 2D platformer which has ability changing mechanics. Dragon Quest Builders 2: I loved the story, the graphics and audio and building my own little island is just awesome. Kingdom Hearts 3: With the Re:Mind DLC coming out in January, I want to try out the new photo mode. If you want to call me a doopy dreepy-eyed jerkface for abandoning my last account, that's fine. I know I deserve to get hate for bailing two platinums from #100. I am not going to promise this will be the final time, I know that it might not be the final time I abandon an account, but I'm getting to an age when I can't afford to buy a zillion games. (While my Social Security is generous and I always ended up with at least $200 after bills were paid and groceries for the month bought, I almost ran out of money last month due to buying both Pokemon Sword and Shield. If I was going to do that, I should have just kept my preorder for the double-pack and I would have gotten some magic crystals to get exclusive Pokemon in max raids. Never again.) ADDED: When I installed the Wizard101 launcher, I found it sucked all of my new computer hard drive so I had to uninstall The Sims 4 and Origin, which is fine as the Origin Launcher erased my library because I had to move my computer briefly so my dad could replace all of the flooring in my gaming room. For some reason(no, I swear I clean all my spills thoroughly!) the old floor got cracks in it and started to peel off. So no more Sims 4 for me, which is okay. I didn't get to experience Discover University but it's probably for the best. Running virtual people living regular lives is more tedious than fighting trolls.
  11. I understand your pain. I got through Pokemon Sword pretty easily. The Max Raid battles giving so many EXP candies and Dynamaxing in general is broken.
  12. I was surprised, but no. You get a trophy for getting all of the other tonics, but getting the golden tonic(which is the last ? in the list) is completely optional, and it's a good thing because you void that tonic once you rescue a single Beetallion as you have to go through the Impossible Lair without rescuing any of the Beeetalions. You can take one hit(which knocks Laylee off of you and you can grab him to get your free hit back) but trying to take on Capital B before you have the Bee Shield and then trying to get through the Impossible Lair without losing Laylee constantly is tricky. I couldn't even through the Impossible Lair with all 48 Beetalions rescued as I've lost my Donkey Kong Country platforming skills with age.
  13. I am not going to ruin your enjoyment of the game by answering that question... Sounds like my kind of game. DQ Builders 2 doesn't have any time challenge trophies, so you go about it on your own pace. The story of that game is excellent and gives you backstory on the original DQ2 even if you have never played it(and few have because it's brutally difficult, especially the final areas). The only annoying trophy is the one for breeding cats or dogs until you get the super-rare animal in the fourth generation. If you read my post about my Dragon Quest Builders 2 trophy you can tell how annoyed I was about having to wait around for the animals to sleep so I could feed them moreberries to make a baby. Everything else is really easy once you get the knack of it.
  14. Yeah, been there, done that, got the Gigantimax Butterfree. I told myself not to buy Pokemon Sword, but I couldn't help it. I played through Shield to the eighth gym and felt like I could do better. I was going to buy Pokemon Sword first but I got a crazy idea about unicorns that I regret. Anyways, Pokemon Sword is like Monster Hunter World except with a kid-friendly vibe, you can try to fight the max raid Pokemon again and pray you don't get the Wobbuffet and Magikarp trainer. I know I should be inviting other players to do 5-star max raids because it takes longer than three turns to complete them but... I'm putting down serious gaming for a while. Started playing Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair on another account, get 30 bees and I really wasted my sleep schedule. This game is a decent sequel to the original game and a nod to Donkey Kong Country with an overhead overworld. It even takes Breath of the Wild's page and lets you try to beat the final dungeon before you do any work and even gives you a reward for it... if you're insane.
  15. Looks like fun!
  16. By that time, they'll have the Diamond/Pearl remakes. I plan on doing the games I had listed on my own time, unfettered by deadlines.
  17. @iXanon, I have changed my mind on this event. Please remove me from the list of participants. I don't think I would be able to get this event done on time without doing a bunch of EZPZ games and I'm already too busy playing Pokemon Shield to try to fill out the rest of my list. I'm pretty much going to revert to lurker status or less than that after today because I am not motivated to play any more PS4 games for a while, at least until I complete the Pokedex in Pokemon Shield.
  18. Update... well, not really. I am here to somberly resign from this event. Now that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have come out, Max Raid Battles have taken over my life. (That and finding out that the only way I can get my favorite ghost Pokemon, Mimikyu, is by Max Raid battles until I beat the main story ) Since Pokemon has sucked me in, I am assured that I will be unable to do any trophy hunting until 2020 and even then, I feel unmotivated. I'd rather abandon this event than try to finish the list. Also, I have other reasons. I might do those games later, but only casually and therefore I won't be playing very often and will miss the deadline. MidnightDragon, could you please put me as DNF? Good luck to everyone else. I'm sure you will be more motivated in this.
  19. Yeah, I am almost finished. Right now I am taking a break because Carnage Dark is kicking my ass as I didn't use Killia to fight him and my damage is way too weak. I am using a Sage that I reincarnated a couple of time - she's at 1.8 million stats but that's just not enough to burst CD's defenses. With Pokemon Sword and Shield three days away I will probably be consumed by Pokemon for the next month but I will try to get those final trophies.
  20. So I am pretty much at the impasse of my life. I have only a few trophies left to get in Disgaea 5, I thought it would be my 100th platinum, but nope, the final superboss I have to beat to get the gold trophy is saying "hope, ain't gonna happen", and laughs at me as my strongest character can't even make a dent in his zillion hit points. I am going to put Disgaea 5 in timeout for the time being and focus on the other games I need to do. Ratchet and Clank looks promising. I am almost finished with the regular run, am at the final dungeon now... Or maybe I shouldn't finally get to work on Castlevania which I promised I would do for Halloween and failed hard at it. Some good old retro gaming never hurt a body.
  21. Finally found my list. Sheesh, it has been a long time! Anyways, I swapped Kingdom Hearts III for Disgaea 5. It was 24% when I started so it was under the 30% when I put it on. Not anymore. I managed to finish the main story and unlocked the Carnage Dimension, completing all of the Item World trophies. (In fact, Unlosing Ranger Status was the trophy that pushed me to Level 25 on my trophy rank. ) I'm going to keep at the game until I get the platinum. I had help from this Youtube called Green Z-Saber who loves to speed-run Disgaea 5. I decided on this game as it was easy to get into and Disgaea 4 Complete+ is coming out.
  22. Sly Cooper really needs to be ported to the PS4. I don't feel like buying the games on my Vita and the PS3 versions suck in controls. But they're not going to do it since Sony is too busy with PS5 now. Those games had great dialogue in them. Also, Pokemon-wise, I would love it if Pokemon Sword and Shield had in-game achievements similar to the medals in Black 2/White 2, and you'd get rare items if you did the harder challenges like the Battle Tower. Nobody plays the Battle Tower except for ribbons, which stinks as Emerald's Battle Frontier had a lot going for it. Fighting Pike Queen Lucy after only two runs of the Pike shows how the game can ambush you and surprise you, but now Game Freak is too scared to do things to challenge players. I appreciate the fact that they revealed that you can change your Pokemon's nature with mints and feed them candy to give them free EXP, but it makes those of us who struggled through Gen 3 onward feel cheated. On an off note, I wish that the Fairy type had been added in Gen 3 as a special type, since Eevee has a fairy-type evolution so it still fit the theme of "if Eevee has a type evolution, it's special, that and dragon." Sorry to jump in with that. A lot of people leaked a lot of stuff and it got taken down and now Pokemon Sword and Shield are almost a week away.
  23. I'm still alive, everyone! Sorry, Pokemon has my soul, but I am going to try to multi-task a grind and put Disgaea 5 on this list as another from my Kill Your Completion X list(it was 24% when I quit). Since I forgot how to play the game, I will start over from a fresh file and update when I get a trophy(since I got a lot of trophies on my last file).
  24. That's what I will never play a horror game. It either has tons of jump scares or lots of gore, which is a sad remnant of the old slasher flick era of Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.
  25. They did remaster Red and Blue for the Switch... but they tainted it with Pokemon GO crap. I just reloaded Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and hated it - I kept losing Pokeballs because of the dumb Pokemon GO catching mechanics. Leave that crap to the mobile game. The big sh** is that this is the only way you can gain decent EXP by getting a catch combo up to Level 99. There's a video about someone getting an entire team of Pokemon GO Pokemon up to Level 100 by chaining Butterfree and it was boring. I'll still beat Let's Go Eevee so I can get transfer some of the Gen 1 Mons to Pokemon Sword and Shield, but I'd rather export a Swords Dancing Double Edge Gloom from my Virtual copy of Pokemon Yellow so I can teach it Leaf Blade as a Bellossom and really wreck Chansey. Also, you can't get Meltan except through Pokemon GO, which stinks as Melmetal looks like one of those Digimon in Cyber Sleuth and really awesome. I don't mind you being a Genwunner, Cass. As long as you are civil about it. I hate rabid Genwunners because they wish they could make Pokemon Red and Blue 2 instead of giving the other mechanics a chance. I admit that it would be nice to Earthquake a Weezing and kill it but to each their own. I can see why people are Genwunners - Game Freak think Pokemon is a great testing ground for stuff they try and throw in the trash. I want Pokemon to be more than just earning eight badges and then fighting the champion of the region. At least Sword and Shield seem to be a bit more reactive with all of the commercial sponsorship things Happy Halloween, Cass! May you never accidentally drink a Polteageist.