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  1. So how many missable trophies does this one have compared to the ps3 version? I would like to play it without seeing any guide.
  2. I would like to buy the digital one, but if I don't have the disc one I couldn't buy any special edition of a game or collector and digital games are more expensive anyway. DISC.
  3. I don't think it counts for the trophy, in the description it says social or rankeds mode
  4. Does anyone know to get the 100 KOs trophy with each of the characters you count making them megablast? I am sure I have more than 100 with a character and they do not give me the trophy.
  5. 1- The Witcher 3 2- The Last Of Us Part ll 3- Bioshock Infinite 4- Horizon zero dawn 5- The Last Of us remastered 6- Red dead redemption 2 7- Borderlands 3 8- God of war 9- Hellblade 10- Bloodborne
  6. the ps5 will have support for the dualshock 4. (As far as I know)
  7. playing rocketboot atack I think that is the way you get more xp. And if you buy the pass you get some xp% more.
  8. I personally liked more part ll, I love a character that I thought I was going to hate. for the first time a game makes me feel a little uncomfortable.
  9. If it was not because I saw this I would not have realized thanks! less than 5 pounds!