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  1. Happy to see Phantom Doctrine finally on sale.
  2. I agree with this.
  3. Grounded was my favourite playthrough of the original so I'm really looking forward to this. Permadeath will be doable on any difficulty with a back up so that's not a concern.
  4. With the Artifacts update the difficulty could be dropped to 2/10 and the time to Platinum should be 10-12 hours. It really is totally game changing, I struggled for weeks to get Deicide, always dying around stage 8/9 but I got it first try with Artifact of Command.
  5. Looks like Extreme Manhunt is fixed, nobody's earned it since June 15.
  6. I hope they don't fix the Extreme Manhunt trophy, I really can't be bothered to get it legitimately.
  7. Ok, thanks for info.
  8. I understand I can't save mid run, I want to create a save before I start a run so I can get the order/layout/newt altar locations so when I die I can reload and give myself a slight advantage. When I go into my save files there are two for ROR2, Profile and Settings. I've tried using each as a back up but neither works when I copy them back. I'm really struggling with level 20, it gets chaotic from level 15 and I find myself getting one shotted constantly, it's real frustrating.
  9. Could someone please help me with making a back up save for getting to level 20. I've tried several times and it never works, I've used the method with several other games(Xcom 1 and 2, Overland, Mutant Year Zero etc) so I understand how it works just not with this game. Thanks i advance.
  10. Overland It's sitting at 2.5% with only 2 achievers and could be done in 10 hours or so.
  11. It's a no from me, I couldn't handle the remix bosses from the first game
  12. Resident Evil 5 PS3 100%
  13. I like what they tried to do I just don't like how they did it.
  14. Until Dawn, it's part of my backlog
  15. Singularity, the mp stops me from going back.