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  1. it unlocks it for everyone since they changed the pvp
  2. Thank you both for your complete explanations.
  3. Trackmania Turbo
  4. I would like to get into the game for platinum solo. What is the difficulty now?
  5. The game is very cool and simple, the majority of trophies can be obtained in 10 or 12 hours. The problem is on the level 9 and 10 trophies. It's very LONG. I think it takes 50 hours to get to level 10. that's why nobody got platinum yet.
  6. 10,000 sp for a single use? I'm disappointed but thank you very much
  7. Hi, I purchased the 9 door tile. I used it during my first game at tachibana majhong. But now I can't use it anymore and I can't find it in my inventory. is this normal or a bug?
  8. Oblivion with trophies ?! 😱
  9. Day one.
  10. hi, finally i kept the claymore
  11. Is she really powerful? How much damage do you do?
  12. usually in dark souls games i use the claymore. she's currently +13 but I really don't think she does any damage. do you have a weapon to recommend?
  13. the witness, my iq is too low
  14. Thank you for the answer
  15. I bought the ps3 version on the store. I thought the vita version would be free but no. is this normal?