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  1. I popped into the local used games store on my way back from lunch to find - to my delight and surprise - the artbook version of Yakuza 6 for only 12 GBP (16.50 USD / 14.22 EUR). It's in pretty good nick too for that price, barring the corners of the sleeve. Just another reason why I hope media will always continue to be released in physical form; you give yourself the chance to find cheap little gems like this.




    As an added bonus, I can now leave my After Hours Edition of the game shrink-wrapped when I start the game in December.

  2. Easy for you to say when you don't have this game on your profile.
  3. Trophy #5,789 Yakuza Kiwami Death By Climax - Completed all of the Climax Battles. 4,993 Achievers out of 127,341 Owners for a rarity percentage of 3.92% (Ultra Rare) The worst part of most Yakuza games prior to Yakuza 6 is the Climax Battle mode, and for Kiwami this really wasn't any different. Never mind the Legend playthrough (which I admittedly have yet to start) or the 100% Completion requirements; the horrendous batch of unfair challenges you're expected to do after finishing the story are always grating, and sometimes downright infuriating. These are the quintessential 'Oh, we need extra content? Toss in some poorly thought-out challenges' content you see in so many games, although its appearance in Yakuza has always been perplexing given the fact that these games aren't exactly low on things to do in the first place. What was I glad to get to the end of this set of 30, after having done Yakuza 0's list a few months ago and Yakuza's 3/4/5 in prior years. Having ploughed through some online message boards the consensus seems to be that Kiwami's challenges are slightly easier than 0's (I had no trouble with Proving Grounds #8 in that one, but the rest of the internet sure did), but there were still some real stinkers in here; Proving Grounds #6 (1 HP on the rooftops) Proving Grounds #8 (decreasing HP and strict time limit in Ares) Proving Grounds #9 (protect the, ahum, 'Rhinoceros Beetle') Melee #8 (re-do the entire abandoned building to potentially die from a OHKO to the boss at the end) Melee #10 (face Yakuza 0 bosses at your weakest, but cheese-by-lantern is an option) Mad Dog #3 (awful time limit and having to re-run the whole course if you fail) Thankfully, most of the difficulty was in the first half of the challenges so by the time you overcame them there was an easier ride to the finish. The 'Ultimate' category was basically a joke thanks to Tiger Drop, but at least it wasn't an unfunny joke like these Climax Battles normally are. I am so glad these were left out of the games starting from Yakuza 6 and have yet to return. They really drag a 10/10 experience down towards a 9/10, although not quite enough for me to dock that point. And really, for now, the Climax journey is over for me. I have all the unique Trophies for the Climax Battles across the series namely; Ultimate Challenger (Y3, 4.58%) Heir to the Ultimate (Y4, 5.48%) Ultimate Successor (Y5, 9.38%) Just Beat It (Y0, 5.22%) Death By Climax (YK1, 3.92%) I will definitely play Yakuza 4 Remastered at some point (5 as well, probably - but no way am I touching 3), forcing me to replay previous Challenges - but at the very least, I can rest easy in the knowledge that I have bested them before in the original. In summary though; awful mode, awful time limits, awful requirements, awful experience. Rest of the game is still 10/10, and you get such a nice Trophy tile (an actual trophy-shaped one, at that).
  4. Trophy #5,767 Yakuza Kiwami Tell Me a Story - Completed 10 substories. 53,681 Achievers out of 127,192 Owners for a rarity percentage of 42.20% (Uncommon) Don't mind me, fellas - just leisurely making my way through Yakuza Kiwami here. Yes, it definitely has its flaws thanks to the massive reuse of Yakuza 0 assets (character models for lesser NPCs are blatantly copy+pasted) but I can't help but love it. Any Yakuza game is golden to me. Substories are the name given to little sidequests in these games, and each title in the series gives you a few Bronzes for hitting landmarks on your way to completing all of them. In Kiwami's case, you get a Bronze at 10 and at 30. The former popped here right as I finished the first Substory involving the rather steamy MesuKing minigame, which has a young child dressed in a labcoat and tie explain to you how you can play an arcade/collectible card game involving scantily-clad women pretending to be insects. Yes, really. That's Yakuza for you. Only around fourty percent of owners got around to resolving 10 Substories, which is quite a low percentage until you remember that this game was included with PS Plus for a month. No doubt droves of players not familiar with the series gave up well before hitting their tenth. A crying shame, as Kiwami is by no means the worst game in the series. Perhaps tyng Yakuza 0 into Plus would have been better in terms or retaining players new to the series....
  5. Trophy #5,759 Yakuza Kiwami When You Don't Pay Your Debts... - Collected the money owed. 116,299 Achievers out of 126,995 Owners for a rarity percentage of 91.58% (Common) Having only just Platted Yakuza 0, I simply couldn't help myself and jumped right into the next game (both chronologically and going by order of release). Kiwami is very clearly a reskin of its predecessor to the point where it is just a little more noticable than usual, but I'm still having a blast with it. It's thrilling to return to where it all started for the series, with a modern update brining the gameplay on part with that of the numbered entries. Of note is the fact that Kiwami is sadly the final Yakuza game to make use of the excellent classic Trophy tiles that are shaped as actual trophies. From Yakuza 6 on, these were placed with slabs that technically still count as trophies, but seem a lot less creative that the elegantly molded figurines of the older titles. This particular Bronze is unmissable and guaranteed to be the first you unlock, rewarded upon beating up the weak mooks the game throws at you in the tutorial fight. Here's to unlocking the other 54 Yakuza Kiwami has to offer!
  6. P L A T I N U M # 1 0 0 ! ! ! Yakuza 0 Where It All Began - Obtain all other trophies. 88,969 Owners - 3,706 Achievers for a percentage of 4.16% (average completion; 30.09%) Enjoyment; 10/10* Difficulty; 8/10 Trophies; 10/10* (actual Trophies for tiles, great names and requirements) Friday Nights spent playing this game; 10/10 There is no such thing as the perfect game - it just doesn't exist. But when an experience is as sublime - so thoroughly enjoyable, compelling, and engaging - as Yakuza 0, I have no qualms awarding it a perfect score. The same goes for its Trophy list. While no list is perfect, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio once again reached as far as I could expect a developer to go, and in doing so I've rated this collection of 55 (1P, 2G, 6S 46B) a 10 as well. And what better milestone to assign to this one than to have it be my 100th Platinum! Triple digits almost thirteen years after I got my PS3, and exactly 4,342 days since I got my first Plat. My fifth Yakuza Platinum, following 4, Dead Souls, 5, and 3. The year is 1988; at the height of Japan's real estate boom and economic bubble - which would soon pop to disastrous consequences - two young members of the country's organized crime syndicates struggle to climb the ranks amongst the glitz and glamour of Tokyo and Osaka's red light districts. When the scheming of their superiors leads to a tiny plot of land in the centre of town becomes the key to gaining control of the underworld, young and wild fan-favourites Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima each embark on parallel that will provide the foundations for the legendary characters they grow up to be. How do they go about doing so? Disco-dancing, break-dancing, meeting Michael Jackson Miracle Johnson, investing in restaurants, dressing up SFW prostitutes, betting on female wrestling, playing with miniature cars, and - every once in a while - beating up criminal kingpins. Yakuza 0 is the series at its best; a melodramatic and deathly serious storyline is beautifully contrasted with absolutely ridiculous minigames and humorous sidequests, many of which have come to symbolize the absolute zenith of the franchise. No sunny orphanages, rubber bullets, or a narrative stretched across five different characters; Yakuza 0's plot is kept close to the hearts of its dual protagonists with their respective side-businesses carefully woven in. A joy from start to finish, a Platinum that took 150 hours but didn't bore for even a single minute. As far as the Platinum goes, Yakuza 0 sticks quite closely to the mould of the previous games; complete the game once, complete it again on the hardest difficulty, complete any save file 100%, struggle through the awful-as-ever climax battles, and meet a few arbitrary metrics on the minigames. New to the list are missable story-related Trophies which require you to do something specific at certain points during the narrative-driven gameplay sections. From hitting a certain enemy to missing a certain QTE, finding a little secret, and - funnily enough - waiting too long to deliver something to another character. These little moments and Trophies add a further degree of charm to the list and compel players to pay close attention during the story - some might rue them being missable, but I personally think they are a lovely addition despite being blink-and-you-miss-it occurrences. The Platinum itself is not the hardest in the series, but seriously up there - I' rate it ahead of 5, but still well short of the exceptionally cruel 3. I've argued in the past that the difficulty score for these games is severely underrated, and 0 throws quite a few roadblocks your way; some of the Climax Battles really, really, REALLY sucked but so did a few of the minigame completion requirements. Disco especially was really tricky, and you are expected to beat some exceptionally tough Substory bosses on the dancefloor just to complicate matters. Others had trouble with other minigames like Fantasy Zone, while anyone who dares start Yakuza 0 is pretty much expected to learn how to play Riichi Mahjong or remain unable to complete the way too varied challenges associated with it. Yakuza games force you to not only be a jack of all trades, but also to master everything as even the slightest inability to complete something will lock you out of the Platinum. Add in having to complete all Substories, weapons and parts challenges, restaurant items, and so on, and this was a Platinum that required not just ability, but also dedication and patience. Thankfully, when it comes to Yakuza games, I have those things in spades - I wouldn't be able to write this post if I didn't, and the same goes for everyone else who 100%ed this or any of the older games in the series. Having now finally completed the journey, I applaud all who got there before and will do so for anyone else who gives this game a go. Due to being one of the best Yakuza games as well as being the first chronologically, this really is the ideal starting point for most people who are looking to get into the series. If you haven't yet, then don't delay and play Yakuza 0 today.
  7. Who'd have thunk a guy as into statistics as me would post an update on the first of every month like clockwork! In the end Tropico was easier than I anticipated, but that's probably because I really committed to the learning curve and figuring out the game's economic systems. I 100% understand why so many people dropped it like a hot potato when it was on Plus, but sticking with it really is a rewarding experience. Have to say that the 8 to 9 percent range sounds believable, considering where the slightly harder Tropico 6 sits nowadays. I'd probably be down for it coming to Plus, but I can already hear the moans from the general public. It's a bit month-by-month for me whether the streak is limiting or not. Whenever I start a month, I think 'Oh lord, 127 really is a lot' but then once I get to the magic number I usually have a good week left, which at that point is just a very welcome period of downtime from Trophy hunting to avoid getting burnt out. Very rarely do I wish I could play more as a result. When I had a 65-a-month streak going in the first half of 2020, that was when things felt really limited considering that's just one full list plus change. With 127, it's around two-and-a-half lists which seems to be my sweet spot - I have a very busy job on top of not being to play when my significant other is around, so I have way less time to invest than many others. Getting to the limit is always a massive relief. Thank you, always surprising to see people who haven't previously been in the thread stop by. I must be doing something right - and different - among my cohorts. It has been two years since starting Yakuza 0 - and almost 13 since popping my first Trophy - so it's high time this milestone is reached.
  8. Update 25 (my favourite number) October! Good grief, where has the time gone?! September is fully behind us now, so it's time to for a quick retrospective before training our sights on the horizon once more. September's Platinum Trophies Two more Platinums for the hoard to take me to 99 in total. You know what that means.... next month will yield the big 100! Years in the making, and it's finally here. Exciting stuff, but let's look at last month's forecast and see where I got my monthly dose of 127 Trophies from. The figure in (parentheses) is the number I had available per title while the number in (bold) is the actual number I unlocked. Hitman 3 for PS4 (82*) (80) Hitman (21*) (20) Jacob Jones & The Bigfoot Mystery (20) (0) LEGO Star Wars III (16) (0) Tropico 5 (8) (8) Yakuza 0 (1) (0) Until Dawn (19) Yes, that last game there was this month's surprise package after I realized that - following Tropico 5 - I had 19 Trophies left to take me to 127. I preferably needed a Plat included and Until Dawn's list had exactly 19 trinkets on it, so it was effortlessly included into the rotation via the PS Plus Collection on PS5. I had great fun with it, as I did with all games I played this month. Mopping up in Hitman [2016], going through Hitman 3 (which was a slightly disappointing experience compared to the first two games), quickly boosting Tropico 5's multiplayer with @COME_AND_GET_ME7, and going far outside my comfort zone to play a horror game in the form of Until Dawn. The 127 streak is now 13 months old, three months to go until the end of the year. Statistics update; With a new page ripped out of the calendar, we also have new leaderboard placement - let's have a peek; 56,844th in the world overall (up from 58,413rd, target; top 55,000) 876th domestically overall (up from 908th, target; top 800) As you can tell, I have taken out the PS Vita goal due to my continued inactivity on that front - the continued slide towards the exit from the top 100 is just too depressing when everyone passing me is just spamming Ratalaika games. Progress on the other two fronts is encouraging, however - my gain on the national ranking was over 150% bigger than the jump in August, while I jumped over a 1000 places on the world leaderboard. One would hope I can reach my target of 55,000 in November, but if not, at least cracking that number this calendar year still seems to be a sure thing if I can keep up my current pace. As for average rarity, I finished August on 34.66. A month on, and I am at 34.47 - quite happy about that. Six new Ultra Rare Trophies were added thanks to Tropico 5, while Hitman [2016], Hitman 3 (PS4) and Until Dawn are all relatively rare lists which helped to bring the average down further still. Hitman 2's appearance on PS Plus has made its rarity fluctuate, which I suspect may have been a net negative on my march further down the scale, but in the long run it should have a positive effect - we all know the effect being given away with Plus has on games, even when their Trophies were rare to begin with as is the case with Hitman 2. Roadmap update; As for the roadmap update, October's 127 will come from a very select group of games; Yakuza 0 (3) Hitman 3 for PS4 (1) Hitman 3 for PS5 (81) Yakuza Kiwami (42) This is going to be a very interesting month; Hitman 3 for PS5 will be entirely auto-popped based off the PS4 list, which will leave a whole lot of time for the remaining Trophies for the rest of the month. This affords me a unique opportunity to burn through a very long Platinum, which I am keen to spend on Yakuza Kiwami (about 80 hours according to the guide). I bought the game on release and kept it shrink-wrapped for this very moment, but as I emigrated in the meantime it was still in my home country. I had it sent over to my current location a week ago but it still hasn't arrived - starting to sweat it, really, I need that game here to make the most of the ample time this month will afford me. Reason for Kiwami being chosen is A. because I really like Yakuza as most everyone knows by now and B. because my 6,000th Trophy is coming up in December and it'd be nice for that to be Yakuza 6's Plat. Of course, I don't want to play these games out of release order hence why Kiwami needs starting and finishing as soon as possible. Other than that, not much to report currently. Having guests over for most of this month ended up being hardly a problem as I could neatly fit Hitman in before they came, and then wrapped up Tropico and Until Dawn during the short stretch of days where they were away. I added Overcooked to my library from Plus and expect to Plat it in November, but the new batch of games (Hell Let Loose, Mortal Kombat, and PGA 2K21) looks like a massive dud to me. Really, only the golf game might be given a go in 2022 once I'm done with my streak. For now though, let's get that big #100 popped! Finally!
  9. Platinum #99 - Until Dawn A Symphony of Horror Trophies - You collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in Until Dawn 511,705 Owners - 90,147 Achievers for a percentage of 17.62% (average completion; 28.63%) Enjoyment; 6/10 Difficulty; 2/10 Trophies; 4/10 (repeated tiles, only 19 Trophies, but decent requirements) Inches of snow; 10/10 If you subscribe to PS Plus and are lucky enough to own a Playstation 5, you have access to the Playstation Plus Collection; a handful of yesteryear's games that you get to play 'for free' as long as you subscribe to Plus. There's a fair few Sony-published titles involved with one of them being Until Dawn, a strange horror-themed mashup between a walking simulator and a visual novel with branching story paths that wildly change the ending depending on your choices. I had a gap in my 127-Trophies-a-month quota that equalled Until Dawn's Trophy list, so with my limited knowledge of the game (having played it for mayeb 15 minutes in 2017) I jumped into this story about a group of friends being marooned on a snowy mountain with a homicidal maniac. I absolutely don't like horror as a genre in any kind of media, but this game ended up being decent fun for what it was; a relatively straight path through dark and snowy environments featuring some very uncanny looking characters (a result of nascent mocap and facial scan technology). Gameplay is limited to navigating whichever character you control at a given moment down rather linear paths with the odd hidden alcove containing a collectable trinket along the way, plus half a dozen instances of aligning a targeting reticule over an incoming threat and the odd quick time event. It's not overly involved, but the latter can catch you out if you haven't been paying attention to your surroundings. Each of them have a very lax deadline, so particularly sharp reflexes aren't a must. At the end of my ten or so hours with the game I had all 100+ Collectables and succesfully passed every scenario that had a Trophy associated with it. There is no way to unlock the Platinum in one go as there are multiple Trophies relying on certain characters surviving or dying, and with just one save slot that constantly refreshes itself there was no save scumming beyond the odd upload to PS Plus just in case. I'd have felt cheated had I paid full price for Until Dawn, but considering I played it for 'free' I'm quite happy with the experience. It's very typical of the cinematic narrative-driven direction Sony has so firmly adopted since the PS3, but the narrative here was interesting enough to see through to the end. The writing wasn't particularly bad either - everything was in service of the plot and worked out wonderfully. Developers Supermassive Games are to be commended for their work. If you have both Plus and a PS5, give this one a go. A quick and very easy Plat that can be swiftly completed by adhering to the excellent guides available on this site, but not a 1/10 due to how missable some things are and the always looming danger of your save file refreshing and locking in a bad decision or missed QTE.
  10. Platinum #98 - Tropico 5 Tropico 5 Platinum trophy - Collected all other Tropico 5 trophies 213,576 Owners - 4,703 Achievers for a percentage of 2.20% (average completion; 10.17%) Enjoyment; 7/10 Difficulty; 4/10 Trophies; 8/10 (beautiful tiles, good names and requirements, forced MP) Glory of El Presidente; 10/10 Playing and Platting a city-building / partial Real-Time Strategy game using a gamepad on console! Who would have thought? Not me, but here we are with the Ultra Rare Platinum Trophy of Tropico 5 - a Caribbean-themed title that sees you don the mantle of a deranged despot governing his own little tropical island from humble beginnings in colonial times to great riches in the modern era. Now don't be too impressed by the figures - a Plat of 2.20% and average rarity of just over 10% - as Tropico 5 was one of the 'free' games included with Playstation Plus in May of 2016. And being on Sony's subscription can mean only one thing; a lot of normies are going to try it out, and almost just as many are very quickly dropping it. Certain games do well on Plus - mostly shooters - but others see their rarity positively crater due to just not meshing with the interests of the average video game enjoyer. A city builder like this was never going to catch on. And you know what, good thing it didn't because this list of 71 Trophies contains no fewer than 14 Ultra Rares! They don't come a lot cheaper or easier than this as I'd rate Tropico a 4/10 (or 5/10 at most) in terms of difficulty with a few spikes in the campaign(s, if you include DLC) being the main roadblock on the way to a shiny Plat. With proper preparation, however, nothing here should be too challenging even if you are new to the genre; you can pause the game at any time outside of combat to fix your economy and the game is happy for you to play on the easiest difficulty all the way through. As you could guess from what I wrote earlier, you rule a small island nation throughout the centuries (don't question why your character never dies from old age) through complete control over urban planning. You decide what home, plantations, utilities, and luxuries to build, where to build them, and how to operate them. Want to lure tourists to the island? Go ham with a dedicated folder of buildings designed to attract various archetypes of foreign sunbathers. Want to get rich through industry instead? Plant this poor little island full of pineapples, build canneries, and export them by the literal boatload. In sandbox games there is no true game over as you can continue forever, but you can also opt for scoring systems whereby you need to reach certain goals - be they the amount of money in your bank account or having to build a space program. And if you want something a little different, boot up the bizarre campaign that sees a shadowy organization take you by the hand as you struggle for independence from the Crown. Tropico 5 is a robust package and promises hours upon hours of fun if you can manage to come to terms with its sometimes frustrating economy systems and learn to deal with not having a mouse and keyboard. To my surprise, the controls stopped being frustrating after about half an hour and suddenly just 'clicked' with me. The DualSense somehow just works perfectly here, which is a massive achievement by the developers if you ask me. That was my main concern going in, but with it so comprehensively addressed, there is nothing holding me back from wholeheartedly recommending Tropico 5 for a fun romp through the tropics. Yes, you need to keep your wits about as this is very much a game of careful planning and strategy, and yes, some of the humour that comes at the expense of Caribbean stereotypes will fall on deaf ears (mostly when the radio announcer spits out a canned line for the umpteenth time), but if you can get a cheap copy of the Complete Collection (which includes all DLC and all 71 Trophies on disc) this is a purchase you likely won't regret. And as a bonus, the Trophy tiles are absolutely gorgeous. They are simply spectacular, I love the filter they pulled these through. Sure, they probably weren't very lavour-intensive but the finished product is fantastic. Here are some of my faves; Some of them have terrific names and descriptions as well; It Prints Money, Sheep For Wood, The Town of Cityville, Think Tanks, and so on.
  11. October 24th 2020.... I miraculously get my 100% for the original LBP (including delisted DLC) thanks to @happyrabbit0053 (bro, dude, thanks again). Not even a year later and the servers are gone - no advanced warning due to the hacking situation. I am so, so sorry for everyone who missed out.

    1. Flubberwunked


      I'm very thankful for what @happyrabbit0053 done for me and many other people too. Too bad he can't help anyone anymore. His help was and still is very much appreciated!



  12. The modern Hitman games have some of the most confusing DLC schemes known to man, so I wanted to put this out there for everyone to read before deciding to jump in. I'm a veteran of Hitman 2, being the first player to earn Featured Contract status (Aeon of Strife in Miami) and having completed it twice over on Steam and Playstation (recently). I have had to deal with developer IOI's needlessly complicated releases by twisting myself into a pretzel re-buying stuff physically - hopefully you won't have to by following this handy guide. If you are on the fence about trying Hitman 2 out, there is a general FAQ included at the end of this post which ponders the question whether Hitman 2 is worth your time (and money - you will need to spend for 100%). The initial part and, indeed, bulk of the following concerns itself with what DLC you need for 100%, and how you can best go about getting it. For Hitman 2, there are 146 Trophies to unlock; these are spread across two separate lists as the (former) maximum limit for a single list was 125, hence a base list with 125 and an expansion list with 21 - you will see me refer to them frequently as they are tied to different bits of DLC. To be able to unlock everything, you will need to own the entire previous game and buy DLC to reach 100% across both lists. We can group the Trophies in three rough groups based on their availability on the PS Story - you'll need all three to get 100% on the base list, while the Expansion Pass accounts for the full expansion list; Hitman 2; 66 Trophies (included with Plus) Hitman [2016]; 52 Trophies (not included with Plus) Hitman 2 Expansion pass DLC; 28 Trophies (not included with Plus; 7 on the base list, while the other 21 of these make up the entire Expansion list) I will now part things out based on whether you own the first Hitman [2016] or not. It was given out with Playstation Plus in February 2019, so if you were subscribed at the time then chances are that you've saved yourself a headache and a half for Hitman 2. If you don't own the first game at all, be prepared to spend quite a bit or accept a game sitting around 60% completion on your main or throwaway profile. If you own Hitman [2016] via PS Plus (February 2019), or have the disc or digital version of The Complete First Season; The PS Plus version of Hitman 2 gives you access to 66 of the 125 Trophies on the game's base list Because of your ownership of the previous game, you can play the six maps from the first game and get their 52 Trophies for a total of 118 You do not get access to the 7 'HITMAN™ 2 Singapore' Trophies on the base list* You do not get access to any of the 21 Trophies on the expansion list; simply delete it from your profile.* To play the maps from the first game, install it, then go to the in-game store and follow the prompts to redeem and install the 'Legacy pack'. This will make Paris through to Hokkaido playable in Hitman 2, including quality of life improvements such as added foilage and graphical tweaks. *To get 100% on the base list plus the entire expansion list, you must buy the pricey Hitman 2 Expansion Pass on the PS Store (see bottom of this post) or salvage a code from a physical 'Gold Edition' Steelbook. If you do not own Hitman [2016] via PS Plus (Feb 2019), physical disc, or digital edition; The PS Plus version of Hitman 2 gives you access to 66 of the 125 Trophies on the game's base list You do not get access to the 52 Trophies associated with the First Season You do not get access to any of the 21 Trophies on the expansion list; simply delete it from your profile. You do not get access to the 7 'HITMAN™ 2 Singapore' Trophies on the base list To be able to access that glob of 52 Trophies, you need to buy Hitman; GOTY Edition on the PS Store. If you want to buy physical, you must buy a new, sealed copy; the discs came with a DLC code for the Bonus missions which relate to 10 out of the 52 Trophies; no code, no 100%. You must also buy the pricey Hitman 2 Expansion Pass on the PS Store (see bottom of this post) or salvage a code from a physical 'Gold Edition' Steelbook. Once you have bought the first season, install it, then go to the in-game store and follow the prompts to redeem and install the 'Legacy pack'. This will make Paris through to Hokkaido playable in Hitman 2, including quality of life improvements such as added foilage and graphical tweaks. What's the cheapest route to 100%? a.k.a how many coins am I throwing? The answer is as clear-cut as it is unsatisfactory; if you aren't willing to spend more than you would for a full new release, you have to wait for sales. Seriously. If you don't own any previous Hitman content, you unironically need to spend 100 Dollars in the US PS Store outside of sales to be able to get 100%, and the same goes for other countries and their local currencies. If you wait for sales, you're looking at about 25 Dollars (and foreign equivalents), check the links below for proof. Thankfully, there is currently a sale going on that drops the Expansion pass down to a very generous ten Dollars (and foreign equivalents). Thankully, most players will only need the Expansion Pass, but it is not currently on sale. It has, however, seen its price slashed by 80% previously, which represents a good deal seeing as it includes the excellent Haven Island map - one of Hitman 2's highlights - but at its regular price it just isn't worth it. This content was never available physically, coming either through the PS Store or as a one-time download code included with the physical Gold Edition of Hitman 2. These codes are as rare as hen's teeth now (most everyone who bought Gold used their download code, obviously) and will be quite expensive to purchase, especially now that other Plus members will flood the market with demand. As such, I recommend resorting to the PS Store. Below are the links to the PS Store and PSPrices' price history for the biggest regions - I suggest you wishlist the Pass on both platforms and to set up email notifications on the latter to make sure you don't miss the next sale once the current one ends; United States; PS Store / PSPrices United Kingdom; PS Store / PSPrices Canada; PS Store / PSPrices Germany; PS Store / PSPrices If you don't own the First Season already, expect your costs to almost double. On the PS Store, you can choose between the full game that was given away with Plus (which gives you access to its own list of 69 Trophies) and the GOTY Legacy Pack. I suggest you wait for a sale on the full game, because it is cheaper than the Legacy Pack (which has never been on sale) and obviously lets you get more Trophies via a separate list). You can go Physical instead, but it is risky; as mentioned above, you need a sealed copy due to the one-time download code that grants access to the Bonus missions and their 10 Trophies. Additionally, IOI put out editions of the game that did not include the code, so if you are going to go physical, make sure you A. buy the version with the subtitle 'The Complete First Season' and B. it is unopened or comes from a seller who explicitly states that the code has not been used. Below are the links to the PS Store and PSPrices' price history for the biggest regions - I suggest you wishlist the game on both platforms and to set up email notifications on the latter to make sure you don't miss the next sale; United States; PS Store / PSPrices United Kingdom; PS Store / PSPrices Canada; PS Store / PSPrices Germany; PS Store / PSPrices General FAQ Is Hitman 2 worth playing? In my opinion, yes; it is often seen as a stealth game but actually occupies a niche of its own as being social stealth. You rely on disguises and clever manipulation of the AI, and in doing so you won't find an experience quite like it anywhere else on Playstation. I enjoyed the game so much, I've 100%ed it twice, first on Steam and later on Playstation. Included with Plus are 5 full-fledged sandbox locations for you to go ham in, plus three smaller tutorial levels. And since it is free with Plus, why not give it a go? Is Hitman 2 difficult to 100%, Trophy-wise? You can start save-scumming from the very first second you gain control, which remains in effect for 139 of its 146 Trophies. The other seven are tied to a mode that does not allow for saves, but there are myriad tutorials available for them - altogether you'll need an hour or two to get all seven, and if you save them for the end of your playthrough, you really won't face more than a 2/10 in terms of difficulty. I would seriously consider LEGO games harder than Hitman, you can quote me on that. For the First game, can I buy the GOTY Legacy Pack instead of the full game? And is it a good idea to do so? Yes, you can. However, I personally would not buy it over the full game, and have not included it in this guide for two reasons; first, because it does not grant you access to the separate first game and its list of Trophies, and second, because it never goes on sale. The full game does and ended up being cheaper than the Legacy Pack every single time in the past two years. As such, I thought it fair to write this guide based on buying the full game. What Trophy hunter is going to pass up a cheaper option that comes with an extra 69 Trophies, right? Is the DLC worth the price? As someone who played all of it to 100% completion (in-game, so surpassing Trophy requirements) twice, neither the DLC expansion pass nor the first game is worth the full price IOI is asking right now. The former is too light on content, and the latter is five years old by this point. If you can get both for their sale prices, however, they become absolute steals; you'll easily get your 10 Dollars/Quid/Euro worth out of the Expansion, and the first game is literally 150+ hours of content if you care to play it all. Can I buy Expansion levels separately one by one? You cannot; @Quink666 raised the topic by asking whether he could buy the Singapore sniper map separately from the other Expansion content, as that would let him get 100% completion on the base list. Unfortunately, this is not possible. All four levels (Singapore/Hantu - New York - Siberia - Maldives/Haven Island) are listed individually on the PS Store, but they are not for sale and only 'unlock' once you buy the Expansion pass. Are there multiplayer Trophies? Are they still achievable? There is one Trophy for playing user-generated content which is 1/10 in difficulty and can be knocked out in 20 minutes if you're good at the game, plus three Trophies for playing each of the Sniper maps in co-op. Matchmaking is still online (despite the developer claiming months ago that it would be shut down - @themindisacity) and quite active, you'll need about half an hour to pop them which includes waiting for a partner to be matched with you. Again, 1/10 difficulty. I would focus on the Sniper stuff first so you can get it out of the way. Can I get some serious auto-pop action going right away? Nothing in this game auto-pops, sorry. If you played Season 1, your progess won't transfer as the developers changed the publisher inbetween H1 and H2. However, if you 100% Hitman 2 now and play Hitman 3 in the future, you can transfer your progress and auto-pop 31 Trophies. Twice, as Hitman 3 has a PS4 and PS5 version (which also autopop between them). 31 times 2 is 62 last I checked, which is nothing to scoff at. Playing Hitman 2 now will thus net you a nice bonus if Hitman 3 ever comes to Plus. Don't want to wait? IOI offers a free starter pack for Hitman 3 that lets you play the tutorial missions which unlock 12 of H3's base Trophies. The other maps are rotated in and out of the pack (you'll get access to one at a time) so you can unlock more Trophies still if you're patient. If you 100%ed Hitman 2, transfer your saves via IOI's website (you can only do this once!!!) and you'll unlock all 31 DLC Trophies in Hitman 3. If you did not buy the First Season and Expansion pass, you only unlock 12 Trophies. 100%ing the Expansion Pass in Hitman 2 unlocks 6 Trophies in 3, and 100%ing Season 1 in Hitman 2 unlocks another 13. Adding up Hitman 2 + First Season + Expansion means you get 12 + 13 + 6 = the full 31. ( @HusKy posed this question further down the thread). The time investment and cost of getting 100% doesn't sit right with me, should I consider playing on a dummy/throwaway account? If 100% completion is important to you (I won't judge you, because it is to me) but you still want to give Hitman 2 a try, then definitely turn to a secondary account. If you ignore all the Trophies you can breeze through the story - rather than invest between 80 and 120 hours of your time - and pull off some insane(ly funny) kills in various gorgeous locales. I can almost guarantee you'll have fun with it, but if it turns out not be your cup of tea, then your main profile won't have 100+ unearned Trophies added to it. I will continue to edit this post for clarity and with more links, but for now this will hopefully catch out most questions. If you still have a query, post it below so we can catch everything in one single thread.
  13. Trophy #5,610 Hitman 3 Shortcut Killer - Find and unlock 15 Shortcuts. 2,070 Achievers out of 9,601 Owners for a rarity percentage of 21.55% (Uncommon) This one was strange, not going to lie; Shortcut Killer is awarded for unlocking all fifteen persistent shortcuts - sneaky cut-throughs that remain open on subsequent playthroughs once you've unlocked them - throughout the game, but it popped for me after just three. I couldn't find reports of this happening to anyone else, so this might put my participation on the leaderboard in danger (even if it's not entirely impossible to recreate in a legit manner without relying on glitches). I've created a thread about my experience in the relevant subforum, which hopefully should turn up further proof. Definitely the weirdest Trophy screenshot I've ever had, as it shows the *ding* as I was booting up a different save while not being near any of Dubai's shortcuts.
  14. Hitman 3 has had its fair share of Trophy glitches from release day, if reading the forum is to be believed, but as I started it up this morning I had hoped all had been ironed out. Didn't end up being the case; I've only played Dubai so far and upon loading a save file, Shortcut Killer unlocked. You get it for unlocking all persistent shortcuts in the game, but I've only done three so far. A quick search online didn't turn up any reports of this happening to others this early (if anything, this Trophy was very negatively glitched back at the start of the year), so I wanted to put my experience out there.... and hopefully find people who also had it happen so that I don't get booted off the leaderboard. I don't think this is an impossible order (H3 should still let you play all missions out of order as you please without finishing any of them, meaning that you can unlock all 15 before popping any story Trophies), but I still want to get the word out. See below for my Trophy screenshot, this is the PS4 version being played on PS5.