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  1. Trophy #5,128 Persona 5 Competent Negotiator - Successfully rescue a hostage from an enemy's threat. 119,549 Achievers out of 199,572 Owners for a rarity percentage of 59.90% (Common) For the sake of spoilers, I won't be sharing Story-related Trophies. I did, however, finish the second Palace last night and am thoroughly enjoying my time with the game. Tokyo being so much more expansive than Inaba has been a real highlight for me. Additionally, Ryuji is a much less grating version of Yosuke and while I still prefer the OST of 4 I would say that the music in 5 is growing on me. I'm a shapeshifter, what else could I beeeeeeeeee 😭 Competent Negotiator is handed out for rescuing a teammate that has been taken hostage, which is another new gameplay element introduced in Persona 5. The whole negotiation aspect both in this scenario and when capturing Personas is pretty good fun, but I do miss the experience of 'just' picking reward cards after battle as was custom in 4.
  2. On what planet do 'soon' and 'boom' rhyme? Even June is kind of stretching it. Is the marketing department huffing paint thinners again?
  3. Platinum #93 - Battlefield V World War Two Hero - Collect all other Battlefield™ V Trophies 136,597 Owners - 8,675 Achievers for a percentage of 6.35% (average completion; 29.23%) Enjoyment; 6/10 Difficulty; 4/10 Trophies; 3/10 (60% multiplayer, one Trophy is luck-reliant and another tied to a removed mode) Camping in Outpost; 10/10 From a cursory glance, it seems like I'm the first among the regulars in this thread to have Platted Battlefield V off the back of it coming onto PS Plus this month. Pretty cool, and to think it took me less than a week. When I got my PS5 after years of coasting by on my Vita and PS3, I spent some time musing over how it'd be nice to try another 'blockbuster' FPS. It had been a while since I played one - bloody Killzone 3 on release if you can believe it - but none of the COD games tickled so I just dug into other genres. Come the end of April and Battlefield V was revealed to be part of May's virtual smörgåsbord. I had actually given zero thought to EA's premiere shooter previously - mostly because I hate EA and world wars as settings for video games - but looking at the Trophy list and knowing that there probably wouldn't be another multiplayer shooter included for quite a while, I decided to tuck in anyway. I guess everyone has the game in their library now but remarkably few have tried it (Wreckfest is the most-played May game) so might as well give a quick run-down on the game; Battlefield V is the illogically named sequel to 2016's Battlefield 1, which itself followed on from games such as Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. Besides this bizarre order of numbers, the use of V rather than 5 stands out but then so did the game's issues; hardcore fans seemed to have hated it from the start, judging from complaints across the web posted both at release and more recently. V is a multiplayer game first and foremost, which is confirmed by the main menu; the singleplayer mode, consisting of four separate 'War Stories' are contained in a single, tiny tab surrounded by a dozen options related to the online. You've got all the basic elements here; capture the flag, king of the hill, deathmatch and team deathmatch, there isn't a ridiculous amount of originality on show. Honestly, if you've played any other online shooter, this Battlefield will have few surprises for you. I only found one mode to be really enjoyable, which was Outpost; capture three to five key points on the map and hold them to reach an arbitrary score limit consisting of 'recruits'. This being a recruitment drive is an incredibly dumb setup for a mode like this, but who cares; it's frenetic fun and very easy to grind out points on towards Elite - if you're going for this Plat yourself, just play Outpost exclusively and you'll be racking up 15 to 20 thousands points a match. The hallmark of Battlefield games is vehicular combat on large maps, and V kinda delivers here; you get tanks and ATVs and planes and bombers, and the maps are adequate (I particularly enjoyed Pacific Storm, which is pictured above). I do have to say that the controls on the aerial vehicles absolutely aren't, it's a nightmare to fly and you need to seriously apply yourself if you want to get decent at it. Outside of the player's control are further issues with the matchmaking; not seldom did I end up in complete blowouts with one team completely steamrolling the other. The game failed to rebalance inbetween matches, meaning that if your team won Outpost with 125 to 10 or something silly like that, you'd have a good chance of repeating that feat another five times. The Trophy list is mostly straightforward, sans two online Trophies and the six associated with the War Stories (seen above). The latter are especially problematic, as you need to play through each of the three storylines on hardcore (which thankfully is unlocked from the start). All three of them are absolute pants and the biggest wastes of time I have seen in a FPS in a very good while, with the narratives hamstrung by the fact that each of them lasts maybe 45 minutes when playing on normal difficulty. You get maybe five cutscenes per story, which is just too little to establish any kind of rapport with the characters and settings. Then again, one of these stories is close to mediocre where the other two are absolutely unsalvagable so the short length ends up being merciful. You can cheese checkpoints (and in Under No Flag pretty much the whole second level) and the AI is braindead, but on hardcore you die in three to four hits from enemies that more often than not posses x-ray vision. Oh, and if you think you can tough it out by camping in a corner, you're wrong; enemies respawn ad infinitum in most scenarios. Absolute pants. As for the two online Trophies I mentioned, the hardest is Death From Above which I've written about in the 'Latest Trophy' thread. The other is Hoist The Flag, which is a straightforward taks confined to a single mode.... which EA actually removed from the game. Yes, really. Your only options are to either keep jumping servers 'til you find a specific set of conditions in Grand Operations mode or to play a trick on Community Servers. So, overall, should you give BFV's Plat a try via PS Plus? I would answer that with a hesitant 'yes' but only if you start right now with a lot of newbs running around online. Only the two online Trophies I mentioned will require boosting for most people (although I got Death From Above legitimately after about 45 minutes of flying, if you can believe it), which is impressive considering it's such a MP-heavy list. But the five or so hours you will spend on trying to cheese your way through the War Stories is an absolutely awful time, and really lays bare the basic flaws of the gameplay and the lazy, disinterested nature of the developers. Really, the individual Trophies are okay, but Battlefield V itself just isn't a great game.
  4. Trophy #5,120 Persona 5 Soul of Rebellion - Obtain the Persona Arsene. 182,209 Achievers out of 199,391 Owners for a rarity percentage of 91.83% (Common) The journey begins! After starting the series on Vita last year with Persona 4 Golden, I'm excited to try out the Tokyo-centric entry on my PS5. Do have to say that I will miss Inaba, but knowing Persona Studio, this is going be just as good a romp. This particular Trophy is 100% the first any player will unlock, similar to how Izanagi's Trophy was the first you got in Golden. I might be reporting back to this thread over the rest of the month documenting my progress through the various Palaces. (I initially posted this in the 'Latest 100%' thread like an idiot - a kind thank you to the Mod who removed the post for me!)
  5. Platinums #91 & 92 - No Man's Sky PS4 & PS5 Total Perspective Vortex (PS4 & PS5) - Platinum PS4 - 245,767 Owners - 17,591 Achievers for a percentage of 7.16% (average completion; 26.73%) PS5 - 7,154 Owners - 1,449 Achievers for a percentage of 20.25% (average completion; 31.05%) Enjoyment; 8/10 Difficulty; 2/10 Trophies; 5/10 (unimaginative requirements, mostly just grinding, but all names are sci-fi references) Procedural generation; 10/10 Not sure how to feel about this one; I've played games that included cross-play autopop before, but this is the first time I've actually made use of it. It is perfectly legal from a leaderboard perspective but it still feels a bit funky to me. Then again, I could have done the whole thing again legitimately but that would just be another 10 to 15 hours of grinding. Ah well, my first PS5 game and Plat, I will give it a pass. Much has been said about No Man's Sky; launching off the back of an unprecedented hype train in 2016, the wheels came off the whole thing almost immediately when players found out that many features the developers had spoken about were either truncated or just completely absent from the finished game. It wasn't an incredibly glitchy mess - just a slightly glitchy mess - but failed to meet expectations to such a degree that you could consider it a proto-Cyberpunk 2077 of sorts. What was delivered upon release was a survival/crafting game set in a procedurally generated universe consisting of billions of unexplored planets, each with their own flora, fauna, minerals, and weather conditions. When booting the game, the player wakes up on a random planet with all his gear broken and his ship missing; a wild scramble to repair you gadgets and find your ride ensues, under pressure from your ever-diminishing life support. The game does a good job of explaining the basics, and after half an hour or so you launch off the planet and set out to discover the universe, with a tantalizing secret held in the very centre, which few people reach under their own strength. From the moment you launch into space for the first time, you can plot your very own course; either just mess around, or follow the vague, cryptic plot through various storylines. Freedom is the name of the game, and the player will only ever be restricted by their own creativity and dexterity from there on out - provided they do mine for resources to refuel from time to time, as this is still very much a survival game unless you play in Creative Mode (which disables Trophies). Because of the procedural, open-ended nature of the game, you get a Trophy list that is literally just grinding from start to finish; warp 75 times, meet 80 aliens, learn 150 alien words, completely chart the fauna of ten planets, destroy 80 starships, hold 2 million credits in your wallet.... you get the point. From a Trophy Hunter perspective this is great as you can leisurely/quickly scurry your way to your goals, but on the other hand, none of the 28 base game Trophies are getting an award from creativity. Credit where it is due, though; all of their names reference science fiction media, which I personally think is a nice touch; the Trophy guide handily links you to the source of each name. Despite the horrendous misfiring at launch and the storm of criticism the developers had to endure, No Man's Sky has received countless comprehensive expansions over the past four years, from bases to exocraft to freighters and fleets to a multiplayer hub. Only one update brought DLC Trophies with it though, which is where the only modicum of challenge can be found; To Live Forever requires you to reach the centre of the universe in Permadeath Mode, where your save is deleted upon death. Nothing a USB stick or cloud upload can't solve, of course, and even then only the first five or so minutes are hard; if the game doesn't spawn you near a cave you will die, but you should be golden if one does happen to be close by. I got a hole in the ground on my first restart, and from there you just need to be careful. The fact this Trophy stands at a rarity of 1.12%(!) at the moment is mostly just down to the fact that it's a long, long way to your destination and my assumption that many of the over 200,000 owners on the leaderboards dropped the game like a hot potato in the first few days after release. In fact, a lot of these Trophies have remarkably low rarities for what they ask you to do - their counterparts on the PS5 version sit much higher (see the Plats for instance; 7ish percent on PS4 versus 20 plus on PS5), but then that will have been skewed by people like me autopopping the whole list. Anyhow, I booted the PS4 version off my PS5 as it is noticably inferior in terms of graphics to the next-gen version, but the latter I will be keeping installed; for all its faults and the constraints of being a survival game in a procedural world, No Man's Sky is an amazing, gorgeous adventure. The beautiful vistas you see in space, the wondrous planets you visit - it really is a joy and never got old throughout my 20 or so hours spent on getting the Platinum. In fact, I expect to return to this game quite often and continue my interstellar adventures. It might perhaps have been a disappointment in 2016, but in 2021 No Man's Sky is absolutely worth the money and time. If you were hesitating before , then please do give it a chance now.
  6. Loving the name, dude; you can style on me any day of the week (but only gently, please 🙏)

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      *respectfully styles on you*

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      *tips top hat in a cool yet sophisticated way* M'froggy.

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  7. I was inspired to go for P4G due to the dearth of good games on Vita, in hindsight a really a good decision to have made - I still regularly play both the 'normal' OST and the versions of the songs that came with Dancing All Night. Snowflakes falling on your faaaaaace 😭 Oh, and if I can find a EU copy / bite the bullet and get it digitally, I will be able to replay it in full for a second Platinum! I had 'One Who Has Proved Their Strength' for beating Margaret as one of my old level milestones, so I certainly feel your pain in that regard - but I simply started anew from level 365ish onwards. Tell you what, when I get the EU version of P4G, I should just use that region's Margaret Trophy for a level up. I remember kind of wanting to buy a PSP and Persona 3 Portable back in the day (came with a cap of one of the characters, can't remember his name) but never did get around to it. Updated versions on PS4/PS5 or even PC would be wonderful - and with the 25th anniversary coming up, there's certainly a good excuse for them to be made/ported. Starting P5 on Tuesday when I finish off my Battlefield V via Plus Platinum (I swear that's the last game I sneak in before Persona now!).
  8. Trophy #5,108 Battlefield V Death From Above - In Multiplayer, destroy 5 manned stationary weapons with a Airplane 11,902 Achievers out of 134,419 Owners for a rarity percentage of 8.85% (Very Rare) I'm hardly the only guy playing Battlefield V right now thanks to PS Plus. Upon reveal as one of this month's games, it initially begot a groan from me but upon closer inspection of the Trophy list I decided to go for it. I had wanted to play a blockbuster FPS for a while now and there didn't seem to be any massively difficult Trophies included. Save for one; this one, Death From Above. In multiplayer, score five kills on people who are manning stationary weapons. Sounds simple, right? Well, no; hardly anyone ever mans the turrets, and scoring kills on them is especially difficult due to the awful, awful flying controls and your bombs lacking any sort of punch; without upgrades, you'll need either a dead-on hit or two near ones to get a kill, and that's provided the enemy doesn't hop out of the turret in time - negating the conditions required for this Trophy. As such, most people boost for it and I was planning to do the same, setting up a gaming session and all. But then I actually managed to unlock it through regular play as I was practising my flying - figured I'd get used to the conditions ahead of the boost. No worries though, as per Trophy hunter etiquette I still showed up for the boost and didn't leave until my three boosting buddies had unlocked this one. Which, admittedly, took a while as flying in Battlefield is just a huge pain. This is the first time I've actually extracted the Trophy screenshot, which hopefully tells you how happy and relieved I am to have popped it. Now to suffer through two more of the single-player War Stories on Hardcore to bag the Plat! Big ups to Tony11772 who I scored at least four of my five kills on - he shot me down multiple times in between but who cares, right?! 🎉
  9. Trophy #5,046 No Man's Sky (PS4) To Live Forever - Reach the Centre of the Galaxy in Permadeath Mode 1,665 Achievers out of 245,323 Owners for a rarity percentage of 1.11% (Ultra Rare) So this is my second rarest Trophy at 1.11% (beating out a WipEout Plat), but please don't be impressed. To Live Forever can only be attained in No Man's Sky Permadeath mode; if you die, your save is wiped (although any cunning Trophy Hunter would have long backed it up to USB or PS Plus before even going near danger in-game), resources are even more precious than on normal difficulty, and planets are a lot more hostile with rougher conditions (hazardous storms, hostile wildlife, etc.). In those conditions, you need to reach the centre of the universe, which can take over a dozen hours depending on where in the universe the game has you start. And you have to do it without dying. Now, normal play would involve you scavenging for resources and slowly jumping from one solar system to the next - but that's not my style because I'm too jaded to not take the path of least resistance nowadays. In one of quintillion updates since launch, developers Hello Games included the option to warp to a friend's base no matter where it is in the galaxy. And you guessed it, everyone and their mom has a base near the centre now. The gaming sessions page on this site even sports regular 'taxi services' where you spawn into a friend's session and accompany him to his base, from whence you only need to fire up your hyperdrive once. One such session took place yesterday, with myself being one of the very appreciative passengers. And so, what should be a massively challenging Trophy has been reduced to surviving the difficulty spike at the start of a Permadeath save (you are tossed onto an extreme planet with broken gear and are guaranteed to die if you didn't spawn near to a cave) and then fuelling up your hyperdrive to the point where you can make the jump. What rhymes with EZ? That's right, PZ. Anyhow, let me just reiterate from my previous post last week; No Man's Sky in 2021 is an amazing game that is well-worth playing, with plenty of cheap copies floating around online marketplaces. Honestly, I'm having loads of fun when not grinding for the otherwise quite grindy Trophies.
  10. Update 20 It has been three months since my last update in this thread, but don't think I've forgotten about it. These checklists are massively helpful in guiding a Trophy collection and providing a frame of reference for how Trophy percentages can rise and fall over time, so I've been returning regularly to check in on what I've scribbled down previously. If you refer back to the OP, you'll also notice that it has been rewritten with a copy of the original retained in spoiler tags. February, March, and April were all about continuing the 127-Trophies-a-month-streak for me, as well as branching out from Vita games and PS3 list cleaning into the next generations; I own a Playstation 5 which will be my platform of choice going forward as I've exhausted most of the Vita's library with physical copies of games now ridiculously expensive due to Sony's mishaps regarding the online store. Since the last update I've accumulated eleven Platinum Trophies including two Ultra Rares that now stand as some of the proudest achievements in my collection. As per the new format for updates in this thread (started with Update 19), I will only list the specifics of each Platinum with a link to a full review in the 'Most Recent Platinum' thread. This to keep posts in this Checklist as succint as possible (a real challenge with my writing style) and to ensure that readers don't have to scroll through reviews they have no interest in. Going forward, I will be updating this thread every month, preferably on the 1st every time. Given my current pace, this will ensure there is always something to write about. But to start, let's catch up on the eleven games I Platted since the start of February with a link to each review - I will hide the whole lot in spoiler tags as it's quite the list; Wew, that was a mouthful, wasn't it? Roadmap & Statistics update; With the Playstation 5 quietly humming away in my living room, I am now absolutely spoilt for choice in terms of what to do next. I have already purchased and started Hitman 2 a while ago, while I also found and booted up a cheap copy of No Man's Sky. I have a fair few games from Plus that can be played, plus the PS4 and PS5 versions of Yakuza Like a Dragon. Yakuza 0 is also available for further clean up. However, with my usual 127 quota, I am aiming to get the following Trophies in May. No Man's Sky (PS4) (22 Trophies) No Man's Sky (PS5) (28 Trophies) Persona 5 (49 Trophies) Personally I blame Heather for this, but it is time to get over my love of P4's Inaba and try Tokyo next, with Persona 5 being freely available thanks to my PS Plus membership granting access to the Instant Game Collection. I've already played the first few hours of the game on a dummy account and loved it, so I'm looking forward to properly starting it on my own account. However, I will (quickly) finish No Man's Sky first. For one because I've managed to amass quite the fortune in-game already, which will see me through all the way to the Plat, and for two because I can auto-pop the PS5 version by bringing over my old save. I will do so once I have one Trophy 'til the Plat remaining, as a one-second-Plat wouldn't look or sound right. However, once both are in the bag, I have the rest of the month free for Persona. Of course, those three games together only account for 99 Trophies; the remaining 28 I will need to get from some other title. I will do a quick boost to get at least three Far Cry 2 Trophies out of the way as well, and the rest will be filled by a combination of Hitman 2 and Yakuza 0, plus potentially Until Dawn and Wreckfest - provided the latter impresses me enough through gameplay footage once the PS5 version is out. I also still have 16 LEGO Star Wars 3 Trophies and a dozen in WipEout HD that need cleaning, and 20 in Jacob Jones on the Vita which I have yet to start. You'll see though that once I clean up Hitman 2 and No Man's Sky, I am now below 300 unearneds - another one of my goals and a huge achievement considering I was sat on 747 last August. I'd like to reach 249 at some point, just so I can say I took two-thirds off the total. ***** Three months of Trophy hunting have naturally resulted in massive changes to my leaderboard rankings, so let's have a look; 64,716th in the world overall (up from 75,051th, target; top 100,000) 1,005st domestically overall (up from 1,141th, target; top 1,250) 86th domestically for Vita (up from 108th, target; top 100) Yes, I managed to sneak my way well into the top 100 Vita players domestically! As high as 86, although checking the leaderboards now I see some.... gentleman popped two dozen Ratalaika games to overtake me. I try not to Trophy-shame people, but good grief does it suck the fun out of leaderboards when someone can equal my nine years on the Vita in just a month with ten minute Platinums. It's such a shame too, because everyone around me has masses of Rata titles yet I managed with pure dedication and, at worst, a few LEGO titles. Thank goodness I still have the screenshot, posted below for the sake of posterity; I refuse to play any games I don't have any actual interest in for the sake of catching up further, so 86 (well, 87) is the ceiling for now. I might get more digital games since physical is now prohibitively expensive, but until then, I just have to hope my compatriots conveniently forget about the Vita. That's a quote from the last update, and as anyone can now see on my profile, I did indeed pop the Yakuza 3 Platinum for my birthday - in fact, I tried to pop it exactly eleven years to the second from the timestamp of the first Trophy. Unfortunately, I was off by seven seconds but I still think this is a very, very honourable achievement and milestone. Yakuza 3 is a 8 or 9 out of 10 in terms of difficulty, the hardest in the series, and yet I still managed to unlock it. I can feel a clean sweep of the series happening across the next few years; PSNP has a messed-up way of calculating months, hence why the Platinum time sounds off despite the correct timestamps. ***** And for the final bits, I have a new rarest Trophy in the form of the ModNation Racers; Road Trip Plat (also my first sub 1.0 percent Trophy) for which I had to buy a second Vita for ad hoc purposes, and my average rarity went as low as 35.73% following the Yakuza 3 Platinum. That has since been pulled up to 35.82 thanks to the easiest NMS Trophies and the full list for VA-11 HALL-A, but I expect to record a new record before the month is over. Which will then again be brought up through Persona 5, but such is life sometimes. It'd be really cool to reach 34.XX one day, though! That's all for now, I'm off to restart work on No Man's Sky so I can get to Persona 5 ASAP. Lots of work to do if I want to preserve that sweet, sweet plateau on my Monthly Activity graph!
  11. Platinum #90 - VA-11 Hall-A (Vita Version) Jill of all trades - Unlock all trophies 3,714 Owners - 1,027 Achievers for a percentage of 27.56% (average completion; 42.45%) Enjoyment; 4/10 Difficulty; 3/10 Trophies; 7/10 (love the Plat name, screenshotted tiles, actual challenge in a VN) Hatred for Nico Nico-style comments; 10/10 I didn't want to pen this post right after I unlocked the Plat on the morning of the 29th as I was quite frustrated with the game and wanted to properly re-read it one more time. Had some time to arrange my thoughts, so here we are. VA-11 Hall-A, which is the worst game title to type out since √Letter, brands itself as 'cyberpunk bartending action' set in a dystopian city in the far-flung future, where humanoid robots, catpeople, and all manner of cyberpunk tropes run rampant through the streets. You play as 'Jill', a bartender who according to herself 'mixes drinks and saves lives' and spends her shifts serving and chatting to whichever eccentric character has slithered its way into the bar that day. This is a visual novel first and foremost so most of the time you are 'playing' by tapping X whenever you've read a line of dialogue, but VA-11 Hall-A (I'm using Ctrl+V, bite me) offers a novel twist in that you get to mix the drinks your customers either outright request or subtly hint at, rather than pick dialogue options as you would in most any other VN. Five different ingredients, two ways of preparing (mixing and blending), and two extra factors (ice and aging) are on offer, which you are to combine into one of about 25 different cocktails; serving the right one at the right time can unlock some interesting dialogue and more than a few secrets. I've got one piece of praise for the game that comes without a single 'but'; the aesthetics are on point. You get that retro game look and feel with beautiful character art and a handful of great backgrounds, and both combine to really sell the mood of the game to you. It's just gorgeous to look at, and you can even enable an extra filter to really nail the retro-future vibe. Full marks, can't say anything else - perfection. Up until the last hour of my Plat run, I was also incredibly happy with the Vita port of this game; no intrusive touchscreen controls but clever and intuitive use of the left joystick and buttons to navigate your way through the recipebook and the actual mixing of the drink. And then, with the finish line in sight, the game stumbled and didn't recover; one of the characters is themed around streaming and has this horrible gimmick where she will spam comments across the screen à la the way in which Nico Nico Douga handles viewer comments (this gimmick is even tied to the wonderfully named (´・ω・`) ). This wasn't a problem for most of my time with the game, but suddenly and without warning the comments would sink my FPS to 0.1 (at best!). Even after restarting the Vita the issue didn't take long to crop up again, and it completely destroyed my satisfaction and patience with the game. How the *Hell* do you manage to make a Visual Novel suffer performance issues? You might have noticed that I scribbled down a 3/10 difficulty rating rather than the usual 1/10 for Visual Novels and that's solely down to a bullet hell-styled minigame that is included as a purchasable in-universe video game and has a Bronze and a Gold tied to it. You need to survive barrages of enemies for 2 minutes and 45 seconds before facing a boss, and you only have three lives to do it with. This was surprisingly tough although I eventually managed to bruteforce it thanks to my experience in dealing with the much harsher shit the Yakuza series has routinely thrown at me in terms of minigames. The trick here for me was to focus purely on vertical movement, which helped me beat the game in just a few tries once I'd picked up on it. No surprise that I spend most of this post talking about the minigame and the game's technical performance, as it's always tough to say much about the story; that's the main thing of Visual Novels, and besides the general setting I really mustn't spoil anything. However, I have to say that you can really tell that this game's dialogue was typed out by Western hands; it is vulgar and rather heavy-handed, very much unlike anything I've seen from Japanese VN's on PC and Playstation. Profanity and general distastefulness tie in with the cyberpunk setting, of course, but in this case I thought it really rather disappointing to the point where the dialogue just massively detracted from the game. A real shame, as I had been interested in VA-11 Hall-A since it launched in 2016 yet never gotten around to it until now. Some of the Trophies have really fun and clever requirements as well - easily missed if you aren't paying attention - but when your writing is below par in this genre, you just can't recover. Even with a wonderful Plat that doubles as a pun with its use of the protagonist's name. My recommendation? Play √Letter instead, which doesn't have the admittedly entertaining mixing gimmick but is five times the narrative that VA-11 Hall-A is while backing its story and characters up with art that is just as enjoyable (albeit in a different way); Root Film also looks interesting. Steins;Gate, Zero Escape, and Danganronpa games are other more enjoyable reads. If you still want to give VA-11 Hall-A a try - and I don't blame you, because on paper it sounds really good - then at least play it on PS4, because I wouldn't wish my experience with the Vita version on anyone else.
  12. Trophy #5,040 No Man's Sky (PS4) The Diamond Age - Attain ‘Magnate’ status in Most Units Accrued 91,655 Achievers out of 245,010 Owners for a rarity percentage of 37.41% (Uncommon) Possibly one of the most shameless Golds in my collection. We all know the controverse regarding No Man's Sky which saw the internet erupt back in 2016, but the game has really come into its own since with dozens of features being added post-release for free. One of these features is an online hub where players from across the three major platforms can interact with eachother, doing things like embarking on missions together and giving eachother gifts. Here's the fun thing; the max currency limit in the game is 4.3 billion, but hardcore players often comfortably reach that amount while their inventories overflow with rare and expensive commodities. Instead of 'selling' it to merchants in the game for money that doesn't get added to their wallet due to the limit, these guys will often randomly gift it out on the online hub. To the point where it has become the intergalactic equivalent of twitch.tv / the square in front of the train station where beggars panhandle for freebies. It's quite the thing to see in-game. I was well on my way to 1 million in my inventory already when I first landed on the hub, and within three minutes of running around trying to find the different NPCs I had randomly gotten 9,999 units of chlorine. Those sell for 602 credits per unit, so yeah.... The Trophy guides for the game suggest building a mine for rare resources to fund all the equipment you need on your way to Platinum, but when I googled wtf happened with the chlorine and what all those people were sitting around for.... I shamelessly joined in for 30 minutes. That netted me 9,999 units of activated Indium, and this morning I sold all of it and the chlorine to take me from 900,000ish credits to 66 million; the chlorine was enough to get the Gold Trophy, while the Indium is enough to comfortably bankroll the rest of my time in the game with. So yeah, one of the most grindy tasks required for the Plat is now a trivial endeavour, dependent only on a bit of luck and being a nuisance in a public space. If I didn't know any better I'd say we could stand to learn an important economic / sociological lesson from all this 🤔
  13. I hope you don't mind me posting this here, but thanks for always posting so many interesting and intricate reviews on The Most Recent Platinum thread, I've pretty much enjoyed every one of the ones you have written and they are always very informative and fair.


    If only Sony gave as much love to the Vita as you do, was nice to see a post about Yakuza 3, so far that and the latest one are the only ones I have left to platinum in the series, so after reading your rundown of it I ought to get around to it a bit sooner. I have no idea why I never have started it, I've even done Dead Souls, but this isn't about me haha, nor should it be.


    Apologies for the rambly post, I seem to have a tendency to do that, I just thought I should say thanks for all the great reads, sometimes it is a shame you can only drop a Like/Rep once per post, so I thought I'd send a bit of positivity instead.

    1. Golem25


      Thank you for the kind words, they are very much appreciated. I've found that writing my thoughts down after the conclusion of a Platinum really helps to collate my thoughts on a given game, and getting to type a post out has almost become as much of a reward as the actual Plat. I actually strongly encourage everyone (outwith RJK who I know always adds his own detailed posts to the thread) to give it a go themselves some time, it's an incredibly cathartic process. Knowing that they entertain and inform others in the community is an extra reward on top of that 🙂


      I do wish you best of luck on your own journey to the Y3 Plat, it is hands-down the hardest in the series. The fact it's a 3% Trophy on PSNP is a real testament to how dedicated the average Yakuza fan is, because I have Plats in the 1 and 2 percent range that are way easier. The game does have its rough edges but it's worth playing just as much as the other numbered titles are. When you start it up, always feel free to give me or one of the other Yakuza guys a shout for tips.

    2. rjkclarke


      I couldn't agree more with what you said there about the write up feeling like as much of a reward. That is absolutely it, I get a very similar feeling as that when writing up my thoughts after a platinum, it really is cathartic, especially if it is one that has been particularly troublesome. Just like you I always think it is good to get those thoughts down and then if people are informed or entertained it just happens to be a nice bonus. Just as Golem said, I encourage everyone that can to start writing up your platinum experiences, there is a good chance you will probably enjoy it.


      I actually remembered what put me off Yakuza 3 it was the bizarre story. I've been a fan of that series since the PS2 era, when they had terrible English dubs and Mark Hamill was playing Majima. So I skipped a lot of the PS3 ones until Y5 for some reason watched the scenes that recap 3 in that one where I'm sure I remembered seeing an old man German Suplex a Bull, which I think is fine if it was in a substory, but that put me off for the longest time. I'll go back to it though, although mine won't be the 3% rarity one, I was going to play the PS4 remaster because I picked up that remastered collection for the sole purpose of playing Y3 and also the PS3 case for Y5, which on reflection probably seems weird.


      I am looking forward to it though and kind of relishing the challenge at the same time, isn't it mainly the mini games that are the most troublesome thing in it? I think some of the more recent entries in the series are becoming easier and easier so going back for something with a bit more challenge to it will be a refreshing change of pace I think. Apologies for the huge essay of a reply!

  14. Here you go again with reading a VN the 'wrong' way - 2 hours and 54 minutes to Plat Sakura Succubus, fifth-slowest on the leaderboard 😂 I'm tempted to start one of these games one day and just let it sit unplatted for a year so I can top at least one leaderboard.

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Amazing. 😂 Like damn, I know we all enjoy trophies here, but is it really worth skipping the entire game they paid for just for their platinum fix? I mean it's several times more expensive than the last Winged Cloud game port. If getting the plat ASAP is so important, I wonder if these people skip all the cutscenes in more traditional story-driven games too. 🤔

    2. AihaLoveleaf


      Kudos for actually reading VNs in 2021. When I first got to this website a month ago I got excited seeing profiles full of weeby games, even some purely in Japanese, because I thought I was among people of culture. Sadly though as soon as I saw their clear times for those games that excitement went away.

    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      @AihaLoveleaf Thanks. 😝 Some of my favourite games are visual novels. There are some really great stories out there and people who skip them aren't only doing a disservice to the game, but also to themselves. But yeah, unfortunately, a lot of people on this site who play VN's aren't actually interested in the game, anime, or Japanese culture. They just see VN's as a quick and easy way to pad their trophy stats. It's a shame, but there's nothing we can do about it, so I guess we'll just have to silently judge them. 😛 I'm glad to see a fellow man of culture like yourself join the site though. 😄

  15. Platinum #89 - Yakuza 3 Platinum Trophy - Earn all other trophies in the game. 54,077 Owners - 1,712 Achievers for a percentage of 3.17% (average completion; 21.16%) Enjoyment; 10/10 Difficulty; 9/10 Trophies; 7/10 ('actual' Trophies for tiles although many are repeated, decent names, diverse requirements) Desire to visit Okinawa; 10/10 On April 25th 2010, I received Yakuza 3 for my 17th birthday. I hadn't played the previous games in the series but had seen a bit of gameplay and a friend was really excited for it. The game had come out a month earlier but as I wasn't the most well-funded, I had my grandparents get it for me. Poor gran, she must have been so confused in the game store - and that cover probably didn't look too inviting. Fans of Yakuza will know, the Western version of 3 arguably has the worst cover in the entire series. After the guests had left, I booted the game up in the evening to give this series ago, and never looked back. Today, eleven years on from that night (on my 28th birthday, where has the time gone), my journey to the hardest Platinum in the series has come to an end; the gorgeous bust of Kiryu that serves as the Plat is now in my collection. And it's also my 5,000th Trophy. Through a lot of effort, I've managed to contrive matters so that the Platinum popped exactly eleven years almost to the second whilst also hitting a massive milestone. (not sure where those five days, four hours come from....) And this game deserves it. 3 is the single-most divisive game in the long-running Yakuza series due to its notoriously slow start, ridiculous plot (including a crossover villain from Resident Evil), and block-happy enemy combatants. Although the game opens strong with a fight against Majima with the gorgeous Tokyo skyline serving as a backdrop, protagonist Kazuma Kiryu moves his affairs to the southern island chain of Rykyu where he opens an orphanage near a town bearing the same name. Players are served to hours of slice-of-life content both via the main story and substories, and many continue to balk at the game's supposedly glacial pace even though a decade has now passed. I loved Yakuza 3, though. From start to finish, despite all its shortcomings. Perhaps it's a case of rose-tinted glasses and this being my first foray into the series, but I just loved every second of it. It was my gateway into what would become far and away my favourite series of video games - I really did never look back once I stepped into Kamurocho for the first time that day in April. But Yakuza 3 did pull me back on occasion as its Platinum requirements are grueling; the infamous Minigame Master demands perfection across many different types of gameplay and has been a Plat killer for many - including me, until I finally managed to clear it in 2020. With it and the ever-awful Ultimate Skill challenges over and done with, I replayed the game on EX HARD up until the final stage and left it there for the stars to align in terms of my birthday, game anniversary, and milestones. (still not sure where the five days come from for the Yakuza 3 timespan - popped both the first and last Trophies on April 25th, must be the way Sony or PSNP calculate dates over years?) So, with the Plat, the journey has come to an end. I now own all four Yakuza PS3 Platinum Trophies (I sure do love popping them on birthdays - regretting 5's date now), and in the years between that first fight against Majima and the final battle on EX HARD, I've earned two university degrees, moved countries twice, and lined up my own move to a tropical island in a couple of years. Just to show how far you can come in life while still popping hard-as-nails Trophies left and right.