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  1. Trophy #5,337 Tropico 5 The China Card - Successfully completed 5 trade routes with China in a single game 6,551 Achievers out of 210,292 Owners for a rarity percentage of 3.12% (Ultra Rare) This one was a pain in the neck, frankly. The rarest Trophy on Tropico 5's list barring the Platinum, you need to complete five trading contracts with the Chinese which are only available in the modern era and can take quite a while to fulfill depending on the amounts stipulated. If exports are required, you need to produce ridiculous heaps of goods while imports will cost you an arm and a leg. You've also a time limit to worry about and your domestic approval can't tank or you'll get tossed out of the palace via an election. I actually ended up doing this during the Hope level rather than a sandbox game with unlimited money, which is the recommended approach. I'm hardcore like that. As you can see from the timer in the bottom right, I was this close *pinches thumb and index finger* to failing, which would have been exceptionally painful considering I spent about two hours on this past midnight. For reference, that timer started at 250 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________- Trophies #5,326, 5,328, 5,330, 5,331, & 5,332 The King of Pearls - Had 3 Oyster Farms and a Jewelry Workshop - 3,354 Achievers (10.03% - Very Rare) Seasteading - Had 1 of each waterborne buildings in a single playthrough - 2,451 Achievers (7.33% - Very Rare) My Precious - Finished the Waterborne campaign with the Black Pearl in your possession - 1,542 Achievers (4.61% - Ultra Rare) Surfin' Tropico - Completed Waterborne campaign - 1,706 Achievers (5.10% - Very Rare) Herbivore - Defeated Captain Plant in the final battle - 1,304 Achievers (3.90% - Ultra Rare) Technically not the last Trophies I earned, but I wanted to call out these five DLC Trophies from the Waterborne expansion pack. I mentioned previously that the airbrushed Trophy tiles used for Tropico 5 look exceptional, and I think the first four of these very much fit the bill. Seasteading and Surfin' Tropico are just gorgeous, you can't convince me otherwise. Maybe I should have saved one of these for a level up milestone.... The fifth, Herbivore, deserves a different call out for being the hardest Trophy on the list and doubling as a fun little reference. You need to do some pretty specific things in the final level of Waterborne for this one, and if you didn't set up your island properly in the previous missions you're guaranteed to have a fight on your hands. Not me, though; you better believe I perfected that island and incinerated this poor guy, who was supposed to have a different name but saw his legacy tainted by an unfortunate typo. Play Tropico 5 if you get the chance.
  2. Trophy #5,312 Tropico 5 Back to the Past - Completed "Back to the Past" 12,962 Achievers out of 210,145 Owners for a rarity percentage of 6.17% (Very Rare) Yes, hello, it's Tropico 5! A game featuring 51 base Trophies of which only one is Common (and ten are Ultra Rare) thanks to it having been a PS Plus freebie in 2016 that clearly didn't go down well with the 'normie' crowd. The guide advertises this Plat as being 2/10 in terms of difficulty, which is absolute nonsense even when playing on the lowest difficulty. LEGO games are a 2/10. This one is at least a 4/10, with myriad possibilities to softlock yourself in the campaign. Sure, 90% of the base Trophies you can cheese with unlimited money in the sandbox mode, but the five story-related ones force you to know every single one of the game's mechanics by heart.. Back to the Past is the middle of those five Trophies and roughly marks the halfway point in the campaign. The fact it sits at 6.17% rarity on PSNP right now tells you everything about its difficulty and how poor the attrition rate for this game is. Getting to this point of the campaign has been frustrating for me, but in a way also somewhat enjoyable. I also have to commend the developers; I played Tropico 4 on PC, but I haven't missed using a mouse + keyboard in 5 so far - they did really well with the gamepad controls, they click with you after a few short minutes. Back to the grind for me now, I should be able to get to the end of the campaign before long (and I hope I didn't just jinx it). My real worry is doing the campaign in the Waterborne DLC afterwards, which apparently is a lot harder still. Oh, and a shout out to the dude who did the Trophy tiles; love the airbrush effect, and how eccentric some of the designs are
  3. Platinum #95 - Call of Juarez: The Cartel Ace of Spades - Collect all other trophies. 37,058 Owners - 2,242 Achievers for a percentage of 6.05% (average completion; 26.69%) Enjoyment; 6/10 Difficulty; 3/10 (that's with the invincibility glitch - possibly a 5 without) Trophies; 4/10 (perfectly fine list brought down by forced co-op) Fuck shit tits ass dicks balls; 10/10 Wew, this one was quite the ride. Once upon a time, Polish developer Techland and publisher Ubisoft released a few well-received Wild West-themed games to market under the series name Call of Juarez. Then, one day, for no reason at all, Techland decided to fire their entire QA team and inexplicably set the latest installment in the modern day of 2011 (the year this game released). No cowboys and ranchers, but law enforcement and drug cartels. Because why not? They then let a few drunkards write the most expletive-laden, sexist dialogue, forced unnecessary multiplayer in, and called it a day. Playing this game ten years on from its release really shows how society has changed, as these developers would have been burned at the stake for their treatment of the female playable character and how the player needlessly chokes a prostitute during an interrogation. Back in 2011, most everyone shrugged it off with only a select few whining about a potentially racist Trophy. From a gameplay perspective though, this is an interesting title. You play as one of three characters from three different law enforcement agencies as part of an unsteady alliance tasked with taking down a drug cartel. From the Sequoia National Park to the LA suburbs to the desert and finally into Mexico, you get a fair range of different locales as backdrop to the game's FPS violence. The concept is quite alright and you can even play the entire campaign co-operatively online, but the abysmal writing lets the whole thing down. The dialogue is so vulgar, so unnecesarily explicit, that you can't help but laugh half the time. The three player characters hate eachothers' guts, which also play into an interesting mechanic where you have to pick up collectibles without your partners seeing you, where getting spotted means you get no credit at all for the trinket you just picked up. This is tied into the story and each character's motivations, and was a pretty cool little pastime. However, despite the presence of some promising bits and pieces, the game's otherwise pretty substandard mechanics (and weird controls - triangle to reload, really?) firmly plant it in the 'dated' category for me. A product of its time made by a smaller studio on a budget for sure. And, as it turns out, its lack of polish really helps Trophy hunters; playing without the single patch applied lets you abuse an invincibility glitch that makes you impervious to all but explosions and the odd helicopter you encounter during the story, meaning that for most of its runtime you can very simply jog from one end of a level to the other. Easiest 'Hard' playthrough ever! Really the only difficult encounter in the game is against a helicopter when you have little cover, but otherwise the main trouble in getting the Platinum is finding partners for the five awful co-op Trophies. The Cartel uses P2P for its online components, so you can actually play it until the day PSN closes down, and the two Trophies dedicated to its competitive multiplayer mode can be done solo (hallelujah!) but it was actually quite a hassle getting two other players who were still after this game's Trophies in 2021. It's a pretty okay list outside of the co-op stuff, and you even get an in-game Trophy tracker for the cumulative requirements (e.g. a notification for every 200 bullets you fire towards a 1000 bullet target). It's quite hard for me to properly put this game and the experience it can offer you into words, but if you're even sightly intrigued by anything mentioned above then do go to your local used game store and pick up a copy. The Cartel has been delisted from online marketplaces for years - Techland is not proud of it - but there should be plenty of cheap copies to be found in the bottom of the bargain bins. I got mine for two quid, which isn't bad for a full list of Trophies and a fair few laughs along the way.
  4. Update 22 July already, can you believe it? This month flew by! Time for an update right a I head into what promises to be the most tumultuous period of my year. June's Platinum Trophies Just the one? Just the one, yep. That's the lowest number of Plats I've gotten in a single calendar month since.... October, actually. Huh, thought it would have been longer ago. Anyhow, we are still doing the 127 Trophies-a-month streak, an arbitrary number I reach every month for reasons only my OCD knows. In the last update, I gave a pool of games and Trophies from which I would be unlocking 127, with the predicted numbers in italics and the actual figure in bold; Just Cause 4 (61) (61) Call of Juarez; The Cartel (51) (48) Yakuza 0 (16) (14) Far Cry 2 (1 or 2) (2) Hitman 2 (4) (2, including my level up milestone) Persona 5 (1) (0) That makes 127 alright, so my streak has survived for a tenth month now - the one year mark is in reach! That being said, it is becoming more and more of a drag, a straitjacket, and a burden all at the same time, so I am pretty confident that - if I reach January - I am saying goodbye to the streak. Another six months.... for a total of sixteen. That has to be some kind of Playstation record though, surely? The streak is exactly why I only got one Platinum this month; I only need five more minutes in Call of Juarez to unlock that one, but I wanted to use my time this month optimally. Popping the Plat would have cost another three Trophies to the limit, but with a few days on my hands I decided to continue work on Yakuza 0 instead. I have it earmarked as my 100th Platinum, but that means that I need to have it poppable when the time comes. The past few days I've finished the story, gotten to 100% in-game completion, and cleaned up all but one misc Trophy (which would take just 10 seconds and is thus being kept for the milestone). Today I also laboured through the ever-awful Climax Battles, the traditional extra mode that painfully shows how inaccurate combat in these games can be. Ideally I will beat the final six battles (including the big Sera-in-Ultimate-2 roadblock) tomorrow to have my first July Trophy, but we'll see. I've little time tomorrow. Not because of other games, but because I need to catch a train for a house viewing 70 miles down the road. I'm forced to move again due to work obligations, and both my stress levels and rent are increasing. Move-out date is July 31st, so I need to secure something before then - and get the 127 Trophies again. Yay. Roadmap & Statistics update; So, last month I adjusted my leaderboard targets. There was no way I would make good on them this month, but there is some progress; 60,468th in the world overall (up from 61,710th, target; top 55,000) 943rd domestically overall (up from 956th, target; top 800) 87th domestically for Vita (down from 86th, target; top 100) Good progress in terms of the world ranking, absolutely minimal progress on the national ranking, and one place down for the Vita - a slide that will only continue for the foreseeable future. Starting to get confident in my ability to keep climbing the world leaderboard, but only 13 gained places in the national ranking for a full month's work is painful. The lack of a second Platinum really hurting me here, I guess. Better news comes in the form of my average rarity stat; May finished with 35.79 after getting a record low of 35.71, and now at the end of June I've absolutely smashed it to get to 35.46. Can my dreams of reaching 34.XX become a reality yet?! The main contributing factor to this massive change is Just Cause 4, which has an abysmal completion percentage due to having been on PS Plus, but the Trophies from Call of Juarez, Yakuza, and Hitman all clocked in below my current average as well. I expect another massive drop to manifest itself in July, as Tropico 5 is another PS Plus game (with an even worse completion percentage than JC4 had) and Hitman 2 benefits from having given levels away for free, bringing in lots of players who barely touched most of its content. Considerations about rarity aside, here's the pool from which I will be taking my 127 this month; Tropico 5 (64*) Hitman 2 (72) Yakuza 0 (1 or 2) Grand Theft Auto V (9) Tropico 5 is new in the collection thanks to a cheap eBay copy of the Complete Edition (DLC on disc, hurray!), but because I let my PS Plus run out I will not be able to unlock the seven online Trophies included on its list of 71. Hence 64. Hitman 2 has more than enough to then get me to 127, but as if my worries aren't big enough already, I now also need to add in GTA V. Rockstar has - admittedly kindly - warned that the servers for the PS3 version are shutting down in December, and with nine unearned DLC Trophies I have some work to do. The plan is to get to 64 Trophies in July via Tropico ASAP, then to 118 via Hitman ASAP, and then to focus on GTA V. I might only get to eight out of nine, but with plans to buy two extra PS3s in August (after the move), that last Trophy I will be able to boost on my own. And then my suffering still won't be over, because those extra PS3s are being bought to grind out Far Cry 2's awful online. Yeah, I am torturing myself, but more on that in the next update. Cheerio, and say a prayer for me having things go smoothly this month!
  5. Trophy #5,294 Yakuza 0 Perfectionist - Get 100% on your Completion List. 3,949 Achievers out of 84,728 Owners for a rarity percentage of 4.66% (Ultra Rare) The traditional 'do everything lol' Trophy that quite a few of the Yakuza games have included in their lists over the years, with this tile representing the saisen box at the shrines in Kamurocho and Sotenbori. A fitting image, considering every item on the completion list rewards you with a point, which can be spent at these boxes. I had a great time with all the side content in Yakuza 0, I really did. If you ran a poll of which game in the series is the best, I reckon 0 would get more votes than any of the other games. Yakuza 5 remains my personal favourite, but I can see where people are coming from when they pick 0 When the description says to get 100% completion, it's really not quite the full monty but does get awfully close - down to ordering every single item on the menu of every restaurant. Things like triggering every Heat move and getting every weapon and piece of gear are omitted, and rightfully so as grinding to 100 and 70 collected respectively is already a huge ask. Requiring anything more than that would have been unfair and, crucially, un-fun for players. I actually left the 100 weapons completion metric for last, as seen below in the Trophy screenshot. As with every Yakuza game that includes this type of Trophy, it all comes down to to things; attrition and being multitalented. There is such a huge volume of stuff to do that you really mustn't be the type to give up easily, while all the minigame/skill-based requirements are vastly different from one another and require you to adapt in the face of some tough challenges. Doing all the Disco songs on Hard stood out to me as being the toughest requirement, with Karaoke being rather easy compared to the thin margin of error you're allowed when dancing at Maharaja. The Arcade games like Fantasy Zone and Outrun can be bested with a little bit of planning (thanks to some lenient requirements), and most of the traditional Japanese games are also easily doable - koi-koi remains my favourite, I play it with my IRL deck for fun after Yakuza 3 introduced me to it so many years ago. Odd one out in that regard is Mahjong, which has some crazy luck-dependent requirements. I actually had to sit down and learn the game via practice in MahjongSoul, but in the end I didn't lose too much time on getting it completed. To conclude, this is a harsh Trophy but one that remained fun to pursue all throughout the 130 hours I've spent in Y0 so far (even if I did worry about whether I could ever beat Disco). The fact it's sitting at 4.66% rarity tells me that Yakuza fans are a dedicated bunch, because I've earned a lot of rarer Trophies that were nowhere this demanding in terms of time and skill. In fact, so many years after release Yakuza 0's Trophies are still becoming less rare by the month - a true testament to the guile of fans and the quality of the game. Love it.
  6. Trophies #5,290 & 5,291 Yakuza 0 Amon Defeated - Defeat So and Jo Amon. Story of My Life - Complete all substories. 7,182 Achievers out of 84,728 Owners for a rarity percentage of 8.48% (Very Rare) Hectic times for me as I am about to move house (without having secured a new place), but I've still found a few hours in my busy schedule to grind towards the 100% on Yakuza 0. This is the second time I've returned to the game as life and my Trophy schedule just keep throwing up new obstacles. All entries in the Yakuza series have a Trophy dedicated to either beating the secret boss or completing all Substories, as they are essentially the same thing with the boss featuring in the final Substory that unlocks once you've finished all the others. Sounds logical, right? Yakuza 0, however, curiously has separate Trophies for these two feats, which to no one's surprise have the exact same number of achievers (they pop in almost immediate succession). I found it fair to include both and call attention to their weird circumstances, because they are really quite strange. 0's list is a bit odd anyway in that it features 55 Trophies rather than the standard 50/51, and you could have effortlessly cut either of these two out. Not that I'm complaining, every Very Rare Trophy is more than welcome in my collection. Another thing to point out is that Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio always gives you 'actual' Trophies for the tiles, which I absolutely adore even with their monochrome appearance making them hard to tell apart. So Amon features on the Silver (shouldn't this have included Jo as well), while I'm not entirely sure about the identity of the lady used for the Bronze.... Yuki, perhaps? It's a shame that this style was done away with in favour of similarly pleasing but less impressive Trophies from Yakuza 6 onwards.
  7. You dared to play a visual novel the slow way again, didn't you? Bottom 20 fastest achievers out of almost 1000 folks 😂



    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I thought I was a pretty fast reader, but evidently not. The people above me must have some kind of trick to reading at such breakneck speeds. I'm sure it didn't affect their enjoyment of the game at all. 😜

  8. Platinum #94 - Just Cause 4 Rico was Here - Earn all Just Cause 4 Trophies 82,803 Owners - 7,238 Achievers for a percentage of 8.74% (average completion; 13.59%) (100% completed; 1.66%) Enjoyment; 8/10 Difficulty; 4/10 (based on one stunt) Trophies; 3/10 (622 collectibles hahah lmao) Wishing I was back in Panau; 10/10 Real talk for a sec here, lads and lasses; Just Cause 2 is in my top 5 games of the 7th generation of consoles (the other four are Yakuza titles because of course they are). Developed by a handful of Swedes on a shoestring budget and a diet of surströmming, the gameplay loop in that 2010 title was just amazing, with a beautiful southeast Asian setting and 75ish hour Platinum making for an unforgettable experience. For 2010 standards, that grappling hook + parachute combo was Godlike. Years came and passed and as the Swedish devs got to work on Mad Max, the JC franchise was passed off to a newly-founded studio in New York. I always get nervous when a series falls into new hands and was right to approach 2015's Just Cause 3 with trepidation as it was an unmitigated disaster. From a technical perspective - I played it on PC at launch, you had to be there - and an everything-else-perspective because all the magic and soul seemed to have been stripped out. The new game world was dull and washed-out with no interesting biomes beyond the most stereotypical idea of what a mediterranean country would look like, dreamt up by people who had never been to Europe. The story had lost its charm and memeability. And to make up for a dearth of creativity in the way of mission structure, the devs cobbled together an endless amount of awful challenges. I hate Just Cause 3 with a passion. Artist's impression of what you'll spend about 20 hours doing Come 2018 and Just Cause 4 was pushed out the door by the same mushheads that were responsible for JC3. It launched to mixed reactions from fans and the bowl of escargot that passes for the video game press. Uninspired and constantly repeated mission structure, mediocre graphics, overhyped weather gimmicks, and a lack of substance were some of the complaints levied at the latest title, which didn't even make its development budget back at launch. No surprise when, instead of a proper marketing team, you pay the world's worst influencer to make embarassing trailers. So as with all middling, underselling games (and both its predecessors), Just Cause 4 came to PS Plus! I happened to have a one month membership smeared across November and December, so snapped this one up with mixed feelings. Because, again, I hate Just Cause 3 with a passion. But then Just Cause 2 defined a console generation for me. Knowing I wouldn't get the magic back but hoping for something better than JC3, I decided to snap up the expansion pass as it went on sale for 7,50 EUR (because of course the game has unnecessary DLC) and tucked in a few days ago. Do you like non-descript army bases? Good, because you'll have to conquer over 20 of them via constantly repeating objectives! What followed wasn't a massive surprise; Just Cause 4 didn't recapture that Eurojank magic of 2, but I did like it much better than JC3 - probably down to the fantastic sandbox you'll be spending around 40 to 50 hours in on your way to 100% completion. Unfortunately, military bases are the main way of getting to the conclusion of the story, and the mission structure involved in taking them over is absolute pants. Even then, there is still much to like here compared to JC3; the wingsuit handled a little better than it did in 3 and made traversing the world a breeze, cars weren't an absolute nightmare to drive, and series' protagonist Rico Rodriguez acted closer to his moody JC2 self than to the embarassing pastiche he was in 3. The story was okay but perhaps only because there was so little of it; for those who haven't played the series, Rico is a former secret agent specializing in regime change (or whatever euphemism the CIA uses these days to con the masses into doing their bidding) and has come to the South American island nation of Solís to kick a plastic-surgery-addicted dictator in the 'nads. Last time it was personal as JC3 was set in the country where Rico grew up, and this time it's personal again because his father worked on a scary weather-control doomsday weapon for Presidente Kardashian. Following three minutes worth of cutscenes with characters you never grow to care about, Rico semi-accidentally sparks a popular revolt (the CIA agent assigned to my case just paged that term through- thanks Greg!) and leads the Army of Chaos (named so for maximum cringe, I assume) on a rampage across jungles, pampas, deserts, and snowy mountains to make sure big baddie Oscar Espinosa needs an autopsy rather than a lip filler. 'What's wrong with your faaaaaaaaaaace!' - and here you thought I was overdoing the plastic surgery jokes I know some video game hobbyists asks 'why bother putting in a story' but Just Cause 4 proves that this isn't the right approach to take, because the developers really didn't bother. For a game about championing democracy (cheers Greg!), you only see the dictator for a minute at the start and maybe two minutes at the end of the game. And his strong woman second-in-command, coincidentally the cousin of Rico's strongest ally on the island? Same thing, a minute at the start and two minutes at the end (where she does the most basic *spoiler* ever, having suddenly grown *spoiler* despite having funneled hundreds of her men into the meat grinder that is the player's offensive playstyle). At no point does the plot make you really care, which is pretty incredible for such a high stakes scenario. And the writing is utter garbage, with a lot of dialogue so firmly tongue in cheek that the nutters penning the script must have punctured their faces. It's not funny, it's not cool, it's awful. But delivered in small chunks, thankfully. The main gameplay of taking over army bases is broken up every once in a while by two characters who have you performing stunts for an action movie (director Garland King) and exploring ancient ruins to uncover the hidden history of Solís (archaeologist Javi Huerta). Both of them tie into the 622 collectibles in the game, most of which are thankfully marked on the map once you pass close by them but still need to be collected fully before the Platinum is unlocked. Oh, and then there is Luis Sargento. A bumbling fool in charge of training recruits who is completely out of his depth, yet passed off by the game as being sympathetic. I wanted to strangle him every single time he radioed in begging me to do his work in the Army of Cringe for him. Say what you will, this is one beautiful sandbox - runs like a dream on PS5 It may sound like I am being harsh on the game - and I am - but that's because I do care about the series. My initial love turned to disgust and then years of apathy, but ploughing through JC4 really did rekindle my enjoyment of that fantastic grappling hook gameplay. Actually inspired mission design and writers who actually graduated from higher education would have been nice, but the loop of destruction - grapple hook - parachute - wingsuit is just so strong that, when combined with a worthwhile sandbox, it truly compels. Even with all the glitching factored in, because even after multiple years of experience the devs are still carpooling to work in a clown car. Warning; the following is an extremely salty rant about the developers f***ing me out of a high leaderboard position Should you play Just Cause 4? Yes, you should. Despite its shortcomings. But only when you can cop the awful, awful DLC expansion pass for 5 bucks or less (not 7.50 like I did). There is a lot of fun to be had in this one, and the grappling hook alone is worth the price of admission for the base game.
  9. HAPPY PAGE #2000 EVERYONE!!! Ahum.... with that out of the way Trophy #5,233 Call of Juarez: The Cartel Nail'd it! - Finish the downhill car chase on Plantation level without damaging car too much. 10,055 Achievers out of 36,993 Owners for a rarity percentage of 27.18% (Uncommon) I have a PS5, but here I am playing a PS3 game.... probably the last one I will ever add to my collection! Call of Juarez: The Cartel was critically panned upon release in 2011, with developer Techland and publisher Ubisoft swiftly giving up on it. There are some puzzling design choices, a handful of glitches (most of them extremely beneficial from a Trophy hunter's standpoint), and the story is.... yeah, hmm. This Trophy is the first missable story-tied Bronze you can unlock, for completing a chase scene without damaging your car too much. Easy as pie thanks to very lenient checkpoints and shoddy AI - there is one car which shoots at you, but because the AI is on rails, you can simply stay still for ten seconds at the start of the chase, let it disappear out of sight, and then leisurely drive to the end of road. Yup, if you like glitches and exploits making your life that much easier, this is the game for you. Surprised this one is sitting as low as 27% in terms of rarity.
  10. Trophy #5,221 Just Cause 4 - Los Demonios DLC Never Speak of This Again - Finish Extermination 3,050 Achievers out of 82,803 Owners for a weighted rarity percentage of 15.57% (Rare) JFC, I cannot remember the last time the name for a Trophy was THIS apt! Just Cause 4 is a perfectly fine game with its fair share of faults, but as is the norm nowadays it has had completely superfluous DLC packs tacked on. Three in all, with the second being Los Demonios; as is par for the course with DLC across the industry, this is a bizarre experience almost completely unrelated to the base game (but still borrows all of its mechanics and locations) wherein an ancient demonic evil is unleashed with swarms of flying monsters and fleshy tentacles appearing in select locations across the game world. You, a fair few bucks lighter for buying this sloppy mess of an expansion but armed with a powerful demonic bow weapon, are tasked with cleaning up the demons and sealing the infestation away again. And how do you do that? By shooting obvious weakspots ad nauseam until you've finally shot enough to have satisfied the devs! Yay! I hated every second of this uninspired, needless, overly labourious slog. And I strongly suspect the final boss to have been designed with a sneaky plan to sell you overpowered DLC weapons (not included in this pack) in mind. If you play Just Cause 4, give this DLC a miss - and if completion matters to you, give JC4 as a whole a miss. At least this particular nightmare was over in about 4 to 5 hours. This Trophy is named after a line spoken by protagonist Rico Rodriguez, and perfectly encapsulates my feelings about Los Demonios. It is awared for beating the final boss, which thankfully can be cheesed by sniping it from near its base, foregoing the need to spend even more money on OP DLC gear. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trophy #5,222 Just Cause 4 - Danger Rising Danger Drone - Defeat 10 enemies during a single Agency drone ride 1,762 Achievers out of 82,803 Owners for a weighted rarity percentage of 9,32% (Rare) If there is one thing that Los Demonios and Danger Rising have in common, it's the fact that both have absolutely zero respect for the player's time. Both are the ultimate examples of spinning the wheels through copy+pasted environments with repetitive objectives that fail to inspire or, indeed, entertain. Where Los Demonios reused locations from the base game but slapped a new coat of paint and some art assets onto them, Danger Rising at least offers half a dozen of freshly surfaced submarines and surrounding platforms with eternally respawning enemies for you to mess around with. However, all those subs are copy+pasted, because of course they are. Everything just reeks of these packs having been developed on the cheap to squeeze a few more dimes out of consumers. And I bet Avalanche and Square Enix were succesful in doing so, because I took the bait after getting JC4 free off of PS Plus as many others will have too. Honestly, all the hallmarks are there; repetitive gameplay centered on the few tiny bits of new content being introduced (a hoverboard in this case), tiny new locales, and perhaps the most telling sign of all - 'graphic novel-inspired' cutscenes. Because they couldn't be bothered to render something in-engine, nope - just have the interns put something together. And of course the whole DLC wave is inconsequential to the larger game at best; Los Demonios features actual demons but is immediately forgotten and ignored as a secret to be kept, and Danger Rising introduces a needless problem (the player character being tracked by his former employer) which is neatly wrapped up at the end. It's all so low effort, and after the fourth near identical submarine completed via the same repeated (timed) objectives, you really start to feel it in your bones. Where Los Demonios had just one miscellaneous Trophy out of ten, Danger Rising has six out of eight - with the two stragglers reserved for the cruel hoverboard courses and for beating its lacklustre story. Danger Drone is one of those misc. feats and the hardest of the lot considering its rarity (only Hover or Die for the hoverboard courses is rarer at 8.37%); you need to spawn a friendly drone with a newly-introduced sniper rifle (strange way to deploy drones but ok), then ride it and kill ten enemies without getting off. This is rather hard because your ammo is limited, enemies have means to blow you off the drone, the drone can be destroyed, and the drone will unhelpfully steal kills with its own turret. Incredibly counter-intuitive all the way through, and not something I could see anyone unlock through regular gameplay as the factors I just outlined make getting to ten kills incredibly frustrating and thus something you have to purposefully pursue. If I had three wishes, I'd wish for perfect eyesight (glasses gang represent), the ability to live on a diet of 100% raw garlic, and for DLC to always come as a separate Trophy list just so we don't have to constantly subject ourselves to the humiliation that is playing bottom of the barrel expansion content.
  11. Update 21 That's another month come and gone, so it's high time for a new update. Three new Plats added to the collection, although I should only really take credit for two; Yes, the joy of Playstation 4 > Playstation 5 autopopping! For the first time in thirteen years and 125+ games, I've utilized cross-platform features to unlock Trophies based on progress in another SKU. No Man's Sky lets you upload PS4 saves to the free PS5 upgrade, and then unlocks every Trophy you've previously earned by cross-referencing your in-game milestones - this was too good an offer for me to pass by last month. I am feeling a little ambivalent about this; No Man's Sky is essentially 95% of the time a grind for the Plat rather than anything based on skill, so to do everything twice over would be a little counter-intuitive. However, all of my other 5000+ Trophies had been individually popped (even on games that support cross-play like Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, which I simply played twice) and NMS was a real break from that tradition. I'm not sure I will ever use this feature again, or at best judge it on a case by case basis, because it feels a little cheap despite being 100% perfectly legal from both Sony's and the PSNP leaderboard's perspective. I'm still on my 127-Trophy-a-month streak, which is what kind of forced my hand in regards to NMS. There is only so much time in a month and there was a long, time-intensive project on my hands, besides Battlefield V which came free with PS Plus and was my third Plat of May. That project was Persona 5, which is easily a 100 hour game if you want to get the Platinum, and I'm very happy to report that I've only two misc. Trophies left that would each take five minutes to pop. I'm saving the Platinum itself for my #5500 milestone, which is due in August if I'm not mistaken. P5 was a really joyful experience and a huge leap in QoL from Persona 4 Golden, if only because the latest in the series was on next-gen hardware. Dungeons are now carefully handcrafted rather than procedurally generated, the Tokyo overworld is massive compared to 4's Inaba, and gameplay has been streamlined to be even more newbie-friendly. The story was quite terrific too, as to be expected from a Persona game, but I think I still prefer 4. The main villain wasn't built up quite well enough for me, and while Tokyo is massive, the rural charm of Inaba made for a nicer setting. Also, the OST in P5 is about an 8/10 where P4G was as close to a 10/10 as you can get - but that's splitting hairs. Looking forward to unlocking the Plat when the time is right. Roadmap & Statistics update; My streak of hitting an arbitrary number of Trophies every month is still intact, and has now been carried to full term; nine months of 127 Trophies per page of the calendar starting in September 2020. It was rather tough this month, as even with an auto-popped list of 28 thanks to PS5 NMS, I still needed to plough through the abysmal Battlefield V and the ever-so-long Persona 5 to get to my quota. I had a really intense week of grinding on P5 in the third week of May, but in the end I finished with five or so days to spare. I used that opportunity to clean up some of Far Cry 2's online Trophies, as Ubisoft had given conflicting information about the servers for the game being torn down on June 1st (today). They are still up at the time of writing, and let's hope that's the way they stay - when I move house in August, I will be buying either one or two extra PS3's to self-boost my way to the Platinum. Now let's take a quick look at my leaderboard rankings - I hit my high-water mark a week ago but should still be able to post an improvement on two counts over April; 61,710 in the world overall (up from 64,716th, target; top 100,000) 956th domestically overall (up from 1,005th, target; top 1,250) 86th domestically for Vita (no change, target; top 100) I'm surprised to find no change on the Vita front considering most active owners currently just use it to crank out Ratalaika titles by the dozen, but I'll take it! The real big news here, though, is that I've cracked the domestic top 1000, which is pretty sweet. Goes to show how far you can get with a bit of dedication and perseverance, right? I've long neglected my targets to the point where top 100,000 and top 1,250 just look silly, so let's mix it up; I'm going for the top 55,000 worldwide and top 800 in the Netherlands (despite not having lived there for years). They aren't nice round numbers like 50K and 750, but this way they sure are a lot more attainable. I've gained tens of thousands of places over the past year and a half and can really tell from experience that the gaps between places are starting to get wider. So, with these new targets, hopefully I will be able to match them somewhere in 2022. My average rarity has once again been jumping around in the past month; I finished April with an average of 35.82 and a record low of 35.73, and in May I finished with 35.79 with a record low of 35.71. Good, that's progress! I am keeping track of the rarities of a few dozen Trophies via an Excel sheet and can tell that a lot of the games on my list are quickly dipping in rarity. Trophies for Spec Ops The Line, for instance, have dropped by about 0.04 whereas Hitman 2 has seen the rarity dumped by 0.15 (which is just insane!). This means that even as I continue to accumulate new Trophies, the old ones will keep helping me lower my average. And I expect a very handy new record low in June, as I'm planning on popping Trophies in the following games; Just Cause 4 (61) Call of Juarez; The Cartel (51) Yakuza 0 (16) Far Cry 2 (1 or 2) Hitman 2 (4) Persona 5 (1) Just Cause 4 (free with PS Plus, bought the expansions at discount) and CoJ (delisted PS3 game, two quid at a used game store) are locked in for a total of 112, so the other fifteen needed for my monthly quota will come from the other games. Once I've got those two 'new' games out of the way I will be focusing on Yakuza 0 as it's a time-sensitive game for me; I want its Plat as my #100, and as I am currently sitting on 93, I need to get it done before long. I've actually cleared all the roadblocks to the 100% in-game completion, but have one big challenge left in the Ultimate Battles, plus a playthrough on Legendary. Hitman 2 has snuck into the above list with three Trophies, which I intend to use to pop hit my level 400 milestone later today; I've picked the Gold 'Sayonara' in honour of the Hokkaido level, which is my favourite in the series and honestly one of the best stages I've played in any game ever. Once I hit it, I will start Just Cause 4 post-haste; my Plus subscription is running out on the 16th and I don't want to renew until there is a good selection of monthly titles again (June is a horrible month for me). So, if I can get JC4 out of the way before I lose access, I won't have a need to resubscribe for at least a month again! That's all from me for today, so go check out that sweet extended plateau on my Statistics page (which has obviously cratered again because new month lol) and stay cool as we move into the warmer months of the year!
  12. Trophy #5,165 Persona 5 Mask Collector - Complete the Persona Compendium 24,095 Achievers out of 200,929 Owners for a rarity percentage of 11.99% (Rare) Right, this is the last Persona 5 update I will give in this thread, following four previous posts containing my thoughts (1, 2, 3, 4). I have finished the game, beaten all possible foes, collected enough lines to get that damn Passionate Listener Trophy, and only have the Trophies for crafting all items and drinking all drinks left. I'm saving those until August for when my 5,500th Trophy milestone is due - the Persona 5 Platinum will do nicely for that. While I'm still collating my thoughts, I do feel like I enjoyed Persona 4 Golden better than I did 5. The setting, the characters, and especially the music - overall I just liked the offerings in 4 better. Not to say that 5 is a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, quite the opposite in fact; it's a fantastic adventure that is unequivocally worth the 100 or so hours you'll sink into it. I definitely prefer the social sim half of the game over the dungeon crawling that makes up the other half, with this silver Trophy for completing the Compendium tying into the latter. Your collection of critters is quite badly tracked and I ended up having to consult the fusion calculator and manually check the number of entries per arcana to sus out the final handful of Personas I had to fuse, with Alice ending up as the final one. But still.... if you have a Playstation 5 and a Plus membership and have yet to try Persona 5, download it from the Instant Game Collection now, now, now! There may be a rough edge or two, but spending a full year in Yongen-Jaya is guaranteed to be a blast.
  13. Trophy #5,153 Persona 5 Passionate Listener - Hear 250 of Futaba's navigation lines. 78,564 Achievers out of 200,485 Owners for a rarity percentage of 39.19% (Uncommon) I've bested the December Palace in Persona 5 - the one with the Pride tagline - and I have to say it was far and away the best one in the game for me. Loved the theming, the battle backdrops, and the puzzle gimmick (although it was slightly overused). Out of respect for anyone who has not yet played Persona 5, I will not be posting that Trophy considering it is a spoiler that is best enjoyed while playing the game. I will post about Passionate Listener, because it had me audibly cheering when it popped. Much love for the Persona series and its Trophy lists, but this and Hardcore Risette Fan in Persona 4 Golden really just suck the fun out of proceedings. For the uninitiated; in Persona 5, you have a character act as a guide throughout the second half of the game, commentating on battle events via pop-ups. This Trophy requires you to hear 250 different lines out of her. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is easier than it was in P4G, but this one still has all the hallmarks of an ill-thought-out Trophy; Collectible; goes without saying, but voice lines that play once are possibly the worst I've ever had to accumulate RNG; which lines you get are context-sensitive and with scenarios often overlapping, the character won't always spit out the line you want. No tracking; nowhere in the game do you see a tally of how many unique lines you've collected, let alone which ones Accessiblity; not only do you contend with RNG, but with lines being tied to certain party members and status conditions, you need to keep rotating and purposely play poorly to get hit with the right spells Time-sensitive; you only have about half of the game to do this, and progress does not carry over into New Game + This stupid Silver basically sucked all the fun out of the dungeon battles from the Wrath Palace onward, and I am super glad it's over - this Trophy was cut out of Persona 5 Royal, which honestly is a Godsend. Heck, Hardcore Risette Fan is the one reason I'm not 100% convinced on stacking P4G. Rarity rating of 27.2% on PSN (39.19 on this site) indicates that Passionate Listener shouldn't be too hard, but with how poorly it has been conceived and how big a role luck plays in getting to 250 I wasn't going to forego the grind for it. However, with this absolute bastard out of the way I have a clear shot to the finish line, where the Platinum awaits me. Time to see out the story and clean up the rest of the Trophy list.
  14. Trophy #5,136 Persona 5 Guardian of the Pond - Catch the Guardian of the fishing pond. 36,604 Achievers out of 199,901 Owners for a rarity percentage of 18.31% (Rare) The fourth Palace has been bested, but hot damn this game is loooooooong. Loving it. Really liked that latest dungeon, wasn't too cumbersome to traverse. I am always a massive fan of fishing minigames in my video games, even though I would never, ever go fishing IRL. Something to do with it being not terrifically exciting, as well as all fish - big or small - deserving peace and quiet. I think the way Yakuza handled fishing is still my favourite way to do it, but I enjoyed scooping out the Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden so getting to do something similar in 5 was something to look forward to. Actually popped it just past the one year anniversary of me posting about the P4G Trophy in this very thread. The Ichigaya Guardian required a bit less setup than its Shichiri Beach counterpart as you needed to read just one book and fish only or twice to accumulate enough points to get the right boilies, but the actual minigame was actually a bit more involved; it is suggested to lure the Guardian close to the side of the pond to make scooping it out just a tad easier, as it will put up a decent fight. Because P5 disallows screenshots, have a horrible picture of my tv instead.
  15. Trophy #5,132 Persona 5 Nominating The Twins - Perform a Group Guillotine execution. 95,126 Achievers out of 199,694 Owners for a rarity percentage of 47.64% (Common) The adventure continues - I've beaten the third Palace and am about to tackle the fourth. As always, no spoilers but I have to say that this third antagonist was really rather underdeveloped compared to the first two. I did enjoy the Palace from a gameplay perspective though, 'unlocking' the final bit was really entertaining. The fourth looks promising as well, but I actually enjoy exploring the beautifully recreated areas of Tokyo more than the dungeon crawling! The above Trophy you get for collecting three Personas to match one of the tri-fusion recipes and then sacrificing. Went for Neko Shogun, which from its base ingredients seemed like the easiest to create. I'm frankly surprised this is so close to being Common status considering it's not too hard and not too far into the story.