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  1. Platinum #73 - LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (Vita) All Finished! - Acquire all trophies. 32,097 Owners - 11,129 Achievers for a percentage of 34.69% (average completion; 43.08%) Enjoyment; 7/10 Difficulty; 1/10 Trophies; 6/10 (tiles are nice enough, some interesting requirements) Appreciation for Deluminators; 1/10 Well, this was a quick one; I started it up just before the weekend, and now I've burnt through the whole thing already with a TTP (Time-To-Plat) of about 12 hours. Bear in mind that this is the Vita version rather than the game found on PS3 and PS4, and as such, is just another upscaled port of a 3DS game. Just like all other LEGO titles on Vita. While I'm grateful to have anything to play at all on this beautiful handheld, it's just so typical of how it was treated by third parties - but really, can you blame them when the Vita was sunk by Sony's own lackadaisical attitude? Featuring about fourteen levels from across three books/four movies, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 charts the grimdark half of the saga with the titular character and chums training for and facing off against a pale guy without a nose and his eclectic band of Saturday morning cartoon villains. This being the first LEGO title on Vita, it is still level- rather than challenge-based, and I had some good fun ploughing through the 14 or so included in the game. The formula used by the series is well known, you swap characters with different abilities in and out to fight opponents and solve puzzles, and you are required to replay each character to uncover every single collectible. The list is pretty standard fare for a LEGO game but has a 'duel' mode tacked on wherein you need to beat every single playable character by casting spells back and forth. It has very little depth, but with how quickly you could progress I still actually enjoyed it. Very little challenge overall, obviously, but at very few points did it become grating. Usually when my patience did get tested, it was because of the Deluminator mechanic, which forces you to snuff out one lamp to turn on one across the level - this was pretty pointless and seemed to mostly serve as padding. It was later copy+pasted in the LEGO Chima game, also on Vita, which goes to show these titles were made on a budget. But overall, enough fun to have been worth the timesink and the resub to PS Plus (I had forgotten all about getting this one as game of the month years back, I actually resubbed last week in preparation for PS5 and to get Bugsnax for free). I will continue cleanup of my backlog next and start up LEGO Jurassic World - curious to see if the challenge-based approach in that game will prove inferior to the 'old style' of LEGO Vita game espoused by Harry Potter.
  2. It's WWE Champions time! I love it.

    1. Banana_Sausage47


      Gotta get that Hulk Hogan card dood!

  3. Update 16 Platinum #72 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (EU) Ultimate Player - Perfect Collection 70,170 Owners - 3,652 Achievers for a percentage of 5.20% (average completion; 11.27%) Enjoyment; 4/10 Difficulty; 3/10 Trophies; 3/10 (copy+pasted names and tiles, unimaginative requirements) Desire to ever play another football game on PS; 1/10 Right, that's another unfinished title over and done with it. I like to think of myself as someone who sees things through the bitter end no matter what, but there were two games in my collection that I never got the Platinum for out of sheer boredom. One of them is Farming Simulator for the Vita, and I probably don't need to explain quite why it's soul-crushingly dull. The other is, or rather, was Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. When it comes to football games, Pro Evo is the red-headed stepchild to the straight-A student that is FIFA. On paper at least, because EA's titles sell a multitude of copies compared to the Pro Evo games on an annual basis despite neither being stellar products. Still, while the normies and dudebros flock to FIFA, a niche audience prefers Konami's offerings which are claimed to have a greater degree of depth to their gameplay. As a young teen I tried and gave up on FIFA after a few installments as it was about as deep as a puddle (I prefer Football Manager on PC), but Pro Evo I never bothered with. At least, until the PS Plus offerings for May 2014 were announced. I was an active subscriber at the time and PES14 was the free game of the month. Now I didn't always play the free games depending on genre and Trophy list, but as this one didn't have a single online Trophy involved, I decided to jump in. About ten hours later, and I was completely sick of it. Not only is the gameplay as unengaging as FIFA, but the game notably lacks real world licenses, meaning that more often than not you see make-belief teams rather than actual real sides. This is especially painful for the English Premier League, which replaces teams like Norwich City with 'Norfolk City'. While the Platinum is only 25 to 30 hours of grinding out matches, I simply couldn't take anymore and put the game on the shelf, to be picked up once more at an indeterminate point in the future. That point came some six years later, as I have been burning through my back catalogue and really wanted to knock the 19 unearned Trophies left off the list. A quick resub to PS Plus (I could not for the life of me find a copy in the used game stores in town) meant I was back in business. Aaaaaand another 15 hours of gameplay later (not in one stretch, that would have absolutely destroyed my psyche), and the Plat was mine. I'm not even sure what to write for this entry anymore, because the game is that unremarkable. Its modes are that uninspired, that bog standard. And the Trophies themselves are all copy+pasted, tiles and names included. Win the cup in Europe, then win it in Asia, then in South America. Become the best player in Europe, then in Asia, then in South America. You get the idea. Clearly the rest of the world shared my sentiments to a degree, because PES14 has a lovely low average completion percentage (11.27) and its Plat hangs just outside the margin for being Ultra Rare (5.21% of players have unlocked it at the time of writing). It's a short list with a fair few Silvers and Golds so certainly rewarding, but never before has gameplay felt like such a chore. Until I start Farming Simulator back up again, anyway. Roadmap & Statistics update; Pro Evo yielded 19 new Trophies with the least rare one being First Win: Master League at 'just' 29.65% rarity, but I also popped another seven Trophies after unlocking the Plat - three in FIFA 09 and four in WipEout HD. Included in that latter game is the infamous and coveted Beat Zico, considered to be one of the Holy Grail Trophies of the PS3 era. It's my seventh-most rarest Trophy as of right now, and something I'm quite proud of. Thanks to all these valuable Trophies, I sank my average rarity to 36.13% and my overall completion rate to 90.62% - the first time I've ever manage to pass the 90 percent mark. It also quite handily gave me a lift in the leaderboards; 86,031th in the world overall (up from 87,756th, target; top 100,000) 1,261th domestically overall (no change from 1261th, target; top 1,250) 135th domestically for Vita (up from 137rd, target; top 100) Yeah, that's odd - I went up for Vita despite having not gained any new Trophies on my dear handheld, must have been the result of two cheaters being caught. Bless the CRT folk. My points gap to the #100th ranked guy is now 9,345, down from 9,450. And the good news is that the gap will close sooner rather than later, as my subscription to PS Plus (for just a month) allowed me to check what games I had gotten for free way back when. Included is LEGO Harry Potter Years 5 to 7, which I am playing through right now as my next Platinum. I hope to have it done within a week if not sooner, which is going to net me 1,350 points. I'm keeping my Vita in flight mode and will only sync once I get the Plat to see how badly this game has messed up my average rarity. As for my Playstation 5, I got cold feet. I kept staring at my unearneds (407) and decided I simply couldn't stand starting the new generation with so many Trophies still left to clean. It arrived on my doorstep at 11:15 this morning, and by 11:45 my friend had picked it up for RRP. He's so happy with it, bless him. That leaves me with my PS3 and Vita, and honestly, I don't think getting to the 200s is out of reach in terms of unearneds, but for now I'm still gunning for 381 - reaching that number will mean that I've gotten rid of over half of my unearneds since the start of August. To do so, I've got the following lined up; LEGO Star Wars III - 16 unearned Mafia II - 20 unearneds WipEout HD (8 to 10 doable unearneds) FIFA 09 (5 or so doable unearneds) F1 2010 (20 or so doable unearneds) F1 2010 is new in this list but represents 27 unearned Trophies including a rather terrible grind for the online (which is thankfully still up and running, if completely deserted). I really want to get to level 25 at least which I hear isn't too bad, but the grind for 50 I'm not even going to attempt unless I get a second PS3 to self-boost. To be fair, maybe I need to have a look at CEX this week to see how cheap they are, but I likely won't bother. Especially since I will also have to (temporarily) buy a second Playstation Vita to do the ad hoc Trophies for Modnation Racers Road Trip to get that Plat. I'm also keeping my eye on my Trophies per month - I've gotten 127 two months in a row now and I want to go for a third, but will need no fewer than 46 of them even after Platting LEGO Harry Potter. Might be worth popping in another Vita title to get there while chipping away at the unearned PS3 Trophies, and I've the following list of handheld titles to choose from; Stein;s Gate Gal Gun; Double Peace Madden NFL 13 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes; Universe in Peril LEGO Jurassic World New Little King's Story Octodad Dadliest Catch If I finish that entire list I would be on the doorstep of the Dutch Vita top 100. I also want to get Spy Hunter, which is a cheap and easy but rare Plat, and I might add another LEGO game to further pad my points. I've still got a few digital recommendations to go through as well, plus a bunch of Golds and a Plat for Farming Simulator and a few less points in F1 2011. Alas, we'll see how things develop.
  4. Platinum #72 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (EU) Ultimate Player - Perfect Collection 70,170 Owners - 3,652 Achievers for a percentage of 5.20% (average completion; 11.27%) Enjoyment; 4/10 Difficulty; 3/10 Trophies; 3/10 (copy+pasted names and tiles, unimaginative requirements) Desire to ever play another football game on PS; 1/10 Can we take a second to appreciate the Platinum description being 'Perfect Collection'? Lol wut. There are only two games in my collection that I had left un-Platted out of sheer boredom; Farming Simulator on Vita (which requires no explanation) and Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 on the PS3. This football simulator from publisher Konami was included as part of Playstation Plus for May 2014 and, by virtue of having a Trophy list with zero online Trophies, piqued my interest. I had played and given up on FIFA as a young teen over the staggering lack of depth in its manager/career mode, and figured I'd now give PES a try for a nice Plat. What I got was unadulterated boredom; this gameplay is bone dry and does no justice to the beautiful game at all (and neither does FIFA), and the requirements for the Tropgies were mind-numbing. Play through all the modes winning all the prizes, which took ages. I gave up back then knowing I could return to it one day thanks to an entirely offline list (the first and last time a PES game included no online Trophies), so of course I'd pick it up again during my currently ongoing quest of driving my number of Unearned Trophies as far down as possible. Honestly, if you like football, it's best to just go play the real game outside rather than put up with either PES or FIFA. On your own, this game lacks the fun factor and the absence of real life licences is really painful too compared to the relative abundance of clubs and leagues in FIFA. It does have a low average rarity though, and with how little effort the game requires beyond a fair bit of patience, you can scoop this Plat up relatively easily. NA version available as well should you wish to stack.
  5. Trophy #4,317 WipEout HD Beat Zico - Equal or beat the lap time of 30.82 seconds on Anulpha Pass (Forward), Speed Lap, Venom using the Piranha. 6,575 Achievers out of 394,996 Owners for a rarity percentage of 1.66% (Ultra rare) Normally I'd type out a long-winded story about whichever Trophy I felt like unlocking, but not this time. It's Beat Zico. One of the Holy Grails of the Playstation 3, really. It should need no further introduction. I now own both unique Zico Trophies in the series, having previously managed to best the guy on WipEout 2048 in 2013.
  6. I'm surprised no one has created a thread for this game yet, considering it will be a PS Plus offering for February AND March 2021 upon release (source). As such, I imagine this is going to be played by vast swathes of the PSNP community, perhaps not unlike what we saw with Fall Guys. Now I've no doubt that AllStars will be nowhere near the hit that Fall Guys was, but it will still attract significant attention as an early PS5 exclusive. It will be published by Sony and is being developed by Liverpool-based Lucid Games, who made Travel Bug and Jacob Jones for the PS Vita and co-developed Need for Speed Payback for EA, but otherwise mostly have ports to their name. Some key developers were previously with Studio Liverpool, which made the WipEout games, and Evolution Studios, which brought us Motorstorm and DriveClub. AllStars appears to be an odd mix of vehicular combat and 'hero' abilities a la Overwatch, and allows you to play offline against bots in a few modes. However, 19 of the 27 Trophies on the list seem to be multiplayer-exclusive which is going to be a massive pain - I wonder how boostable these will be in private lobbies. There appears to be a collectible-related Trophy as well as a '100% complete' Gold for the SP portion (50 confirmed 'events'), so this likely won't be a ten-to-fifteen-hour Platinum. Destruction AllStars launches somewhere in February 2021, only on Playstation 5.
  7. Platinum #71 - Vanquish (original PS3 version) Platinum - Earn all available trophies in VANQUISH. 190,173 Owners - 4,446 Achievers for a percentage of 2.34% (average completion; 28.66%) Enjoyment; 8/10 Difficulty; 9/10 Trophies; 7/10 (unique, minimalistic tiles, some interesting requirements) Fear of the word 'Bogey'; 10/10 Holy shit, I did it! I managed it! I beat Tactical Challenge 6 almost ten years after I shelved the game at 49/51 Trophies unlocked! I can barely believe it, wow, what a feeling. And that after 100 failed attempts in the past month. Just goes to show that you should never give up on your ambitions. Vanquish is a third person shooter from 2010, developed by Platinum Games and directed by the famed Shinji Mikami (of Resident Evil and Th Evil Within fame). Released to modest success and reasonable critical reception, players get to enjoy a story mode that puts them in the shoes of Sam Gideon, a DARPA operative wearing an experimental battle suit as he joins the United States' marines on an assault of an orbital space station that has been taken over by Russia. Besides the standard elements of a TPS, the ARS (Augmented Reaction Suit) allows you to trigger slow motion and skid across the battle field using hip-mounted boosters. Gameplay is fast and franctic, with the developers having been inspired by the bullet hell genre, and the AI is relentless and unforgiving. Besides the story (which will last a new player about eight hours), a set of Tactical Challenges are available which unlock upon reaching certain parts of the story. These difficult missions reuse environments and enemies from the story, and upon completing the first five you unlock the sixth and final Challenge - and oh boy, is it tough (as you could tell from the video I linked earlier in this post). In fact, it's the schoolbook definition of a 'filter'; the vast majority of players never even reach Challenge 6, and even then a majority of those brave souls who do will still fail to unlock Tactical Challenger, awarded for finishing the sixth Challenge and the only Trophy that cannot be unlocked in the story. The disparity in difficulty between Tactical Challenger and the rest of the game is evident given that the next rarest Trophy - The Best of All Possible Worlds - isn't even Ultra Rare. I too, got filtered hard by Challenge 6. In fact, I distinctly remember needing more than a 100 attempts to beat the part of the story that pits you against two Bogeys - Russians in nimble flying battle suits - and the Tactical Challenge only makes them harder. But after another long slew of tries, I actually managed to make it past them today - my heart was pounding as I took down the first and unloaded on the second, and the sense of relief I felt upon besting him was unparalleled. I still have dopamine leaking out of my ears as we speak. Besides being incredibly hard (and rewarding), Vanquish is still an amazing game even ten years after initial release (a remastered version is available on PS4) and it really was quite enjoyable to go back. Can heartily recommend this one to everyone out there, but do be mindful that you are looking at a real 9 out of 10 in terms of difficulty here. Not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.
  8. Literally zero reason to do this. Wouldn't call it a hostage situation quite yet, but consumers deserve greater autonomy over their save files - they're arguably the most valuable data on the console from a player's perspective. That being said, it's reminiscent of some PS3 games which had copy+protected saves (Motorstorm, Saints Row The Third, and a few others). When I needed to wipe my old console I was faced with losing a bunch of them or ponying up for PS Plus to rescue them
  9. Sounds like terrific ratings across the board, and makes me even more excited to get my hands on that beautiful Dualsense. Which, by the by, works flawlessly with PS3 for anyone with co-op/two controller Trophies in their backlog. Feels good to be a Playstation enthusiast 😎
  10. Update 15 Platinum #71 - Vanquish (original PS3 version) Platinum - Earn all available trophies in VANQUISH. 190,173 Owners - 4,446 Achievers for a percentage of 2.34% (average completion; 28.66%) Enjoyment; 8/10 Difficulty; 9/10 Trophies; 7/10 (unique, minimalistic tiles, some interesting requirements) Fear of the word 'Bogey'; 10/10 What is the hardest Platinum in my collection? Normally, I would answer with WipEout 2047 or Yakuza 5 (#@$% you, coliseum with Akiyama). But, from today onward, I might have to add a third title to my list of answers; Vanquish. Indeed, the third person shooter from the capable hands of Shinji Mikami and Japanese studio Platinum Games that released in 2010 to an appreciative audience of hardcore shooter fans and decent praise from critics. Despite this being long past the early days of the Trophy system, where getting the Platinum was often insanely hard (at least, that's how I experienced many games from '08 and '09), Vanquish posed a serious challenge to even the most hardened of players. For the story, which stretches across about eight hours and has you fight your way across an O'Neill cylinder-inspired space station crawling with Russian robots to stop a laser from levelling New York City, you are required to complete a full playthrough without a single death (can be done by quitting out to the menu) and a full playthrough on the second hardest difficulty (the hardest, named God Hard as a wink to Mikami's brawler game God Hand, is close to impossible for mortal beings). However, the real challenge comes from the aptly named Tactical Challenges; the first five of these unlock as you push through the story, while the sixth and final Challenge opens up once you clear the others. They aren't the most inspired fare, you face waves of the same enemies you slaughtered in the same areas you went through in the story. But then there is a problem, and that problem lies with Tactical Challenge #6; now, the AI in Vanquish is exceedingly brutal and the waves are really rather tough, but the final Challenge throws every form of mercy overboard and overwhelms you from the start. It has become notorious, in fact, for how it has kept many people from ever bagging the Platinum. Sure, getting to 49 out of 51 Trophies is doable, but I firmly believe that the number of people who got filtered by the Gold Trophy awarded for besting Challenge #6 - Tactical Challenger - is in the thousands if not well over ten thousand. After all, on PSNP alone Vanquish has close to 200,000 owners. Linked here is a video of one brave soul fighting his way to the Gold, just to give an indication of how frantic things can get. And even then, it's harder than it looks - trust me on that notion. Back in 2010, I bought the game on release because I believed in Mikami's promise of a tough but earnest shooter that would challenge players. I got exactly what I expected and never regretted the purchase at full price, even if the storyline will 'only' take eight or so hours, but I never did get to beat the final Challenge. I fought to 49 out of 51 over the course of about three weeks, got my ass kicked hard by the Challenges, and then shelved the game. I simply wasn't good enough, the double Bogey fight on Hard in the story already took me like 150 tries on its own, so I needed much more to hope to best the final Challenge. But this morning, I took down both Bogeys - which are slightly creepy Russian men in nimble, flying suits - to finish Challenge 6. I could barely believe that I was seeing the results screen, and that the *ding* sound came out of my speakers, and that a second then followed for the Platinum. Just over ten years since starting Vanquish and just under ten years since shelving it, I had gotten 100%. All 51 Trophies, done and dusted. And these final two are, naturally, Ultra Rare - putting me over 100 UR's in my collection! What a feeling, and what a game! While short and lacking in variety, the story of Vanquish is still highly enjoyable (I played through it to break up the Challenge grind) and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone except completionists. If you're in the latter group, I recommend playing it on a spare account so as to avoid the need to go through the Challenges. The gameplay is still just as fun as when it released and the boss battles hold up really, really well a decade on from release. PS3 copies are dirt cheap and a remastered version for PS4 was released earlier this year in conjunction with a similar touch up of Bayonetta, the Platinum game that received way more attention and even spawned sequels - something that Vanquish never did get. But no time for tears in this thread; I can only profess my appreciation for the skill and passion that Platinum put into this game, and plug my ears to keep the excess of dopamine produced by my brain from dripping out. What a bloody hard feat to pull off this one was, damn! But the time invested was worth it, because I now get to lord it over everyone else 😁 Roadmap & Statistics update; On today's episode of 'Relatively meaningless numbers', we are once again taking a look at my statistics and leaderboard ranks. Which, admittedly, haven't moved much due to how few Trophies (36) I've gotten in the interlude between the Vanquish Plat and the LittleBigPlanet Plat which spawned the previous update. Let's take a look at the ranking first; 87,756th in the world overall (up from 88,328th, target; top 100,000) 1,261th domestically overall (up from 1259th, target; top 1,250) 137th domestically for Vita (down from 133rd, target; top 100) Good to see a big jump globally, but the needle has ticked the wrong way for the other two - a negligible drop for domestic overall and another big slide for Vita domestic. Sure, only four spots in the latter regard, but those hurt when you're talking about the top 100. I was 9,210 behind the #100 ranked guy, and that gap is now 9,450. However, I did pick up three new Vita games, meaning that I now have six Plats plus Octodad to burn through once I find space and time. In terms of my stats, more positive movement; average rarity of 36.34% down from 36.54% last month and 37.88% at the start of August. Average completion has ticked over the 90% mark and overall completion is now at 89.73% - I can taste that coveted 90, very keen to get there. In pure numbers I've actually crossed it already (4,291 Trophies out of a possible 4,725 = 90.81%) but PSNP weighs completion per points meaning that Golds are worth six times the completion percentage that Bronzes are (and Plats aren't counted at all, I believe). Now I've got two problems; time and games available. I want to bring the number of unearneds down further. My first stated goal was 448, which I've passed nicely. I know I can squeeze down in the 300's easily, and have decided the next milestone will be 381. Why another seemingly random number? Well, when I started the cleanup in August, I was on 764 unearneds. 381 is half minus one of that number, meaning that by then I will have unlocked more than half of what I was missing! But here's where my two problems come in. I will be really busy this month and my games are running out. That is to say, the remaining locked Trophies are divided across increasingly hard games. Thought Vanquish was tough? I've got grinds for games like GTA IV and Far Cry 2 that scare me more, and then there is the matter of tough games like XCOM and F1 2010. So, really, my path to 381 looks to rely on a trio of games that are relatively easy still and represent a lot of Trophies, but none of which I have access to at the moment; LEGO Star Wars III - 16 unearned Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - 19 unearneds Mafia II - 20 unearneds Pro Evo requires PS Plus renewal, the other two need to be sent over from home (and my brother over there cannot find LSW for that matter....). I think I will bite the bullet for Pro Evo next Friday and resubscribe so I can attempt to get rid of those 19 over the weekend, and I will probably boot up F1 2010 to get rid of about 8 of the easier Trophies in there. Won't get me below 400 yet, but goes a ways anyhow. And then the calendar will come to November 17th, and my PS5 (Physical Chad Edition) will arrive. And I'm not selling it. I've been naughty and, for the first time in my life, placed some bets. On the US election, and thanks to some good odds and my political science degree (finally useful for something), I've made out with a healthy chunk of cash - more than enough to cover both the console and a bunch of games. I'm also never betting again, it's awful. How the Hell do people do it for fun?! Getting the PS4 will open the door to me finishing Yakuza 0, which represents another 31 unearneds. I will also get the Nathan Drake Collection at some point again to try and squeeze out a few of the DLC Trophies. But here's where the issues of time and games come in again; I will be getting Yakuza Like a Dragon and I'm keen to jump into that. If the PS5 still allows for blank accounting, I might stick that on a dummy account until I get the Plat, so that my unearneds don't tick up - and they will, because the YLAD list has 71(!) Trophies to it. We'll see how things develop but, clearly, there is a lot to look forward to one way or another.
  11. Trophy info taken from YakuzaFan; The wording breaks my brain ('Platinum trophy is now part of the base game list'), but it looks like the Platinum difficulty will have ticked up a little considering you now need to beat EX Hard. I recall it being possible to change the difficulty on NG+ at any point and that people were getting the related Trophy for changing to EX Hard right before the final boss, so hopefully that's still part of the game. This now also means that the base list of the game contains 71(!) Trophies. A record for the series - sadly only one of them is Gold.
  12. Trophy #4,290 Resistance 2 OMGWTFBBQ - Complete the Single Player Campaign on Superhuman. 25,076 Achievers out of 405,599 Owners for a rarity percentage of 6.18% (Very Rare) With a name like that and an old-fashioned actual trophy for an icon, I can't help but feel this is a very endearing Gold. But then it turns out that it is also glitched in a massively beneficial way! Truly a Trophy for connoisseurs 👌 OMGWTFBBQ (seriously, who thought that one up?) is awarded for beating Resistance 2's campaign on Superhuman difficulty, which is the fourth and hardest option available to players (but only after beating the campaign on Difficult, the second-hardest option). Now, I've always had a chip on my shoulder regarding R2's campaign over how it failed to really delve into the mysteries of the Chimera and the lore attached to the fascinating world of Resistance, as well as because of its rather painful ending (no further spoilers), so it honestly wasn't a treat to play through it again eleven years after first romping through Iceland, California, Idaho, Chicago, and a few other locales. I really enjoyed the original game's campaign, but the sequel really failed to pull me in - I dropped it rather quickly, which is a shame because I only got two of the online Trophies back then with the others becoming unobtainable in 2014 following the shutdown of the servers. Nonetheless, on my quest to bring my 'unearned' count down as far as possible and move my completion in the opposite direction, I just had to revisit this game to mop up eight Trophies. Another two I will attempt once I get a DualSense, which I hear works on PS3. Honestly, while I can see some merit to the campaign, it still fails to impress and its much vaunted set pieces have only lost more of their luster now that they've been upstaged by over a decade worth of newer games. Playing on Difficult was rather painful, with enemies becoming bullet sponges whilst the amount of available ammo in the levels seems to remain the same, but I somehow managed (even though at one point I was legit forced to swap out my held guns for an Auger for a certain encounter, which I consider poor game design and enemy distribution). Thank goodness that the glitch/exploit exists then! Play through Difficult and you'll unlock Superhuman - then delete the Game data and go offline. The game won't install any patches, and you'll be able to use level select to go straight to the final checkpoint of the final mission on Superhuman. A four minute affair that you can get through without dying as long as you keep your index finger on R1, and ta-dah, another Gold for the collection! That's 299 now for me, thanks Insomniac!
  13. Trophy #4,278 Yakuza 3 (original PS3 version) Substory Completionist - Complete all substories. 3,331 Achievers out of 53,991 Owners for a rarity percentage of 6.17% (Very Rare) Damn, I do love the Trophy images for the Yakuza games (up until 6) because all of them portray actual trophies. A crying shame that the vast majority of other games go for the cheap and quick tile approach (handy for multiplatform games obviously). Sure, most of the Yakuza 3 Trophies use this exact statue of Kiryu for their Trophies (only the Plat and the eleven story-related ones differ), but this is made up for by how rare and desirable some of them are. That's very much the case for Substory Completionist too, which requires you to complete all of the little side missions found dotted around Kamurocho and the beautiful Ryukyu, which is sadly exclusive to Y3. There are more than a hundred of them, and while some are quite quick, others can be a massive pain - I had serious trouble finding some of them. Once you've completed all but one, the final Substory opens, which is the traditional fight with Amon who serves as more or less the ultimate secret boss in all of the Yakuza titles. You square off against him in a 'mountain arena' which is actually just really the Okinawa arena, palm trees and all included, but the fight was both tough and good fun. This is the tenth unique Amon fight I've beaten, following four in Y4, four in Y5, and one in Dead Souls. Honestly, the whole thing was a blast from start to finish; Yakuza 3 was my first game in what has since become my favourite series, and I've always had a soft spot for Ryukyu. Getting to go back for clean up was an absolute joy and I really enjoyed every second of it. I'm honestly surprised this is only a Very Rare, but then Yakuza fans are a hardy, determined bunch. Suppose that includes me, as I finally got this Trophy ten years, six months, and five days after I first booted Yakuza 3 up! I'm saving the finale of my Extra Hard playthrough for the eleventh anniversary, coincidentally my birthday, to celebrate in style.
  14. Can I get a 'DAMN SON' in this thread? Because I hit the mother lode today at the local used game store! 60 GBP for these three (with Little King's Story being almost as expensive as the other two put together) is, in my mind, pretty close to a bargain. Getting GalGun has been a long-held wish after I passed on it in March, and today it was cheaper than I had ever seen it previously. New Little King's Story has always proven hard to find so I was okay with paying a little extra for it, and I will definitely be reselling it once I've got the Plat. Steins; Gate is a wild card; I've never really looked into the series, but since I had the opportunity and the community here has always spoken fondly of it, I figured I'd snap it up alongside the others - maybe I'll try speedrunning it like I did Root Letter (#2 fastest Plat time, baby!) before sitting down to properly read it. Ys: Memories of Celceta was on the shelf too but I left it there.
  15. Update 14 Platinum #70 - LittleBigPlanet 100% Complete - Earn all LittleBigPlanet trophies to unlock this platinum trophy 936,429 Owners - 29,508 Achievers for a percentage of 3.15% (average completion; 24.94%) Enjoyment; 3/10 Difficulty; 5/10 Trophies; 3/10 (unique tiles, but a lot of needless multiplayer stuff) Hate of bunkers; 10/10 I did mention in the last two updates that it would be a while until I added another Plat to the list, and I wished for number 70 to be the much coveted 100% for Vanquish. Now, I haven't quite gotten there yet (120 and counting attempts at the final Tactical Challenge), but I do have a different Ultra Rare Plat to boast about today! To reiterate ,it has been over a month and 145 Trophies since my previous Platinum, but here we finally are after eight games of cleaned up DLC for 100% plus almost 40 Trophies in Motorstorm Pacific Rift; Platinum 70 has been unlocked, and it is another PS3 Plat cleaned right out of the backlog after having been there for well over a decade. LittleBigPlanet was one of two games I got bundled in with my console in November 2008, and the only one I have been able to Plat (the other game in the bundle being Motorstorm Pacific Rift, which had its online 86'ed after just four years). I suppose the series doesn't really require an introduction; LittleBigPlanet was all about sidescrolling platforming and the creation of your own levels from the very start, back in '08 when this game came out. Developers Media Molecule have since gone on to create other quirky and creativity-focused games like Tearaway and Dreams, but LBP remains their most well-known IP. I know the game and the series have a lot of fans, but I wasn't massively into it back in '08 and upon returning for the Plat in 2020 I still kind of wish I had never taken it out of the wrapping but instead sold it on (and same for Motorstorm really). The story mode is a very quick romp that you can get through in an hour or three (wildly skill-dependent, admittedly) with a narrative that, much like many levels you see online, has been thrown together based on level of quirkiness rather than anything compelling. No voice acting, just literal cardboard cutouts that command your little Sackboy or Sackgirl to keep going - very little substance indeed; the protagonist is mute and has no involvement in the story besides mindlessly following orders (because there is of course no other way to progress) and sometimes having their facial expression changed with the D-pad. I appreciate that this isn't a story-driven game in the slightest, but something a little more meaty would have been nice. Even for a young child, the story doesn't hold a lot of replayability. Thankfully the level creator and online modes are the main attraction of LBP, but I frankly couldn't have cared less; I just wanted these Trophies out of the way. Thanks to some Heart-for-Heart levels I had thrown up in the summer of 2019 I got two related Trophies the moment I booted up the game the game, plus another one (Create) once I reaccepted the EULA. A nice enough start, but I still had to wade through 120+ one second levels online to get Share while also having about half of the single player left to finish. Highlight of the journey was when I got three near-instant pops on multiplayer Tropies thanks to a friendly Russian member of this site being the most charitable booster ever. The final - and biggest - challenge was Play, which really made you feel this game's limitations as you were forced to beat the game's dozens of levels without dying once (although thankfully not in a row!). In my opinion, the physics and controls are too floaty to precisely control Sackboy in the harder levels, and the infamous Bunker level was every bit as painful as people said it would be; the ridiculous wheel section near the end probably cost me an hour or two alone. Check it out here on Youtube (timestamped for convenience). Once I cleared the Bunker it was smooth sailing; I left one easy level to survive and set my alarm for three in the morning to game my 'Trophies by time' stat to pop the Gold, and then went to a queued online level that gave you every single collectible in the game for Booty Master and a nice 300 point Platinum. Roadmap & Statistics update; Now with that out of the way, I will take a break from LBP this weekend and continue my attempts to beat the final Tactical Challenge in Vanquish; from Monday onward I'll give cleaning up LBP' DLCs a try. 22 Trophies between two packs means that there is plenty more work to be done, but at least the base game is finished. Finally. Now for the statistical bits. Since Platting inFamous my tally of Ultra Rares has gone from 83 to 98; no mean feat even if I do say so myself. Very Rares are now at 340, which is also pretty good considering my total Trophy pool is only 4,725 (of which I have now unlocked 4,255). This is reflected in my average rarity, which is down to 36.54%; it was at 37.88% before I started my clean up in the first week of August, which just goes to show how quickly one can drag that number down when applying a bit of effort. I think it's my proudest statistic out of all of them, as it speaks to the difficulty and quality of my humble little list. Of course, getting my number of unearneds down and my completion percentage up was a bigger motivator behind my cleaning up - and both figures have shaped up nicely. I'm now on 470 unearneds - down from 764(!!!) - and 88.96% complete (up from 82.88%). I have no stated target for the latter, but I did note wanting to reach 449 unearneds to make sure I never go over 500 again even when adding a new game to my list. That number is now clearly within striking distance, and honestly, I'm going to drive it down as far as I can - certainly into the 300s. In update 12 I posted a list of games I was going to clean up along with conservative estimations of the number of Trophies I could milk out of each title; a few had every available Trophy listed, while other, harder games only had their more do-able Trophies picked out - I wanted to go for quantity over quality and just bang out as much as I could as quickly and easily as possible. But of course, my OCD got the better of me to the point where for every game with an estimate that sat below the number of possible Trophies, I've gone well above and beyond what I had set out to do; Borderlands (estimation; 10 /// reality; 20) Dishonored (estimation; 20 /// reality; 30) Motorstorm Pacific Rift (estimation; 27 /// reality; 34) LittleBigPlanet (estimation; 14 /// reality; 21) For LittleBigPlanet, I have another 22 DLC Trophies to go. For Motorstorm, another four easily achievable ones (plus three if I can get a second controller) - the rest is unobtainable or simply too hard. I've also 100%ed F1 Race Stars, Saints Row The Third, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale (both on PS3 and Vita), The Walking Dead, and Sleeping Dogs in the space between my inFamous and LBP Plats, but none of those games posed any challenge; just a matter of buying DLC from the Turkey store for pennies on the Euro. These Trophies, while decidedly easier, contributed just as much to my completion percentage. And, of course, to my leaderboard positions, which got an extra boost from the changes to PSN levelling. Let's see where I'm at now; 88,328th in the world overall (up from 95,921 - target; top 100,000) 1,259th domestically overall (up from 1,360, target; top 1,250) 133rd domestically for Vita (down from 131, target; top 100) It's clear that the increased points for Platinums did wonders for my ranking, because there is no other explanation for shooting up over 7,000 spots on the worldwide leaderboard / 100 spots on the domestic leaderboard with only 100+ Trophies added the past month. Frustratingly enough, my forced pause from the Vita sees me slide even further away from a coveted spot in the top 100 domestically . With the PS5 arriving on my doorstep in a matter of weeks from now, I really have to start planning out how to work more Vita Trophies into the mix. My gap to the #100 ranked guy was 8,400 but is now 9,210.... becoming insurmountable with how small the selection of remaining Vita games outwith Rata titles is. Next update to the thread? Hopefully soon, I want that bloody Vanquish Plat and I am not giving up on it. I've put too much time in and I've come too far! Most of the DLC doesn't warrant updates (Borderlands and Dishonored were exceptions due to how insane their second and first expansions were, respectively), but I will be plugging away at it anyway. A LBP 100%? Sounds too good to miss out on. I expect returns to Resistance 2 and Mafia II to be the next legs of the journey once LBP is finished.