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  1. They are still attainable, got the final one today. And let me tell you, this multiplayer mode is negative fun.
  2. Uh, hello BASED department? I've only played Persona 4 Dancing All Night before - never a mainline Persona game - so a big thank you to the PSNP community for convincing me to grab this game. Super excited to dive in all huddled up in my anti-Corona pillow fort.
  4. I'd urge people to firstly wait and see whether the Platinum is achievable, and secondly to not support these developers. The first Mr. Pumpkin (on Vita) was notoriously glitchy, to the point where most players could not get past chapter 4. I'd steer clear of this new game as a result, especially at full price when the people behind it give zero fucks.
  5. 100% Complete - Metrico Enjoyment; 1/10 Difficulty; 4/10 100% rarity; 3.68 My dudes, this game is like a luxury vacuum cleaner; it both sucks and blows. Background to Metrico; a bunch of Dutch developers got together one day and decided to make a game based on statistics. With some support for the devs from Sony, it was made free for PS Vita owning subscribers in the August 2014 batch of PS Plus games. I was a much more active hunter at the time but never did bother downloading and playing Metrico until I resubscribed to PS Plus last month after years of absence (to secure Sims 4 for when I get a new console) - I'm not sure what my reasoning was for skipping the game back then, but the 2020 me can only agree with my 2014 self; Metrico is not worth any time or attention outside of Trophies. It falls into the trap of trying to incorporate all of the Vita's functions (camera's, rear touch pad, front touch pad, gyroscope on multiple axes) but does so really, really poorly, in addition to just being an awful puzzle game in general. Challenging Trophy list though, including some borderline-unfair requirements and one Trophy that forces you to have your Vita on a flat surface for an entire level yet still requires you to touch the rear touchpad (I got around this by balancing my Vita on two boxes of paracetamol, allowing me to still get to its back). I'm not a huge fan of puzzle games, but the ones found in this title are just incredibly lame. I get that it's a stupidly pretentious indie title but good grief, they really didn't bother thinking some of these things out. Seven hours of my life wasted - but then I expect the 5 Ultra Rare Trophies on Metrico's list will go a long way to making me feel better (especially when the others are all quite rare too). Metrico was rereleased on PS4 as Metrico+ with a Platinum and speedrun Trophies, but I would honestly recommend everyone to never, ever touch these titles. Save yourself the frustration, please.
  6. Platinum #58 - Persona 4: Dancing All Night Dancing all Night - Obtain all trophies Enjoyment; 8/10 (9/10 if it weren't for my worry about HARD) Difficulty; 3/10 (Perfectionist and Born Entertainer Trophies) Trophy tiles; 7/10 (I love how stylish they are even though they reuse assets) Increase in interest in the Persona series; 5/10 A rhythm game steeped in fanservice for fans of Persona 4, how could I resist? Well, uh, I've never played a single Persona game, so you could argue this wasn't meant for me. But then I enjoy rhythm games (despite being absolutely shite at them) and cheap physical Vita games, so I scooped this one up when I found it last week. Great gameplay, great music, ????? story because I mashed through it (again, it's not meant for me). I really enjoyed my journey to the Platinum up until I tried to clear some tracks on HARD for the The Junes Special and Senpai, You're so Cool! Trophies. My dear sweet lord, HARD difficulty is a ball buster - I practiced and practiced but could get nowhere close to a Clear grade. I was about to give up on the Platinum until, after extended web searches, I found a reliable way to cheese my way to a clear (turn on all bonuses and challenge multipliers and mash buttons at random through an entire song). A big relief and, in hindsight, what managed to resolve my beef with this Trophy list. Overall, with the cheese, this one is easier than Senran Kagura Bon Appetit, but neither are worth a 4/10 difficulty rating. Mind, if the exploit didn't exist P4DAN would be a legit 8/10 for me. Up next is √Letter , which I found on the cheap together with P4DAN, but my real question is this; as a RPG noob, is Persona 4 Golden easy enough for me to step into and Platinum? Because it is one of the last high profile Vita titles I have yet to play.
  7. Update 2 Platinum #58 - Persona 4: Dancing All Night Dancing All Night - Obtained all trophies Enjoyment; 8/10 (hampered by worry) Difficulty; 3/10 Trophy tiles; 7/10 (I love how stylish they are even though they reuse assets) Increase in interest in the Persona series; 5/10 It should come as no surprise that I am a massive weeb but, tying that into my complete inexperience with RPG, I suppose people would expect me to have never tried a Persona game despite the lot of them being highly rated and seemingly being straight up my alley in terms of setting (real life Japan, love it). Well, I broke my duck with Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which I found a cheap physical copy of last week. I got it alongside the Special Edition of √Letter, but since my previous Plat (LEGO Chima for Vita) was rather easy I figured I'd tackle the more challenging of my two new games first. Confession; I force-skipped all the dialogue in the story, as well as the animated cutscenes, because there's no point for me. This is a fanservice game, and I've never played P4, so why would I bother, right? I just dove in head first and got treated to some excellent, excellent songs and an interesting take on the rhythm genre. Have to say though, missing the context of the overall franchise and the story in this game, I really had to question why dancing of all things is keeping demons in a parallel dimension at bay. Bizarre stuff. Still, it was gameplay and music first for me, and I really loved both. However, once I had mopped up the campaign and half of the miscellaneous Trophies, I wanted to turn my attention to the remaining Bond Fever Trophies, namely The Junes Special first and Senpai, You're So Cool! second. These are the rarest Trophies in the game although not overtly uncommon at 48% percent on PSNP, but I soon found out why; for both, you had to clear songs on the ridiculous HARD difficulty. I couldn't believe the Trophy Guide rated this game a 3/10 in terms of difficulty, yet HARD mode was completely kicking my ass. I was on the verge of giving up on the Platinum, especially since a solution wasn't forthcoming from my searches online. Untill I, thankfully, found a way to cheese HARD - with a tip hidden deep in years old forum posts. Turned out you could turn on all your bonus abilities and a load of difficulty multipliers, and just mash buttons throughout the entire song. It'd give you a terrible score, but this method does ensure your Spirit Gauge maxes out - which is the only thing that counts for clearing or failing a song. With this method in hand, both Trophies were a complete breeze. If I had to do these songs via the legit way, this game would be an 8/10 for me, but thanks to the exploit it can rest on a 3/10 rating instead - the only Trophies that pose some challenge are Perfectionist and Born Entertainer, both of which are still relatively simple on the excellent 'specialist' track. The other Trophies are all straightforward and can be easily achieved through regular play and some quick grinding. I think my own playtime topped out at about 15 hours and 40 minutes, and that's with suboptimal play paths and grinding. Where to go from here? Well, I'd love to give the Dancing games for Persona 3 and Persona 5 a try, but neither were released physically in the West - so I will have to wait for a rare PSN sale on both. Such a shit move by Atlus to keep them digital-only, even if both released in the waning days of the Vita. However, the real question I should pose now is should I give Persona 4 Golden a go? I'm starting to warm up to the idea of trying it, but I'm a complete RPG noob so I'm really keen to know if it's an easy enough game and Platinum for newcomers? As for my continued Trophy hunting, √Letter is up next (which I hope to enjoy without skipping dialogue) and after that, Senran Kagura Estival Versus!
  8. Bit late to the party, but which did you enjoy more, both in terms of general play and Trophies? JC2 or JC3? Loved the former (still do), hated the latter myself.
  9. FIFA 15 had its online modes and Trophies stripped out pre-release - it's singleplayer only as a result. No need to worry about servers closing. Definitely give it a go (and for the love of God, use a paper checklist for 'Tour Bus'.
  10. Platinum #57 - LEGO Legends of Chima Triple CHI Legend - Collect all Trophies Enjoyment; 7/10 Difficulty; 2/10 Hype for my next LEGO game; 10/10 Six quid in a store for used games, so why not, right? The LEGO games on Vita are all upscaled version of 3DS titles - just another testament to how badly the Vita was treated by third parties - but they are fine little romps that don't require too much effort to Plat. They're on a much smaller scale than their console cousins too, and I think I actually prefer it this way as levels and puzzles are more bite-sized. Chima was an in house theme of building sets by LEGO about animal tribes fighting over unobtainium - I think I have a little promotional set of it lying around somewhere - with this game charting the journey of a group of assorted species saving their world. Standard stuff, really. Levels are good fun, voice acting is horribly cartoonish, but what blew me away was the soundtrack; it's almost awkwardly epic for a cartoony LEGO game and puts the scores of many AAA titles found on console to shame. Absolutely bizarre, but a nice surprise. Definitely recommend this if you have a Vita and some time to kill - or want to expand your LEGO collection (Chima is one of three LEGO titles, the other two being Ninjago games, that are handheld exclusive).
  11. Update #1 Platinum #57 - LEGO Legends of Chima Triple CHI Legend - Collect all Trophies Enjoyment; 7/10 Difficulty; 2/10 Hype for my next LEGO game; 10/10 A Vita game I picked up straight after finishing up FIFA 15, to play and Plat while on the road (I travel quite a bit for work with plenty of nights in hotels). For the 6 quid I paid for it in a second hand games store, I got 33 Trophies including 6 Golds and 5 Silvers. The Plat has a rarity of just under 50% and the average completion percentage sits at 62% so getting this game did tank the Trophy average across my profile a little. As with all LEGO games on Vita, this is but an upscaled port of the 3DS version. Usually these games also have a counterpart on consoles - LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Lord of the Rings, and so on - but Legends of Chima is one of three titles that is exclusive to 3DS and Vita (the others being two Ninjago games). Based on an original theme of building sets by LEGO, Chima follows the exploits of a bunch of assorted animals in a world where tribes comprising of different species fight to control a load of unobtainium that gives them semi-magical powers. Levels are bite-sized and perfect for on the go, and the light puzzle elements contained within are easily overcome. One thing that amazed me was the score; here you have a cartoonish children's game with horribly awful voice acting you expect from low-budget Saturday morning cartoons, yet the soundtrack is done by a full orchestra and is rousing and epic - to the point where it puts the score in a lot of AAA games on consoles to shame. Very bizarre and akward when combined with the cartoony nature of the game, but otherwise a treat for the ears. I enjoyed my time with and in Chima, even if the backtracking got a little stale after a while; as anyone who has played a LEGO game knows, you have to go back to levels to access hidden areas that you can only access with special types of charcters you unlock later on in the story. The developers seemed to struggle for inspiration for the Trophy list as quite a few Bronzes are a little strange (don't touch the controls for 45 seconds, solve puzzle X with character Y) and some of the Golds are downright offensively easy (jump five times in a row, pick up 20K studs as character Z which takes half a level at most). In terms of gameplay, the main gimmick of this title is using the unobtainium - called CHI - to power up from time to time to perform special actions. The balance of CHI pickups is a bit wonky, so it was often an annoyance having to scrounge some up before being allowed to progress. Another complaint I have is the fact that the final levels is a reskin of the first, even down to the Trophy icons for Spiral Mountain and Wolf Camp being repainted and slightly repositioned. Overall though, I really enjoyed my time and fully recommend Chima to anyone who has a Vita and doesn't mind having some easy Trophies on their profile (the only Trophy that might take you a retry is for the shooting gallery, but I got it on my first attempt). My final completion time was 8 hours and 30 minutes in a mostly blind playthrough, so if you're not as incompetent as I am you'll easily get this Platinum knocked out in even less time. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Muy grazi, thank you. I feel Trophies are a reflection of myself rather than a collection for the sake of collection, so I am proud of my little list even if it is more humble than I would like. I actually played Borderlands 2 on PC and thought it was horrible - the writing was atrocious - and I'd hate to give Gearbox any money, so the chances of me continuing the series on PS are slim. I did consider the Pre-Sequel once upon a time, but it never came to pass. Just as well, I though the original was good but it didn't blow me away. Thank you, I am very proud of the average - and I agree, it is one of if not the most relevant stat being tracked. More so than Platinums and total numbers of Trophies nowadays when you take into account that Ratalaika games and region stacks exist. It's a shame playing Chima bumped me up to 37.84, with the next few games I have lined up being easy as well, but if I can keep it under 40 (or, ideally, 39) I will be happy. The PS5 remains a mystery for now, and I do hope your expectations won't turn out to be on the money. If Sony is too greedy, I may simply get myself a cheap PS4 instead and let the new generation pass me by like the current one did.
  12. Funny this; I was bidding on √Letter on eBay yesterday, but it got snapped up by someone else; my max bid was 27 GBP, it went for 28. Quite deflating, as I thought was an okay price to expand my Vita Trophies. I have a huge love for real Japanese locales being represented in video games (I love Yakuza) so this seemed right up my alley. Deflated and knowing I'd shortly Platinum the game I was working on, I figured I'd pop into a used games store on my way back from the business conference I was attending (bidding on animu games during presentation, what has my life come to?). I got to the store and lo and behold, √Letter was on the shelves for just 18 quid. I was counting my blessings, of course, even if the cover on this one was different. The copy on eBay had the characters sitting in a circle on a blank background, but I thought little of it as I hadn't researched the game - or its various editions - that well. I get to the counter, hand over the case, and the employee spends 10 minutes finding the Vita games and then pulls out the game's cardboard packaging. That's when I got excited, because with Vita games that means you're getting something neat. Turns out this edition of the game comes with a really nice artbook featuring event CG, backgrounds, character art, and some concepts. What an absolute steal! Been a long time since I was so happy to lose an eBay auction - and what do you know, I just saw the game relisted for 24 quid (it would appear the guy who beat my bid backed out). Big stroke of luck for me. As for Persona 4 Dancing All Night, I've never played a Persona game because I am a little babby but this seems like an easy and reasonaby fun Plat - and the game was 18 quid, so not too bad.
  13. I made the mistake of getting a (admitedly very cheap) PC key for this crock of shit before release - what a disappointment, a direct downgrade on almost everything that matters compared to JC2. World devoid of character and atmosphere, shitty biomes, controls are worse, these stupid challenges, story tries to take itself seriously, and so on. I wish the Swedish Avalanche never handed the series off to the idiots in the New York office.
  14. You can do it, buddy; check out the guide I wrote for 'Finally' on Bon Appetit's board. If Dancing All Night is easier than SKBA, even with having to play on hard mode a few times, I'm looking forward to getting this Plat.
  15. See thread title, trying to get an idea of what I am up against. The 'Finally' Trophy in Bon Appetit was the only one that gave me trouble in that game, if these Persona rhythm titles are much harder I might give them a miss.