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  1. American Fugitive, amazing isometric open world shooter from an indie studio tha deserves your support. 8 Euros in my territory's PSN store, should be similar for yours (or just buy it from the Turkish store for an extra discount). Plat is easy but there are some collectibles involved - three DLC Trophies but they are free.
  2. I'm glad I skipped a gen. I might buy a PS5 but by the time I get through all the PS4 games I've missed / played on Steam, I will be able to reap the used PS5 games for cheap. I will never not buy games as cheaply as possible, and I couldn't care less about development costs, taxes, and inflation. Nabbing a discount and buying titles for as little as possible positively affects my finances more than a multi billion Dollar company benefits from milking me for 5 bucks more, and I will never ever defend their price increases as it directly negatively impacts my budget. Also, remember (although personally this only applies to digital games - I happily pay more for Vita games nowadays given that they hold their value rather well);
  3. Surprising absolutely no one.
  4. Trophy #3920 Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (Vita version) Free the Meat - Destroy the 10 hidden barrels. 2,278 Achievers out of 46,675 Owners for a rarity percentage of 4.88% (Ultra rare) Yeah baby, it's another Ultra Rare Trophy! For someone nearing the 4,000 mark, I have awfully few of these buggers, so adding one to the pile is always welcome - especially if it's a terrific Trophy from a fantastic game! Throughout Stranger's Wrath on both PS3 and Vita, ten barrels are hidden throughout the world from the very first town of Gizzard Gulch to the very final location; this Trophy wants you to shoot or bash open all ten, but thanks to a positive glitch many people pop this upon cracking open their ninth barrel. I had to smack apart all ten when I played this game on PS3 (popping Free the Meat on the 3rd of January 2012), but this time around it popped on the ninth. Just as well, because the tenth is hidden in a timed segment that really is no fun at all when playing on Hard difficulty (as most people do on their barrel collection run). What comes out of the barrels when you destroy them? Why, this rather morbid throwback to previous games - Mudokon Pops ice lollies!; Now, two interesting things about this Trophy for me; the PS3 version has 53,020 owners and 4,181 achievers for a percentage of 7.89. 'Only' a 'Very rare' Trophy on PS3, which I suspect is due to the PS Plus effect on the Vita version; it was 'free' in the IGC collection for November 2013, which typically inflates a game's ownership with players who aren't fans of the series and not all that interested in playing it to completion/Platinum. I see no other reason for this discrepancy, as the Vita version is essentially the same as the PS3 barring some non-intrusive touchscreen controls to make up for the loss of the L2 and R2 buttons. Oh well, not like I mind; this is excellent for my average rarity percentage! Additionally, this is just such a good example of how to do a collectible Trophy the right wat; not too many barrels, hidden along your journey without being too annoyingly out of the way (one of them is very, very well hidden though; in the rafters of a building), and serves as a nice throwback to previous games in the series. The second interesting thing? This Trophy bumped me over the 100,000 points mark! I sat on 99,960, so popping this Gold Trophy put me nicely over the landmark number. Such a shame this isnt a milestone tracked on our profiles! I have no idea what this game or Trophy is, but judging from the Tile I like it a lot!
  5. Couldn't help my curiosity, booted up a run on Easy and lo and behold, 'Wash my hands of this mess' popped upon bountying Floyd alive. Well, I never....
  6. (Double posting this too) Nope, my connection was stable and uninterrupted for the duration of my session. I will have to carefully look at the wagon area on my second run to see what might have caused it - crossing my fingers for it simply being the case that you don't have to bounty Floyd in order to get back to Gizzard Gulch.
  7. Very based, I've loved Racer since it came out, such a good game. Really looking forward to playing it again on PS4, even though they really should have made sure the debug menu couldn't be used for Trophies. Would have loved to see how people would get on with Abyss (Bozzie Baranta's race on Ord Ibanna) without crutches. Someone (you) is mistakenly thinking their opinion is relevant; no one's forcing you to read this forum, buddy.
  8. Congratulations on getting your list started, looking forward to seeing it be embellished with further thoughts per game! I hope you'll consider playing some of the good Vita games in he near future as you trim down the Rata-titles, there are plenty of hidden gems on the system
  9. Look at this mess, it's doing my OCD in; I'm a veteran of the PS3 version, got it the day it came out (and am on the 'First 50 achievers' page for a few of its Trophies) and didn't miss this Trophy back then. The Vita version does seem to have a few more/different glitches though, so I'm really curious to know if anyone else ran into this? When I start my second run for 'Mo Moolah', I'll have to see if you can indeed get back to Gizzard Gulch without actually bountying Floyd because it'd be a really odd glitch in light of all my other story-related Trophies popping when they should.
  10. What kind of a reply is this even? Read the thread. Guy asked me a question (quote; "These people in Turkey did not have that differences on their salaries though. Do you know why[?]"), and I took a stab at how that could be by highlighting the governing party's economic policy and considering the state of the tourist industry; because visitor numbers are increasing contrary to my expectations, I expressed my surprise based on my personal experiences of tourist destinations near and far (which, by the by, do not include Ankara's 'greyness'; perhaps that's projecting on your part). Not sure what the problem is here, but I am glad for the opportunity to give the thread another bump.
  11. Thank you Heather, such encouraging words - I am proud of my Vita and of all the games I've played on it! I hope some of what I've written may help inspire you to create a thread of your own (I've been impressed by your list, including all 215 HITMAN(2) Trophies - I've got the same set, only on Steam as I've yet to upgrade to PS4). These threads are really quite cathartic and a good way of keeping track of one's progress and experiences, and that recommendation goes for everyone; give writing a checklist a try! I am really grateful for the tips, I had never heard of AoM or Oceanhorn before, but I sure am glad I did now because both look like fine titles to play while on my travels the rest of the year; both have gone onto my PSPrices mailing list. If I can repay those tips in kind, always pop into any CEX you see, I've gotten loads of good, cheap physical copies there..... including your third recommendation, which is still in my travel bag! I have been putting WoF off for a while now to be fair. Picked it up at the CEX in Reading (or it might have been Nottingham) for just 18 GBP. Do let me know how the Platinum journey goes for you, and keep on truckin' on Persona 4 Golden! Once I finish work today, I'll boot up my Vita to get to work on my July batch of Trophies!
  12. This is my fish, it is mine and not yours Will this list be easy to fin-ish, or is the Platinum going to be hard to net? A low pricetag might be enough to bait me into testing the water, but then there are multiplayer Trophies; I'm not one for schooling together - it makes me feel koi - so I might decide to tackle a different game to get hooked on instead. Bruh, look at these fish;
  13. weggelopen needs to walk away (hah!) from Fortnite. I know it's the most obvious candidate, but still, let it go, bruh.
  14. August is, uh.... - Yakuza Kiwami 2 - Horizon Zero Dawn
  15. OP, list the reasons given for the flags. I see that Ni No Kuni has a load of Trophies that pop within seconds of one another (including the typical 7 second margin the PS3 is known for), but as I haven't played the game I won't comment further. I have however played Borderlands; it was, in fact, my first Platinum. Looking at OP's Borderlands list, I see this string of Trophies; I have only three ways of explaining this; 1. Somehow, OP's 'delay' magically disappeared and let everything he had achieved up until that point pop in quick succession 2. OP pulled off the most insane feat in Borderlands history by hitting the 25th kill for three different weapon types, selling a 50th weapon and passing the 1 million Dollar, jumped in a vehicle and ram-killed a 25th enemy, got out and nabbed his last kill for 12 Days of Pandora, and hit level 10..... within a 47 second timespan and finally..... 3. OP is full of shit and is wasting his time on this lame duck dispute. I'll put my money on 3. MMDE coming in with a well-deserved thread lock in 3.... 2.... 1....