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  1. You have to play the ps4 version to continue your trophies. When you get the ps5 upgrade you get a new trophy list.
  2. "Potentially “Completionist All the Way!” – if Jotunheim is required for the trophy (there are 2 missable Collectibles Wealth #12 & Wealth #13 in Jotunheim that are only available during a main quest). There might still be some more missable Collectibles. It’s recommended to make a Manual Save at the start of each region and complete each region when the story brings you there." This is a quote from Powerpyx's guide. Hope it helps!
  3. Ubisoft probs sent it early due to fear it wouldn't get to people in time. I got a mail a few days ago from them with a discount code because they thought it would arrive late, but it already got delivered to me this morning😀
  4. I'm currently trying to get the "you don't see me" trophy and I'm not finding any guards. Only the red locations and those don't chase me. I'm not getting any pursuit level at all and I'm not sure how to complete this trophy now. It's my last trophy left, I've completed everything else and finished the game. UPDATE: The side mission "home and hosed" is the cause of this problem! I completed the mission and the cops immediately started appearing again and chasing me. I was checking out the comments on powerpyx's page and multiple people had this problem so I hope this comment can help some people
  5. I've played for about 15 hours I think on a ps4 pro and so far I've had no problems at all
  6. I honestly think 50 hives is way too much of a grind it's indeed really boring. It's not fun anymore once you've done it a bunch of times😅 they could've made the trophy for like 25 hives that would've already been more than enough😂 it's the only trophy I got left but I'm at 42 now so hoping to get the plat tonight😊
  7. Np but hey at least this one would've been a good glitch if that wasn't the case, since a lot of the others come in way too late 😂
  8. I combined it with the 50 hives trophy. Used the mission "let the game begin" it's the first hive you get and the shortest and got me about 3-4 hero levels each run
  9. When you reach level 50 on a character and you keep playing the xp bar keeps filling up. I got the trophy at 228 hero levels and have played quite a bit with widow after she turned lvl 50 so I'm guessing it just counts the levels above 50 as well
  10. I got this trophy while I'm pretty sure I only had about maybe 30-40 done. I just started the game and was gonna check out the vendors and it popped for no reason really which was very confusing. I can also say I haven't encountered a trophy that didn't pop when it should yet and I've played 100% solo so I really think it's the co op that's bugging the trophies 🤔