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  1. Just want to add an easier way to trigger that autosave, past the dock with the boat is a birdcage you can open. Game saves every time a cage is opened.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide a list of the optimal ways, or any general advice to get a condor when the servers turn off? I see so many guides for online open course, but no one is talking about doing this when the servers close. What courses should it be tried on offline? Are high power custom clubs an absolute requirement, and if so which level? Is there any way to cut on the time spending restarting holes when playing offline like there is with online? Is there a set schedule the game runs on to determine offline favorable conditions for those holes? Thanks!
  3. Just a little guide for all of you Vita AC3L players. All of the guides I found for Poison seem to point to Sequence 3-3 (Vanishing Slaves) for being the best solution for this trophy. I tried over 20 times with no luck. The white coat soldier spawns away from the group by the carriage, and he just stops killing the other soldiers once three are down. If you can even get them all bunched up. This game just has way too many glitches for this method to work, even if you do try to run around distracting them or using smoke bombs. Easier solution: go to the main plaza in New Orleans, where the church and gallow is, run around getting everyone's attention, including the four guards standing by a gate which have two white coats. Use a combination of smoke bombs and running around until you can go incognito in one of the haystacks with all of the guards and mercs bunched up (should have close to ten). Fire the berserk dart from the haystack at one of the white coat guards, he will knock out at least five and you will get your trophy. It took me one attempt of this after an hour of botched attempts with the method all of these other guides point to. This is also a convenient spot as this is the same place most get the Human Shield trophy. I hope this helps someone else!
  4. Most of the bugs/glitches talk that remains to this day is an overreaction. I've played a bit of this game across multiple platforms. I have played on the PS4 (OG), the PS4 version on a PS5, Xbox One version on a Series X, and the Series X version. Honestly, the Xbox versions have always seemed the most stable to me, most common problem I had was audio related, never crashed once in my 90+ hours of play. On the original PS4 I only ran into a few audio glitches, but I only played for about 5 hours. Surprisingly, my PS5 has frozen a couple times playing the PS4 version over about 8 hours of play, but it hasn't been very detrimental to the experience because the game autosaves regularly and it's quick enough to relaunch. If you are still questioning whether or not to play this, just play it. Honestly I had a much, MUCH harder time playing Fallout New Vegas, but nobody ever talks about how messed up that game is. It's worth it to mention that Skyrim is also full of glitches, a decade after the fact, but people still buy and replay that yearly. Cyberpunk is great and I hope more people give it a chance.
  5. Has anyone been able to connect in the past week or so?
  6. This may be a stupid question, but can anyone clarify what DLC is required to 100% this game? It is odd to see that there is only one additional list for Forsaken, but the other DLC's don't have any trophies. Is anything locked behind a paywall that isn't immediately obvious? Or if you own the original disk (or download the free version) and buy Forsaken, you are all set?
  7. Some of the first games I learned how to play when I was really young were 3D platformers, and I play them fairly regularly to this day. But this game is a whole other beast. I've put so many hours in and only have two races wins, and I'm kind of panicking to finish this now. I'm so low on the lists for many of these boosting sessions that doing this in random games seems to be my only option. I really dislike the luck factor. I get top 5 finishes all the time, but something always screws me out of number 1 such as lag, grabbers, hackers, starting line placement, or an unlucky hit from environment. I'm so close to giving up on this platinum and game, I don't see how this is possible right now without tip toe or some other mode. Especially when 9/10 times I get Full Tilt, my least favorite map in the game, it makes me want to pull every hair out. Who would have thought a game from 2020 would already have a closure and a rush to finish.
  8. People complained about the linearity of 13. I don't think that was the problem. I think the slow speed of the game, the length, the high difficulty, and the XP system is what brings it down the most. It is enjoyable, especially the battle system, but expect to be playing it for a bit. 13-2 was a massive improvement, and is honestly in my top 5 favorite games in the series. The battle system has been even further improved, the speed of the game is much faster, and it arguably has one of the best villains in the series. Lightning Returns is complicated. It stripped out a lot of what made 13-2 so great, and put it into this expansive world with a time limit. You also mainly only control one party member who can do everything. It makes for a very stressful and complicated game. I played it a bit, but I have to restart because I ran out of time. Time limits are literally my least liked mechanic in a video game, so yeah, LR was very disappointing for me. I think it is worse than 13. Overall, I would at least give 13 and 13-2 a try. They are good. 13 is flawed but not nearly the dumpster fire all of these brilliant internet critics believe it is. 13-2 is great, and one of my all-time favorites, that's how much it improved 13 for me in my opinion. 13-2 > 13 > LR
  9. What DLC is needed for this trick? The whole bundle or just the level pack? edit: Just heist, you don't need character dlcs.
  10. I want to add to my previous post that I didn't run into any problems on my recent run until I reached the DLC. I think my game must have crashed about 20 times before I got that last trophy. With the core game, I didn't encounter many issues, maybe two freezes at max, and some audio glitches around the 50 hour mark. But the DLC has plenty of issues, feels like it was untested at times.
  11. I played the Xbox 360 version initially when it launched in 2008 and invested a number of hours into it and all of the DLC. I’m now doing my second 100% run on PS3 (first played around 2011 on an older PSN account). This second time around I’m having a much better time. The first time I played on PS3 I experienced a number of sound issues, a few crashes, and like 1fps lag at a couple spots, especially in broken steel. Also I have the GOTY disc, and GNR radio would often play the end game radio broadcast, which would spoil a LOT for new players. But this second time around I’ve experienced none of these issues so far. If you have an Xbox, I highly recommend you play it there, because it just runs much so smoother. I also have it on PC, but I could never get to work right. I tried playing it around the time that Games for Windows Live was being discontinued, so I think the issues with that conflicted with my setup. Otherwise, I can't really comment on that version but the mods people run are pretty awesome. So in my opinion, based on my experience, if the PS3 version is your only option to play it, or if you want trophies, go for it! Do NOT skip out on this game. The minor issues this port has is nothing compared to the worth of diving back into the Capital Wasteland again or for the first time. As someone who has played it over the past 12-13 years, the game still holds up very well. While the story won't blow your mind, this game is best enjoyed by immersing yourself in the alternate reality future it portrays and the expansive environment you can explore. Now Fallout New Vegas is a different story. I played it on PS3 and PC over a period from 2014-2019, and I had numerous issues with both versions. The PS3 was definitely the worst. I had numerous crashes, just about every game session, and glitches kept me from enjoying much of that game. That one tends to be a fan favorite, but I think those people enjoyed a heavily modified PC version, or even the Xbox 360 version. I'd advise you stay away from the PS3 version unless you really want the trophies for it.
  12. Very sad to see a lot of premium users having this problem as well. If @Sly Ripper doesn't want people updating frequently he should make it very explicit on what that limit is, or at least give a warning when a user updates "too much."
  13. My IP has been blocked for about a month now. Still nothing since I posted in early January.
  14. Has anyone ever been able to get in contact with @Sly Ripper about this? I don't want to be annoying but I have been using this website a lot, and it's a shame if I can't use it now because I met some undisclosed update limit. I boost with a number of people using this website, and it's inconvenient when I can't compare trophies, or if I can't see what I have earned when looking at guides. It also seems like my account isn't auto-updating anymore, which now makes the inability to manually update my profile even worse. From the posts on here, even investing in premium membership to support the website wouldn't be worth it because you are always at risk of being IP banned randomly for an indefinite amount of time.
  15. So, unfortunately, even in 2021 this trophy is extremely annoying (just like the rest of the game). I played through 1-minute quarters without simming for all 32 teams, and it still didn't unlock it. I played them all on the home team side. Next, I tried nightowl_80's method with super-simming, on various difficulties and quarter lengths with all 32 teams, and again, still didn't get the trophy. I tried one last time and played a 1-minute quarter game with random teams, and the trophy finally, and thankfully, unlocked. Not sure what happened here, but if you are a newcomer I'd recommend doing nightowl_80's method by simming all against the bad Browns team (you can sim Browns vs. Browns). Playing 1-minute quarters with all teams takes hours and if the simulating is what helped me, it is better to save a few hours of your life. FYI, the trophy pops as the coaches/players celebrate and/or rage.
  16. I’ve had the ban now for more than a week. I’ll admit I update frequently (I didn’t know there was a “limit”) but the day I got banned I only updated once manually. Hoping this is resolved soon...
  17. Hello, I've been working on a lot of PS3 trophies over the last few months, and many of them require internet connection for multiplayer. Unfortunately, my connection to other people is sometimes causing problems, and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. One setting always seems off to me when I do tests. On my router (Google Wifi Home) and in my PS3's settings I have UPnP enabled. However, every time I test my internet on my PS3 it says that UPnP is "Not Available." I have tried resetting my router MANY times, changing the setting back and forth on everything, using LAN and Wifi, and shutting off other devices. I have no idea what the problem may be and all the guides I see online just say "reset your router" or "enable UPnP," but since I've done these solutions so many times, it obviously isn't working. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem? Thanks!
  18. Thank you for your suggestions. I tried to contact Google and they were pretty useless. I think it's related to either my provider or my PS3's hardware itself. My console is showing NAT type 2.
  19. I have the regular Google Wifi, just the one, not the nest kind. In my settings for the router UPnP is enabled.
  20. There is a lot of misinformation going around about this game. First, people are claiming that the PS3 version has an online trophy, which seems to be false. Also, I've seen people claiming that the DLC needs to have an internet connection to get all trophies for PS3 and PS4 (both versions). This is extending outside of this community as I've heard people in my Xbox gaming groups saying the same thing. Not sure why there is so much confusion but definitely is making this game more stressful than it needs to be. I guess since Mad Max it's hard to trust what WB does with this stuff.
  21. No rush, more than enough games for me to play on PS3 and PS4 still. I got a PS4 two years into this gen, and unless a number of exclusive games come out that make me want to buy one (MGS5, Fallout 4 on PS4 for example), I see no rush. Plus I don't want to deal with a RRoD situation again, so I tend to stay away from early hardware.