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  1. Hello and welcome to the PSNP community! 🖐️
  2. Good luck 👍
  3. I'm using a PS4 Pro on a 1080p monitor. You can play the games either supersampled or on higher framerates. You can still buy one if you want to. Later, you can even buy a 4K TV, who knows.😀
  4. R.I.P. Midnight
  5. Rebuild of Evangelion EX Rei Ayanami Figure (2008) Bought it from a really nice person online. She had other piece too (Misato) but i couldn't buy it because i was broke back then (nvm i'm still kinda broke 😁) Some Japanese original and Turkish-translated mangas, a light novel and Murakami's "Norwegian Wood" also can be seen on here.
  6. The Order: 1886 Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 4/10 It wasn't hard to play the game nor inspect all newspapers, items etc. but it was tedious. Game ends with a cliffhanger and it doesn't seems like they release a sequel, so meh. Platinumed anyway. Bought the retail version from a used game store, so it's time to exchange it with something else.
  7. Sly Raccoon. I would like to play Sly 2 and 3 too but i'm not a fan of the sequels of Sly 🙃
  8. Got these used PS3 games recently with Ridge Racer 7 but Ridge Racer's blu-ray cracked and i didn't notice until i come back to home 😑 I have Bayonetta and Tales of Symphonia on PC but i'll try to get some trophies on PS3. Bayonetta is choppy on PS3 though 😓
  9. Hello everyone! I'm bfrheostat; 30 years old male from Turkey. Playing games since 1996 (i had a famiclone like everybody else in here). My first -genuine- console was a used Gameboy Advance SP, bought it about nine years ago. Since then i bought PSP, PS2, PS3, Nintendo 3DS and finally a PS4 Pro and expanded my physical and digital game collection more and more. Generally i'm on PC but nowadays i'm playing some easy-to-plat games on PS3/PS4 (like Telltale ones). I hope we can get along well. If you wish to, you can also add me on PSN. Take care, have a nice day and happy trophy hunting to you all!
  10. Welcome to the site! I'm also a newbie passing by 😁
  11. Hello Nishant! I love 2D platformers too! Time by time 3D ones are getting annoying with bad camera angles 😄
  12. Hello Stedde! I was using the site like you and decided to join the forums tonight. I'm aiming to be in Top 1000 in my country as well. Can i manage it? I dunno, but i'll try.
  13. Hello Astrailla! Nice to meet you 😀
  14. Currently trying to plat "The Order: 1886" 😄