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  1. I also posted about this in one of the other threads, so I apologize for any redundancy, but is there anyone out there who would actually be willing to help me out with this? I bought up all the games last year in order to work my way through all the trophy lists but got distracted by other stuff and hadn't made it to Hitman 2 yet. Now, I come to find out that because I didn't specifically download the second title by a certain date, I can't claim content that I own. It's very unfortunate, to put it lightly. If there's anyone out there who'd be willing to help me out—perhaps with an alt account—you have no idea how appreciative I'd be. And, of course, I'd be more than happy to return the favor in some way.
  2. Man, this whole situation is beyond frustrating—I (like so many others) managed to miss the delisting notification until it was too late. Very annoying that IO handled things this way. If I own all the content, I feel like there shouldn't be problem. Guess I'll just have to start searching for someone to help me out.