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  1. I doubt anyone who got this game for free on plus will be able to platinum the game anymore, the cards are pretty scarce for some of the older collections & the ones that are still around can be pretty expensive too depending on what collections you want to complete. You need to complete most of them for the trophy though.
  2. you legend!
  3. I agree with you completely, it wasn't until I started a new account alongside my youtube channel that I finally stuck to an account, I've been a trophy hunter for about 9 years or so now and I've made so many accounts that I've lost count, I'd stick to your current account if I were you. If anything it gives you memories of playing with your friends on those certain games and challenges you may not have been able to overcome but they're all still memories, but as ResoluteRock said it's totally your call.
  4. I've had a PSVR for a long time now, I just don't like the feel of games like that right in front my eyes lol & if that game you're talking about is Astro Bot then yes, you'd be correct that it's an amazing game
  5. Won't be getting it if it's just on PSVR unfortunately
  6. Even if it does it'll be at 0% so you can delete it off your list.
  7. yes, you can delete all 0 %'s from the PS4
  8. Is there no way you can get a couple single player trophies if there are any so it's not stuck at 1% and it'll boost your completion rating up too
  9. I made a second video on Easy PS4 Platinums you can earn in under an hour! - 


  10. as somebody who is going for the platinum now and making very good progress, you will more than likely never be able to boost this game, gran turismo always has a strong player base until the games get shut down, you're just gonna have to practice and set good pole times
  11. Appreciate it man
  12. I also do trophy videos, not much on the channel yet but I will be doing a lot of videos in the style you are looking for very soon, I also do trophy hunting livestreams which will be more consistent once I move house
  13. Thanks man, that's not bad then cuz I have a ton of alt accounts lol, was worried I'd need to be logging in and out of like 20 different accounts.
  14. Thanks so much man! I promise I'm going to be really active soon once I move house , me and @Lawless_Llama got some plans for other videos too.
  15. These are my most recent platinums: Coffin Dodgers MotoGP 17 Funk of Titans My Name Is Mayo Slyde Cars Race-o-Rama Gem Smashers Monster Energy Supercross Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order