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  1. The glitch can happen with all of the characters... you just got unlucky. Win a few more games and the trophy will pop eventually, pretty much every trophy is glitched and has the chance to not unlock when you meet the requirements unfortunately.
  2. If you're a new trophy hunter or a veteran one, this is the perfect video for you! 


  3. Just uploaded a video about the hard games on ps now :)


  4. If the other games aren't already in your library I'd contact customer support
  5. Yeah the divisions this year were absolutely shit, every team you go against would have top tier players even if you had bronze players. One of the worst years imo
  6. Just had a look myself and damn, you weren't wrong about the spamming 😂
  7. Me too haha, I actually enjoyed going for the plat since I'm a fan of Greek Mythology however, the gameplay was pretty lackluster and the map was absurdly huge and the DLC was repetitive and boring too. Glad it's done
  8. It's legit and sold by a reputable seller too. Me and my brother build/repair ps3 and ps4 controllers and can tell when one is fake or real lmao. You can easily tell when you're buying one from ebay or any other sites by checking the back of the controllers serial number, description, screw placement etc etc and funnily enough the way "sony" is printed on the box and on the front of the controller, and if you're still suspicious you could always take it apart.
  9. You can buy legit ps3 controllers brand new and boxed on ebay. I got mine for £12
  10. Posted another video on easy plats you can earn in under an hour :) 


  11. Me too if possible
  12. You should be able to yes, sadly not the case though.
  13. If they don't get fixed report it to BBB since it's a campaign people paid for.
  14. I doubt anyone who got this game for free on plus will be able to platinum the game anymore, the cards are pretty scarce for some of the older collections & the ones that are still around can be pretty expensive too depending on what collections you want to complete. You need to complete most of them for the trophy though.