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  1. You have to become Place 5 with reznov. A hugh difference. And it doenst have to be a headshot.
  2. Try winning a match nowdays. Much easier to boost this kill for reznov than winning a match. Yeah but this doenst exist anymore. Winning is waaaaaaaay too hard nowdays. I am not the only one who thinks like that. Getting carried doenst help you when the last survivor is a pro with 10k hours played. Reznov i got third try boosting, you just need to make it to place 5. No offense guys, but blackout has changed in the past years. To the worst. I want to give an accurate picture of how painful this Mode and especially winning it is. As in the end you will struggle at woods nowdays. Winning is almost impossible (unless you have the luck to dont Meet one of the no lifers).
  3. Woods is harder to get than Reznov.
  4. Blackout is nowadays a 10/10 , thanks to the no lifers who still play it and who love to Sabotage trophy hunters going for chracters.
  5. I cant really prove that there are serious hackers in Blackout or not, but it doesnt matter. It WILL be the worst boosting experience you ever have in your life. At least it is so far for me and i did far cry 2 and Bad company 1. 2 games i would rather do again than this. Be prepared to suffer when you go for wins (required for getting the woods chracter). Its really frustrating as i already got dozens of times killed by the last enemy. The last enemy is always the most cruel one! Once we were 7 players against the last one (they helped me) and we all got destroyed by this guy... The Problem is this Mode is full of veteran players who played Blackout already up to 10.000 hours. They stream it on their small and unimportant twitch or Youtube Accounts.... Why they dont move to warzone? Nobody knows... There are also people who love to Sabotage trophy hunters too. They drop off at the characters items Position and kill all trophy hunters going for it off. For 8 hours straight btw. Blackout is a cruel and extremly depressing experience nowdays.
  6. Because greedy Rockstar earns more money with the next Version of GTA V than remastering any other game. Buy this instead and give them more of your money.
  7. Better include no campaign than having a terrible one like battlefield 3 had. Worst campaign i ever played.
  8. I must correct you, but Battlefield 3 has the worst singleplayer ever. Not only in Battlefield, but in every FPS i have ever played. Buggy as hell (freezed at least 3 times on me), lots of enemy spawns directly in front of your eyes etc . Gameplay is really dumbed down in comparison to bad company 1 + 2. Linear levels and only scripted destruction (great that they improved destruction, but then let me destroy ffs) are left. Also no free use of vehicle, only if the game forces you. It also lacks any form of difficulty. They also cut out the great humor of bad company. Instead you have boring US Marine Corps ourah one-liners..... The Story also sucked. It started medicore and turned complete BS in the second half. Nothing makes any sense anymore. Its in big parts a black ops 1 rip off btw. Also the mission design was really boring (lots of walking and listening to boring dialogues scenes). Even the praised "jet mission" is a boring interactive cut scene , they could have at least let you flight, not only watch... The best campaign id by far Battlefield V with "the last tiger". Great atmosphere and story...
  9. I plan to start this game in the next time, but I heard that this game likes to break trophies, making them unobtainable. Are those problems already fixed?
  10. 1) AC Black Flag (Would stack it 1000 Times if possibly) 2) AC Brotherhood (Great atmosphere and best soundtrack in the whole franchise, definitely best game of ezio trilogy) 3) AC Rogue (basically Black Flag with snow, the first copy and paste in the AC series I actually liked) 4) AC 2 (great game when you play first time but you realize how much more the other games offer in comparison with every additionial playthrough) 5) AC Revelations (has the best ending in the entire franchise and some epic moments but was too much of the same after ac 2 and brotherhood) 6) AC 3 (has some Interesting story arcs like Kenways introduction and a well executed Frontier area, but I liked it less and less towards the end, especially as it was revealed that George Washington caused Connors pain from the very beginning, but nobody dares making him the main villain besides in some ridiculous DLC....) 7) AC Odyssey (great game but sadly no assassins creed anymore, also loved a lot of the side quests as some great stories are hidden there) 8) AC Origins (More an of an assasins creed game than odyssey but lack the great gameplay of it) 9) Ac Syndicate (mediocre AC game with some nice mechanics only slightly better than unity) 10) AC Unity (too many stupid French names to remember and bland story, but nice Parcours and city) 11) AC 1 (Was maybe great back in the days but aged horribly) 12) Ac Valhalla and Chronicles (never played them and doubt that i will like them, but i am sure that they must be better than the last game on my list...) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13) AC Liberation (This game just sucks in every way possible. Worst AC ever!!!! they basically screwed up everything and i regret getting the platinum 2 times. I almost start hating myself for going for it a second time. Oddly this is the only AC game with three platinums. But I would rather stop gaming than playing this crap again!)
  11. Tell your unfunny jokes somewhere else.
  12. Do i need to have the dlcs for that? For this Boss?
  13. yes it is like that. Only 2 servers working and every additional server crashes after some minutes (you lose your progress of this round with this). So you cant escape the lifers besides locking up a server with 24 boosters (I recommend) or of course hiring this guy with 23 ps3 and and copies of this game (I don´t recommend). I guess this game slowly fell apart after 2015 with less and less working servers. I remember this game went fine back in 2012.
  14. Thx for your reply but i actually asked for trophies which should be done in coop (easier) and not which trophies are requiered to do in coop.
  15. There are always lifers in almost every game, but bad company is especially problematic as there is almost no way to evade those and all online trophies requires a lot of online playing. The only option is to find 24 boosters (some might have bots) to fill a lobby, but even then it will take forever as everyone need to show up first and then you still need to make the randoms leave. Hiring a specififc guy who has 23 PlayStations with this game was thankfully not necessary (way too expensive) at the end as enough boosters showed up on the saturday boost. (Btw Those boosters are always looking for new players so check the boosting sessions) For Fight night: thankfully it shuted down and the arrogant owner of the belt has to find a new meaning in his life. Yes one of them wrote me exactly this. But I replied him that you can at least experience more and new games as an hunter instead of sticking for years on the same game while it is slowly dying. You also dont have to use cheap tactics (spawn kniving) on other players just to stay on top leaderboard in a game nobody cares about anymore.