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  1. Rockstar games I used to like this company but after GTA 5 Online and their shark cards.... Rockstar Games are getting worse every year. They removed radio songs from older GTAs because they dont want to pay licences (GTA 4 lost a lot of its nostalgia without the russian vladivostock FM songs). Furthermore instead of creating great singleplayer DLCs they are completly pushing GTA Online , because it gets them more money. Rockstar games could redeem themselves but instead they make their fourth (!!!!) GTA 5 Port to the new consoles. The PS2 had 5 different (!!!) GTA games and the ps3 at least 2 with 2 great stand-alones! For PS4 we only got RDR 2...
  2. Mass effect 1-3 , operation flashpoint and Spec ops the Line: In all those games you are able to place your squad members in strategically clever spots. Too bad I didn´t care about that 😀 only used some biotech attacks from the mass effect squad members.
  3. skyrim
  4. Jean-Claude Juncker
  5. optimizing, which ist not necessary, costs time and work. You have to pay your employees and have less time to create dlcs or other gemaes. So you loose money. There is no point in doing the costumers a favour and instead the gamers will have to deal with it on their own (buying new hard devices) , so it will not be done. In a meaningful way you can call it greedy. no developer will tell you that, so its a bit speculative, but not too much. I can give you an example: in titanfall 2 more than 30 gb of the 45 gb used for audio is not optimized and unused data. Sound data isnt the only thing that requires much save data. Textures also need a lot and often are not optimized.
  6. you can optimize the date save requirements of game, but most developers are just too lazy and greedy
  7. there are plenty of people who have all their games installed because of low internet connection. If a remaster of a 9 year old game already takes 60+ gb (only first patch) then it could be possible that exclusive games of the ps5 will take up to 200-300 Gb after the last patch and dlcs. 10 TB is a bit much , but 5 TB not that unrealistic.
  8. looks like the ps5 will need like 10 TB of space to give the player enough space for at least on year of gaming.
  9. You have to play exo survival in COD: AW with every class online. There is a a trophy for (just playing, but its still online) if i remember correctly.
  10. how can you complete these games in less than a week 😂
  11. and change that you dont need to complete the majority of the game with every of the six squad member (instead a silver trophy for any squad member for example)
  12. On the one hand it would be great to experience this great trilogy again BUT on the other hand i remember that you have to play the first mass effect game 3 times with almost all side questes for the platinum. Furthermore the enemies are getting stronger bullet sponges with every new playthrough!!! It would be great if they could change the Trophy requirements, but that would be too much too ask from EA.
  13. Tropico 5 Just cause 3
  14. Fallout new vegas story and world building is way more complex and interesting than in F3 or F4. You almost think its a complete different franchise. I think Bethesda will need years to survive the fallout 76 mess. So they wont have time for the asked remasters. The only way you can enjoy new vegas is on pc unfortunately.
  15. the complete collection with all dlcs runs very poorly especially when you are far in the game. The bigger your save the higher the chance of crashing. you can get the platinum (if you have standard edition) without running in too many crashes but the dlcs are a different case. With the dlcs Its even worse than the fallout 3 Gotye which is already a catastrophe.The problem is the software construction of the ps3 which is too "complex" for the game. So prepare for countless freezes and heavy slowdowns in dense areas (somethimes you have one frame per FIVE SECONDS!!!) Too bad there is no remaster for ps4. This would be a great chance for console players to experience this great game in the way its meant to be played.