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  1. killzone 3, resident evil 1, mass effect andomeda, black ops 2 and 3
  2. Assassins Creed, FIFA and Battlefield!
  3. Well the problem is they are really greedy, but they also are really lazy. They want to earn their money the easy way (micro transactions etc.). Remasters are not as complex as creating a new game, but still it is too much for them. There are even more people who wants a remaster of mass effect, dead space and bad company, but this also never happen. They are just too lazy. At least you can buy this game in origin for a few euros ( at least in Germany, but its censored in nazi stuff)
  4. Its time for a Saboteur remaster, but unfortunately EA is the publisher...
  5. No, they just were very, very lucky.
  6. Has anyone found a solution to make this trophy obtainable again? The last answers to this topic are given months ago. If not, shouldn´t this game added to the "unobtainable Platins" list?
  7. Can you add me to investigator too? I have 5 plats: Bioshock 1 , 2 and infinite (PS4) , the saboteur and watch dogs 1. I think if The saboteur counts, then you should add "Red Faction: Guerillia" (PS3 or PS4). In this Game you also are fighting the totalitarian Gouvernement and even all the Trophies states that you are a fighter for freedom and resistance.
  8. I cant find much informations on this topic , so maybe someone of you can tell me, how hard this platinum is and how long it takes. Do you have to grind a lot and are there any server issues preventing you from obtaining all online Trophies? I have the UK Version and a german PSN account (this game is still banned in Germany) if its important to know.
  9. I am thinking of borrow this game to get the platin trophy like in just cause 3, but i heard of the long and boring Chaos lvl 14 grind. Does it help to play the DLCs or is it still an huge grind?
  10. Thank you for your replies. Sound like i should give this game a try.
  11. Saints row 2 Oblivion Simpsons game condemned 2 stranglehold (hard boiled - the videogame) The darkness 1 the goodfather 1 ratchet tools of destruction
  12. Mortal kombat (2011)
  13. Thank you for your reply. I created my account on December 2015, so I think i would be affected from the not saving server statistics. Maybe I give the story mode a chance on my secondary account.
  14. 1. Almost all online trophies especially long grinds like reaching the max rank. Thats why i hate to plat rockstar games. Its ridiculous how much you have to grind for max rank in Red dead redemption 1 and 2, gta 4 or max payne 3. 2. Games with fantastic SP but bullsh*t MP like Tomb Raider, AC Black flag or driver san francisco are also a real pain in the ass. 3. Trophies which requires a ridiculous amount of time --> 100% completion in Red dead redemption 2. Earning 100% in RDR 1 singleplayer was a lot of fun, but is complete bullsh*t in RDR 2 cause of hunting contracts and lack of fast travel. 150 hours of booring and luck based grinding..... 4. All sort of unmarked collectibles like in The evil within, every call of duty or the feather in Asassins creed 2. Nobody really searches them and uses guides instead, so why should i waste my time with booring collecting? Its really frustrating and doesnst make any game better. It just sucks. Instead of those crappy trophies, why dont you just create real and fun challenges like for example a really hard difficulty , you have to complete (Killzone 2, Mass effect 2)? And please No ironman Trophis!
  15. Danke für die Antwort, habe dir mal eine Nachricht gesendet.
  16. Du kannst auch ruhig auf deutsch schreiben, was genau du gemacht hast um die Trophäe zu kriegen, ich versuche dann zu übersetzen, wenn du willst.
  17. What exactly did you do on your router? And did you earn the trophy with a friend or 2 ps3s?
  18. Is it possible to play the same boss 2 or more times when Invasion is online? So you basaically have 24 hours to get all Invasion trophies?
  19. I started playing In the middle of May, before those glitches started. Should i continue earning points? (stoppend playing after i read of the bugs)