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  1. 1. Yes, it is pretty awesome to be automatically interrupted multiple times in boss fights at random HP percentages that you do not know unless you look it up, and the game never tells, while robbing you your MP, limit breaks or summons. Last two you rarely get back in a fight. 2. Don't confuse him. Hard mode is not available until NG+.
  2. I have just got the platinum. It took me 3 weeks and 3 play throughs: 1 normal and 2 hards for grinding stats. I agree with the clunkiness of the combat. I have criticized it several times and fanboys would jump to my throat. This is pretty obvious if you played many other games with far better combat. While easy is too easy, you should start with it because two playthroughs are not enough for maxing out the materia. You could spend the whole easy playthrough using assess to learn enemies weaknesses. You should really get fully levelled HP, MP, magic, etc materia before the last and optional bosses. I did them now without maxed out materia but struggled. For the easy play through I would not check guides or builds. For normal mid game, yes.
  3. I had to restart to get the trophy and forgot about this thread.
  4. Hi! I finished the croft mansion taking my time to collect every collectible. I have checked carefully one by one every document and relic against guides several times yet it shows one document and 2 relics left. Do I need to restart the whole croft mansion?
  5. Hi! I am a souls veteran and I saw a friend has this plat and decided to try to go for it since I am close (80% completion rate). I am shocked with the difficulty given to this game. I rarely play driving games but for me it is easily 7-9 difficult. I did all the speed traps but some of them took me up to 5-10 tries. Now I am stuck with the speed runs and it is an awful grind of 30-50 tries for each. I am getting extremely pissed with the traffic as well. So far: - Coca Cola truck blocking the road sideways (both lanes) - Both lanes busy by two cars in the apex of a curve - 3 cars next to each other just after entering a tunnel. The problem with the tunnels is that you don't see anything inside until you are a good distance in. - Roaming racers spawning suddenly and ramming you - Also some traffic spawns pretty close at 100-200m in front of you. This might seem enough distance but it is not when you are close to the end driving with a 399 Regera ... - Of course the usual 10-15 cars in the next 200m during daylight. How am I supposed to drive at 350km/h in the middle of 15 cars? So far I am only making a little progress during the nights and still is horrible. Any advice tips or should I just quit? This feels such a random grind. Most of the times is a pain and sometimes I am lucky there is little traffic and get the 3 stars.
  6. Thanks! I already have an offroad Porsche from the campaign. I heard the offroad speed runs are the hardest and I am leaving them for later. For the other speed runs should I use a race or drag car? I followed the guide in this site and used the race Regera but Powerpyx recommends the drag Regera. About the Regera, I have a 399 race Porsche 911 with much better traction and control but of course doesn't get close to Regera speed. What build would you recommend? I struggle a lot with the Regera in speed runs with many turns. EDIT: I am doing speed runs in the mountains and this is straight impossible. After 50 or 60 attempts the amount of traffic is incredible. My hometown has mountains and smaller towns there and I used to drive there in the weekends and holidays. Usually will see a car every 2-3 minutes at most. Much less trucks. In game I am having 2 couples of cars taking both lanes, again more trucks that move slow and stop in both lanes WTF??? and even two trucks taking both lanes
  7. I am stuck now for hours in the pit. I went from high mid 30s to 24:65s. I watched many many videos already on them. I have the layout memorised: - First area: 1st left, double, centre, right, up right, up left, left - House: 1st left, double, knife the one at stairs - Roof: double right, double left - Last area: double left, double centre, double centre I am starting with M9 and change to US45 at the stairs for quicker knife. The random layout is pissing me off. Every video has the same layout but in my game even after restoring the last checkpoint the layout still changes. The first target in the house on the left appears to the right. In the roof where I am losing a lot of time, sometimes they put a little girl target between the two targets on the right. And the ones on the left are most of the times not aligned at all. One is by a wall (left) and the other starts by the opposite corner, so aligning them takes me at least one second, because after shooting the two on the right I have to move all the way to the left wall to align them YAY! Update: I got the time to 22s but the layout is adding a new target sometimes by the center of the window of the house. I don’t know if this is a bug as the other targets are not resetting.
  8. I am finishing the trophies in this game but the last laptop in cliffhanger does not appear. I am following this video (at 2:20) but the laptop never spawns in my map. My save was already glitched and had to repeat to my inmortal run on a clean save. I wonder if the collectibles are glitched too. Fixed. I don't know how but the first laptop in cliffhanger was in the map (I already had collected it).