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  1. Lol its not their fault that nobody is online playing leagues. They have a feature that simply isn't popular. You will need to boost the league trophies with a friend or second ps4
  2. You can get from 1-100 in 30 minutes with a boosting partner. If you get it let me know and we will do it. It took me 20 minutes to get to 75
  3. Took a month but all the trophies are finally fixed. I hopped on and loaded into a game and it popped my level 5 and level 50 trophy.
  4. He was just asking a question mate, move along
  5. I sent my mate to the store to get us some gaming snacks and dude comes back with I shit you not nothing but $93 worth of fucking mixed nuts

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    2. PSXtreme_
    3. Mythologuy


      He got literally one of every nut that walmart had to offer

    4. PSXtreme_


      At least he didn't bring you these....



      Image result for snacks i don't think that word means meme

  6. Thanks for the info fellas. I think ill start with the bowgun
  7. Unfuckingbelievable
  8. So im going to start MHW again on this profile to prepare for Iceborne. I do have some questions though! If I own the digital version of MHW can I buy the iceborn disk and play it? A little confused on what needs to be owned and done before being able to play this one! This might be a dumb question but I am assuming character progression will carry right on over to this? Also an unrelated question but what weapon/class is overall the most balanced and OP? I dont want the “each character is great depending on how you use them” answer. I want someone to tell me to use a specific class because they are fooking OP. I believe the first time around I used the longsword or whatever its called.
  9. Going on 72 hours lmao. Havent played since
  10. "as long as the trophies pop" We will see if Partisan pops lol
  11. Ive never watched any kind of Anime in my entire 23 year old life but I want to start!


    Where do I begin fellas?

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    2. REDXSAN


      @Redgrave jojo kimyou na bouken is one of the best anime’s I have watched it’s in my top 5


      I liked all 5 parts but part 5 was the best due to the amazing gang

    3. Redgrave


      @REDXSAN Yeah, I've come to appreciate Part 5 a lot more now. It's a shame that when it initially came out for the manga the bad translations gave it a bad rep but I'm glad DavidProductions could help change peoples minds on it.

    4. BlazikieronUS


      Fresh prince of belair

  12. Can you replay missions? If so how? I also joined someone else's game and completed a few missions (as well as his last mission) he as well didnt get the trophy, and once again (hoping it would pop) didnt pop for me either
  13. Update: did every mission in the game and did not get the trophy. Statistics show 100% in both story and side missions
  14. Never knew that haha. I only have 3! Ill finish up my missions now and report back if i have an issue
  15. Hmm any tips for Hitler statues?