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  1. I am happy there are checkpoints in permadeath mode. The story is far too long (20 hours) for one sitting, and they disabled save scumming, which would also make this mode redundant. I think checkpoints is a fair compromise. However, with that said, I think chapter checkpoints is very silly. They're too short. I think it should've only been checkpoints at each act, or none at all if you're feeling brave. I wish they included separate trophies for permadeath at chapters, act and whole game. Now that would've been something, and add some ultra rare trophies to this game
  2. Did you do anything unrelated to the quest once you started it, like anything at all? I remember when I did it, as soon as the quest triggered I immediately dropped everything and finished it. I didn't want to risk it lol You might want to try reloading an earlier save, preferably where you haven't quite yet, but you're on the cusps of triggering the pestilence quest, and do nothing but those objectives until everyone is saved. That is really the only thing I can think of that might be causing you problems
  3. I think it is boostable, but in no way will it be easy to boost it. You need 2 active players, and not just 2 controllers. Each person will need multiple accounts, like 3-4 each. You'll pretty much have to play each game in a 2 on 1 situation and pray your opponent isn't godlike at the game. Unlike 19, where you had one some wiggle room and could lose one game and still maintain your standing, in 20 your tournament ends. So you'll have to play a bunch of games bringing you and all your alt accounts to round 2, and then so on to the finals. I did it like this in NHL 19, but it's harder to do now. For a long time I thought it wasn't possible to do this in 20, but I found out if you close the entire game while searching for your next opponent, you can maintain your position so it's definitely possible. So there is an easier alternative than losing 150 times before finally winning game 4, if you can even manage to do that
  4. So I murdered Karolina but that didn't fail the dlc for me. I failed the main story, but the Capon family necklace quest never failed and it still won't give me an option to finish the epilogue. At this point, I went straight to the bandit camp where the necklace is, but there's just too many of them to stealth kill the camp at night, since only 2 of like a dozen bandits sleep. Now I'm just gonna have to grind up my lockpicking skill so I can just go straight to the chest
  5. I don't know if this happened in the UK too, but they recently raised the prices of the Mass Effect games and dlc, at least here in Canada. The trilogy used to be $29.99, now it's $39.99. The standalone game was $14.99, now I believe it's $19.99. They've also added $5 to the most expensive dlcs, and another, I assume substantial, increase on the others. I was in the same boat as you, waiting and waiting for a sale on these dlc. I waited so long, the price actually increased by a third, and some dlc prices were doubled. If they struggled selling this game before, this ensures sales will be pretty much nonexistent here on out.
  6. The processing just ended, and yes, this tourney works for the trophy! To get it to pop, go find the qualifier under completed seasons tab, and once it shows your rank, press X to continue and the trophy will pop there
  7. I think I prematurely ranted about FACEIT. I received the collectible today and played my 3 games. I'll check back in on Monday to let everybody know if this counts for the trophy. And just to be clear for those still trying to figure it out, you have to link your PSN in the integration settings, and when you add NHL 20 to your profile, AND it has to match the EA profile connected to your game. And even then, you can expect up to a week waiting for the collectible
  8. Has anybody actually been given a collectible for this week? I just don't get why it's so hard to receive one. I followed all of FACEIT's instructions, even the cryptic shit about the integration settings. Have been back and forth with a support guy on reddit who only seems to respond once a day. My EA account and faceit and NHL20 on FACEIT are all properly linked to my PSN. Is this on EAs end? Should I be contacting them?
  9. What I actually did was sprint and jumped all the way to the different skill book locations for vitality and agility. That maxed out vitality for me, and to finish off agility, I did the Rattay tourney, short sword and shield. I feel that gives way more experience than training with Bernard. That gave me the final 2.5 levels I needed before I even acquired my third piece of armor for winning lol
  10. So I'm just a couple trophies away from platinum and one of them is level cap. Is my understanding correct that to get max level, you have to get all 4 main stats at 20? I know progressing through the main quests gives you a big boost, but after finishing the main quest, do you get any leniency on maxing out the other stats? I finished the main quest, and strength + speech is 20, agility + vitality are 17, and I'm at level 19 (74%). Getting agility to 20 will be easy by training with Bernard but how do you even train vitality? Nothing seems to bring it up, or at the very least 1 or 2 xp points. Are there any xp exploits still left in the game that haven't been patched out yet?
  11. So I just finished the BOS quest where you secure Fort Strong from the super mutants. All the popups keep saying that it's cleared and keep advancing me forwards in the quest but after I successfully turn the quest in, Maxson won't give me the next mission and tells me that I need to secure Fort Strong, literally right after telling me how great I am for securing Fort Strong. I tried replaying the whole questline from the beginning but still encounter the same bug. A little more info, I sided with the RR first, so I did the part where you hack into the Institute with them. But I know for a fact that the holotape still works with BOS. I'm also at the beginning (no progress at all) into Mass Fusion quest, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. Any suggestions on what I should do?
  12. Well I tried replaying a few select questionable chapters to register the completion status, then I redid the final chapter and it popped. I cheesed a couple annoying sections but I guess you can't even do that. I wonder if it's because I had digital, instead of physical copy
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. Just replayed the whole game on crushing, just to not receive the trophy all over again. I don't know what I'm going to do. This game is just straight up fucked
  14. I heard that this trophy can be glitchy, but I just beat the game, every chapter on crushing, and the trophy won't pop. Is there something I need to do that will help? I tried beating chapter 22 again, but nothing happens. The only thing I can think of is I went back a few chapters around like chapter 8, but I never changed the difficulty, so that shouldn't have affected it
  15. Thank you Quaddo1. I was searching for a solution to this for an hour before I checked here. I just couldn't get grounded to work in game, and it didn't "exist" in the ps store. I checked my download list, did it individually and everything worked perfectly. Do you know if Left Behind is free too? Or will I have to just pay for that?