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  1. I have that issue with the store too. So when you are on the page of the add on or game you want to buy, make sure there's actually a price cause a lot of stuff still appears in the store, despite being delisted. In the bottom left where it says overview and recommendations, there is an invisible slot above overview. Highlight overview, then moving up once should appear like nothings happening. Moving up twice should highlight the playstation store logo. If this is the case, the add to cart is invisible. Click x there in the middle and it'll add to cart
  2. There are two trophies. One for 50 wins, and another for winning the ppv main event. So to answer your question, yes you need to win all 5. You unlock the next match by winning the previous one. The 5th match is the main event. The other reply was incorrect
  3. My copy looks like a normal copy of the game, with a white banner that says it includes Kasumi: Stolen memories, overlord and Lair of the shadow broker. I'm not 100% sure if these are the trophy missions or not. But I know for sure that the trilogy does not include any dlc for #3, because I looked into that already as a cheaper option than paying for the dlc individually
  4. My copy of Mass Effect 2 came with the DLC on the disc
  5. There's a rumour circulating today that the PS3, PSP and Vita stores will be shutting down permanently this summer. Considering that this DLC does not exist on any disc releases of the game, this DLC will be gone forever this summer, thus making these trophies unattainable. Be prepared to spend $50 soon, or the 100% will be impossible. Gonna have to do some research on what other games I own that have dlc on disc or is only digital. Shit like this makes me regret continually supporting Sony and buying a ps5...
  6. So when you play 6s, you don't need like people to play with from your own club? Or you can just click on it, and it'll just take you to a full game with randoms? If that's the case, I think I might make the final push with 6s. I've been looking at those bonuses, but EA changed it to bi-weekly challenges instead of weekly, and also severely limited the amount of bonus xp. Some periods, they only offer cosmetic items exclusively, unlike last year where it was a 50 50 mix of xp and cosmetics
  7. So how did you go about the level 50 trophy? I'm at 26, and find this mode more unbearable than the be a pro grind. I know the pro am will only net you like maybe 10 levels unfortunately. Is there a fast way to level up? I see in the eashl section that they have badges for stat milestones like goals, hits, etc. Do you get bonus xp for hitting those milestones? If so, that might make it go a little faster
  8. I imagine you would just upload to the ps plus cloud, and download to your ps5. It's still playing a ps4 game on a ps5 console, the files don't change
  9. I am happy there are checkpoints in permadeath mode. The story is far too long (20 hours) for one sitting, and they disabled save scumming, which would also make this mode redundant. I think checkpoints is a fair compromise. However, with that said, I think chapter checkpoints is very silly. They're too short. I think it should've only been checkpoints at each act, or none at all if you're feeling brave. I wish they included separate trophies for permadeath at chapters, act and whole game. Now that would've been something, and add some ultra rare trophies to this game
  10. Did you do anything unrelated to the quest once you started it, like anything at all? I remember when I did it, as soon as the quest triggered I immediately dropped everything and finished it. I didn't want to risk it lol You might want to try reloading an earlier save, preferably where you haven't quite yet, but you're on the cusps of triggering the pestilence quest, and do nothing but those objectives until everyone is saved. That is really the only thing I can think of that might be causing you problems
  11. I think it is boostable, but in no way will it be easy to boost it. You need 2 active players, and not just 2 controllers. Each person will need multiple accounts, like 3-4 each. You'll pretty much have to play each game in a 2 on 1 situation and pray your opponent isn't godlike at the game. Unlike 19, where you had one some wiggle room and could lose one game and still maintain your standing, in 20 your tournament ends. So you'll have to play a bunch of games bringing you and all your alt accounts to round 2, and then so on to the finals. I did it like this in NHL 19, but it's harder to do now. For a long time I thought it wasn't possible to do this in 20, but I found out if you close the entire game while searching for your next opponent, you can maintain your position so it's definitely possible. So there is an easier alternative than losing 150 times before finally winning game 4, if you can even manage to do that
  12. So I murdered Karolina but that didn't fail the dlc for me. I failed the main story, but the Capon family necklace quest never failed and it still won't give me an option to finish the epilogue. At this point, I went straight to the bandit camp where the necklace is, but there's just too many of them to stealth kill the camp at night, since only 2 of like a dozen bandits sleep. Now I'm just gonna have to grind up my lockpicking skill so I can just go straight to the chest
  13. I don't know if this happened in the UK too, but they recently raised the prices of the Mass Effect games and dlc, at least here in Canada. The trilogy used to be $29.99, now it's $39.99. The standalone game was $14.99, now I believe it's $19.99. They've also added $5 to the most expensive dlcs, and another, I assume substantial, increase on the others. I was in the same boat as you, waiting and waiting for a sale on these dlc. I waited so long, the price actually increased by a third, and some dlc prices were doubled. If they struggled selling this game before, this ensures sales will be pretty much nonexistent here on out.
  14. The processing just ended, and yes, this tourney works for the trophy! To get it to pop, go find the qualifier under completed seasons tab, and once it shows your rank, press X to continue and the trophy will pop there
  15. I think I prematurely ranted about FACEIT. I received the collectible today and played my 3 games. I'll check back in on Monday to let everybody know if this counts for the trophy. And just to be clear for those still trying to figure it out, you have to link your PSN in the integration settings, and when you add NHL 20 to your profile, AND it has to match the EA profile connected to your game. And even then, you can expect up to a week waiting for the collectible