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  1. It will be very time consuming, and it requires a lot of minute of details in getting the platinum. First, you need a couple of guides. https://legendofmana.info/ is the most clear guide in regards to getting all events. You NEED to talk to Lil Cactus after every event, failure to do so will void one trophy, NG+ will always wipe Li'l Cactus' Diary. So you need to get it all in one shot. Ardent Agriculture will require an RNG Nightmare, as just giving the right seeds will only produce a specific color, but not the specific fruit. As a suggestion, take note (pen and paper or notepad) of any produce that you get, your encyclopedia for produce will be full and there was no in-game way of tracking what produce you have gotten. Here is a produce guide https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps/256525-legend-of-mana/faqs/50811.
  2. If you have max level with all your party members + best equipment (Karna's Robe+, Baton Keychain, etc.), then the only option you have is more max personas. You need to have a variety of them and not just one or 2. Take a few hours to get a few. The most common weaknesses are Fire, Wind, Elec. My best Suggestion is Norn (Lightning + Wind Immunity + Wind Attacks for bosses), Black Frost (Curse, Fire, Ice Immunity), maybe a devoted healing+buffing persona (Heat Riser+Samarecarm+Mediarahan+Spell Master). Use Buffs to reduce the damage that you take. You can also equip yourself with Firm Stance to help reduce the damage taken from enemies. You can't be mindless in Merciless, you need to be careful, and after the mini-bosses, event battles & Alice, you can choose to run away from any non-important battle.
  3. Both are good, the advantage of the 2nd dire shadow is due to the ice weakness granting an increased chance to freeze which makes the battle easier compared to the first.
  4. I got Ice Amp on Lucifer through King Frost, before fusing King Frost into Black Frost make sure King Frost learns ALL of his skills, he learns Ice Age and Ice Amp if you level him up past level 70
  5. Just got the platinum, it is substantially faster to grind the Sendai Dire Shadow than Metatron.
  6. For people having a hard time with grinding bond levels. I recently discovered a slightly easier solution, In Merciless, Dire shadows respawn. Similar to Metatron Method, you simply need to make a special Persona for the job. The best Dire Shadow to do this method with is in Sendai due to Ice Weakness. Make a Max Stats Ice Persona with the ff: - Ice Amp - Ice Boost - Freeze Boost - Spell Master - Diamond Dust/Ice Age Because of the Ice Weakness and Freeze Boost, the Dire Shadow will Freeze often. Use this opportunity to get a lot of hits in and 4-5 minutes later you gain almost 3 times more Bond XP than Metatron. ------------------
  7. I've been Farming the Dire Shadows In Sendai at Merciless and it is super worth it. With the right setup & party, it goes down on 4-5 minutes and gives out WAY more than Metatron on Easy. My Setup Lucifer (Max Stats) - Ice Amp - Ice Boost - Freeze Boost - Diamond Dust/Ice Age - Spell Master Team: Yusuke, Ann, Sophia ------ Just Cast Diamond Dust/Ice Age till Frozen, then wail on the Snake King until unfrozen, freeze and repeat. Spend All Non-SP Incense on Yusuke, so that he can be a back-up.
  8. Anybody figure out a way to make this grindy trophy easier, this seems to be the most difficult trophy. As it requires you to max out bond level to max out all bond skills.
  9. Thanks, I already got it. You needed to complete the Cold Comfort Quest before Selma offers to sell you the costumes.
  10. Is the Black Cat, White Medal Maniac & Divine Dancer Costume not in the PS4 version as well. I completed the DQ9 Tickington Quest and it's not offering me the costumes.
  11. Finally fixed
  12. Update: Got the trophy, just don't high 5 during the tutorial for Healing, that counts.
  13. Can the trophy for Leave em hanging be earned alone? Or are you required to have a 2nd controller to get this trophy?
  14. Same as first one, Ni No Kuni was my 1st PS3 game so I am definitely buying
  15. For the EX Dungeon Bosses, I made sure to make use of the trainer effectively, + Plan B & Vampire. For Level 1700, which has a demon boss I had my entire team with 3-5 point of Demon ATK in the Trainer, this boosted the Damage I did to demons by 120-140%. This is on top of the High Tension, Attack Boost, etc. plus a little bit of luck, I was able to defeat him. If you think the sun guy is hard Penumbra is even worse, I had to use the trainer to make sure that I could counter all the monsters in the stage as a Level 2500 Stage can literally 1 hit kill even my Shielder at early levels. (For 2500 stage I invested in Armor, Flying, Demon, Ghost & Plant ATK on the trainer).