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  1. This is over one year late but here’s my experience: I played the game solo first on normal difficulty and thought it was ok. Pretty mediocre I’d say, like a 6/10. Then I decided to play it all over again in co op. Great decision. I played from start to finish with 1 person and was a solid 8/10 experience. We went on to play some horde mode in the same night and was pretty fun as well, with fun-ness depending on the map (some maps were too difficult for us two, so with 4 people it would probably be more fun). By then I was arizona sunshined out and took a few month break. I came back to try out apocalyptic difficulty, and it was pretty hard no doubt. After debating going through the entire campaign on this difficulty, I decided to try to speedrun it. So I found a bunch of strats and glitches and used them. Super fun. Made the apocalyptic grind a 8/10 as well, just as fun as co op. Ive talked about the fun-ness scale a lot here because that’s what this game is all about. It doesnt really have any original concepts, but it just does everything pretty right. The story is feel good. It’s just a fun zombie killing experience. So, overall (tl;dr) the game is around a 7.5/10 in my opinion.
  2. Update. The 100% was pretty easy. Just a bit of a grind. The only thing I boosted was 15 more ucav kills, but that can still be done pretty easily. Since I had played the bf4 multiplayer a lot before, I was ahead a bit on some of the trophies. Still, it shouldn't be too difficult to get the 100% on north american servers. Oh and hey cometowner, remember me from the recent bf1 boosting group?
  3. I have the platinum, but I was considering cleaning up the dlc trophies. Are they still possible, with boosts maybe?
  4. Superhot VR. Get on my level. Just kidding. But not really.
  5. Can confirm. F*** yeah!