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  1. I wouldn’t mind more GTA trophies, but not Mastermind/Elitist. I’m no good at those challenges.
  2. The first comment underneath the article, “Forgive me father, for I have simmed.” 😂
  3. I will also pick MLB The Show. I haven’t actually played this game (nor have it added to my library) so I can’t say whether the content is any good, but personally I just don’t enjoy sports games.
  4. Horizon Chase Turbo is done! Next up is Monster Energy Supercross.

  5. Thanks for this! Hoping to start this game next weekend or so. Should make my time a lot easier.
  6. List your YouTube channels please. I like to have something to watch on the train to work 🙂

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Here's literally my channel. I'm feeling very good about it.  I'm just 9 999 986 subscribers away from never having to work again.



    3. Emina


      @ihadalifeb4this haha!! I will add myself to your ever growing list.

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      9 999 985  This  is too easy. Thanks!

  7. Friend of mine decided to draw on my face. I thought it was time to change my pic and here we are. Enjoy!

    1. DEI2EK


      your beard is better than anything i can grow

    2. Squirlruler
    3. Emina


      @Squirlruler that’s what I’m sayin!

  8. It’s for the forum post count 😂
  9. I’ve tried this method with several different people and it doesn’t work. The most annoying thing, you can see your NA friend in the list of available games to join but when you try to join it’ll never load you in. An error comes up each and every time. I’ve been wondering lately if an EU and a NA account in local co-op would work. I know it’s a stretch but I’ll have to test it, short of purchasing a Vita.
  10. S for save file.
  11. Don’t be discouraged by people from other countries joining your sessions. I can be almost a day ahead of some people in the world and I can still make it work. Don’t limit yourself or it may potentially become harder for you to find anyone. Also, 9/10 times that person wouldn’t join if they couldn’t make it. If they cannot make it most people are courteous enough to let you know, if they don’t you know not to allow this person back into your sessions in the future. Or at least, that’s been my experience.
  12. How do you know that you’re truly addicted to trophy hunting? Me, I sit on my profile and admire my tiny collection of platinums/100%. I just...think it looks nice 😅

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    2. Emina


      @Dumbgud Does it make you feel unfinished?

    3. Copanele


      It's because of that sweet S rank 100% completion I bet. Sly knew how to put his honey traps on this site xD

    4. Lidiardo


      How do i know 🤔 ... When i keep checking my profile to look at my plats even though i have not added any trophies in between 😂

  13. I like watching your avatar. The fingers are hypnotising. Thanks for the friend request!

    1. timpurnat


      Thank you! I purchased premium just so I could use this gif for my avatar 😂

  14. I don’t own Singstar sorry, but after doing a quick search on the net it seems you should choose a song, sing for about 10-20 seconds, allow the song to end and you’ll achieve the lowest possible score that way. Try scoring just over 1,000 or 1,500. That seems to work for most people.
  15. I came here to see if anyone else’s game crashed often. I’ve been blue-screened multiple times and it’s always during co-op so far. I strongly recommend backing up your save file.