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  1. My personal favourite is the Obliteratorrr, just don't use it within a very close range or you'll risk losing all of your health in one blow. The Tazer Blazer Annihilazer is probably the most deadly, it will disintegrate any enemy within seconds and destroys any vehicle just as quick. You might like to try all of the weapons and see which one you're most comfortable with, they're all fun to use. Be aware there are certain parts of the story which do not allow for DLC weapons, this includes Jacob's Trials which is probably the hardest part of the journey. Pretty much everything else is a cakewalk due to how OP the weapons are.
  2. There’s a petition to bring back the servers: https://www.change.org/p/square-enix-petition-for-hitman-absolution-server-to-go-back-online
  3. Does anybody here not know about the PS Messages app? Sometimes I come across gamers who don’t know it exists. In fact there are several other apps that are useful such as PS App, PSCommunities, PS4SecondScreen (really useful for chatting in game quickly) and PS4RemotePlay.

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    2. Vanilla


      Also check out psdeals. I just found this one and it updates you on the sales 

    3. Emina


      @Vanilla hey that’s really neat, thanks!

      There’s one for Xbox too, if anyone is interested. It’s called XB Deals.

    4. DaivRules


      Ps Messages has had a long history of sucking and not being as helpful when boosting as other messaging apps, so it doesn’t tend to get used much. It’s also annoying that the message goes to all your consoles and much be deleted from them all individually, instead of just the one it was read and deleted on. But I still use it. 

  4. I’ve come across a great solution for Collect Em All, this is especially helpful if you’ve been playing the game with Sonic & Tails and finding it difficult to obtain this trophy. It is not my own solution, I came across it on TrueAchievements but it works! 1. Gather enough medallions to unlock Debug Mode. It should be around 16 medallions. 2. Choose Mania Mode and hover over No Save. Press and switch Debug Mode to “On” then press to go back. 3. Hover over No Save again, choose Tails as your character then press and hold and OPTIONS together until a level select screen comes up. Choose Metallic Madness Act 2. 4. Once you’ve loaded into the stage, press to enter Debug Mode then press once and you will become a ring box. Press about seven times until you change to an extra life box. Then rapidly press and fill the room with extra lives. Leave debug mode by pressing then smash all the boxes and you’ll have plenty of lives. 5. Go back into Debug Mode by pressing . Fly across the map with the directional pad, find the last checkpoint before the boss fight, exit Debug by pressing then activate the last checkpoint. 6. Enter the boss fight and let them kill you. The game will think you are no longer playing in Debug due to your death. Just make sure to never enter Debug mode again (do not press at any point) or else the game will null the trophy until you die again. If you need more lives or you accidentally entered Debug, just let yourself die. 7. Re-enter the fight (never using Debug mode) fly up and keep hitting the lever, land every now and then when it’s safe to let Tails catch his breath. Continue until you've released all eight minions and only then can they be destroyed. If you get hit, make collecting rings your top priority then go back to the carnage. The trophy should pop upon Eggman’s destruction. If you think you might’ve killed a minion before releasing them all, just let yourself die and restart from the last checkpoint. It will take a few tries but it’s so much easier with Tails alone.
  5. Finally done with Sonic Mania. I can’t see myself stepping into another blue sphere stage again 😐

    1. No It Was My Cousin

      No It Was My Cousin

      Is this game bad?

    2. Emina


      @No It Was My Cousin Bad as in, boring? Not at all, it definitely deserves a play through. If you’re asking whether the game is difficult, it can be challenging yes.

    3. No It Was My Cousin

      No It Was My Cousin

      Cool, I played Sonic 1 and 2 when I was a kid, so this Sonic Mania looks like it has the same spirit.

  6. I couldn’t agree more, it is pure laziness. Two play throughs for any game should be more than enough for us trophy hunters. Anything above that and you risk burning yourself out pretty quick and probably grow to hate the game...
  7. From my experience every trophy is obtainable. Some may be very challenging but they’re all doable - and this is coming from an average gamer. I may not have skill but I have perseverance and patience, the harder I push myself the closer I get to victory...and then it just happens one day. I pop the trophy ☺️ I find taking a break from the game helps a lot. I can push myself for hours to obtain a trophy and it just doesn’t happen no matter what. I come back the next day and boom, I get it in one or two tries.
  8. The Leftovers - another great show. Don’t binge watch, it’s depressing lol.

  9. Last of Us - went through the story once back in 2017 and not sure when I’ll play it again.
  10. My partner has caught me playing games in the past, with the sound off. It happened again today and he likened it to something a serial killer would do lol. In my defense, music drives me wild if I’m trying to focus on a level so I’d rather have it on mute. Does anyone else do this?

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    2. PooPooBlast


      I definitely mute my TV when a game requires lots of skill and focus especially if the sound effects and music are distracting/ annoying! (Ex puyo in Judgment!) 



      Else I pretty much have the sound on 95% of the time! 

    3. Emina


      I knew I wasn’t weird 😋

    4. Copanele


      Depends on the game! If it's a generic game or a game with meh soundtrack, then I do that too all the time. But when it comes to games like DMC5 or prince of persia for example where music is vital then nope. I mean I can't listen to Snoop Dogg while whacking Vergil in dmc5 as much as I'd want xD

  11. Sonic Mania (PS4) - the last few trophies left now. This list definitely deserves a platinum and the silver trophies should be gold I reckon.
  12. I've been seeing a few sessions pop up asking for six people to complete the Arcade trophies. In fact you will only need two people including yourself and that's for two of the trophies, the rest can actually be completed solo or co-op if you so desire. Arcade Enthusiast - Can be completed solo or co-op but I suggest solo as it is glitchy in co-op. Solo & Co-Op Browse Solo & Co-op Change "category" to Featured then immediately press X on your controller to begin the search. Memoir of Sanity is the map you're looking for. This is extremely easy, it is a "Journey" map which means you simply run from your starting location until the end. The reason why I always suggest this map is because it guarantees you will not fail. Repeat 10 times for the trophy. Arcade Hero - Can be completed solo or co-op. Solo & Co-Op Arcade Hero I usually play any random map, it truly does not matter because the great thing about this trophy is that if you fail you will still gain credit toward the trophy. If you do find an easy map though feel free to replay it til the end. Completion of Hero maps helps to progress the Arcade Player trophy. Arcade Competitor + Hunter - These require boosting with one other person. Create Closed Multiplayer Lobby. Make up a password and name for the lobby. Change "category" to Featured then immediately press X on your controller to begin the search. Shovel Dodgers is the map you're looking for. Invite a friend if you haven't already then press Options on your controller to begin the match. This will need to be repeated 10 times (or 20 if both people in the lobby require both trophies). This map is very small and straightforward, you will be placed directly opposite each other and you'll be required to throw shovels to kill each other. If you can manage at least 20 kills each match you can complete Hunter in five matches (100 kills overall). Competitor will only pop if you win 10 matches, so figure out who will be the "winner" for that match and it'll count toward their trophy. They do not require to be wins in a row, just wins overall. Arcade Player - Can be completed solo, co-op or in multiplayer. After completing all of the above you shouldn't be too far off from level 20. Simply replay any Arcade Hero maps (and try not to fail) or enter a random multiplayer lobby and try to kill as many people as possible. All wins and kills on your end will help you level up.
  13. Just finished watching Dark on Netflix. Totally my new favourite show 😍

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Unbelievable series!  I was so happy when they had Season 2.  I'm wondering what they will have in store for us in Season 3.

    2. Emina


      I can't wait!

  14. I’ve had a look online and it appears there’s no real fix for this. Some other solutions I’ve found are to change your settings and make your profile public. Or check to see if your game is hidden, hidden games won’t show activity. Also, try syncing your list and then refreshing your activity feed - see if that helps. I’ve had the same issue in the past and I’ve found it to be a very random problem. Sometimes all my activities are posted just fine then out of the blue, usually for a few weeks at a time, it’ll stop posting anything or become very choosey with what it wants to show. Sometimes it’ll post the wrong thing too like a few weeks ago it says that I was in an arm wrestling competition on GTAV, but I haven’t arm wrestled for a year or more. I believe it to be an ongoing bug that Sony won’t fix anytime soon. It’s just not really important enough to get looked at I guess...