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  1. EDIT: Please note! You will see a few disgruntled players mention they’ve not been able to receive the trophies while following my instructions. I can confirm the instructions do work as I’ve tested them within the past few weeks. Please pay particular attention to the fact that you need to filter your search by FEATURED for both the Enthusiast and Competitor trophies. If it doesn’t work for you, contact me on PSN and I’ll make it work. My PSN is Emiinah. For the following arcade trophies you will need one boosting partner for two trophies as listed below. The rest can be completed solo or co-op if you so desire. Arcade Enthusiast - Can be completed solo or co-op but I suggest solo as it is glitchy in co-op. Choose Solo & Co-Op Choose Browse Solo & Co-op Filter "category" to Featured then immediately press X on your controller to begin the search. Do not filter anything else. Memoir of Sanity is the map you're looking for. This is extremely easy, it is a "Journey" map which means you simply run from your starting location until the end, ignoring all enemies. I always suggest Journey maps for this trophy because it guarantees you will not fail which is a requirement. Repeat 10 times for the trophy. Arcade Hero - Can be completed solo or co-op. Choose Solo & Co-Op Choose Arcade Hero You can play any random map, fail it every time and still be awarded this trophy. How to fail a map: Die by the enemy (no revive) or falling off the map may equal an instant fail (depending on modifiers). Repeat 5 times for a super quick trophy. Arcade Competitor + Hunter - These require boosting with one other person. Create Closed Multiplayer Lobby. Make up a password and name for the lobby. Change "category" to Featured then immediately press X on your controller to begin the search. Do not filter anything else. Shovel Dodgers is the map you're looking for. Invite a friend if you haven't already then press Options on your controller to begin the match. This will need to be repeated 10 times (or 20 if both people in the lobby require both trophies). This map is very small and straightforward, you will be placed directly opposite each other and you'll be required to throw shovels to kill each other. If you can manage at least 20 kills each match you can complete Hunter in five matches (100 kills overall). Competitor will only pop if you win 10 matches, so figure out who will be the "winner" for that match and it'll count toward their trophy. They do not require to be wins in a row, just wins overall. Arcade Player - Can be completed solo, co-op or in multiplayer. After completing all of the above you shouldn't be too far off from level 20. Simply replay any Arcade Hero maps (and try not to fail) or enter a random multiplayer lobby and try to kill as many people as possible. All wins and kills on your end will help you level up. Note: If you want to level up by a large margin consider completing Hero maps slowly to progress the Arcade Player trophy. The longer you spend in a Hero map killing enemies and then successfully completing that map will have you level up by a lot.
  2. If you’re having trouble with this, try this awesome tip I’ve come across from Tomszlix (PST.org). Pick the first survival map then run up north to the camp fire there. You’ll immediately notice that most zombies will get stuck on the other side of the wall to the right of the screen. The rest will trickle in very slowly giving you ample time to kill and stay alive. Note that this is a very slow process and as happened to me, they may stop spawning in entirely. If this happens just inch forward a bit and they’ll start trickling in again. Be careful not to inch forward too much or the entire horde may corner you quickly. If you find the amount of zombies coming in to be overwhelming, then you’re too far forward and need to step back toward the camp fire again. It really is the safest spot. Also, do not worry about collecting any pick ups as the starter pistol is all you need. Once you hit Wave 15 (top right hand corner) you should pop the trophy
  3. Apologies for not answering this on time, I don’t use the forums as much anymore. Server issues could explain the problem however, I’ve never had this happen so I can’t be sure. If the problem persists you should contact the developers.
  4. Updated my “About Me” and added Battlefield V to the list of games I’m assisting with 😊


    I’ve actually got a group chat going at the moment so if anyone needs trophies such as Death from Above, Off-Hand, Fender Bender or Hoist the Flag feel free to send me a message on PSN. The one thing I won’t be boosting is XP. 

  5. I do too. The PS4 doesn’t show PS5 plats/trophies on my PS4 and that’s why my numbers are always off.
  6. Have you tried the map I’ve posted? I’ve boosted with two people within the past few weeks and they’ve both been awarded the trophy. Granted I was in co-op but that shouldn’t matter as Arcade Enthusiast can be awarded solo.
  7. I have popped the Team Player trophy today, I used my main and alt accounts which are both Australian accounts using the EU PS Plus version of the game. I could not connect via local co-op. I could not connect using Vita + PS4 which was the usual workaround for EU users. So I tried connecting PS5 + PS4 and it worked instantly. This is what I did: Downloaded the game on PS5. Opened the game on PS5 using an alt. Opened the game on PS4 using my main account (alt did not have any progress at all). Started an online public match using PS5. On the PS4 I chose "Quick Match" and matched with my alt immediately. From there I was able to choose my team charms (Silver Mirror, Merman Scale, Daemonic Talon charm). Readied up on both consoles and the trophy popped as I loaded into the game.
  8. I’ve just recently completed the 100% and I can confirm it’s totally possible. The glitchiest trophy for me was Car Collector, it popped after I had collected 10 cars whereas the friend I was boosting with at the time got the trophy exactly at 5 cars as it should be. He also popped the trophy for Pick Me Up as he collected five items whereas I had to delete my save and re-boot the game then it finally popped. So watch out for those. Some of the trophies can be earned against bots in Exhibition mode, some will need to be completed in private matches using split screen or with a boosting buddy if you don’t own a second controller. Some can even be earned solo in a private match, confusingly the trophies which state “do x in an online match” can be boosted privately. There are a few which will require multiplayer such as Squad Goals purely due to the fact that it needs to be earned in a matchmaking session.
  9. From my recent experience while going for these trophies, clubs can hold a max of four people and only the owner can send invites out. If you’re already part of a club and someone else wants to invite you to theirs, they won’t be able to do so until you’ve left your current club. Since the limit is four people there definitely won’t be an official PSNP club, if that’s what you’re after. But there are heaps of people playing it from the forums so you shouldn’t have too much trouble teaming up 😊
  10. I’ve come across a great solution for Collect Em All, this is especially helpful if you’ve been playing the game with Sonic & Tails and finding it difficult to obtain this trophy. It is not my own solution, I came across it on TrueAchievements but it works! 1. Gather enough medallions to unlock Debug Mode. It should be around 16 medallions. 2. Choose Mania Mode and hover over No Save. Press and switch Debug Mode to “On” then press to go back. 3. Hover over No Save again, choose Tails as your character then press and hold and OPTIONS together until a level select screen comes up. Choose Metallic Madness Act 2. 4. Once you’ve loaded into the stage, press to enter Debug Mode then press once and you will become a ring box. Press about seven times until you change to an extra life box. Then rapidly press and fill the room with extra lives. Leave debug mode by pressing then smash all the boxes and you’ll have plenty of lives. 5. Go back into Debug Mode by pressing . Fly across the map with the directional pad, find the last checkpoint before the boss fight, exit Debug by pressing then activate the last checkpoint. 6. Enter the boss fight and let them kill you. The game will think you are no longer playing in Debug due to your death. Just make sure to never enter Debug mode again (do not press at any point) or else the game will null the trophy until you die again. If you need more lives or you accidentally entered Debug, just let yourself die. 7. Re-enter the fight (never using Debug mode) fly up and keep hitting the lever, land every now and then when it’s safe to let Tails catch his breath. Continue until you've released all eight minions and only then can they be destroyed. If you get hit, make collecting rings your top priority then go back to the carnage. The trophy should pop upon Eggman’s destruction. If you think you might’ve killed a minion before releasing them all, just let yourself die and restart from the last checkpoint. It will take a few tries but it’s so much easier with Tails alone.
  11. I guess most people seem to consider me a completionist. I like to see that 100% per game but I certainly don’t limit myself. I’ll try different genres, I do enjoy a challenge and even go for games that have unobtainables. I’m not afraid to leave games sitting at 1% so I’ll never have a truly 100% profile and that’s okay. I wasn’t going for that anyway. I do what I do purely for a clean stat in each game (possibly OCD I am)...in saying that it’s also the thing that destroys me sometimes. If I dislike the game I’ll still go for 100% and that’s where I know I’m making mistakes trophy hunting. I end up paying extra for DLC or a season pass just to 100% a game I didn’t have fun with. I don’t recommend it.
  12. I can confirm that Team Player is the only trophy required for “online play” hence why I don’t have it. Though I’d like to point out that there is a local co-op option and that’s apparently supposed to pop the trophy also.
  13. God damnit I really need to get this one done already. I’m one trophy away from the plat and it’s been sitting like that for years 😣
  14. That’s so true! I always attack people back with kindness and I get positive results. I find most players take it quite well, even to the point where they’ll apologise. The absolute morons however who take everything five steps too far will have none of it and will continue their abhorrent behaviour. Simply plonk them nicely on your block list and report if necessary. Honestly though those kinds of people I don’t come across nearly as often. But anyway, my message here is that if you’re going to respond to those people at the very least use positive language and see where it takes you.
  15. Yep, exactly what I’ve done! 😂
  16. Thank you so much for this information!
  17. I do the exact same thing, totally understand.
  18. I don’t own any of these so I’m happy 😊 Though I don’t own a VR, if I do purchase one going into the future I may as well add these games to my backlog just in case!
  19. Thank you for confirming 😊
  20. I plan very little. I do nothing special with my profile, I don’t have milestones and I’m not particularly choosy. I prefer to play one game at a time (per console) and I like to 100% games wherever I can, so I’d say that’s the extent of my planning. Other than that I prioritise games that have been announced as shutting down. That’s it!
  21. I was able to complete all three maps on PS4 with only one crash, because I used the portal on round 19 of 20. It was a hard pill to swallow but I re-did the damn thing. I strongly suggest exiting and allowing the game to save for you once you’ve completed 20 rounds. Then get back into the game and start the next 20 rounds. At least then you won’t lose all your previous work too.
  22. iPhone SE So far so good 😊
  23. Are you sure it’s easier to get a PS5 now? I still can’t see any stores with stock in Australia. Anyway, I totally forgot about the first day of release as I was busy at work. Happened to check my emails and saw Target was doing pre-orders for the PS5. I clicked on the link and it took me nowhere, just kept loading and loading. Curiosity got the better of me and after some quick googling I realised they were all sold out 😅 Three hours later I check again and all the pre-order buttons have disappeared from every site. I finally check EB Games and they were doing pre-orders for a 2021 release date so I went with that. Fully expected to receive it sometime in 2021 but I get a call at the end of November asking me to come and pick up the console. Seemed almost too easy compared to the experiences I’ve read and heard about.
  24. That may be the only way ^ Though I don’t play this game in particular I can definitely feel your pain as that’s been my experience with other titles. I had to self boost UFC 2 with two consoles because I couldn’t connect to anyone, ever. Yet other friends in different regions connected just fine. As disappointing as it is, it may also make it much easier to boost if you can round people up.
  25. I guess if you replay the levels a lot it’ll all count. I have spent over 1000 hours in Far Cry 5 so that’s telling lmao...