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  1. Did anyone watch the anime that goes along with this game? If so anygood?
  2. Any idea why the user created draft classes show up but can't be downloaded?
  3. It was a good game overall, plenty missed opportunities but definitely a fun experience. Happy to have a chance to play as Fairy Tail!
  4. What's up? Thxs for the follow.

    Heh. My Undead Warrior from WoW is name Kronos...

  5. I'm enjoying it myself, not that bad.
  6. Have you had any luck with this, I'm fairly close to 100 right now myself and would hate for this to happen. Hopefully it is fixed by now?
  7. and they popped, thanks.
  8. I'll try another game on 12 minutes than and see if it pops for me. I definitely should have gotten a few of those trophies if that was the case.
  9. I'm on 12 minute quarters but none of the trophies unlocked for me do we have any confirmation on if you need to have them at 5 minute quarters to be eligible or Is there a minute threshold? I'd like to know before I get too deep into my season.
  10. I know the community is near dead, but I just picked this up during the end of the year sale and have been enjoying it as it's my first Gundam game. Anyone around still playing online by chance?
  11. Was definitely stuck on this myself, I'll have to give it a try soon.