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  1. Posting it here also: Weekly is Up until the weekend where the race will start.
  2. Thanks! Weekly Event is on! 4 days left!
  3. Yeah. Putting in paid dlc Cars in Community Challenges. Thank you Devs! -.-
  4. I saw on that all addons are -100%. Will they change something with this update? I didnt buy this game right now, but i'm wondering if its a good time now.
  5. This isn't true. I'm doing my second run on grounded plus with a supplements and parts guide and i am after the Hostile Territory chapter and there are way less then on very light. So i might need a third ng plus run just for Abby upgrades because i wasn't paying that much attention in her part or hope that day2 or 3 will give me enough (300 supplements) on grounded mode. Can i use chapter select on a new ng plus with a save from the last chapter just for supplements?
  6. And what is the name of the second game?
  7. HK, S&S, Blasphemous and even Star Wars Jedi Fällen Order are more a Metroidvania with 'souls-like' elements and can recommend them. Getting the Plat for Surge 2 was also for me a pain, because i didnt like the Block/counter mechanics, the colorful world and some bosses had designs. The Surge 1 was the the better game imho.
  8. Its the Days of Play Sale. They added a bunch of games and the Shantae games are finally on Sale, too!
  9. Reading through this interesting Thread and want just mention that the 100% is still obtainable. You can downgrade your FFXV Royal Edition to v1.26 and play Comrades solo. Not bad at all - only tedious 40h grind
  10. I contacted Support and they unlocked Big Tease and Face First without evidence proof. They were nice and fast. I had a proof for Big Tease just in case
  11. Can confirm that it still works as Stated. Get elimintaed first in slime races and let your Squad qualify for the next round. Quit out when the next round started. Trophy popped after the round was over. You dont get any reward If you quit out.
  12. I only read in another thread and can't confirm, but the wins in squads counts toward 20 wins. On races i dont know for sure.
  13. No and No. Only infallible.
  14. This method worked for me, because the Formula A Ghost didnt show up. I started the Stockcar and the Formula A Ghost was there.Did the trophy yesterday.
  15. Same Here. Is all locked for me