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  1. One Guard this week in Tower Stage 8. Finally done again with 100%.
  2. Thank you. That is tedious. But good to know that i can boost myself with a second ps4 anytime as long the Servers are running.
  3. How many players are needed to start the race and did they add private lobbies?
  4. Servers for Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 still up and running...
  5. Sent requests to all Crews here to join PSN_SkyFight0r
  6. Sent request PSN_SkyFight0r
  7. Did you grind all the to lvl50 on season 2 adventure in case they add in Season 3 any trophies related to the Trophy "so last season"? I'm not sure if i should grind out another 25 lvls on adventure pass.
  8. Hey. Does anyone have a good and easy/fast approach for this Trophy? I found a list about each Ancient and his runes and weapons etc. with correspondent runes, but they dont give any tips which items to farm etc. I dont really like those ancient hunts so whats the best way? Love the game dont get me wrong, but those rng in these hunts...
  9. Im really looking forward for this game. How many players do we need for the online? Only 2? I already have the plats for the last two emtries and finding a boosting group with 16 players was like a miracle haha
  10. An easy was to tackle this down - Credits to an User on Xbox Achievement Guide: Choose for Short Term: Repair / Penalty Event: Long Term: Resting Event. You can change the objective one time. BEFORE going into the objective MenĂ¼ make a Backup Save. Then go into the objective MenĂ¼ and change the objectives. If you dont like the it quit out via PS Button and revert your Cloud save. DON'T go out of the menu via Back Button, because otherwise the Game will save the Status. Got the trophy in my first wrc season this way.
  11. You can drive against your Friends/alt Account time even If you they dont have a Ghost. My alt-account didnt also have a Ghost, but the trophy popped. Make sure that your times are placed in the leaderboards. It depends in the track which time you need. It didnt work on the very fast track so i did it on Market place.
  12. I have a similar issue. Can you manually Import the PS5 Save to the PS4? I started with the PS5 Version and played around 15h. I might consider redoing everything on ps4, but before i need to know if a save Transfer from ps5 to ps4 will work? I still need to do all Gaps and Hard Get Theres...I did 100% for created Skater and 2 Pros. Edit: I tried it with the Back Up saves from the PS5 and copied them all on an USB Stick and put it in the PS4, but the ps4 can not find any save data.
  13. Hi. As the title states do i need any DLC or Season Pass for the Platinum? Thanks! Or is it faster with it?
  14. I found one in Ascendend Tower (High Lord) and Moraix in Dreamstone. No luck with the rest of the Bosses so far. Any Idea? Do they Spawn all in the Dreamstone?
  15. Thanks for clarification Then it is a long way to grind out for.