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  1. I’m excited to get the Forgiveness Christian RPG series.. GOTY contender for sure.
  2. I had this the other day.. everything everyone has said is spot on.. backup all your saves.. make sure there’s another profile on your console. Then delete your account off the console, and then sign back in. It’s the trophy data on your console that is messed up. Fresh trophy data will be downloaded with your account.
  3. It’s certainly bugged.. it seems to unlock fine when you hit whatever number it’s actually tracking.. because a few friends have it.. but it’s definitely not 10,000 😂 I had 10k in my inventory today and still no trophy. However I did steal 2400 of that. So I’m wondering if it only counts if you personally find it in a barrel, or get it from a recycler or from trading.
  4. I purchased this game before it released, great game. Enjoyed every minute of it. But I love online pvp survival games like this. That being said, I doubt I’ll get the dlc. As with Ark, (and Rust soon) I moved on once I had the platinum. If you play these games legitimately they are a huge time sink. Having to play almost every day just to keep progressing and not lose everything due to wipes or raiding. So while I really enjoy them while I’m playing, I prefer to move on after completion. Had the previous DLC packs contained trophies, I would have likely continued to play this. But starting fresh after so much time would be a pain, and paying for the DLC to just cheese the trophies would feel like a waste of money.
  5. There’s gotta be a trick, one of the guys on the board got the trophy in a few hours. I’m wondering if you can store say 1,000 in a chest, then just take it out and put it back in over and over.. I’m set up next to a recycler and I’m getting like 200-500 scrap a day. I never played the game on PC so I have no clue if there’s a faster way. But based on how long it’s taking with, what I assume is the standard method, it’s going to take another week or two.
  6. So what does everyone think of this list? It looks somewhat grindy to me and that play for 10 hours straight trophy it’s just going to be a pain. I guess I’ll just have to leave my system running overnight.
  7. So I’m confused with the Welcome to Rust trophy. I’m playing on an official server. I’ve been playing the game every day since launch, so clearly I’ve been in the server for well over 5 in game days, yet this trophy hasn’t popped. I have been in the same server the entire time. Today I was online for at least 7 in game days, yet nothing popped. However, the game has crashed on me multiple times. Does anyone know if this is 5 days in one session? I’m pretty sure I’ve been online consecutively for way over 5 nights. But I might start counting and making note of when it crashes, and restarting the count if it has to be in one session. *Edit* The trophy finally unlocked yesterday. So I’m assuming the tracking is way off on this. I’ve played for at least 25 in game days, and at least twice I’ve played through a full 5 days in one sitting. I logged on last night, and after about 5 minutes the trophy randomly popped. So I’m not sure if it’s glitched, or tracking weirdly. But at least it finally unlocked.
  8. I think it was added by mistake, you could buy it when it was first listed. But now if you click the listing, it says it is not able to be purchased.
  9. So what does everyone think of this list? Seems like a few could be a bit of a pain, got this game for £2 on my switch but didn’t play it much. What I did play, was a bit of a laugh though,
  10. I will never go fully digital, even if I wasn’t a collector. There are too many factors that can leave your games inaccessible. I spent 2 months waiting to install a PS3 game back in March because there was an issue with the servers. I know you could argue that they are older games that likely won’t get played much, but having paid for them, I should have access to play them whenever I want.
  11. Well how enjoyable it is depends on you. I find this game extremely enjoyable, it doesn’t mean you will. But as for playing with just one friend, I don’t think that would be an issue. I usually play this kind of game alone, but my brother enjoyed the beta, so he’ll be joining me. If you play on official servers you will encounter other players who could be in bigger groups, so it’s worth remembering that.
  12. there was an option to create a private server on the menu, it was just blacked out in the beta
  13. Yes, you can join clans in game. You could also ally with other people in the game while not exclusively joining their clan. I played the beta with my brother, and we were both pretty passive. We avoided deliberately attacking other players. But that didn’t stop them attacking us. However, if you use your head, you can always outsmart other players. We built an extension on our base, with 4 doors to get through, and a bunch of chests that we kept empty. Then when someone would chase one of us, we would run inside. When the attacking player followed inside, the one not being attacked would lock the doors. Then that’s it, they were trapped. It didn’t matter if they killed you, they couldn’t get out of that room. Even if they managed to break down one door, they couldn’t get through them all. They eventually either gave up and killed them self, or starved/dehydrated. Either way, once they were locked inside, they weren’t getting out without dying.. once they were dead, we went inside and took all of their items off their corpse. We had about 6 crates worth of weapons we took from people this way.
  14. There should be PVE servers (don’t hold me to that, I never looked in the beta) So when you get killed, you lose everything you had on you. Then you can either spawn at a bed/sleeping bag you own, a random area, or an outpost. But that’s all you will lose. There’s no levelling system or anything. You and everything you build are persistent on the server. So you build a base, and you can stay inside it when you go offline. When you go offline, your character will remain exactly where you left them, and simply go to sleep. This leaves you vulnerable to attack. So you should either build a good base that is really secure, or sleep in the outposts which are no-PVP zones. But yeah you won’t have to start a fresh character, any blueprints you’ve earned will remain able to be built. But like I said there’s no levelling, so when you die, you will respawn with just a rock and torch. The idea is to build up your base, store all your stuff inside, learn new crafting recipes, and try to survive. But at any moment, other players could kill you, or attempt to break into your base to steal your items. But you can do the same, attack and kill other players and steal their stuff.
  15. From my time with the beta, the wood trophy shouldn’t be too bad. The stone is potentially a pain though. Trees are everywhere in most regions, but stone can be sparse at times. The 10,000 scrap too, that is likely to be the biggest grind. Overall this is a pretty fun list. Nothing too hard at all, some fun trophy name and images. I have a feeling this will be the game I focus on the most for a while, I was addicted to the beta.