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  1. It became very apparent to me yesterday that the game was severely lacking in content. I began streaming the second it had installed, and streamed for 1hr 11mins. In that time my excitement turned to just pure disappointment as I realised I had seen everything this game had to offer. With no solid time frame for more content, this game is ridiculously overpriced currently. While a map editor, and multiplayer would definitely be a huge boost. I think the game also needs some form of progression. Without something to work towards, it just feels so empty. Even working towards the trophies is so lacklustre, because they are so easy. I’ve played for 3 hours total, and I’m at 68%. Controls took some getting used to, but eventually I got the hang of them and I really like how the game plays. Although I do occasionally go into autopilot and try to play it like Skate. The fundamentals are there, and they are pretty impressive. The gameplay is fun, and I did find myself spending a while in one spot trying to nail a sick line that I could record in the replay editor. But ultimately the game feels like a shell, like it’s the base from which to build an actual game. The devs have the main gameplay down, but they desperately need to bulk out the games content fast.
  2. Not added to the servers yet. So gotta wait till then, or until someone who has purchased it shares them.
  3. It’s one of my dogs
  4. Tekken 7.. I’m more familiar with Tekken than SC.. Stardew Valley, or My Time at Portia
  5. Thanks for the answer bud ☺️
  6. I didn’t see if anyone specified this, but can it be done if the boss killed you previously in the same run? So if I fight a boss, and get hit.. if I just let them kill me, then Respawn and try again. Will that still count? Or do you have to kill the boss on the first attempt?
  7. I think on a whole that Sony need to take an interest in people who hack their trophy lists. I know to them it is not such a big deal, but they make more money off trophy hunters specifically, than casual gamers. They need to realise that Trophy Hunting on a whole is a hobby people care about. In fact in some cases, notably those in the top positions, trophy hunting is technically what is putting food on their table. Trophy tracking websites do a good job, but until Sony take a more active approach to people who hack their lists, then you’ll still have issues. I personally don’t get why anyone would hack to get trophies, it defeats the point. Earning them is what makes them enjoyable. But clearly some people put more stock in the amount they have than the actual enjoyment of earning them.
  8. Here’s a tip for the What’s a Mile? trophy. the ZiKZ 5368 is not the best vehicle, as such it can be hard to drive it the distances needed to complete missions before upgrading it. So when taking on missions, use a decent vehicle with a crane and flatbed to carry the cargo close to the location. Then use the crane to lift the cargo over to the ZiKZ, pack the cargo into the ZiZK and then drive it the last few feet.
  9. you have to match the symbols. it is a pretty fun game, I really like it. It’s just not advised to have cross play on, at least at this moment in time.
  10. Developers can still have dedicated servers. Lots of games on PlayStation have them. Whilst yes, Sony could provide them in the same capacity as Steam. They are also not stopping developers from using them. I agree that Sony could do more, but it’s a little unfair for people to put the blame solely on them. When the developers are the ones responsible for their own game, and didn’t include dedicated servers.
  11. So I am not 100% sure that these are cheaters, or if it’s exploits, or just some general bugs. But I’ve certainly had my fair share of unexplained unfairness. So here’s the main ones I’ve had. All the suspected cheaters are PC users. 1. Getting shot and killed almost instantly, from across the map. Every shot hits me in the head, it’s from a sniper rifle that seems to magically have automatic fire, and doesn’t miss; no matter how fast you are moving. 2. When I initiate my self destruct, some players have disarmed it instantly. Now I know the little disarming mini game isn’t too hard. But it should take at least a few seconds. But I’ve seen a fireteam member run up to my corpse, and instantly disarm it.. I’ve seen another stand over me, teabag until it’s about to blow up, then instantly disarm it. (I’ve also witnessed other fireteam members do this while I’m playing fireteam) 3. While in a full fireteam with friends. We encountered a predator that was basically teleporting around in T-pose. He would appear in front of you, fire his netgun, then vanish. (Not cloak, literally vanish) He wasn’t killing us or anything, simply trolling us. Now I can’t verify that these are all cheaters, some could be exploits, glitches, lag, bugs. But they are very fishy. I play for fun and I really don’t care if I win or lose, but I’d prefer to have a fair game. So I just wanted to see if anyone else has encountered similar issues.
  12. I like the list, but hoping for the ability to boost some if they prove too difficult. After playing the beta a lot. There is definitely a few here that could be borderline impossible without a lot of variables all coming together perfectly. I will gladly try to get everything without boosting, because I really enjoyed the beta, so I’m excited for this game. But hopefully there’s an option to boost some of those really awkward ones, if it’s desperately needed. As for the grindy trophies. They all seem great. Glad there’s no crazy numbers here like in F13. (1,000 matches as predator) 50 is a lot more manageable. Getting to level 100 shouldn’t take too long either. Unless they adjust the levelling from the beta. I managed to get to level 25 in one sitting during the beta. Hoping this game doesn’t die off really fast, like so many similar games have down in the past.
  13. Experiences like this are nothing to do with PS+. This is all down to the developers opting for a p2p connection instead of dedicated servers. It is mostly a mixture of cutting corners to save money, and not having faith in their own product. But ultimately that lack of faith is what kills the game. Dedicated servers cost money, and if they didn’t think the game is worth that extra investment, you get laggy games. In turn those laggy games ruin everyone’s experience, thus leading to gamers abandoning the game. When players abandon the game, it further instils the idea that the devs were correct to not waste more money on dedicated servers. They convince themselves that not adding dedicated servers was the right call because the game flopped. Without actually looking into the reasons why it flopped; which is usually a lack of dedicated servers.
  14. Prior to trying the game out, I had no clue who this Ryan kid was. I don’t have kids yet, so I’d never heard of him. With most Kart Racing games having very bright and kid friendly covers anyway, I just saw a Kart Racing game and thought, ‘I’ll try that’. But after a few minutes of searching around, I found out a bunch about this kid, and at first I felt bad for the poor little guy, because he is clearly being exploited. That feeling of “poor little guy” soon disappeared when I started the game and found myself confronted with the hell-spawn’s face every time I picked up or used a power up. To be honest the game is competent. Don’t get me wrong, I hated every minute of it due to the darn Ryan kid. But gameplay wise, it’s not too bad, I’ve certainly played a lot worse Kart Racers. Remove every trace of Ryan and add in a decent bunch of tracks, and better AI. I think you’d have a rather decent Kart Racer for everyone to enjoy. The tracks are well crafted, the power ups are fun and work well without being over/under powered. I really do think the devs could have made a pretty well-rounded and enjoyable game had it not been for Ryan. As it stands the spawn of Satan is by far the worst part of the game, his face, his voice.. even his name “Ryan” now sends chills down my spine. As I said earlier, the gameplay isn’t too bad. But every 5 seconds you either hear Ryan say something in his ‘Nails on a chalkboard’ voice, or see a creepy nightmarish image of him pop up in the bottom corner. Then when you finish the race, you get the greatest gift of all. A video clip of the Demon himself badly reading something off a teleprompter before awkwardly striking some hideous pose. It took exactly 3 hours of gameplay to get the platinum (play for 3 hours trophy was my last), and I feel like it was so much longer. I feel like Ryan has devoured a large portion of my soul, and have no doubt he will haunt my nightmares until the day I die. But at least I have my shiny new platinum I can wear like a badge of honour... (on a completely unrelated note, how do I hide games from my trophy list?)
  15. Just a heads up, the update is out and the trophies are fixed. Just got the Platinum myself.