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  1. Seems a little ridiculous to ban someone for kicking people from a server they themselves rented. Isn't that the point of renting, you basically set the rules for that sever. If you want to kick someone, then who cares, it’s your server. There needs to be some form of transparency about what can, and cannot get you banned. There also needs to be some form of review into how these companies abuse their power when it comes to bans. Because there’s definitely a lot of people who have been banned from platforms unfairly. But there’s never any way to fight it. That’s the terms, they can ban you at any point, for literally no reason, and you agree to that.
  2. As I said earlier sometimes the censorship doesn’t make any sense. But when it comes to the majority of these Japanese games getting censored I can understand the reasoning to some extent. It’s less about nudity and more about the context. A sex scene is fine, but objectification of female characters would be the main issue. You do find that a lot of the censored Japanese games do have some form of objectification towards female characters. Be it the almost non-existent clothing, the ability to strip them, or the sections where you simply have to grope them.
  3. I care little about censorship when it comes to console choice. I had issues when I played on Xbox and would never go back. But I will admit I’m more inclined to purchase digitally from a region store that doesn’t censor the game. Sometimes the censoring makes little to no sense either. You have games like Stick of Truth that is censored in the EU because a cartoon character gets probed by aliens, but then Conan Exiles has full nudity. I know that technically the censorship in SoT wasn’t down to Sony, but it still makes little sense from any standpoint. I have little interest in using hand cursors to fondle an anime characters breasts, but if that is part of the gameplay I would prefer it remain in, so I can experience the game how it was intended. If you start picking and choosing what you censor, then you’re just injecting your own bias into games. Gratuitous violence and foul language is ok, as long as cleavage is not showing. Or nudity is ok as long as nobody says any naughty words. It is just stupidity, if you feel the need so desperately to interfere, give us the option. Like in a few of the CoD games that asked if you wanted the graphic content. Leave it all in, and give us the option to decide.
  4. In my opinion, the cap is pointless and shouldn’t exist. It only serves as a way to make platinums the main focus. Which isn’t the best way to judge, considering many games still release without a platinum. Once you hit that cap, be it 100, or 999... then the only thing that really stands out, is that platinum count. They should have kept the scoring how it was and increased the level to 999, or they should have some form of prestige/devotion rank. So once you hit that cap, you get an icon added that shows the number of times you’ve hit the cap... then it resets back to level 1. You have people like Hakoom who was instantly at level 999 when it changed. Had they not changed the scoring he’d be level 366 and be able to work his way towards the new cap. If you’re going to increase the level cap, but then change the scoring so that people are already maxed out anyway, then the change seems pointless.
  5. I’m with you, I’m excited to see the new UI. I’m hoping for something good. I’ve seen a few concepts from people and I hope at least a few of the features from them are actually in the real UI. Specifically things like; play time tracking, individual trophy progress, being able to pin certain games to the Home Screen.. But not long to wait now, still waiting to find out if the store I’m getting it from will be doing a midnight launch.
  6. So since my original post I have managed to figure out most of the issues I was having. The only trophy I’m having issues with is Transitioner. As far as I am aware I’ve placed and edited way more than 100 map transfers. So if someone who has this trophy could please confirm what is needed for this trophy, I’d very much appreciate it. The way I have been doing it is. I place down a transition event tile. Then after it is placed, I press to edit it. Then I alter the coordinates of where I transition to. I’ve done this over 100 times, so I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong.
  7. I’ve always viewed trophies as a way to extend games I enjoy, and nothing more. I don’t particularly care if I get all the trophies on most games. But the few games I really enjoy, I will try and platinum them. It works great with some games that are relatively easy to complete, the trophies add another level of challenge, or at least give me extra to work towards once I’ve finished the main campaign. But if a game isn’t overly enjoyable, or I just can’t get into it, then I don’t bother trying for the trophies. I’m the same with stacks, I’ve purchased the stacks for The Witcher 3 and Kerbal Space Program, because I really love those games. The idea of separate trophy lists, gives me an extra incentive to complete the games more than once.
  8. This game has been 0.79p on the UK store for a while now. Not sure if that’s an oversight, or not. But I picked it up for that price months ago, and it’s still that price. Not on sale, just standard price. It was 0.99p at launch, and the store said it was crossbuy in the description. But the vita version never released and then the price dropped. The EU vita version will probably never release. But still seems odd that the game is still $20 normally on the NA store.
  9. Kerbal Space Program. I have both the NA and EU versions. As someone who majored in Astrophysics, I really want those Master Astrophysicist trophies. On paper I fully understand what to do, in reality, I end up all thumbs when trying to do it.
  10. That sucks, seems like a huge oversight. So if you want any dlc, then buy it for the original TSW. That way you get it for both. Thanks for letting me know bud.
  11. Yeah, I’m hoping, but I’m also not holding my breath. I long for the good old days where a game came completed, and it just worked. You would think companies would me less inclined to release broken games these days, given how easy it is to share information about broken titles. I mean GTAJJ posted this up the day after release to alert everyone. Back in the golden days of games actually working, if one was broken, you’d have to hope someone had informed a gaming magazine, then wait a month for their next publication. I do think Sony and Microsoft need to take more initiative and crack down on issues like this. Broken trophies are one thing, and although it sucks, I know Sony don’t really take any interest in those. But when it’s part of the actual game that’s broken, that needs addressing
  12. Yeah true.. there’s a ton of broken games that haven’t been fixed in years. But the main defining factor here is that we have proof they knew it was broken. There’s many games that are a complete mess, and it’s easy enough to say that they didn’t know. That as far as they were concerned the game was complete and worked fine. It’s just an oversight and they plan to fix it. But they’ve had multiple complaints since February, at first they acknowledged them, but soon after they began ignoring them. The fact that they clearly knew this was broken, but didn’t fix it is what gives us as the consumer an edge in this instance. It proves that they fully intended to sell us a faulty product. As opposed to other games which were likely sold under the assumption that they were fine, but bugs came to light later. It’s highly likely that most devs know the games are broken at release, but it’s pretty hard to prove that usually.
  13. Awesome, I might do the same. Get some momentum behind it. It’s just sad that they behave this way. This is actually a really fun game. It was about £1-£2 on offer when it released on Switch, so I picked it up on there and it was enjoyable, albeit not well optimised. So I was happy it was coming to PS4 where it would run a lot better. Not so happy now though 😂
  14. I’m curious, considering the developers have been fully aware that NG+ was broken back in February, and blatantly did nothing to fix it before PS4 release; how did this pass QA? It’s not just a simple trophy that’s broken, it’s an entire game feature. Surely there must be some rules in place regarding what can, and cannot be added to the digital store. Because I’d argue that adding a game that you knowingly know is broken shouldn’t be allowed. So under these circumstances, and based on the fact that there’s proof that they knew this was an issue back in February and still decided to try and sell the game on PSN, knowing full well it was broken. If I was Sony I’d issue an ultimatum, fix the game within a specific time frame or it’s pulled from the store. I don’t think any platform does enough to hold lazy developers to account. Usually it’s hard to show that a developer has knowingly released a broken game. But there’s tweets to them from back in February informing them of this issue, and they responded to the tweets. So again, they 100% knew that the game was broken, but didn’t care to fix it, and released it anyway. It’s ridiculous, and we all know it happens often, just never so blatantly obvious.
  15. my understanding is that the base game comes with 3 services, much like the original TSW. these are: The Bakerloo Line Sand Patch Köln-Aachen The amount of content seems roughly the same as the base game of TSW. The East Coastway is exactly the same as it is in TSW. So you basically get that £24.99 dlc for £15 with the full price deluxe edition. *But you get it 15% cheaper if you purchase TSW2 from inside the in-game store on TSW.* any Preserved collection dlc is basically the exact same content that was in that dlc for TSW. But it’s just running in the new engine, so it should be smoother and look better, but it won’t have any of the new updates to the gameplay. the one thing I haven’t figured out yet, and I’d love if someone could tell me.. if I had purchased the deluxe edition of TSW2, would the included East Coastway unlock for the original TSW. I couldn’t find confirmation of this, so I opted for the standard edition. But if you purchase any dlc pack for TSW, you receive the Preserved Collection Edition for free on TSW2 (when it’s released). However I was concerned that if I purchased the dlc specifically for TSW2, then I may still have to purchase it again for the original TSW.