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  1. I’d still play games without trophies. I play games now that don’t have any. I’m just more inclined to buy a multi-platform game on PS4 because of trophy support. I would expect it depends on your reasons for trophy hunting. For me I’m not overly interested in my percentage. I use trophies as an incentive to experience everything the game has to offer. I don’t Platinum that many games, I mainly stick with games I really like, and like having the platinums on my list as a way to show what games I have thoroughly enjoyed. But my list is sporadic. I have some 0-3% platinums which are mainly games that I love. I also have a lot of the very easy platinums, mainly because they are Ratalaika games that I buy to keep my vita alive. I think if trophy support was dropped I’d simply just spread out my collection a bit more, maybe buy more indie titles on Switch instead of PS4. But I’d still be buying the same games. I would probably leave out collecting all those collectibles too 😂
  2. I have to agree, I got the game day one, and honestly it’s the only game I’ve ever regretted buying. The devs are aware that it sucks, and they are trying to add to the game, but it’s taking a while. Upon release it was a broken shell of a game, the bugs are being fixed slowly, with most patches breaking more things than they fix. I wanted so desperately to like this game, but it’s simply a bland and empty open world, with very little to do. The combat (which is about the only bit of excitement the game offers) is clunky and just a complete chore. Many people compare the game to Fallout 76, but in all honesty once you take the bugs out of the equation, Fallout 76 is miles better. I’d definitely avoid this, at least until the devs actually add enough content to it that it feels more like a game, and less like a pre-alpha concept.
  3. Wait! You need to buy dlc skins for the platinum? I was just tempted to get this game, but I might not then
  4. So I thought I’d share some info. I did pick pick this up at midnight when it launched and instantly felt annoyed when I loaded the trophy list offline and found that there was no platinum. It felt like a huge rip off paying pretty much full price for a game with no platinum. I had read all the horror stories from people with the game on Xbox, and I just felt that I had really made a mistake buying this game. After a few hours of playing, this regret slowly subsided, as I realised that this game was literally everything I could have asked for. Now it’s not perfect, you have to forgive a few performance issues. Mainly in large towns where lots of buildings are being rendered. But this only takes a second and the frame rate stays pretty stable on both my standard PS4 and my Pro if I move slowly as I enter a town. But once the town is rendered, it runs fine. I’ve been streaming my sessions and I’ve had multiple players from both Xbox and PC watch, and say that it plays surprisingly well on PS4. Other than the frame rate drops, which aren’t overly terrible, and are easy to predict. I’ve seen no other bugs. I’m sure there are some, but so far I’ve been lucky. The few bugs I’ve heard people mention are just silly little things. Nobody has mentioned (to me) anything game breaking yet. My main surprise is just how much this game has changed my way of thinking. I usually avoid higher priced games that lack a platinum because... well yeah I want a darn platinum for that price.. But I’ve been having so much fun in this game that I honestly don’t care about the trophies. I’d play it even if they removed the trophies. That is not to say everyone should rush out and buy it. We are all different. This game is perfect for me, I’m enjoying every second I spend playing it. I would say if you are very interested, or you were excited but put off by the lack of platinum, then maybe consider giving it a try. This is the first game I’ve played in a long time where I’m not constantly working towards a trophy, and I’m simply playing for the pure enjoyment of the game; and to be honest, that feels pretty good.
  5. Okay so I found out, took a while, and a lot of searching around. But in case anyone else has an issue and doesn’t know. It is the meter that shows when enemies will attack your base. It gradually fills over time and then once it’s full it will flash red and enemies will attack the base.. so glad the game game didn’t explain this to me 😂
  6. I just started playing and I’m enjoying the game so far, although I’m trying to understand what the HUD icons are.. specifically the first icon in the top right hand corner. I have searched through the survival book but that doesn’t explain anything about it. I understand the other icons, the second being food, the third being your temperature level, and the fourth being the current temperature. It is just that first one, I’m unsure what it represents
  7. The game is really good, but the amount of people playing fluctuates during the day. If you have a good few friends willing to play, I’d definitely recommend the game; if not it’s worth just remembering that at points you may not be able to find other players
  8. Had multiple options to choose from for most letters. Tried to pick my favourite from the options. Akiba’s Trip Birthdays the Beginning Catherine Deiland Elite Dangerous Firewall: Zero Hour God of War Harvest Moon Light of Hope Injustice Gods Among Us Jump Force Kerbal Space Program Life is Strange My Time at Portia Ni No Kuni Outward Prison Architect Quantum Conundrum Rune Factory Oceans Stardew Valley theHunter: Call of the Wild Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Venetica World of Final Fantasy XCOM: Enemy Unknown Yonder Zombi
  9. 1st May iPhone XS Max UK Safari every single page I’m in the UK and for the past week I’ve been unable to even access this site due to obstructive adverts. As soon as I try to access the site my browser is hijacked by Advertising some kind of wheel spin for Aldi vouchers. It happens on every new page, and every bookmarked page.
  10. Critics get a free copy of the game, they get paid to play it, they usually rush through it specifically looking for issues.. I have no interest in hearing what they think. Especially IGN, I’ve always had disdain for them. Taking payouts for good reviews, plagiarism, and whatever that RE2 review is classed as 😂. I just watch some gameplay, if it looks fun, I buy it. I’ve only been burnt once. That was recently with Generation Zero. But still I’ll happily throw £40 at something if I think I’ll like it. 90% of the games I love are niche titles that get terrible review scores. We are all different, and we all like different things. As for Days Gone, I always expected a somewhat lower score than other exclusives. I think it’s just the kind of game that is great at first, but becomes a bit boring or repetitive later. I’m sure the story will be engaging enough to keep most people playing, I just expect that the side missions and open world gameplay may feel a bit more like a chore, once the story incentive is over. But again that’s just what I expected. I could be wrong. But even if that is what happens for me, it doesn’t mean it will for everyone else.
  11. You press the move button on the controller that represents the hand the camera is in
  12. I got this trophy, as far as I can tell the other 4 remain on the board after you complete the mission. So after finishing the first, I simply collected enough components to make another 4 dee dee’s. Then after crafting them I went to the commerce guild and took on the commission, then simply turned in the commission for the reward. Repeated this 3 more times, just running to the board and starting the commission, then instantly turning it in for the reward. I can’t guarantee it isn’t missable, I didn’t do any other main missions until I’d build all 5 Dee dee’s. So there’s a potential that if you progress far enough through the next main mission, these commissions may vanish from the board. Your best bet bet is to grind them out as soon as you can. There’s no need to rush in this game, so take your time.
  13. Dead by Daylight was one of my most enjoyable Plats. Not that hard once you get the hang of it. It’s 0.1 rarity
  14. Ok so caps are pretty hard to come by in this game, and if you plan to fast travel, you’re going to need deep pockets. So there’s a way that I found to allow you to get kills on other players, whilst minimising risk to your caps. So normally when you initiate a fight with another player, you will lose a somewhat decent chunk of caps dependent yours, and your opponents level.. I believe the lowest amount of caps I’ve lost when killed is about 26. However if you are killed with a bounty, you only lose the bounty. So I did this earlier today after accidentally getting a bounty of 10 caps. I went and sat outside Vault 76 and waited for people to come and claim the bounty. However I decided that I’d at least put up a fight. Over a period of 20-30 minutes I was attacked 16 times, I managed to kill the first 15 would be assassins, and finally succumb to the 16th. This is is where I noticed that I’d not only racked up 15 kills towards the trophy, but I’d also gained 267 caps from killing attackers. But ultimately I’d done all of that whilst limiting the amount of caps I could lose to a measly 10.. Because, although usually I’d have lost 20-50caps for being killed.. with a bounty, I only ever lose the bounty.
  15. Just started playing this, it is pretty easy, however it’s also very frustrating.. The main issue for me is that control scheme feels very awkward and cannot be changed. It also feels unresponsive at times. It is, as people have said Splatoon x TH... there’s a few hours of fun to be had here. If you are only after the Platinum I’d certainly advise renting this game if you can, or at least waiting for a sale. It has a pretty hefty price tag, for what you get. The platinum doesn’t require playing everything, but it might be worth buying for the split screen multiplayer mode, if you have people to play with.