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  1. How the hell im supposed to beat YIAZMAT ? Can someone give me some advice or strategy ? I heard you can use wither, addle, shear and expose ... but i cant use wither and expose in none of the carachters because of the choices I made on the license boards. I lost like 1 hour or more of my time fighting this shit, and the damn thing lost only 5 or 6 of his health bars ... i DIED and now i have to start over, and then i go on the internet and read that YOU CAN LEAVE THE BATTLE AND RESTORE ALL YOUR STATS AND SAVE THE GAME ON THE CRYSTAL.
  2. Im really looking forward to get the Platinum for PW and i want to get this trophy of the way as soon as possible, if someone wants to boost this add me, we can help each other... XM4RC05JX
  3. Add me on PSN xM4RC05Jx im really looking forward to plat this game and I need this trophy...