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  1. Just 100% anywhereVR

    cool relaxed type of game unless u suck at the minesweeper like me lol, anyway I’m glad I’m done with it

  2. Platinum 10 Furi, thanks to @KURORISING for the tips

    and my 1000 trophy will be surgeon simulator platinum 

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    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Woo!  'Grats on the new platinum. 😄

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

      Nice milestone. Good luck on the next one :) 

    4. kawari_kotaraka
  3. LoL I’m curious to see attack on titan 2 the final battle avatars

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I cant wait to play it.

  4. I have borderlands 2 on ps3 and ps4 and I didn’t touch it, I bought the ps3 version in 2014, is it fun to play and platinum?

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    2. kawari_kotaraka


      Hahaha it was on sell so why not, and I’ll try it

    3. German_Atheist


      Well, I wouldn't take Starcraft for free.

      All I'm saying is: Form your own opinion. Too much hype and praise will most likely lead to a disappointment. But if you touch a game without any bias or expectation, the result can be very positive.

    4. Cobby


      If you want both plats play PS3 first. It's difficult going back to PS3 version cos PS4 is so well polished.

  5. I just finished uncharted the Nathan drake collection and got the 100% in all of them, the collection was good but u need to play every game 3 times which made it really boring 

  6. Anyone wanna boost persona 4 arena ultimatx ps3, please message me on psn

  7. LoL I overwrite my save on uncharted 3 so now I’m back to chapter8, all I can do is laugh at my self for being stupid