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  1. Thanks for this. I didn’t even think of easy mode. Thanks very much for the tips and advice. Much appreciated. Legend
  2. Hey. I’m struggling to even scratch these dragons. I’m level 21 but seem to be way underpowered. is it best to do these once level 35 reached on TVHM? Or am I missing something? any help would be appreciated.
  3. I’ve somehow missed the asari one which I’ve read is a story related, unmissable one. so god knows how I’ve managed that. Does anybody know any other way of getting it or will I have to redo after completion?
  4. I just had masa on an alter thing. Waited until I got mune and then just went to the alter in the same run as I got mune. took masa off and replaced with another relic. Then the masa and mune synergies and trophy pops
  5. I really don’t feel control in the same way as you do. I think it was pretty cool and a solid 7/8 out of 10 but the map was extremely frustrating. The objectives were somewhat confusing at points. Combat was decent. Superpowers were interesting and good. Story was pretty good. But it didn’t blow me away in any element of the game. Really surprised it was so critically acclaimed.
  6. I’d literally missed 3 that were slightly later on in the chapter but the count was a bit misleading and the three at the start of the chapter 7 we’re counting towards chapter 6.
  7. Hey, ive done thorny hedge maze several times, collected what I believe all experience in the level but is showing only 6 / 9 collected in chapter 7. when replaying again all the experiences are blue, showing I’ve collected already But this keeps happening and not allowing me to grab trophy. Anyone else this happening to? i also restarted game to no avail.
  8. So killed the boss again in next dungeon... and killed the next boss.. both didn’t pop. Gonna start a new save game... this sucks. do the cumulative ones carry over between saves? Deaths and piano plays etc?
  9. Thank you for the response. Yeah least it’s the first boss so if all others fall ok then I can get it right at the end in new safe file. 😊👍
  10. Thronebreaker... I completed 3 times and one trophy for picking up (all notes I believe) just wouldn’t pop, so gave up. Really frustrating!
  11. Just started this really. Killed Argus but the first light trophy didnt pop. Is it buggy? Or are there any requirements for difficulty? i did on easy but now I can’t replay the first level. Is there a way to go back and replay the boss again at all? thanks for any help
  12. Furi, dead cells, enter the gungeon, nioh. hated finishing them games.
  13. Witcher 3 - missed a gwent card early on and couldn’t be naffed replaying it all..
  14. Sekiro- just cant get into it like I did other fromsoftware games
  15. I’m really struggling with the s rank on bramble flats.... there’s not much guides or anything to go off but it seems like you need a perfect run.. only issues are.. - the grenades sometimes don’t fire or act like they should. - the enemies shots knock you off things - health pickups fly in random directions and you can’t go back from them due to time constraints. - the bosses at the end have some rng involved especially the wasp guy and where he puts his tower things. And where he lands after them. - I sometimes seem to die instantly when I’m at full health - sticky grenades don’t propel me to a consistent height so sometimes take leaps of faith. there are too many variables which make this s rank more luck based than what I’d like. I don’t mind something being hard if it’s fair... but this takes the fairness away. It’s very difficult to get that perfect run with any amount of unfair things going against you. close to giving up on this. Shame Cos it’s a decent game.