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  1. I sent the request. thank you! 😄
  2. Welcome !
  3. Welcome ! 😏
  4. I managed to restore with the new name and now everything seems to be correcting and working gradually. Thank you so much.
  5. Hello, I am still waiting for an unlock.
  6. You can not fix it manually? With a total removal or an admin restore? This is exactly the same problem as here: Thank you in advance, I hope we come to the end of this problem. And sorry for the mistakes ! @Sly Ripper
  7. Yes and I have done the manipulation again to check. And that does not change anything. The old name and the new one says "This user has been invited to be deleted and can not be followed" Edit : And after doing that. Even when trying to make a new account with the new name, it says: " Error This user was requested to be removed and cannot be tracked " @Sly Ripper And thank you for helping me.
  8. Thank you for your reply. So I'll wait hoping he can fix it.
  9. Hello. I used the function " Delete/Restore Profile ". I thought I could redo an account with my new PSN ID. But the problem is that even after changing PSN ID. The site tells me "This user was asked to be removed and can not be tracked" I can not create a new account. And the restore function does not work after changing the PSN ID. I do not know how to solve my problem. After a while will I be able to be able to create an account again? Or is it possible to restore my account? Thank you for your help. I hope I have been quite understanding. English is not my main language.