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  1. This really is the end...
  2. The server are being ddosed. They won't be fixed anytime soon due to the method the hacker is using, he created a script that is pretty much unpatchable. It's happening with LBP 1 2 and 3. Even on PS4.
  3. Looks super challenging and I'm up for it! Can't wait to play this classic gem.
  4. The Last of Us Part II. You're so close!
  5. It seems to be glitched. You have to do it on a trial you don't already have gold on so, if you already have gold on the first few trials sign on to your second account and play up until the first time trial because playing on a Guest account doesn't work. EDIT: I'm on PS5 so I'm not sure if the guest account works on PS4.
  6. If you have cross save enabled and earn the in game achievements/trophies on another platform and login to the same account on XBOX/PS4 you get all the achievements/trophies instantly when you login similar to Fortnites cross save. So if you're like me and better on keyboard and mouse instead of controller I recommend doing this to save you the time on getting 100 wins.
  7. Hmm, interesting.
  8. Aw that sucks, thanks for the info!
  9. Is it possible to still obtain the Platinum?
  10. My game does this as well. The game is poorly optimized.
  11. Cars 2