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  1. Seems this going to be a fantastic week after all! The news about the PStore upfront and live are truly refreshing to the soul. While reading an article from TechRadar which basically is (obviously paid) an apology for Microsoft where is discussed how the competition for Sony has restructured its business model to sustain their losses from the previous generation, I was feeling overtly ashamed for being a Sonier at least in recent times and how the other are managing their issues too. While the other 2 companies are doing their bets, I think Sony hasn't revealed their full poker hand yet, I feel that something is coming for the proper application and potential for PS5. 


    But despite people start investing in Game Pass, the abyss between their earnings and the loss is still so huge that it'll take it years to fill such gap. However, oh boy, the revert decision to leave the store alive is absolutely the right thing to do! Recently bought the PS3, getting used to the interface and surprised me how outdated is, which the mayor feature lacking is the auto-installation of games (something that the Wii and the 360 do natively, speaking of the same gen...). Anyway, this gives me hopes because there's a little over 20 titles that I want to try in the console and is such a relief that I don't have to rush nothing, even to stop worrying about the potential trophies syncing shutdown into the servers!


    Mortal Kombat (2021) - Film
    [Spoilers FREE Review]

    I went to cinema to watch this movie (my country is slowly lifting the pandemic restrictions for a variety of reasons that go out of the scope of this post), and the movie was released here before than the US. And I want to share my [unsolicited] review about it, since even isn't a video game directly, but oh boy, does to a tied to a game -or franchise- that actually is. I'm not going to comment anything that others have already said; instead I'm going to explain my blind and raw experience about it. 


    My expectations for this kind of movies are always really low because let's face it, those look lame. We know by experience that the many attempts to mix Hollywood and the vast majority of studios that develop a different type of entertainment hadn't finished that well. Recently, we got the Sonic'sPokémon's and (how to forget) Monster Hunter's approach to this media. Of course, is something cool to see that your favorite series are expanding to the mainstream media, as a mean to share the love we have for this hobby of us to all the people who are completely oblivious towards it. And despite the effort is appreciated, sometimes isn't that needed. 


    However, this time was different. I just knew about the film months ago, maybe mid-February, and I was super skeptical since I never saw a single ad or anything pointing to this. C'mon, MK is a series that many, many people know so looking something about it before that was strange. That helped a lot to build my firsts impressions to it. The trailer is the generic, dubstep, nonsensical and typical one by law you must expect. But it has an atmosphere that, just by curiosity, want to explore, even mistakenly. Taking it lightly can help to calm the waters and then see what's going on. The production of the movie was in development hell by years, so despite being a risk, I think the waiting paid off. 


    Without giving spoilers (in case some of you want to watch it or wait for later), I can say is enjoyable. It tries really hard to stay true to its original source, and the screenwriters seem to catch at least the atmosphere for the movie taking many liberties in doing it (many producers don't really know the source, as they just want the money straight away, we know...) but since each video game movie must face the same problem that has always existed, that is, the dilemma interactivity/lack of deep story/personhood vs. passive liability/plot duration/limited approach has to be solved one way or the other. And I believe that they actually did it cleverly; without presenting us all the plethora of characters and the ones who have an impact in the games, they build a good and understandable lore for the newcomer, as the world in which the film takes place makes many references to the original arcade games to the most recent interactions in the series. Of course, this has its double purpose (and that's why I say they were smart). Firstly, if they don't succeed, well, they just presented an ok movie without losing too much -or gaining backlash from fans or so, which I honestly hasn't seen much; which is good, I think- and secondly, allowing a potential sequel if it gains the track they were expecting (something that happened before... I'm waiting for you, Power Rangers 2!). It has many plot holes, and the story is rather rushed but has an understandable basis that everybody can catch quickly; I can dare to say even children, but well... going to explain that next. 


    Much of the world's construction relied on into the many sources for MK exists. They avoided others, but I think they did it to allow the viewer focus on the action rather than the plots and so, despite the climax of the movie felt good, many other sides of it lost the emotion that a hardcore fan could expect or ask for. Those 90's kids around here can coincide with me that we, as the Gen-Zers now, grew up with a way different interpretation of MK in theaters. Actually, is a cheesy movie that when I think about it, I just can recall watching the 1995 version in a Saturday's afternoon in the middle of my lunch completely absorbed with the so outdated special effects. And I can say that has happened within video games too (anyone remembers Spider-Man for PS1/N64?). 


    Película de Mortal Kombat de 1995 llegará a Netflix en abril
    I grew with this Mortal Kombat version for movies. If you're a puritan, zealot fan for the franchise, please don't watch it. But If you're brave enough, give it a chance, you'll die laughing for the silliness and absurd themes you'll find here, despite the basis for the movie is solid, though. 


    But the modern version isn't meant for children. Oh, no. There's a lot of gore, even a kinky feeling in it that you must be 18+ for sure to let the cinema allow you to get in (you smart people already can watch it on sites of doubtful origin, you can't fool me!) because there's a lot of blood, violence and of course, fatalities! I liked the nod they did with the narrator in-game that yells the events while you're playing. It's a nice touch and highly appreciated, something that even the 95's version tried to emulate, but now you feel it more organic and appropriate. Even the cast felt really fitting. That helped to feel the charm and charisma of the story through people that are introducing you to a new world, one that you maybe have already been into, but this time is different. You certainly feel that ambience from that. 


    When I was on earlier 2000s, MK was a phenomenon. I remember playing it on the original arcades and trying to perform the finishers were mysterious, surprising and memorable; also I had the pleasure to try it on a Game Boy Color which was spectacular to play thanks to the imagination a child at that age has. Right now I'm tempted to try MKX even with the problem with Invasions missions; many of the movie was brought from this game and 11 because many of the lore has a different interpretation from what I can recall from the OG games. I'm not too fond to fighting games, but this series has a little site in my heart for the memories; even I read in an old magazine about the character Reptile and Noob Saibot; that hindered me into the series a lot more and make me to know more; so when I watched the 95's version it felt like a brutality into me. 


    Mortal Kombat (GB) | Bad Game Hall of Fame

    Mortal Kombat II

    Yep, those are the graphics that I remember, but honestly, those looked like 4K UHD back in the day. Also even the pixel detail for the time was really impressive. And well, I love to see how Scorpion dances the theme while being super high and into drugs. 


    TL;DR: The movie is pretty good for what intends to achieve. You'll certainly have an entertained time while watching it and feeling the hype to see characters you already feel familiar with. Despite that, don't have huge expectations about it; yes, is a decent video game movie, but you must be aware that it's a production made to sell and many aspects can't make you feel disappointed. Give it a shot and tell me what you feel, and what you expect from it if a sequel drops!

    1. Honor_Hand


      I gotta be honest... I didn't even know the new MK movie has come out. I was never too big in MKm myself. The characters and fatalities appealed to me but the heavy gameplay was one thing I could never get into compared to the other fighting games I played at the time. That being said, it's hard to deny how big and impactful MK was at the time. Hell, the arcade machines of it were prevalent in damn every arcade place you could go. Esas "maquinitas" estaban en todos lados, me atravería a decir que eran en rival principal de las Street Fighter.


      I haven't seen any of the movies in full. I may have seen bits of pieces of them but never stated for the full course. I know that they're super cheesy and hilarious from what everyone tells me. I do need to watch them in full at some point, haha, just for the laughs. :D


      Anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one. I can see this more recent movie at least being somewhat good compared to the old ones. I'm noticing more and more recent videogame-based movies have kind of surpassed that stigma of being just awful and have somehow moved into a passable status. At least Sonic and Pokemon are two in recent memory that I have seen and I found okay. I mean, they're not perfect but by the time the credits rolled I was like, "Whoa...it wasn't as bad I thought it was going to be. It was pretty okay-ish actually". I can imagine that applies to this one as well. :)

    2. Xenoblast91


      You're making good points there too! De hecho, cuando puenso en SF y MK, son como caras opuestas d ela misma moneda. Si te fijas, el contenido violento en los dos es diferente, y por lo mismo su audiencia. SF a pesar de que se unió con Marvel para hacer los crossover de algunos juegos, fueron buenos; y siguiendo la línea de superhéroes, MK lo hizo con Detective Comics (DC). Y ambos universos encajan perfectamente los unos con los otros (uno caricaturesco, cómico, deslumbrante y vivo en colores -SF- y otro oscuro, tétrico, crudo y gráfico -MK-, empatan con sus contrapartes en los cómics que en realidad así son).


      With regard to the other video games-based movies, I can say as you, that at least they didn't feel awkward, like the characters were oblivious to the universe they're set to be living; on contrary, they accept it and go into the adventure. Sadly, for Monster Hunter the thing didn't go well, as the backlash and critics panned it mostly by its story being poor. But aside that, I think that Hollywood is recognizing the importance of games, thankfully in part to social media where people discovered that there are more gamers that previosly was believed to be. 


      Go ahead! They're really fun to watch, despite for a hardcore fan will be like a kick in the teeth are super cool because you understand the view about games in late 90s and how were viewed by society then. I can say that even watched Super Mario Bros. movie and I find it cool (despite it has nothing to do with the actual franchise xD). 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yep, those two series have always been like the two opposing faces from the same coin. They're both fighting games, they were both pretty innovative for their time, they both have a massive following, they both play excellently, they both were centerpieces in the maquinitas, and so on. Their main difference is, for the most, as you mentioned, their art style. Es interesante ver cómo SF terminó emparejándose con Marvel para su crossover y MK con DC respectivamente para el suyo.


      That Monster Hunter movie, uff, I haven't checked it in the slightest, but from the moment it was greenlighted, I knew it was going to be a massive trainwreck. I really hope Hollywood eventually realizes how o do a proper video game-to-movie adaptation. Some recent experiences have proved that you can make that transition unscathed and still end with a nice product that satisfies both the average consumer and fans alike. I mean, it's hard but it can be done.


      That Super Mario Bros. movie is another piece of work. xxD


  4. As the PS5 relevant title came out today, can we agree that this is an important question? I make myself the same incognita as PS5 looks insane, even though I don't have a problem with grinding, the game looks like gonna take around 2000 hrs for completition! What's the real answer here then? I don't think getting a PS5 soon, so I'll just be on this version though, but on the other side the PS5 has all the content added with trophies.
  5. Any options to that one? Then buying the base game and adding the EU dlc wouldn't work? Mmmm, another issue by playing PS3 really late, smh.
  6. Thanks @DEI2EK. I don't know where I read a guide about how to purchase from a different region, and is a common practice of course, but I'm devoid from it. Any suggestion to look for this?
  7. I'm looking for the DLC version on NA, but apparently there's no add-on related to this. The only option is on EU stores? So, the only option is purchasing it in those? Pretty confused about this.
  8. So there's any news to the Invasion events anymore? 4 trophies dependent upon this seems unworthy despite the game has many discounts continually, and I like MK a lot. There's a thread where have been the events like a calendar or something like that?
  9. Does the DLC is only available on UK or in other regions? Using an alternative PS Store page, the only results are from Europe, but not sure if in America, I can purchase the St. Lucia add-on.
  10. Which Metroid game is your favorite, and why is Metroid Prime? Which is your favorite star (astronomically & famous person)? Do you like cyberpunk genre (in movies, games or other media)? Do you know who Sanji from One Piece is? Which continent would you like to visit? What cuisine do you like the most from around the world?
  11. And I did it... Bought my so awaited PS3 finally! The circle is complete now. I possess the 3 tabletop consoles from the 7th generation, which in my opinion has been the best of all time. I feel insane... 


    Let's see what kind of adventures await me in this new (old?) platform. And to spend hundreds of dollars before July 27th and the store closure. C'mon, tell me the titles that are a must in this! I have 10 games in my cart right now, but I want to look for more deeply insights. 



    Already bought from Mercado Libre Final Fantasy XIII, so now the following are:

    • Final Fantasy XIII-2
    • Lightining Returns: FFXIII
    • GTA IV
    • Sonic Adventure 1 & 2
    • God of War 1 & 2
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Ultimate edition (hope has all DLCs)


    Now I must properly schedule my sleeping hours and be full throttle into this hunting, LMAO. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Xenoblast91


      @GraniteSnake Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I'll revise those and check gameplays to choose which fits my play style at best. Want to try Dead Space, despite is a huge title. And Metal Gear Solid is a must, so let's check which could be brought me the best experiences. :P   


      @Honor_Hand Right at the point! Castlevania looks dope honestly, I played briefly Aria of Sorrow way back, and maybe I tried it on Game By Advance while I was in Elementary school as one friend had a lot of those titles for the Nintendo handheld. Singularity seems right for me to shred my mind as I like those kinds of sci-fi media plagued with lots of philosophy and nerving forethought after you play/watch them. And now you mention Tales of Xillia, you make me realize that there's this title for Prince of Persia that was super praised when debuted on the GameCube and PS2. For COD, well... I'm not convinced, but just read about that there's a controversy over the site about a certain trophy for a Black Ops which bans you or something alike; its sad, as I like those shooters, especially for the MP aspect, therefore to maintain a clean profile and a potential platinum, is best to research those beforehand (pun intended for you, LOL). Oh, and now I can play Red Dead Redemption 1, however the MP could be problematic too, though. xD 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yeah, all those CoDs I mentioned have online trophies and there are so many hackers online that they can auto pop all just trophies without your control. Black Ops 2 is the worst at that but I've heard it also happens in Black Ops and World At War, all of the early CoDs made by Treyarch.


      But yeah, plenty of other great games to try out. Gran Turismo 6 is another good title if you have sim racing in mind. It's basically an improved version of GT5 with more cars, more features, and an improved everything. The trophies are very approachable too compared to GT5. Very much recommended if you like racing games or cars in general. :D

    4. GraniteSnake


      Dead Space was great! I haven’t got around to the second and third game properly yet. If you do plan on getting into MGS then I’d also recommend picking up the original Metal Gear Solid (PSOne Classic) off of the PS3 Store. I played it for the first time this year and it still holds up very well despite being released in 1998 😎


      There are more games I’d recommend but I left them out because they are either already remastered on PS4 or have unobtainable trophies. 

  12. I sometimes regret that I arrived really late to the Sony's hype train. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      No, don't say that. Nunca es demasiado tarde para disfrutar los juegos, sea de donde sean. Sony may be shitting the bed right now with some of their decent decisions but there's plenty to enjoy as far as games. At least the PS3 catalog is still ripe with potential for me. :P

    3. Xenoblast91


      I said this in at bad mod moment, but yeah buying my PS4 in mid-2018 hit me a lot, and honestly was a life changer and saved me to some extent in a time when my life was in one of its lowest parts. And of course, "old" games never lose their shine. ;) 

    4. Xenoblast91


      @IntroPhenom Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Indeed, I was an Xboxer way back, but school prevent me to actually play at my heart wish. However, what I can recall from 360 is his day 0 implementation of achievements and the multiplayer support for many games. But yeah, I have the opportunity to replay those old gems that are hidden behind the PS3. 

  13. Final Fantasy XIII Grand Theft Auto IV Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, with DLC Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Ultimate Edition; includes all DLC) Red Dead Redemption Dead Space (the trilogy) Ninja Gaiden 3 (can include Sigma)
  14. What really turn my nerves on are the spread of this news around the media, where they actually placed a date and hour, yes... Date and hour to this event. From an obscure page that Google recommended in my thread (yeah, we know the algorithm) says when this gonna happen. Don't want to say that, but c'mon, I mean, everywhere they are treating this as "official", but there's no source, no confirmation, nothing! Plus the fact that I consider myself more like a retro gamer because screw Sony, they aren't going to dictate what to play and more importantly, when. I'm planning to purchase a PS3 for the sake to play old games and fuse them in my account, and really want to try those as my love for franchises grew more than I evidently, played more. But no, they just want to sell whatever they like and if you don't align with their schedule, you can go to fuck yourself and loss the "hype train", one that apparently they designed awfully since the beginning. Yeah, the demise of the stores is something unavoidable, but seeing how MS dealt with it and the retro compatibility that speaks to me more than what Sony can do. I'm a newcomer, but now I feel this like a kick in the teeth as they honestly don't care and just like to make changes when they start to feel the heat in between; moreover, they want to be an American re-branded company, and they started terrible for this too. And speaking of which, the servers' status of many games (I just care for a few, and hopefully, I can finish them before the kaput happens) are running "ok" but the future is of course predictable in this matters; just looking to what's happening to Halo we can imply what we can get from other developers.
  15. Hope this helps: Since release of the PS5, the trophy won't pop on PS4 as the game can't create matchmaking between those consoles. Don't know why this is happening, but the only option is to create a boosting session and specify that you need a PS5 owner with a NA account for this to work. Once done, you can play both of you and the trophy will pop. Can work the other way around to, but since the platform scarcity and how few people have the game despite being a PS+ game from a few years ago, can be a little difficult to find the right match. However is possible, but very tricky to say the least.