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  1. Thank you very much for such kind words! I'm planning to play this game before any potential server shutdown come in the next years. Really want to get rid of this as I see it really daunting. Not to say that I'm afraid of difficuilty games, but the time required sometimes stresses me enough to stop enjoying the game; however I'm really tough and I want more the 100% relief than just relying on an incomplete game though. Honestly, the last racing game I tried was Driveclub (which actually void my account for a 99.41% for ever) and despite I found it fun, the grind was real. I'm not so used to simulator games, even more to racing simulator ones! Also, I don't knwo if DC match such description, but overall I like this genre. I've played almost every single Mario Kart game out there (incluiding the new 8 Deluxe, thanks to my cousin, LOL) and even those are just casual racing titles, I enjoy them a lot and when I was a kid, I beat all the ghosts in trials modes and the like. So yeah, GT Sport can be challenging, but even the requirements for the 2 trophies -the wins and pole positions- doesn't seem so bad at first glance... I don't consider myself a highly skilled player, but just an average one with a midset that says "heck, this ain't going to beat me; this' gonna fall!". My strategy and approach, though could be rough and raw, would be based on doing at least 2 or 3 wins with those positions per week. A very slow grind in all truth, but don't like neither feel the need to rush a game in order to beat it in less than 3 months. Doesn't stick with my playstyle. However, I'll take those heads-up in mind when I grab the wheel once again and see how pro or noob I can be, LOL. And congrats by mastering those events, as you mention! I think only a very few are able to get that Platinum, and of course it will feature in my profile soon Also, I doubt that Solid would even care to try it as this challenge is priority for him (which I'll be looking with great interest *insert Palpatine meme here*) but in an any potential swift change of events, I'll be more glad to play with! Of course, if the server even match us in first place xD.
  2. I should stop procrastinating. However, I am at a point where I don't know what to play. I want to start the campaign for The Last of Us Remastered, but because of the fact that there are losable trophies due to collectibles, it makes me not even touch it. You would have to play it 3 times: 1 to enjoy the story, another for the lost objects and the third to have all the trophies on Grounded+ difficulty. Not to mention, I have to finish the DLC that expands Ellie's story in the main campaign.


    Also, most of the games that I have in my backlog require boosting sessions. Some have dead servers without people playing and according to the guides, even if they are simple plates, they require people to help you... I don't mind looking for partners, but sometimes it is tedious and I don't want to spend a lot of time on that either. Wow... So many games, and so little time is something that stresses me and even causes me to play less. What should I do?

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    2. dertswa687o


      There's a glitch you can do to get infinite shivs and it's very easy. I didn't use a guide for collectibles on my first playthrough and still found some of the shiv doors, so it's likely you will too. That would just reduce the number of shivs you'd need on Grounded+, but with infinite shivs it doesn't really matter.


      There is one collectible that requires you to kill a tough enemy so that one is technically easier on an easier difficulty, but it's not too difficult to do on Grounded+ either.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yeah, what I mean is playing games and not giving too much thought about the trophies. I know it can be difficult to do but sometimes playing for fun without the worrying of achievements is all there is to it.


      Another idea. Maybe you can start a game, spend some time with it, and then assess better if you're willing to go down all the way with it. In case you don't want the game to appear under your profile because you're not fully committed to it already you can, say, start it on a secondary account and check it out there. That way you won't have an incomplete game appear on your profile in case you decide to stop playing it.


      As for my tastes, lol, I play a little bit of everything, it'd be hard to narrow those down. 😅


    4. MidnightDragon


      I need to stop procrastinating as well.

  3. Go ahead for GT Sport. I planning to beat it along with Uncharted 4 as those came with God of War bundle. So, kinda free platinums despite U4 came back free last year. Anyway, I'll like to see your methods and try to match our playrun to see different results in that game. Still daunts me but I must do it, LOL. Like the new poll system. I think is fair and makes a little playoff there as should be. Can't wait to see the next chapter 👀! By the way, what are you going to play or do in the meantime of the following week? This is giving me feeling that you're creating your own cult in order to later perform on Twitch or something and then having us all following you as your entourage, LMAO.
  4. This a personal one. I want to try it too, so I nominate Gran Turismo Sport. The guide states 10/10. Probably because is purely skill based as you need to win 91 races and is completely online. So, would be great if we coincide in that one in this year LOL.
  5. My personal list consists of: Final Fantasy XIII (the whle trilogy, by the way) Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 GTA IV Plants vs Zombies (however the Vita version is better in terms of trophies) Ico Congratulations by this purchase, looking forward to do the same!
  6. Thanks for the kind words for all community about this game! I'm planning to hit to it too, since it came in my PS4 bundle but seeing the daunting difficulty and skill required makes shivers and doesn't even think about it. However seeing you beat Crash 1 and Sonic Mania, both in a single day per game, then I doubt that this game is available for every layman. You certianly require skill though. So far from saying this can be doable, it can be... but only for those who have the ability too. Don't want to discourage, as I want to try this too, but honestly your profile says to me what is required to even think being able to dive into this insane game. By the way, congratulations on earning this platinum!
  7. Actually has a reminiscence to OG DOOM. Practically seems copy & paste, LOL.
  8. Congratulations buddy! You moved one step close to the plasma state of existence so I guess you're Liquid right now! I can't imagine feeling all that pain just for spending hours and hours in something so demanding as this. That's why I believe I wouldn't never try to achieve something like speed running, LOL. Glad you have the time to put it into full throttle in this hobby and makes you passionate enough to even try things like Ikaruga! Can't wait to see your next challenge!
  9. UPDATE 8.0.: Hello guys, me here once again to share with you my progression in this almost finishing challenge! The last two weeks were wonderful, since I managed to finish three games in a row. I think it was real progress over there since I couldn't play before but aside from that, I feel ready to finish few more and see if I manage to complete the challenge once at least, LOL. Anyway, the games were easy overall, so that helped a lot too. However, I can't decide which I must hit next since the backlog is huge so I think using a swap here should be wise. Surprises me too that just very few of us are posting right now, but not sure if is due you already finished it or simply haven't got any progress and that's OK, however I always miss when someone hasn't posted in several days as I like their list. Alright, enough for the introduction and let's dive in! Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered – 100% Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - GOTY Edition – 100% Psychonauts – 34%100% Cuphead – 0%100% Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades – 0%100% Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – 83% GTA V – 48% Final Fantasy VII [OG] – 0% Doom Eternal – 0% Star Wars Battlefront II – 0% (This is going to be swapped; once I decide which replace it, it'll be edited) Swaps used - 2/5: Assassin's Creed OriginsGTA V Lego Marvel’s Super Heroes 2Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - GOTY Edition Despite finishing 2020 with Psychonauts and being my "first" platinum of the year I don't consider it to be so. The game as a whole is entertaining, but personally it didn't stick to me as much I wished. Firstly, is a platform game (which I'm a master on those) but the mechanics and physics of the game don't seem to match the current state of gameplay posed over the years. I know, comparing apples with oranges never works, but in this case the game felt clumsy, bad in the collision detection and few other details that left me unsatisfied. Secondly, there were unnecessary hard parts for few trophies. Instead of making an organic, natural progression of the game you must backtrack to grab everything in every world. There was a figment (a type of collectible needed for the 101%) that took me around 2 hours to grab. Why? For the after mentioned issues! The game didn't read correctly the jumps over a trampoline and until I literally pressed all the buttons furiously, Raz managed to somehow make a jump high enough in order to allow that thing to be grabbed. Was frustrating ugh. But aside from that, I like the approach of the game. The last world consisting of severed people in an asylum, where you see really psychedelic and some disturbing situations where a touch for a game about psyche in general. I like it, honestly; it certainly deserves its position along many other games considered amazing. From there, I jumped into one of my favorites. Cuphead poses a challenge to whoever tries it for first time. But, all in all... IS. ONE. OF. THE. BEST. GAMES. EVER. Nobody can't argue that. I played it a lot when it came out for PC and in fact, this game was one of the reasons titles to jump into the next gen around 2017. I instantly loved it. It was challenging, but I needed that. Wanted something so immersive that make me forget about everything and just try my best to have a confidence boost in that year. And man, I wasn't disappointed at all. From the vegetable bosses to the devil itself, the game tested me with an array of abilities, since parrying at the perfect moment, to move quickly between a screen full of projectiles that manage to follow you independently of your position and randomly moves in unpredictable ways! A complete mess and pure cancer in few instance of course. But this time around, I choose to play it differently. I wished to be in the world leaderboard of the top 50, but I couldn't. And I feel great even though. I beat the game again in just 4 days (I hate how this site rates timestamps, because it leans to trophy acquisition rather than in-game progression, smh; couldn't play the day after starting it), instead of 2 and half years. For me that was a complete success! I knew some bosses and of course, my previous run helped me a lot, but the challenge was still there. A definitive blast that everybody should try of course! And also, I finished byt the time when One Piece reached chapter #1000! I hope this year be so epic! Following the spree, FFXV Multiplayer: Comrades makes its debut! I wanted to do this way back when finished the base game. But for time constraint reasons I couldn't until now. However, in the way as meet few people who are considered big weights in this site. I befriended the 4th place leaderboard from my country, and have a really nice talk about trophy hunting and gaming overall. Also, two other guys who are fantastic at this type of games helped me with the final battle against Kenny Crow. That battle is ridiculous. The character is a mockery of one of the franchise mascot, it has god-tier attacks that can K.O. you in a matter of seconds, can regain health over the fact that he's over 2 million HP. I was so under level due to guide states that being at that is beneficial as having a buff for your character can deal more damage to him, but in the end it makes things harder. I haven't had time to gain more level and craft weapons which actually gives you the increase on stats needed to defeat him. However, this team was gentle enough to just carry me in the battle despite I had to run and just make few hits (which were 9,999 in damage) because he killed me so quick and easy. Was an interesting experience and opens me the opportunity to try new MMO games in the future as I would like to jump into them too. Alright folks! I guess this was a good update and wish all of you have an amazing time as only 3 more for me and the challenge will be finished. Good luck adn vibes to all of you! Cheers and happy hunitng!
  10. Today I managed to get a real live achievement. Managed to perform my very first muscle up after 3 years of constant training. Of course its was lame, and according to the official rules it doesn't count as a rep, because my foot touched one side of the rack from you should be hanging, but anyway. 


    There's a dude who mostly does calisthenics in our box, and he can do them very easily. I know, very different disciplines, but at least I analyze his style and think I have nailed it; I was not wrong. Well, I still need to polish it for a more fluid motion overall, as there are other factors involved in how to execute it correctly.


    Aside from that, this day was kind of awry as my progress with FFXV: Multiplayer Comrades get corrupt as it didn't save like 5 hours of play and was really annoying. Also, few bad news come lately and well, the curse from 2020 seems to continue to stem. We must find a way to cooperate and try to stop all this mess, honestly. 

  11. It's weird since I helped an Australian guy some time ago and managed to get the platinum. However, trying to help another player we couldn't even to settle the match. I'm from NA so this should still work, but I'm unaware if this case is alive somehow or if the servers are down forever. Any advice?
  12. I respect people who do speed running, but personally I hate itself all in all. You spotted precisely what entail to be on the top 50 world leaderboard position. Hundreds, and may be thousands of hours to be able to taste such recognition. Also, your skill is key into achieving that. Not everybody has the same opportunity in those terms, and moreover in the same line. I attempted to achieve one spot on Cuphead because I loved the game, but I don’t have the time neither the motivation to do so; I don’t want to use another account just for that feat. Furthermore, I wanted a unique account in which everything can be conjoined and nothing left to side training or the like. Also, as you mention that rushing a game is not enjoyable, I find it a complete lack of respect to what playing a game means. You are just doing it because you’re looking for people’s approval. I could say that just a few people care, and even if you did some unbelievable speed running, you’ll end up with some discredit and probably a little resentment from others. Don’t mislead it, is very cool seeing people playing flawlessly, so smoothly that is looking the game like it is completely different from the one you’re currently playing. But the factors involving this perspective are complex, and sometimes hardly well understood. Yes, in an amazing feat being one of the very first people in doing so, but at the same time I see it as an absurd way to do so. I can’t imagine trying to master a game; unless it has a huge replay value, and I’ve already played it before, well I should try it, but I would feel anxious, mostly because there’s a plethora of games already, in so many platforms, with a vast genre types and gameplay mechanics that honestly, I couldn’t handle it properly. Congratulations of being able to figure in some of those leaderboards, really! I understand that it can give you a little pride boost and makes you feel greater since you accomplished such an enterprise, and it has nothing wrong about that. But I say that it isn’t meant for everyone. While you can be mocked for taking your time with games, I must say that is my time, my money and the way I want to experience this or that title. Remember, not everybody has the same skills nor time to play, but even if anything takes you 1 day to 2 years, I can say that beating any game, or even achieving its platinum is by itself a huge realization and commitment.
  13. If we go in time travel to 2006, I would hard argue for Battalion Wars. A rip off from the Advance Wars series from the old Game Boy Advance, its approach on a home console was absurdly well-developed and translated for that scheme. It was the first real-time strategy game I've ever and probably only tried, and can say was so amazing and beautiful that was so hard to find in my country that I had to ask my relatives in the States to buy it for me, and they find it. Absolutely recommended for anyone who's interested in retro gaming and try a different taste from modern RTS genre. I love it since it really has that army, warfare feeling despite it's really cartoonish but that boost its overall immersion into the play through. Here's an old review made by GameSpot in the day:
  14. Just one day out and almost +10 notifications about the thread. It is fun to read this encyclopedia of pain and sorrow and how really enjoy it, LOL. Was thinking a bit, and can I would nominate Dragon Age: Inquisition? My cousin has it and haven't even play it in long ago. Reading the guide sounds challenging and could be a potential entry in the poll... may be. By the way, I admit defeat. I couldn't beat your time in Cuphead my dude. Honestly, I tried and trained a lot to push towards your 10 hours run but, pft. I suck at speedrunning, but I hope to finish it by the weekend any way. There it goes through the toilet my world record leaderboard position of one of my most favorites games. Anyway, let's see what happens later. For my defense I can say that I'm performing way better than when I started it the first time, haha. Good luck my buddy in the last part of Ikaruga! (For space reasons I want to comment about @Spaz's views) Actually, those are the reasons why I've been thinking a lot for a PS3 lately. Sonic Adventure 2 is one of my options to tackle and grab the trophies there. It is a classic, and I like it mostly by the addition of chaos, and the inclusion of Shadow in the series. Pretty old game, 20 years in fact. But still a beloved one. However, I don't understand the difference for a basic PS3/4 game and those from PSN. Could you explain the difference, please? And with the problem for PS3 controllers, isn't the best to play with a PS4 one? I mean, I thought that was this viability to play with the DualShock 4 on its predecessor console. I'm just wondering since I don't want to have a surprise later on, LOL.
  15. Personally, January 6th is the most special day of the year in my case. If I could point to a "sacred" date on the calendar, I'll undoubtedly point out this one. So nostalgic and innocent; I could argue and say that is even better than my birthday, LOL.


    Let me explain why. We have this tradition similar to Christmas, but different in application. We celebrate the Holy Wise Kings day (officially "Día de los Santos Reyes Magos")! Basically, it has the same premise for Santa Claus: kids get toys, gifts and candies. But they receive them at the early morning, before they even awake rather than receiving them straight at midnight or by trading; which honestly makes the feeling more magic and exciting. Therefore, they must go to bed early on the night of the 5th if they expect to get any gift at all.


    You know? I fondly remember the thrill of anxiously awaiting the dawn. I had "sent" them a letter on the Christmas tree asking for a, nothing less than a Nintendo GameCube. Man, I even remember asking for Super Mario Sunshine bundle. That night was undoubtedly, memorable. The other I remember was for getting Super Mario Galaxy, and that was truly one, if the best overall, of the best video games I ever had the pleasure and opportunity to try!


    Even an almost 30 old ass man, I still respect and love this date. I got many amazing games in this very night over the years, and I'm really surprised that the Kings actually knew what I was talking about LOL. I even left them cookies, milk and food for their animals (which they ride on a horse, an elephant and a camel, by the way as tradition hints). It is a beautiful tradition, and this renews my willing to play and tackle more games in this year. Would have been awesome I could grab that PS3 of which I've been thinking a lot recently, But that may become real a little later.

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    2. Xenoblast91


      Acá es un día muy celebrado. Prácticamente las noticias siempre lo mencionan todo el día, e incluso es hasta bonito ver que dicen que algunos puestos que se quedan toda la noche vendiendo productos y juguetes hasta el amanecer aparecen en la TV y los reporteros comentan graciosamente que los Reyes siguen en la búsqueda de los juguetes de todos los niños. Honestamente no sé que tanta influencia americana haya también, en el sentido de que mucha gente va hacia EUA para surtirse, y claramente tienen un buen margen de ganancia, así que por el lado económico es algo que no debería perderse ni tampoco olvidarse. 


      Es un día bastante único, porque a diferencia de Navidad, la gente puede comprar y vender con cierta libertad y con más pomposidad que el 24/25 de diciembre (la fecha por ser más familiar, limita a bastantes comerciantes y prefieren esperar a este día para poder vender a lo grande). Otro detalle es que este día es cuando más niños pueden pedir cosas así de caras; más que nada, porque como todos los padres quieren ver a sus hijos felices y hay una cierta competitividad por ver quién puede darle lo mejor a ellos pues aprovechan y les dan ese tipo de regalos a los niños. Además, se espera que el regalo que reciban sea duradero, al menos para este año que recién empieza. 


      Me sorprende que a pesar de la contingencia (qué también ha generado un cierto nivel de crisis en muchos sectores del país), aquí en mi ciudad se pusiera el pequeño mercadito anual en donde se venden infinidad de cosas, y es tradición ir a ver lo que se ofrece ahí. Obviamente todos con cubrebocas y gel antibacterial, pero es lindo que a pesar de la situación se mantuviera ese espíritu de gratitud y felicidad para los niños. 

    3. Honor_Hand


      ¿Crees que haya alguna influencia americana en eso? De verdad que nunca he escuchado a los americanos hablar de los 3 Reyes Magos, aunque puede que esté equivocado. :hmm: A mí me suena que eso de los 3 Reyes Magos es algo como que más de Latinoamérica. Digo, hablando de la tradición claro está, no pongo en duda que la parte económica sí mucha gente vaya a USA a surtirse y luego vender en México.


      Interesante. De verdad que no tenía idea de que el Día de Reyes se celebrara así a lo grande en México. Por lo que me cuentas pareciera que es hasta más especial y ansiado que la Navidad misma, considerando el tamaño y la calidad de los eventos, los regalos y la actividad en sí. Aquí sí que no recuerdo que fuese en ningún momento tan grande. Como te comento, a lo mucho dulces, chucherías, golosinas y cotillones, pero de ahí nunca pasaba. Nunca recuerdo haber recibido ningún regalo así grande en el Día de Reyes. Los regalos grandes eran para Navidad mas bien y lo de Reyes era como un detallito así pequeño nada más. xxD


      Es bueno ver que, a pesar de toda la contingencia por lo del COVID y demás, todavía hayan podido celebrarlo a lo grande y como se debe por estas fechas. A veces con todas las problemáticas uno todavía quiere mantener los tradiciones y la alegría de estas fechas. Lo peor que puede llegar a pasar es cuando la gente está tan agobiada por otros problemas que simplemente terminan perdiendo el espirito de celebración, o de estar agradecidos y alegres en estas fechas. Me alegro mucho que lo hayan pasado bien por allá, compañero. :)

    4. Xenoblast91


      Me refiero al impacto económico. En cuanto a la tradición, absolutamente nada jaja. Esto viene de España, como tu bien sabrás, xD. Al menos acá es muy celebrado, y todas las fiestas decembrinas pues se hacen a lo grande. Hay muchas actividades que uno puede hacer, aunque acá el frío (al menos en mi estado) a veces hace que sea difícil salir al aire libre, pero como sabrás, somos muy sociales y siempre hay una razón para convivir, algo que creo es la razón por la que odiamos tanto la pandemia y la contingencia. 


      En cuanto a cómo es el 6 de enero, pues a grandes rasgos es así. Al menos así ha sido toda la vida que yo recuerde. Podría decir que perdí ese encanto al menos 2 veces en todos estos años; uno que jamás se me olvidará es cuando tuve que ir a realizar un examen extraordinario de física en la preparatoria y fue un día bastante extraño. Aparte de eso, es mi día favorito la verdad, jaja. Sigo siendo algo infantil, pero a mi ver es algo que si todos tuviéramos viviríamos en una situación muy, muy diferente y mejor.