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  1. This pissed me off so many times. Hope this never happens again. I'm going to do all set up missions in invite only sessions. Oh my God, what a mess is this thing...
  2. Who came up with the idea that developing such clunky game controls that positioning yourself in tight areas in a layout that leaves you exposed in an open space against CPU NPC enemies with perfect aim would be the best decision, in addition to be the last level for what is supposed to be the end of a game?


    Seriously, the finale of Act III on Doomsday Heists has been proved to be a test to us. I'm aiming to get the Masterminds Challenge for the 100% of GTA V, but this has become one of those things that one have to master in order to achieve it. We're doing the Masterminds II, hence we're attempting to do it with only me and other friend to get the medal. But the fact we already screw it made it more difficult. If we are clever enough, we'll start it again today and then going to 1/3 what means the trophy. 


    Yes, this is a rant. Not because of the difficulty, but about the control and how the character is dealt since the game has no room for error. Obviously there's a matter for skill as any other game, but here that comes to play against you, and make you rage-quit. Seriously a challenge itself, since you need the support of someone until the very end. The difficulty isn't the matter, again. Are the controls and how the gameplay develops through the match. You just turn around while just holding slightly the left stick and your character can't cover enough and boom, your dead. Seriously, I can't even say that even GTA V is considered one of the best games ever the multiplayer is full of counter measurements and proper patches to avoid this nasty experience, moreover there a lot of grievers when you join the servers. 

    1. Honor_Hand


      Suena que estamos teniendo problemas. No nos desesperemos, seguro que eventualmente se podrá hacer.


      I'm not familiar with GTV's online at all, but I have heard those Masterminds Challenges are insanely difficult to pull off. Best of luck to you there.


      No terminemos lanzando el control por la ventana! xxD

    2. Xenoblast91


      La verdad que sí, ¡cañón, eh! El principal problema con el trofeo es que el juego en sí tiene muchos bugs debido a su tamaño masivo. Es difícil en el sentido de que debes memorizar todos los niveles y misiones al mínimo detalle, saber cuáles son los mejores lugares para cubrir/atacar y no menos importante, tu equipo. Actualmente lo estamos rehaciendo, ya que la primera vez fue en difícil pero si moríamos lo reintentábamos. Lo logramos al final, y ahora tenemos que empezar pero completamente seguros de no morir. Ahora estamos con el desafío de Mente Criminal II (es decir, el desafío en un equipo de 2 personas). Sin embargo, nos fue mal de nuevo y nuestro progreso se reseteó. Vaya suerte que estamos teniendo... 


      Just be careful in doing all this stuff. Reading through the threads posted here, there's a chance you can avoid the random and sudden delete of your progress by doing certian steps (basically what happened to us, as stated above). Anyway, we must do it. This is insanely tedious, moreover by loading screens and the absurd IA the game employs for the enemies with their perfect aim and health. We must prevail! 

  3. @Copanele Congratulations on One Piece! I love the series and was tempted to purchase the Pirate Warriors 4 - Ultimate Edition, but I don't care if it's grindy. At this point, if the trophies are obtainable, I'll do them. But considering is an adaptation, Bandai Namco does a very poor decision towards manga/anime stuff translated into games. I guess the thing has been like that since years ago. It's like the topic that brought out days ago about why there couldn't be good movies/series based upon games, and I think the principle applies in reverse too. @Spaz I've just get in touch with few AC through the years, due many friends are super fans of the series. However, Origins specifically was the one that draw my attention when I was minding to jump into a new console, and I plan to play it 100% no matter what. I don't even think to dive into the whole series, since AC I has only achievements for X360 and not for PS3, I think that only with this and may be Odyssey, will be enough. Of course, I somehow get in touch with other titles of the series I would try them, but you make a point: this generation was flooded with open-world games never seen before, but the formula became generic and without substance. Anyway, I was just wondering about Copanele's statement for the "boring" part of it, so as told above, I don't care. While is obtainable, is possible.
  4. Well yes, but actually no. By you saying people lifting in the bad form, I can agree with that. CrossFit itself is a brand, but the techniques used in the training itself come from powerlifting, weightlifting, calisthenics, aerobic training, acrobatics and plyometrics. Has an array of methods, but I myself suffer from a bad positioning while an exercise called "Power Clean". There are 3 critical positions in doing so, and in the 2nd I tend to lift a little bit my hips while that shouldn't happen, which can cause an injury on my lower back. But that's why you require technique and that's why many people don't grasp about it. With respect to the poorly executed pull ups, again there's a technique for that. You need to do a kipping movement in order to develop that exercise. I can agree that it can have an impact on your tendons and muscles, but since you can train slowly to that point you shouldn't worry about it. The secret in everything is progression. That's the only way you can improve. At the box I'm attending there's so rookies now that the coaches must take care that they're doing the exercises according to their skills and so. LOL no, of course! I've been doing this since 2 years now almost 3 in fact, so no worries. I'm glad that I can explain this to you, and if you're curious about this please don't hesitate to ask any other questions about it!
  5. UPDATE 3.0.: Mid-month, so it’s report time! These have been unexpected busy days for me, since have 4 games to play simultaneously, got a new job and have a training program for a CrossFit competition that’s going to be next month in which I’ll be participating with a partner and the sessions have been insanely intense (this is another hobby of mine, which has helped me to stay in a very good shape, healthy and attentive for other areas in my life). But feel great overall! The month has been a mayhem in regards for PSN and their decision towards the platforms, and despite this is only the dawn for the upcoming PS5 I disagree with few of the corporate choices that Sony has made in these days. This is making me mad at moments but I remember that I must change my overview on that matter and focus better on playing, which is what bring us today here, of course! Few objectives have been achieved since the progression for the games are slow rather than difficult (aside from 2; more of that in a moment). Been playing super causally Rocket League with some friends on and off, the trophies are pretty straight forward but since the game doesn’t figure in the main list and can’t consider it as a proper for the challenge but it is from a personal standpoint anyway. Although, few requires hours of play I guess they’ll come naturally, exactly as I like the trophies to be. Overall, I’ve got 51% on it, so there’s still other stuff to finish before I can tackle this game in its fullest. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered – 0%➡100% GTA V – 26%➡33% Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – 7%➡40% Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades – 0% Final Fantasy VII [OG] – 0% Lego Marvel’s Super Heroes 2 – 0% Psychonauts – 0% Doom Eternal – 0% Star Wars Battlefront II – 0% Cuphead – 0% Swaps used - 1/5: Assassin's Creed Origins➡GTA V Now, coming to the core of my progression, GTA Online has proved to be an experience. I can recall my fond memories playing GTA San Andreas back in the day, and this has revived my likeness for this saga. @Mihold which needs a special mention here, as he has giving me a significant hand with few of the trophies, since both of us are committed for the fully 100% of the game; we already beat the OG Heists and now we’re focusing on the Doomsday Heists. Also, he introduced me into a community crew in-game which are primarily concerned with grinding businesses for money, which was a huge boost in order to prepare ourselves for this indomitable task. However, 2 of the trophies in that DLC seem daunting (and truly are!): Elitist and Masterminds Challenges. The first, requires us to beat certain goals within the final mission on a series of levels called Acts, which are 3 in total. The second, refers to redo the whole DLC or Heists in order, on hard difficulty, with the same team, without dying and doing all preparation missions, without any skip and to top of it you must do it 3 times (one run with 2 people, second with 3 and the final with a team of 4). Well… Yes, sounds super tedious, and truly is. We screwed both on them but the good part (if any), is that we're becoming better on them. We just need to finish Act III, and we have memorized and mastered that part. Now, we must rerun the thing in the 2 team Challenge and try the Elitist in that run too. If not, we should wait for the other Mastermind run in order to achieve it. So guys, please: if you want to help us or know anyone interested in giving us a hand in regards this crazy challenge, I’ll greatly appreciate your help towards that. (Looking for committed players is a challenge in itself for sure.) That was a huge rant or may be a good relief in this thing (what’ve done…). Ok, on the other hand we have the Fourth Ninja War and the consequences it has for our beloved blond teenage thirsty for recognition and colossal willpower. I’ve been playing the Story Mode at parts, and the best thing is that is dubbed! I started watching the series in Latin Spanish when it came out in Cartoon Network in 2007 for North America, so I feel a huge punch of nostalgia in that matter. I have no idea in that time that the anime existed, so my first touch with it was directly through commercial TV, and I’m super glad that it happened that way. Now on the game itself, I managed to play to almost half of it but still few things left to do. However, as this challenge requires us to 100% a game, I’m hesitating to let the game only with the plat and wait until December if Sony cares to low down prices for DLCs since the only one for this game costs $20USD, an amount that I believe is unfair considering that it only gives you 3 trophies but a good deal if you like the game and want a true expansion that gives you a glimpse for the sequel of the series and enjoy the gameplay and features that the title provides you. I’m here for the trophies so yeah, isn’t a good deal to me at all. But I don’t know, what do you guys think? When finishing all this chaos I expect to play something more relaxed, just to calm the nerve and help me to focus my real life stuff as this is demanding in every aspect. But aside that, I can stay firmly that I can do it and I’ll manage to beat finally this as the whole year I couldn’t and left many games incomplete, as TLOU stands in that way since August. Sigh. I hope to plat that one soon, or maybe not. Who knows? However, the list grows and grows, and since the wish list from PS Store is going to be removed, I used the feature here on PSN Profiles that allows you to track your wish lists and other games that you have in mind to finish. Oh! And I almost forget. I purchased a game that has been under the radar since the last year, and I want to try it: Ghostrunner. You know, cyberpunk fast-paced action packed with lots of blood while using a katana? Heck, and absolute yes, of course! So let’s see if I can add it or swap it for the other one listed here. I think this has been the longest post I’ve ever written, so sorry for the long post and the time for this, but you’re not required to read the misadventures of this clumsy and sometimes unaware common dude, LOL. Alright guys, Xenoblast91 over and out this time and see you in the next update! Happy to read the progress of all of you and wish you stay on the same vibe and tune! Blessings and happy hunting!
  6. Exactly the opinion I was expecting but not wanting, to be honest LOL. However, as is Spaz which is speaking, I can more or less understand how you enjoy the game my friend. I know you're an AC core fan since its roots, but I honestly want to take a shot in them and see if those drag me to play other games from the saga. However, as open-world games (which were the standard in this generation at least until the last quarter before Battle Royale took the scene) I can enjoy them per se as games, but nothing more. Anyway, that adventure should wait. Other stuff in the run and really want to give the time it requires to be fully appreciated according to my standards and the like. Happy hunting mate
  7. Completely out of the loop and mildly from the whole thread, but man... May I ask you, why did you fin AC: O boring/tedious for the Platinum? I've played it with a cousin which got it for birthday years ago and I just simply consider it an average open world game with the AC formula on the top of it. Don't get me wrong and neither want to negatively psych but I have this one on the waiting list and really want to try it. Thanks man, and good work with all those fighting and absurdly hard games! You have my humble respect!
  8. Most fun platinums: 1. Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Marvel's Spider-Man 3. Doom 2016 --- 4. One Piece: World Seeker 5. Strider Most grindy platinum's: 1. Fortnite 2. Heavy Rain 3. Wolfenstein: Youngblood Highest skill based platinum's: 1. Hyper Scape (not Platinum, but 100%) 2. COD: MWR (I legit re-did the infamous "Mile High Club", hence the game is 100% on veteran) 3. Driveclub Most boring / tedious platinum's I earned: 1. Heavy Rain Platinum's that I did not achieve, but wanted (i. e., currently on the works): 1. GTA V (not only Plat; the 100%, baby!) 2. The Last of Us (this is in a complete hiatus) 3. GT Sport
  9. The concern is complex. Firstly, you have the audience. To take an example, let's look into the MCU. The layman knows nothing about comics or the like; moreover, the whole comic universe is convoluted, contradictory and often non-linear (at least in Western mainstream line of comics). Sure, many could recognize Spider-Man or Wolverine, but would they know who's Ben Reilly? Well, people one want to watch a movie (assuming they are paying attention to it) and just have a glimpse over it without much context. Therefore, to make a complex thing so plainly understandable for the masses is a task that will sacrifice substance from the source material. Now, as many above have correctly asserted, the plot of a video game is only a part of it. The essence of them are the interactivity. And most of it, is indeed the sense of the plot Hence, when we see a movie based upon a video game looks cringe, awful and nonsensical. Sonic in recent times just make it like a very kiddo movie but the plot itself lacks any sense, because, how can you explain that a hedgehog can run at light speed without the context that comes from another dimension? But other movies like action related as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or Resident Evil, can have more or less content from the original work. But... Sometimes, the producers just plainly hate video games overall. Think of it. This industry produces sales of US$134.9 billion annually worldwide as 2018, according to Wikipedia; while Hollywood does US$41.7 billion for yearly releases, again in 2018. I can see why to hate those numbers... Plus, with a US$50 purchase, you can have fun even for years without making you bored. Then why to bother to watch a movie for entertainment? This is the view from the movie producers, in my opinion. And to add to the matter, the latest Dragon Quest movie was panned, to say the least, for its ending which deals a lot from I have already explained. That truly hurt me, as was expecting something that finally make respect to players and movies overall. If you ever bother to watch it, please avoid it. You'll waste your time for sure. On the other hand, I find the 90s movies about video games as a cultural heritage as the cheesy and ubiquitous attempt to translate the new boom from that industry into the movies, which helped a lot in fact to rocket the sales of many games in that time. However, there's a plethora of video game related material transformed into films, like the Halo CGI series, which again can point out that a live action adaptation always errs in many ways that cut of more than the half for the actual content of the game.
  10. 10/10/2020 has passed. This day is symbolic, since according to his wiki, it is Naruto Uzumaki's birthday. This character suddenly arrived (and I remember him vividly) on the night of Monday 1/1/2007, in a nighttime broadcast of Cartoon Network in my country. It caught my attention immediately because:
    1) it was a "new" anime back then,
    2) it looked like a typical yet very familiar shōnen anime alike to Dragon Ball,
    3) it had an element that was something that I needed.

    And from there, the rest was history. That blond airhead ninja changed my [views about] life. Partly, but it opened the doors to other, more interesting things. Somewhere else I have discussed how a fictional character can give us so many more life lessons than those who existed in this world, or even those around us in everyday life.


    But focusing on the subject in terms of video games, I personally like to leave a mark with the trophies that I obtain in them with the dates I obtain them (although sometimes I fail by seconds, really). And I had the idea of getting 100% of Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 just this day. But it was not like that. Mainly, for the price of the only DLC of the title. Waiting months for a discount on it, and with a price that is worth even a full game, I preferred to wait a bit to get that complement. However, I do believe that can get the platinum between these days, but I do not feel completely sure, since I like that both the trophy and the percentage end at the same, because think I make an exception with one of my favorite characters... although not I'm sure at all.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      Pretty sure Naruto changed the lives of many out there. Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are the Big Three of anime after all, you know, the classic shonen series of the time that everyone watched. They're fairly popular with a lot of people out there.


      To be honest with you, I never got into them at the time. xxD I came back into anime a few years later when Sword Art Online became popular. But the Big Three, I never watched any of them. I have thought about maybe sitting down and giving them a watch, but the episode count of those series is legendary as to how HUGE they are. xD

    3. Xenoblast91


      @Honor_Hand Of course, he did! I don't know how Mr. Kishimoto came with that idea, but what catches my attention is that the "pursuit of the dreams" was the theme among a good deal of anime from the mid-2000s through the decade. And I love it, to be honest. However, One Piece (which is the latest manga that I've read) fascinated me in every aspect. I prefer to read instead of watching anime as I can listen music in the background and feel more intimate and at my pace all the action. Truly impressive and inspiring! I highly recommended it to you. :D   

      But now that you mention (dude, you always make very good points and observations about everything, at least you explain it to its very core, by the way!), I watched all them in a moment of my academic life (one for every level, to the matter) since Elementary School, um... And since I was in contact with Japanese media since child, because was pretty common and was the boom in the early 90s but it felt harder during the 2000s, I was no idea of the language so hearing it on TV with normal Spanish caught me. So I love to watch it in dubbed version, but if there's no other form to watch, I don't bother to jump into with its native language. So I can deal with both, no problem at all, LOL. 

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Xenoblast91 Manga reading is one thing I'd love to delve into. I have tried it a couple of times and I find it, maybe not as exciting as watching anime, but it's still just as enjoyable. Thing is, I don't know, limited time avaialbility always holds me back on that. I tried a number of apps to read on my phone, then tried to them online on my PC. Hell, I even got a few of them in English and Spanish that  I have in my library that I've gotten over the years, and while they're great to read, I just fail to keep doing it frequently for whatever reason. It really is my fauly. I should definitely try to invest more time into it.


      Hehe, thanks. ^^ You always bring very good points to the table as well. I didn't come into contact with Japanese media until somewhere around the mid-to-late 90s, with stuff like Dragon Ball, Samurai X (Rurounin Kenshin), Sailor Moon, InuYasha,  Sakura Card Captor, and of course, Los Caballeros del Zodíaco (Saint Seiya), which were probably the most popular at the time. Granted, TV has been trasmitting stuff like this since years ago. Hell, even anime in Venezuela started being transmitted, (from what I've read) in the public government channels. Unthinkable nowadays, but that was back then when things worked and were less shitty I guess. :P But yeah, the late 90s and early 2000s it was when it got huge.


      There was also this channel on cable TV and DirecTV that only transmitted anime 24 hours a day, I don't know if you're familiar with it? Locomotion? Maybe you saw it in Mexico as well? I think it was available for Latin America as a whole. It was awesome. Then things sort of fied out in the mid 2000s and didn't come back into the scene again in full force around the early 2010s.


      But in the mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s, it was all dubbed in Spanish, with some great local talent from the region. I reckon some of the voices were from Mexican dub actors which would then become like idols over here because of the voices they provided to these characters. Right now I don't know names because I'm terrible at remembering name, but I do know people love them. Back when we had our anime conventions here in Venezuela, we would invite some of them to be part of the convention, talk and stuff. It was pretty cool.





      **Caballeros del Zodiaco I mean, without that accent mark there. I don't know what I was thinking. 😅


      I wrote that there so fast that I made a lot of mistakes here and there. It'd be so cool if we could edit our answers here in the status updates, but we can't, urgh. :shakefist:

  11. Sony's latest moves in relation to its recognition of trophy hunters makes me think that some of its current plays may impact its performance for PS5 sales. Honestly, leaning on the success of this generation is not reason enough to secure the next industry milestone. This rise in levels may be a good thing, but only time will tell. Plus, the infamous Fall Guys "Infallible" trophy is still in vogue, and it's something the developers themselves must admit: their audiences want things to be easy but to the point where it's not boring. Who understands us? I think we are very sensitive in some ways, especially when it comes to entertainment.


    Although the presentation of the hardware a few days ago left some satisfied and others with great unknowns that may concern them, what interests me here is the rumor about the PS store. Is Sony really going to make such a backward move that it hurts its consumers, developers and advertisers? It is unthinkable that such a situation will occur, considering what I have just explained above, I do not think it is something viable to remove the browser and mobile app store, and choose to buy directly from the platforms. What a dilemma and contradiction is presented in these dizzying days around the new releases of consoles!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Xenoblast91


      Microsoft started the revolution of achievements and it was something that evidently propelled its sales to the stratosphere. Although they had a solidity when they launched the 360, and remembering that in those early days the internet began to have a boom and more because the potential that we all know today was beginning to be seen, mixed with some multiplayer games that implemented the rewards' system... Resounding success.


      Also, I must also admit (and I'm proud to say), I started my gaming life with Nintendo. I also had contact with other platforms, even arcades; but what displeases me is that Nintendo has always tried to offer gadgets that I think are useless because in addition to their exorbitant prices, some only had an impact on about 2 games and no more. Currently, we can see it with the Switch, and although when I was a child I saw it as something incredible now it seems absurd, desperate and even without sustenance. I do not have that marked disappointment. Breath of the Wild offers a 1000+ hour adventure where you can do whatever you want; not to mention Super Mario Odyssey. But as for other games, the truth is that they are more interested in money than in satisfying their own consumers. His ideas are novel, but apparently only intended for their benefit. They have the potential to makes dreams a reality, but refuse in order to continue selling products that "going to sell no matter what". 


      On the other hand, I think we all had some contact with other platforms, but that is not why one is better than the other, but rather they simply offer different content that can sometimes lead to confusion or heated discussions. But I consider discussing that properly at another time.

    3. Honor_Hand


      They did catch onto the whole online gaming thing back then. They had already done good work on the OG Xbox, so making a more realized experience on the 360 for them was much easier. I've never been too much into online gaming but I reckon a lo of people love it. Hell, it eventually became a mainstay in gaming too. Sony didn't learn that until a few years later, well in the middle of the PS3's lifespan, and Nintendo, well, Nintendo hasn't really learned that yet from what I've heard, lol.


      Las máqunitas o los arcades eran espectaculares, de eso no hay duda. Cuando era chamo me encantaba visitar esos lugares todo el tiempo para ver o jugar lo que allí tenían. Nintendo's gimmicks have always been a double-edged sword of sorts for them. On one hand, they are very innovative and they do bring a lot of new, invaluable stuff to gaming that I just don't see any of the other companies ever doing. Sometimes this stuff is just great and ends up being an industry standard for years to come. But other times, they're just half-baked ideas that end up backfiring horribly by trying to force people into playng stuff in the most awkward of ways. To be fair with you, I still like them despite of that. Inventan bastante, a veces la embarran, pero por lo menos siempre están dispuestos a tomar riesgos y a probar cosas nuevas. Eso sí se los respeto.


      I love all platforms equally, lo que más importan son los juegos al final. ;)



    4. Xenoblast91


      Bueno ya nos pusimos mezclados, jaja. I think that Halo has the guilt for this. Watching a video from YouTube (Cultura VG, está en español y son muy buenos en algunos de sus mini-documentales), I didn't realized the full spec of Xbox back in the day. Here in North America, it has a good reception, but Sony wasn't far too; in that matter, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and God of War helped to popularize the console, but sadly piracy hit it hard. Pero al parecer no le importó un comino a la compañía japonesa y prefirieron vender consolas aunque pirateadas que no tener ganancias al final (como tu bien lo expresaste en tu entrevista). 


      Las "maquinitas", que así les llamamos acá eran una mezcla del típico aparato enorme con la pantalla de monitor y las consolas de sobremesa que conocemos. But from that standpoint, one of the things that I can find appealing is the fact that their titles always reach quality standarts far beyond of one would expect from those games, at least with the first party of course. Y por supuesto, ¡lo qué más importa al final es la diversión que nos brindan! :D 

  12. Awkward. Earned a trophy right now, and noticed this. Thanks the community is always watchful. Maybe the syncing for ranking systems is now on the matter and the cuase of the issue.
  13. Not only for them, but for publishers, developers and consumers alike. Well explained, I agree with this view. I'm one of those late gamers of the generation that this move will make me wish less to change from cross generational consoles, to be honest.
  14. Partially unrelated to the topic, but is the game difficult? Or there's a feat you cannot unlock for the 100%? Being a little lurker about the completition clubs in NA/EU versions but nobody has got all the trophies. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is due the fact that 1 single trophy is locked due the regional sharing accounts or something like that? I read in other topic that this could be the issue. Really want to hit this game, but my backlog holds me at the moment.
  15. Someone nailed directly to the point. The gaming industry is branching strenuously and abruptly from what is year ago. Now the difference between each company will be huge, and now the consumer will have way more options to weight before their final decision to consume any hardware or platform. Which can hinder heavily the final income of the companies, and the decision-making will balance towards more ridiculous choices; and the circle is set. This is plainly unfounded and yes, is big misstep towards Sony. May they seal their fates now? Remember, the companies usually change the lead between generations (a conspiracy theory, may be?) so I wouldn't be surprised, sadly, that Sony will lose player base since this kind of unnoticed but impactful corporative choices.