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  1. Uncanny if you ask me, as achievements/trophies are identical between systems most of the time; sounds kinky to suppose that quantity when no official list has been released and the trophies can't sync yet, which is weirder if you think about it. However, about the platinum, God damn it... I wished to play a F2P game with at least a plat, this seemed really fun as a Halo fan myself, LOL.
  2. Thanks, @OmegaRejectz and @DAS2in1. I found this list too and sounds pretty grindy too. As OP states, it seems this is addicting and the 1047 wins and by this the other trophies should come naturally as you'll become good at it, eventually. Can be doable if you're engaged enough to earn it, I guess. However, what bothers me is the trophy list that hasn't appeared here on the boards, also if it has a Platinum to making it desirable to even bother to try it... I don't want it to be a Warframe-like game where can be super dense but with no end, or even worse, that only the PS5 version will have meanwhile the 4's one wouldn't. Anyway, gotta to wait a bit until this is revealed.
  3. Any info available? Seems that the game hasn't sync with servers despite today was supposed to be the official release of the game despite people could play it since weeks ago. I'm curious about this.
  4. COD: BO4. I want to finish it soon. The battle royale is driving me insane despite I'm familiar with the genre. I underestimated it, and is huge. 4 wins away from a trophy but is unbelievable that is taking me so long to just grab them. Hope I can finish it this year. Pray for me, LOL.
  5. What happens with obtained trophies meanwhile this happens? When syncing later will the appear with the tag: "missed timestamps" or something? Why that tat happens? Really want to play offline games but afraid of this potential issue.
  6. UPDATE 3.0.: We’re at the second half of the month and the time flew, wow... I wanted to post this earlier, but I couldn’t as I was really busy with other stuff and until now, I can share with you my progress. I’m impressed with the progress of many of you here; good job and well done! You definitely keep me up to continue in this kind of challenges and giving the best for my experience as a gamer and for the sake of entertainment and fun :D. Despite that, I managed to play a lot and have modest progress, and I think it is valuable to say that I’m doing it well. Time to explain my progress with you, amazing gamer mates! In these weeks, I've been constantly playing three of the list, and managed to get moderate progress on them. Enjoying them so far, despite few trophies are highly tricky and are a grind, sadly. Anyway, that isn't going to stop me, and I'll try to push forward a little, as the next few weeks going to be busy and won't be able to play as much I wish. Thus far, the enjoyment of these games have been high and hope I can express myself about my experience on them. Slowly completing them as they take time away, but the progress goes, so don't worry. Enjoy the ride, so let's talk about them! Mortal Kombat X ~ 100% Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ~ 100% Ghostrunner ~ 27% → 86% Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition ~ 22% → 55% Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ~ 0% → 5% Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 ~ 0% Hey @Crispy_Oglop buddy, appreciate that was helpful to you! Yep, Ghostrunner is incredibly addicting, and simply telling is fun is to fall short... really short. The skill needed for it at first glance looks impossible, but becomes better. The atmosphere, the pace and the way you push forward will definitely draw how can be experienced. To say this games is superb, is to fall short. Despite my PS4 freezes on 30fps at heavy and heated battles and the fluidity of such becomes awry at moments, the rushing adrenaline to killing all enemies becomes super intuitive at the end, but not to say you must be quicker; you need to be smarter too. Moving around, covering or blocking attacks can fit perfectly, on certain portions but doesn’t apply for all situations. I was looking into my profile and I noticed that was really close to achieve a milestone, so I dedicated to pursue more trophies until the fathomed 2000th trophy appeared. And I’m satisfied with the result. The named matched exactly what I intended, and the following, was even more adequate for such moment. They are “Perfection” and “Control freak” and those descriptions are right for what I was doing, LMAO. This is game is almost one, just picking up more collectibles and finishing a few miscellaneous trophies. The story mode for Tomb Raider is something I was expecting, and I like it already. It has the adventure feeling in the middle of a Japanese island with a bunch of bad guys following a strange cult for survival. Where did I hear that elsewhere? Anyway, the game is fun, not going to lie, and I finally managed to get to level 60 on multiplayer after several days of grinding. Aside from that, the game plays well, and even few trophies can be considered a pain in the ass, having to play it at your pace can be fulfilling too. Having to look around for collectibles isn’t that difficult, thankfully as you can backtrack everything, and despite you need to climb or pass through areas you’ve been there before but at times they aren’t accessible again until very later. Lara is the seal of quality here. The redesign of her appearance doesn’t make her less sexy, on the contrary, you can even make her hotter to please the eye meanwhile you’re roaming in the considerably semi-open world that the game presents . The mechanics are solid, despite I found incredibly unbalanced and annoying the fact you can sprint on multiplayer and not on story mode; the faster Lara can go is just by jumping or rolling out through… like I mean, why you include a feature in other mode when it isn’t present in the core part first? Nevertheless, this game has a lot of fun, and you can play it to your leisure, despite if you’re looking for trophies in a single walkthrough (which I recommend because sometimes the annoying ones are the missables!) this is a really nice experience and a cheap one, as its on sale very often, and thanks to PS+, you could have the trilogy in your pocket But the prize for longest and grindiest game form the above goes for COD: BO4! Yeah, I don’t know why Activision likes to include complex and heavy luck dependent trophies in this first-person shooter, even more if they rely a lot on multiplayer, sigh. Also, as previous games in the franchise, a very dense focus is placed on zombie mode, despite the game is about pseudo-tactical, high-pitched matches between teams 5 vs 5 typically. But I can see why the community was split with this entry. The lack of a campaign was a huge misstep, the graphic engine takes so long to render the textures even if you run with 50 Mbps stable, and sometimes you’ll face many glitches and bugs along the way. I haven’t started the zombies yet, which is, as I’m saying, the core part of the game, apparently (like ~85% of the game percentage relate to that mode…). Specifically speaking about the trophies, the ones related to the battle royale are insanely hard. They are supposed to be that way, of course, that only the “best players” could get them, and well, they didn’t miss that part out… except that they did it with other intent. You can play on squads and have a lot of help from highly skilled people, and those requirements for unlocking characters becomes easier as you go along. Also, you can find sweats/tryhards in matches, as people came back from 3 years ago and people who still play the game thanks to the PS+ offering this month, much of the people you can encounter too are candies/noobs too, as many people are unfamiliar with the genre. The game mode itself isn’t than bad, but as any battle royale, can become frustrating as if you don’t know how to be aggressive or how to properly gunfight with the normal COD controls, you’ll may be thought to move onto other type of shooters. This feels like Apex Legends in some way, and this feeling is natural since the boom from the genre was in middle or late 2018 if I recall correctly, a year after PUBG became mainstream and Fortnite consolidated it. By the normal Multiplayer, you’ll have your traditional COD experience in that matter. Hectic battles along in a short map where several objectives to pick up are available, and you can play in teams or solo. I’m super familiar with this, since I played a lot when I was younger, and this is the experience many of us have in the early days of games with MP. Yes, people are unforgiving too, but you’ll quickly catch the mechanic and can move around the matches, earning EXP and winning too; I can’t say much about it as I haven’t explored it to its fullest, but I’m sure you get what I mean, LOL. Well, this has been the trip at the moment. A variety of games with different genres but with a shared essence in the deep. I’m looking forward to seeing how you guys progress in the following weeks, too! I’m excited by my progress so far and, and hope you’re too. This has been my experience so far, thanks for reading me this time around and see you next time with newer and better entries. This hasn’t finished just yet, but my confidence in this is solid, so hope to finish in time and see how I develop once again Happy hunting everyone!
  7. I was lurking on this thread long ago, and I'm in; have this insane thought that I'll try to platinum a GOW game every year for my birthday. So long I have 3, and going backwards as much as possible. So, at the moment I can be classified as Spartan level if possible, though, LOL. Anyway, the ones I finished are: God of War (2018) God of War III God of War II Hopefully, next year will be one of the spin-offs, but at the moment this is the list. Also, I hope to stick with the tradition in the following 4 years,
  8. Well, the last weekend was pretty busy for me and the next one'll be too. Two CrossFit competitions in which I'm actually training for and were thinking how this relates to video gaming experience too. 


    Last Saturday went to another city to compete against other 70 people at Intermediate category; 4 heats in total (or rounds if you want to see that way), and the experience overall was incredible, adrenaline-rushing and superb. Managed to meet few heavy weights on the discipline and see how Elite people onto the sport perform in such events! And next weekend is the competition (the true one I was waiting for)... Feel so ready to tackle against other people once again. So fuel loaded and ready to smash! :eyebrow:


    Playing Black Ops 4 has leaving me with the overall feeling that multiplayer games have become the standard in the industry. You know... few try to avoid as much as possible games with this type of gameplay because, well, I can enunciate many reasons why they suck or how amazing this experience can be. But one thing is clear for me. The competitive scene is real. I know a few people who only have games of this type on their profile. It's impressive honestly, but in personal, very few can claim that those are a thing to invest into. 


    The servers shutdowns are a good reason to play those, imperatively on PS3, and I understand the rush for those, but I believe that behind those kinds of profiles there's a lot of solid, coherent and long-run communicative team, experience and people support to give a hand, just to target those co-op games that have flooded in recent years. And that's where the challenge starts. Same as what happens on sports. There's so much behind-scenes that despite we marvel about, we neglect the fact that lead to those results in first place... 


    After this next weekend, I need to make a resolution. Since I love to sport, dedicating that activity solely for the purpose for competitions kill all enjoyment I can squeeze from it. Hence, having to actually manage between that scene and "for art's sake" mindset must be a balance. I want to avoid competing again as the trainings are heavy and unimagible intense, but I feel so appreciated with my coach for such support all this months, I honestly want to take it casually. :hmm:


    And that perspective can be applied to trophy hunting. Yeah, I know. LEaderboards and stuff. But If you do this because you love it... the thing can change A LOT. You stop doing it for the trophies. You're doing it for you're memories. And ladies and lads, I believe that enjoying a single, non-online game can be way worthy than just having a bunch of competitive, heavy and long grind games. Those are unavoidable to some extent, but you should thinkg about your experience with them. Seriously. Thanks for comming to my TEDx talk. :wave:

    1. Honor_Hand


      Yo, this was a nice TEDx talk. xD


      About the trophies, leaderboards, and your real-life sports competition, I'd personally take it casually unless you're really, really, really looking forward to being part of a competition. I find it that it's better to do the stuff you love just for the sake of enjoyment and passion rather than just burning out on it. That's just me personally, though. I'm here for the fun first and the competition later. Naturally, there are some games where I can get more competitive than others, but again, my enjoyment and fun factor always come first.


      In regards to the shift of some games to a more multiplayer-centric focus, yes, that's true. This can be a blessing for some and a curse for others, depending on the type of gamer you are. You already know what kind of gamer I am (especially by that previous paragraph I wrote). For example, I think CoD moving to a more multiplayer competitive scenario is a mistake, but that's because I enjoyed those games more because of their campaign and their co-op. Others probably loved it more because of its competitive multiplayer. Most people probably fall in this last category so that's why the developers are moving the series into this new direction, much to my chagrin, lol.

    2. Xenoblast91


      Thank you, brother! Appreciate the time you take for reading my entries. :D 


      Of course, I have the same mindset towards everything I'm putting my time on. Trophy hunting is, firstly and as personally, I see it, the addition for the fun you get. The fun must be the introductory, mandatory reason that brings you to do whatever you want to achieve. I entered this scene with the thought of "oh, this games looks wonderful... Let's play it and then go for the 100%!". The Platinum should come along the way and not being it itself. 


      Yeah, yeah, I got it, bro. COD has become that since late 2000s as I remember FPS started being the bar for multiplayer games, and because showing off on that kind of games within forum frames and stuff alike where they sadly formed circlejerks in certain ways, the shift happened, due people buying them and perpetuating these phenomena :hmm:. I want to avoid sounding extremely negative about the issue (not the case, just tryign to put straight facts, LOL), but I can't find proper ways to describe it from my perspective. I like the MP content of many games! The Xbox 360 ruled on it in the day, and have fond memories playing hours late-night on Live, so this is naturally a thing that I can expect, but in the matter of the competitive, well... the thing changes. You can play casually or super aggressive, and as you say, not everybody is onto it, let it be skill, practice, lack of overall strategy in those games or simply distaste. Anyway, the experience to be placed against others is something fun if you have the right lens to look through. :P 

    3. Honor_Hand


      @Xenoblast91 Precisely, that's the same mindset I try to have with the games I play. Fun first and the trophies come second.


      Yeah, I know what you mean with the circlejerks in the CoD community. Sadly, all communities are going to have those kinds of people. But yeah. as you put it, you really enjoy playing these games online and competitively. It's something that you find very appealing about them. I personally like other things about them. But hey, if you love the MP, go for it, man. The newer games in the series have really pushed more towards that online competitive front so you have plenty of great content to look forward to there. :D

  9. #2000th - Perfection Unlock your full potential! I was working towards this milestone the whole week, and was nervous about how which trophy this will be. Once I noticed that could play Tomb Raider simultaneously, it helped me to boost a little the count towards this. And actually, was completely unplanned (but the trophy was there so, why not?), but I love how this match the final result. Also, I laugh at which trophy I got afterwards, which makes it even more worth, funny "coincidental" and so fitting at the same time : #2001 - Control Freak Force enemies to kill 4 of their allies using Overlord.
  10. Does that affect in any way the 100% trophy list, or it has more deal with the microtransactions and stuff like that? Which DLC are needed, the Season Pass? I mean for the 4 zombie maps.
  11. I'm super excited to play a new COD in just a matter of days. Whilst BO4 isn't near perfect as previous games in the series, I hope to engage with amazing people like I did while playing WWII. Being this time of the year around again is wonderful, as I like a lot to play this kind of titles in this season. 


    If you're interested in playing this July's PS+ entry, let me know and attempt the Easter Eggs on each map, as those zombies are always interesting to play with along with (I know many aren't fond of) the battle royale and multiplayer modes! :eyebrow:

  12. UPDATE 2.0.: Hello everyone welcome again to our next log into the challenge, so let's begin! All right June was a remarkable month and I managed to play two titles that I'm actually loving them so much but at the moment I just passed one of them just to focus on the next for getting a platinum especially for July 4th (happy Independence Day for all U. S. folks here!) so we're going about them next. Managed to finish 2 games form the challenge, and feels so relieving that I could do it in a month. Despite those are short games, I think that finishing those are worth. Also, thanks to the PS+ announcement, I must add one more title to the list, as I was wanting to hit a COD again this time of the year again, and Sony thought same as me and now is bringing me another free first-person shooter from this beautiful saga (YEAH! ). Mortal Kombat X ~ 81% → 100% Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ~ 0% → 100% Ghostrunner ~ 0% → 27% Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition ~ 19% → 22% Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 ~ 0% --------------------------------------------------------------- Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ~ 0% Let's start talking about Ghostrunner this game has the cyberpunk bike that I was looking for so long ago but sadly in the 2020 game couldn't achieve, and this game brings me many memories from my childhood signs I really love platforming games, so these one looks like a true challenge because there are several sections of the game or levels in which you have to play real brilliantly and avoid dying at all fair for you must be really aware of your surroundings you need to repeat several times-specific section of the whole level and once you master it is when you can progress through, however some sections that at first glance look really difficult we're easier in the first try, so I was just surprised that I happened to succeed in a level or in several sequences to being specific, still one of the things that I want to address is the fact that sometimes those awkward sequences become more and more complex but at the same time they became addicting, so once you are really into the game you feel it would be better not to stop you go and until you manage to finish that section you finally feel relieved, and it's a really rewarding experience. Also, when you try to check one of the levels and especially on both battles those fights became really tough as they are as you must have to restart from the very beginning. Hence, you must be good into the game because it's challenging, but it is fun... I don't know, it's the perfect balance between those two components, something that I haven't seen since years honestly so having the opportunity to play this game is a wonderful chance to text back my reflexes muscle memory and overall performing in platforming games since as I said I love that genre. All right, so continuing to another game, I can say that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been a trip, it's beautiful like you don't know people. I like the previous title on the remake series (if you want to tell that one that way), I can tell that this one is marvelous the graphics are exquisite, beautiful and enjoying against older Call of Duty games the campaign on veteran Watson that difficult I felt it way easier and despite I died several times in certain levels I didn't feel so punishing in the previous entries so right now these one is enjoyable because the difficulty it didn't felt as such at first lands but when did you get the position of every enemy it becomes natural to passed with the game after one or two attempts of dying then you know why you're not going to next because there's going to apply your imagination and your creativity to tackle all those challenges. By the way, on the challenge of the S. S. D. D., for lowering your time against BX but after attempting it for so long, it felt so reliving despite I just managed to be really close to the time, but the trophy popped afterwards to just finally take away the missions once and for all, LOL. I leave this game specially for this week. July 4th isn't only an specific holiday for U. S., as it actually was my Dad's birthday, plus is the principal town fest here at my home. So having platinum on this game on this very day means a lot to me. I love to save milestones to things like this! For Mortal Kombat X, I can say that is a solid, entertaining and fantastic fighting game. I wanted to play it so long ago, and now is over... In fact, I posted a review for my overall experience while going for the 100%. The graphics, its gameplay and mechanics, along with the infinite modes available to you to tackle makes it amazing. In terms of trophies, it took me a few days to earn the grindy ones, as the EXP farming method is tremendously tedious, more if you really want to stack a bunch of point to reach a new level. Aside from that, I'm a fan of the series and this was everything I was expecting from it. The characters roost and their move pool, makes it dynamic, a nice option to play and to take the time to learn the controls, aside that mastering it can be a full-time job, actually. It stands as the most sold game on the series too, so grabbing the Platinum really felt like a feat that, despite the effort needed to get it, make it a nice addition to the collection. Finally, Tomb Raider... Oh man, I got the other 2 online remaining trophies, but the one for reaching LV 60 is taking me ages. Seriously, people claim that in 8 hours they got the trophy, but for me, it has been almost 2 weeks! I really want to get rid of this ASAP, as I'm on LV 55, so I need ~600k of EXP to get the trophy. Anything else I can about the game. Never thought this would be an annoying game, but haven't played the campaign yet, but hope to don't have troubles in that one. I really wish to move on this soon, as has sucked my time and breaking me for attempting other games. Anyway, that's why this challenge exists in the first place, isn't it? LOL. That's everything at the moment, and I hope to star BO4 soon, meanwhile people will be playing it as it is easier to find matches, and people who want to play Zombies. COD is the reason why the last year challenge was so magical; trying to finish an Easter Egg on a certain map was hellish fun, and with this time around, I hope will be the same too! Wish you all a wonderful week, happy hunting and peace!
  13. Hope is a COD, but not that one... May be Infinite Warfare, please! 😢
  14. Mortal Kombat X - Platinum #32


    Mortal Kombat X contará con versión para iOS y Android


    Indeed, a Flawless Victory!


    When I was a child, when the internet era was just a crazy idea and the only media where you could look for videogames info, were magazines. Nothing hyper-digital yet, but just a weird data machines that could read inputs depending on how fast or how did you trigger them in certain order. And those machines are called arcades. Relics from a glorious past before our refined 4K, 60 fps home cute monstrosities. You had to spend money per run, and not for the whole game. And if you lose, you lost your money. So, there was only an option: or you became good or don’t bother even play.


    Oh! But don’t forget the mouth-to-mouth rumors spread in Elementary school, when some kiddo just came and told you that he unlocked a secret character in a game, and you had to do weird gameplay gymnastics to grab it too. And magazines, despite their incredible effort to deny certain of those rumors, they always arrived too late and the thing became widely spread among players, especially those who were amateur. And fighting games were the rule. In a time with such social changing and with advent of the new millennia, plus the rise of anime (with shōnen genre ruling them all) and the restrictive pseudo conservatism of that time gave its inevitable clash with unrest resistance. Violence in videogames was something few could imagine, but has led into the eternal strife between us (people who actually play those games) and people who somehow are “experts” in the matter and satanize everything they don’t bother to even understand. And then, the ESRB was born in North America and a wide variety of adult content that shouldn’t be placed in children’s hands, now is completely available to them, despite the effort to censure those bloody scenes that, still today, are heavily satisfying with the voice in the background yelling “Fatality!”.


    Las mejores fatalities de Mortal Kombat


    As I stated in my modest review about the newest Mortal Kombat movie, I was in touch with the franchise since its origins. I played it on arcades, on handheld consoles and I even watched the previous films of it. Very few fighting games had charmed me like this series. I vividly remember playing towers with Scorpion, with his pixelated form, and even with those limited graphics, looked spectacular. And this version brought me those memories to excel them. I was worried that even the petition made for Invasions could work, the possibility to allow us to pick up 4 trophies for the platinum might not attainable again. But thankfully it worked in the end! And now I’m writing this. The fight spawned beyond the controller and had to reach Mr. Ed Boon via Twitter and expose him the reasons behind this. Despite I never had an official answer from him, the results are evident. Many people are getting their 100% in this game and that, is far more satisfying that just reaching it to me; and this year, compared to last one, seems to be a one of triumph and win.



    The gameplay of this title is heavily reminiscent of the starting titles of the series. The kombos are incredibly easy to input, but are extremely difficult to master them properly. The IA, on the hardest difficulty can concatenate them without effort, and even is hurtful towards you, watching those impressive sequences of punches, kicks and wild attacks make a beautiful stance of the game. Allowing such performance to the player is something one must understand in the deepest sense of the word. You must press a button a half-second before the enemy is in the exact frame to land the attack correctly. One aspect that I liked was the inclusion of the X-Ray mechanics. A simple input and you can create a moderate to a lot of damage to the adversary, but at cost of your health, as general rule you are usually less than 50% to even summon it; this feature is the meaning behind the “X” on the title, aside that the letter fit the game, looking and sounding really cool. Include this the fact that Brutalities (loved them more than the Fatalities, as you make sure to leave your opponent with 5% of health to trigger them; some were difficult but were worth) were added in this installment and viola, you have the perfect MK title in years!


    Trophy wise, well… there isn’t much to say about despite I can put them in three distinct categories, which can be handled depending on the roadmap one has chosen. Firstly, the miscellaneous are the ones you pick up quickly because you just play normally but need to be aware of the requirements to unlock them; secondly, the use of its infinite ways of options available to play, like playing towers, certain game modes and so on; and lastly, the grindy ones. Oh, man. Those are nasty because you end up tired of repeating the same thing over and over again by hours. Certainly, a true “test for your might” if you want the 100%. I can include all the fights with each character variation here, but I think it is a blurry zone between the grind and the game modes available in the title and were helpful in the end, as you had to play the story mode. You must have a certain experience with the characters, and despite you can lower the difficulty, I played it on the default one. It was unnecessarily challenging, but thinking that that was the proper way to play it was neat for that purpose.


    Petición · WB Games : Retorno de Invasiones en Mortal Kombat X/XL en fechas  regulares · Change.org


    Reaching level 65 was a pain, also having the max on every faction. Yeah, I was almost forgetting about it. There is this clan-esque type of gameplay where you must choose your side and as you play, you’ll get EXP, coins and other rewards that can improve your overall development through the game. This is exploited mostly on the online section of the game, but there’s a huge warning there. As this is a fighting game that came out 6 years ago, you must expect trolls, tryhards and an array of people looking to just humiliate you in ways that only they can understand. As a competitive styled game, you must have the guts to adventure in those wild lands and expect that kind of outcomes. Nevertheless, you can manage to win fights and enjoy the online experience, but at its natural toll. By this, I don’t understand the intent to gain 1,000 points of respect in a mode where is filled with those people. Even if you play legit, and out stand everyone else in the room, you're barely going to get any points, at all. This considering the people playing at the moment, and becomes highly lucked based trophy in that matter. Would take months, even years to reach it legit in my opinion; but as this game should be played with your fellows, appreciatively you can invite others to join you and play exactly as planned with your friends.


    In overall, this game left me with a sweet taste, as I eagerly played it and wanted to gain knowledge as I progressed through it. A special title in my account, and a proud one, really. You shouldn’t be afraid of the tasks the game puts you, as inadvertently you’re going to do them anyway, and as a fighting game form a legendary series, is a must to play. The character’s rooster is pretty well-balanced, and despite few are buffed for what they should fight (especially the DLC ones), you can counter them easily with others, and if you have a favorite and know all his moveset it can rocket the experience, as you always can spam the same kombo over and over, but as the series has demonstrated, the IA and even a human player, can counter it and learn how’ll attack the next time. As I said, this requires knowledge and patience because as wonderful this game is, can be challenging for the unprepared; but in the end, it’s simply excellent. ;)  


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    2. Honor_Hand


      That "Get over here!" line from Scorpion is legendary. I don't have that much experience with the games but I read that with his same voice, lol. :P


      Awesome work on this Platinum, Xenoblast91. It's amazing that the effort you and other people took in trying to bring the Invasions Mode really paid off and you all were able to get those trophies in the end.


      As for the game, not my cup of tea as far as fighting games go as you already know but definitely a high-quality title with lots of content, lore, characters, and everything the fans love. Quite demanding too. Maybe not as demanding as the previous PS3 game but still high there in asking lots of things for the player to do. You've grabbed another highly-coveted Platinum here, my friend, well done. ;)

    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. Xenoblast91


      @AK-1138 Thanks for your kind words! I always try to bring quality posts to allow people enjoy it too! :) 


      @Honor_Hand Thanks a lot buddy! :D This title sure adds a quality on my profile, LOL. I'm not such fond of other fighting games and not into them too, but this one... Oh, this one. Surely has its charm and is a really well-developed game. Loved its graphics and cutscenes, they were like you're watching an R-animated movie! Honestly, I wanted to play this one long, long ago and finally is over :P 

  15. Really wanted to watch Germany vs Portugal, and I bet Germany will lead up until play-offs. I'm not European, but has a modest likeness for soccer as is super popular in my country. However, I'm more into England, Spain (they can return and make a big appearance later, though) and Netherlands. Aside from those teams, I see it very close between each other, specially Italy, France and Belgium. Super hyped about this one, since last year as we know was pretty lame on sports scene. I see this a huge preamble for next year World Cup -of course, if it isn't cancelled due y'know-.