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  1. This TMNT: MIM game has been a huge chore. The game itself is decent, it has a tendency for a lot of replay, but there's no actual post game that can make you keep playing though, but the trophies... Oh dear God, this has been an excruciating experience.


    All the grind related trophies are related to farming submissions, and awful part of them is twofold. One, is the absurd level of RNG involved into making such missions spawn; and second, the description for earning them are a huge misleading! 


    Currently there's just one more trophy related to this, and I've been three days  solid farming this with just poor results. Apparently, "transport 30 money bags" is wrong. There should be 30 missions of such activity, not the amount of bags themselves... Sigh, this has been saddening and tiring. I thought this game would be easier. The guide has been for little help, but just gives you few tips but not the straight stuff to do.


    Anyway, I want to vent this, and because this is plainly lucky based is ridiculous how the developers design this game. I hope Shredder Revenge doesn't feature the same shit this presents. Wish me luck guys, I'm losing my grip...

    1. MidnightDragon


      The thing with that game was I liked it, but it could've been SO much more. 

  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan #2,873 - Utrom Buster Transport 30 Krang Bombs to a portal I'll be honest. I usually don't post here, but this complete bullshit had to be recognized. My respects to anyone who has attempted this one before, and more if they've been lucky into getting this one. To make things short, this TMNT game is good and fun, but in terms of trophies is a complete pile of garbage. I've done grindy and really hard trophies before, and currently doing a few too; but this, this one takes all the spotlight, Goddamn it. The requirements are as stateted above... Wait, in fact, no! This crap actually asks you to complete 30 missions with said Krang bombs; not 15 bombs in themselves. And you know what? Even worse is the RNG this game has. You can actually trigger this submission in a specific stage called "Wingnut", but it took me 3 fucking days to get this done. Why? Because the missions spawn sucks. You have like a 1/8th of chance to make it appear, and you waste hours into making it to simply randomly appears. An unnecessary grind, and may be glitched because I reached the mentioned 30 missions, thoroughly different as what the trophy's descriptions states. Completely awful. Anyway, thanks for reading my rant about this crap.
  3. My stand on this is that there are few issues that have to do with the trophy popping: 1. Trophies are misleading: Some trophies seem to be badly written, and the requirements aren't exactly what they supposed to be. This is currently happening to me with "Utrom Buster" as I have reached 30 Krang Bombs delivered to a portal ( I even counted them by writing them down). I suspect it pops until 30 missions of the event are done, not bombs. 2. The game doesn't properly has a count of items/missions done: Again this is speculation, but I don't know if this happens because I did the 10 toxic bombs already and the trophy worked properly. But your and my case I think there's some issue hidden that the trophy doesn't pop despite satisfying the requirements. As annoying it sounds, do it until it pops. I'll do that anyway. I'll stop counting and just let the game make it pop. Also, I'm not sure if the guide is right about the thing to "finish the event, move to the next one and then quit as soon the timer on the upper right screen appears" works. But since "Detoxicator" worked that way, i guess it does with other trophies. 3. The trophies are glitched: Highly unlikely, but possible. Since they don't pop when should, one is prone to think this as possibility. But i think is one of the above hidden reasons as why sometimes the trophies don't unlock. This game was badly designed, and the trophies don't work as they should. Just keep trying until done.
  4. [UPDATE 2.0] Wonderful month! Have been incredible since I've been able to finally knock out several games that I really liked was a long time ago and finally got the time enough to it started doing it finally. Also, this is a thing that I wanted like to share without of you, signs these games have finally being. Since the spooky season is already over us, and following that the Holidays will come, I think it is a good idea to start and finish games that could match this yearly times around. I've been playing other games not listed here for the challenge, but I'll try to make my list updated and since I spend most of my time in that, the entries for this thread has been lackluster, and I apologize for such inconvenience... Anyway, there has been a good progression, to say the least. The games I picked are A LOT grindy, and as you could imagine they take its toll to grab their respective 100%. Let's move towards them. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ~ 41%➡55% Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse ~ 30%➡65% GT Sport ~ 55% [No change] UNO ~ 0%➡100% Sonic Adventure ~ 0% Just Cause 4 ~ 0% [Swap #1] Castlevania Anniversary Collection ~ 0%➡15% This might look like slow progress, and could be, but the effort put since my last update has been monumental. I've been working on COD: MW3 with a friend for the Spec-Ops missions and survival modes for a few weeks. We had a lot of fun doing them, and the strategy and tactical feeling from a game from almost 11 years, is purely nostalgic, yet incredibly addicting. I'm planning to start the campaign on November 1st, and finishing onwards by the last third of the month. The problem with this, is that you only get a single bronze trophy for enduring 15 waves on all maps of survival mode, and another (this is a silver at least...) for the 16 special ops maps of the game in Veteran. Yes. That's a lot of effort for just such small reward. However, the fun it brings to you is noteworthy, I think. But you can still feel the COD formula through all it; the fast-paced and adrenaline shot it gave is outstanding. It's sad that just few games on current generation can lift the same feelings and emotions, but surely, there are all over. Following that, DB: Xenoverse has been proving an interesting title so far. I consider myself an avid fan of Goku's adventure since a kid. So it is natural that this game is likable by me; but what I can argue about is its horrendous RNG nature for completing requirements to earn stuff you need in order to attain 2 bronze trophies. That is basically the principal activity you'll spend while hunting the Platinum. Nevertheless, you'll start to understand its mechanics: this game is a mixture of a fighting MMOJRPG with feeling of simulator stuff. I absolutely love the fact that I can play as a Saiyan. A dream became true! Earning the power-up to increase your ki and bleach your hair to make you powerful enough is incredibly satisfying. The best part is that, giving its RPG brushes, you can build your character whatever you want; and I choose the path to be a ki blaster spammer. For the Platinum that's enough, but for competitive... that's another story. Anyway, this game has been a wonderful experience so far, and while it is truly repetitive and grindy, it has its charm. At the begining of the month, a quick and relaxing game as UNO could be, helped me to free myself from a game that wanted to 100% long ago. The game, as charming as it is, can be a hard work as you'll need pals to help you with few trophies. Well... is a cooperative and also a multiplayer game on its core, so what to expect then? It was fun too, and way easier from what I was expecting. Also, it made me remember a lot of the tabletop real life game, so when a match with my friends happen in the future, I'm sure I'll kick all their asses out pretty quick, LOL. As mention in the intro, the spooky season is here. Last year I encountered a gem (Lords of Shadow), and following the likeness I have to play certain games given the year time, continuing with the tradition, a new Castlevania from the series should be the inheritor for this year as well. And a good idea would be to start with its roots. Anniversary Collection is currently on sale if you want to try it out, and this proves that the classic, old games from the NES era are still on top of the best games ever released. I'm surprised the amount of time you could clog into them back in the day with no guides, YouTube or any other direction about what you should do, especially for C: II as the game is open-ended and there are no hints whatsoever to tell you what to do or even perform. Just pure trial and error; and that could have been the charm about it when it firstly was released 30 years ago. Going for the remaining trophies meanwhile too, so I hope to beat it soon before this first week of the month ends. That's all I can share to all my fellow hunters! I hope that this time around can all you have a fun time and enjoy Fall with ease and good vibes. Be responsible, and don't let the scary and eerie feeling of the times get caught to you! See y'all soon and again as always, happy hunting!
  5. :platinum:  Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sampling


    The work the developers put into crafting lovable and memorable main characters is hilarious, they mixed so well that even you can chuckle with their dialogues, sometimes you really wish you can interact and make a chat with them in real life.

    It's quite strange to start this entry. I sincerely don't know where to start. But let's begin to talk about what is the RPG genre in gaming. Overall, the games defined by this type, are those focused on combat, strategy, adventure, exploration, leveling up and building solid characters based upon stats and all the above (I'm just thinking vaguely because the intricacies of this are wide). Keeping this in mind, we're ready to understand what's following.


    The game was beautifully crafted with details, and that's a lot to say given the amount of indie games that hit far from the mark, even with the resources many teams dispose of. The art style, to say the least, is lovely, absurdly cute and the scenography of the overworld adds a lot of depth and fascination for what you can do with your adventure. That's the nature of an RPG.


    The fantastic aspect of the game lies into the fact that dynamics play a lot of the core gameplay and the whole experience of it. The point of this game, which amused me by the huge quantity of players the game has clogged into, as its Platinum percentage is high for a really intricate, yet sufficiently fun to keep you up to the end (I'll talk about that later); also, your strategy will affect greatly your outcomes and results during battles. I've never been good at making solid of buffing builds into this type of game, as creativity and innovation should be the core of the game, I often rely on onto what's already been discovered and tested; as to think about what kind of consequences your build will affect the game takes its time (exactly what I said earlier; a strong RPG is one which makes you think outside the box, write down your resources and think carefully of what could happen, basically the true META (by this I mean the stuff you do outside any title in the genre-).


    This game took me more than what I could have expected, to be honest. I clogged into it almost 70 hours (according to the internal clock of the game) but I’m sure it was ~90 in reality. Part of this was due to my own experimenting within the mechanics’ which are incredibly intricate and very well grounded for an RPG, actually. And due to I’m an all-terrain gamer, regardless of my love for RPGs, this was surprised me and had me wondering many possible tactics and how to take advantage of the craftables and builds one possible can do within the stats given in the game, plus few items and powerful METAs–which the game itself forces you to actually look that in real life: let me explain. In this last week of playing it, I had to pluck out a white sheet from a pile and writing down my stats and possibilities with my Team Snakemouth. While I usually do this since very long ago as a way to check collectibles, letting myself know what to do next in a game that I know I’m going to put on hold for a considerable amount of time, or to simply have a quick method to correct and review my progress, this one was completely unexpected (and probably unnecessary).


    The plot will drive you through a lot of interesting and memorable characters. The development of background stories for each main character will make you delight into a good storytelling, making them unique and empathize with their desires, like their deeds become yours to while going in the adventure. What isn't apparent, and may be been a loose end for a potential sequel, was the character of Leif, a blue moth that suffers amnesia from his past that in the game is revealed where he comes from, isn't clear about what was the purpose of his powers and why he was apt for them. The game reminds me a lot of a famous Pixar movie which I loved when it came out as a child; nothing less than A Bug's Life. While the movie is based on Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai, the game is loosely based on other sources like Tales of Zestiria and Golden Sun. Mix all those, and voilà! You got an incredible title worth of the praise it got.


    In a very interesting entry that I wrote a few months ago, I mentioned that Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is one of my favorite games ever; that precise title was, in fact, the one who taught me this may be no-so-common habit among gamers. At that time, I was only an 8-year-old kid who was still learning English, so I had to literally have a translator dictionary (yes, made of paper! Look at that pun, heh.) in my side to understand what was going on and to progress in the story. It paid off, and still does.



    This is a good screenshot from a normal battle. While it's on Steam, the gameplay is the same. Just look at Team Snakemouth. The three of them are with Medals that buffs statuses. You don't need to spare your medals within characters; you just can make only one the main attacker and the reaming as passive as you wish to create a couch support.


    Trophy wise, this game asks you to play everything. And I literally mean, everything! The Platinum itself tell you that you must see all it has to offer you. The funny two-fold thing with this, is firstly  that each aspect of the “Records” as the game calls them, are a mixed and complex series of submissions that one must finish allowing one of those requirements been met. For example, which is actually the most notorious one, is the trophy “Medal Collector” which required you to earn not only each types of medals in the game but even the repeated too! Let’s crumble this into a more digestible point. Medals are one of the most important aspects of the game, if not the core for the whole mechanic of it. They can help you by making “combos” or better properly stacks of buffs and status alteration variances to your characters, and depending on your approach, the team become a single tank, ubers, healers, primary attackers, supporters, etc. got it? Well, but the problem with medals are that they are scattered around all the overworld, and as the guide says, they are often required to be purchased. What makes this trophy so intricate and takes the most amount of time to complete (which is no surprise why many people left it to the end) is because it's tangled with other trophies: basically, you must finish all the story mode first plus, if you didn't be on “Hard Mode” (which is activated by a Medal by the way…) you need to replay the bosses on a VR machine in-game and rematch them to spy them, i.e. get their stats, and then make it count to earn other medals. That’s not the end, no. You need to collect all Crystal Berries, which are a special type of currency that only work to purchase Medals with a vendor in an underground tavern, and aside from that those aren’t useful at all; then you must farm around 1800 berries (now this is the normal currency of the game) to purchase another ones into a zone called Termarcade, where you can play Shovel Knight and Flappy Bird “for free” too and until you don’t finish those you can’t actually buy anything to exchange with tokens in that store (doing so allows you to get the “Gamer” trophy), and then you should buy all the remaining medals from a normal store with an NPC even if you already got all the rest of them.


    That’s not all! You actually need to beat another mini-game in order to get the remaining medals. For one of the Crystal Berries, you need to actually win a Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament plus defeat one character needed for the Bestiary. Once done that, you can now forward. Wait, no… Back in the day, when PM: TTYD came out, one post-game challenge was left for the most daredevil and reckless gamers out there to beat. Its name, The Pit of the 100 Trials. When I was a kid, I went there trembling, expecting something bad to happen. I wasn’t aware how to properly fight and take advantage of the badges and win until the end; I remember my trauma being annihilated at floor 53, a little bit more than the half, unbeknownst to the real challenge of the super boss at floor 100. I managed to beat that Pit until few years ago as I made a rerun just for nostalgia, but now completely aware how to properly play it. Now, returning to the point for Bug Fables, there is a Pit-like place. It’s named loosely as the previous one, but now is The Cave of Trials. Rather than 100 battles in a row, there are only 50 plus a super boss as means of an Easter Egg. Even going fully equipped and with solid build, I lost at the battle #49 leaving me just two more to finish The Cave… Argh, I left the game in frustration and redo it just for the sake of pride, LOL. I earned at the end an item which will be crucial for the Platinum later on, as it allowed me to earn Team Points to make saving attacks when there was no option left. Speaking of which, even Medals are important, to make plenty of use of them in combat you need of said TPs to keep up during hard and long battles, specially those with optional bosses where their stats are absurdly high.




    ⚠️ This spoiler shows you all the possible awards the game can give you. I'm missing 3 of them, but they aren't required for the Platinum. Since I beat the game, I should earn those pretty easy. Planning to do so sometime in the future, but is beautiful that a game recognizes your effort and persistency into earning everything that it has to offer you. By the way, you can get another companion in your adventure, but I hope not to ruin your experience with that. ⚠️


    The second aspect of the Platinum, as I consider a really solid game development, is that you’re required to explore, do and test the whole shebang you’re allowed to. That’s precisely what a Platinum trophy should and must be. Secondary and miscellaneous trophies? Great, they aren’t optional but part of the Plat because you need to wrap it up in conjunction of other stuff. While it can be annoying, I really enjoyed doing exactly that; make every single progression to a higher good. I’m satisfied that a game like this had the length and depth required you to understand the mechanics and push you into experimentation and testing for better results.


    I leave the game undone for so long because I got busy and hadn’t the time to jump into it as should be. Finally, I’m freer to play as much I wish. As a side note, I’m kind of romantic about how to tend to earn trophies too; you see, the server checks the date and time of you earning them, so I do that often with every title I touch (or try to). In this case, I leave it for October 22nd, which is an historical date from the place I live; it has a certain meaning to me, as I don’t know but that day the Fall feels more than ever in during the season. Also, it matched with a saddening event within my family, so this game and entry is dedicated to. I hope you enjoyed this long entry, and you can find the likeness to try this wonderful and charming game. Happy hunting to all of you!


    In memoriam,
    Thanks for your cheerful and good taste
    I have faith you rest in peace,
    Uncle D. B. M.

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    2. Alice Hiiragi

      Alice Hiiragi

      Well done Xeno. :)

    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. Honor_Hand


      Yo, congrats on the platinum, well done! ^^

      I had no idea there was a game similar to the Paper Mario series available as an indie project on PlayStation. Looking at your description and the screenshots you shared, it seems to draw A LOT of inspiration from that Nintendo series. Initially, I wasn't quite sure of the whole angle thing with bugs but it seems the game was quite enjoyable in most departments regardless of that. Sounds like you had a blast with the story and customizing your party to find the best strategy, builds, and so on.


      The game is quite long, too, much like many RPGs out there. I'm surprised at its not-so-rare trophy status, though. Aren't these games usually rarer because of that? I mean, the time it takes to complete them. Seems like many were really interested in seeing this to completion all the way to the platinum.


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this game with us here! =D

  6. Oh, thanks! I left it for the end, and since you get the last 2 upgrades in the last level, it was a matter of rolling the dice. If the trophy popped, then it's done (despite I can't remember clearly I got the upgrade in the lever section of the mission inside a ship); if not, then rinse and repeat that section until the trophy dings. But thankfully the trophy appeared in the last level, and I stopped to worry about it LOL.
  7. Any guide for this one? Planning to jump into the game soon and want to avoid annoyances as possible.
  8. Replaying Ghostrunner since more than a year that has been platted and been reintroduced into a game that has been so underrated even it's on PS+ Extra, and the way it has to be played mesmerizes me due to its DLC, this title has left me thinking and wondering about possibilities within the community. You can't simply take your time to aim your slashes midair amidst a bunch of enemies, or otherwise you're already dead. Thankfully, you respawn in the previous checkpoint and can try again. How does people react to this type of feedback and experience from a game?


    I'm not such huge a fan of hard games overall (despite I tend to play from time to time one of those challenging titles, and ask me why I do such self harm by God's sake, but anyway 🙄), and just a few catches me like this. I think this is the version I was expecting from Cyberpunk 2077 and the aesthetics and mechanics of this title aren't that bad. Yes, sometimes the frame rate drops horribly, and you just can do what you really want, but I think the devs made as much they could with the budget they had; I even have discovered few glitches in my run for the full completion and this posts goes in that way. 


    The game itself implores you to play it as a speed run; there's a small community dedicated into this game exclusively for that sole purpose. And few trophies actually require you to do it! Pretty annoying because of five things I hate in games, this features two which have made me rage-quit. The game is solid, and you can play it with countless variations depending on your style or creativity.


    And this, has led me to post the following. Lurking through YouTube, from time to time, I come across the to mini-coverage videos that are quite inspiring, captivating and alluring. Playing this rerun for DLC reminded me about this incredible feat, and how people or more precisely, humanity always tends to push forwards and improve itself to new levels that only imagination can produce. Enjoy: 



    1. Honor_Hand


      Talk about some really great exciting content right here. Lately, I've found myself drawn a lot to these speedrunning videos and documentaries whenever I am on YouTube. Even if speedrunning is not something I do, just seeing someone else break the game and create so many interesting skips is impressive. I had no idea just one man was responsible for so many sequence breaks and valuable speedrunning strategies for the original God of War.

      Thanks for sharing this video. It made for an enjoyable Sunday watch over here. =)

    2. Xenoblast91


      @Honor_Hand Hello buddy, sorry for the late reply!


      Yes, this guy Satvara was incredibly talented, and this is not an overstatement. Remember the early 2000s? No fast speed internet via omnipresent Wi-Fi thanks to your phone with access to the sum of all human knowledge in history. It's insane. He nailed it by simple curiosity and push forward. And the whole community was amazed and compelled. That happens when someone has that easy ability to challenge the current paradigm and everybody loses their minds. 


      You're welcome! Those lovely Sunday afternoons are well spent with YouTube, quite often :D

    3. Honor_Hand


      @Xenoblast91 Yeah, he really pushed the limits inside the game, especially if we consider the lack of information and the extended usage of the internet we have today. It's quite amazing how talented some people are out there to literally "break a game" like that. Just by simple curiosity and a passion for the game, he was able to push forward a lot.


      Indeed, man, indeed. Gotta love those Sunday YouToube sessions. ^^

  9. Really awful. I'm having the same trouble too, but in the armory I just have 2 tactical weapons left without V1 level. I've been farming mission #3 over and over, but no luck. Could possibly work on the last terminal, but not really sure if that could unlock the trophy yet. The other solutions, even PowerPyx's video, do show the pop-up appears when you interact with the lever. This trophy it's glitched but there's no clear solution to it.
  10. [UPDATE 1.0] So here it goes, my first attempt to actualize everyone with my current progress. I've been enjoying this time around. Such great development vs. early months of this year, and I feel going on the right track, to be honest. The experience so far has given me a good experience, something that I was missing from long ago. While the progress here could seem lackluster, I've been simultaneously working on other games that I left unfinished way before the event. Since the spirit of all this is to rack up your completion and your backlog, then, why not? I missed having spare time to enjoy games and complete them as I wish; just finally giving them a shot! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ~ 0%➡41% Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse ~ 0%➡30% GT Sport ~ 55% [No change] Just Cause 4 ~ 0% UNO ~ 0% Let's start by the big fish here. COD: MW3 is truly a classic. I reminisce all the convolution and expectation it brought back in 2011... and when I remember that date, I just being left in awe as to how fast time has gone. I'm talking about a game released 11 years ago; that time was widely and entirely different from what we see today. Just in that short amount of time, COD has changed dramatically, thanks to the pressure given in the industry and how games are made. Heck, even Activision now is owned by who had the exclusivity rights back then to publish those first. Being deep into doing the DLC Spec Ops missions first (as I have the tendency to actually start by that on any COD actually, LOL) and they are pretty solid, but man… Those are rough! Seriously. The "Iron Clad", "Arctic Recon" and "Vertigo" missions here are a true challenge. On the latter, I wanted to earn the 4 trophies given in the level all-in-one sit row. Although I was able to earn 1 trophy, my run was interrupted as was killed instantly at the second half of the mission; really lame, nevertheless in the end I made it anyway. But I managed to complete at least those and plan to finish them before the end of the month. The replay value of those, and the thrill they gave me, were satisfying enough to have that idyllic feeling when you finally master something that took you long to grasp in the first place. Looking around for the last 2 remaining, or may be looking for another title meanwhile too. Everything can happen, really. Following that emotion adventure, I followed with Dragon Ball XenoVerse. This one has been in my wishlist and backlog since long ago. In fact, I borrow it from a cousin who is a fan from the series as much as me. And guess what? Has “Xeno” on it, Wonderful. Then this game is basically a must for me. So far, the game has addicted me, but I’m having a hard time to understanding the right mechanics of the game. Could say it’s a fusion of an MMORPG with fighting genres mixed with a little of sports, Souls and beat ‘em up vibes too. I haven’t expected that this could turn out as it is. However, I rapidly guessed that the key for the game are the side quests; remember the meme about where the character is too overpowered by the first boss so you just rekt them so quick? Well, that’s basically the rule here. But the grind to level up is weird. Like it's purely based on RNG rather than a solid mechanic that you can rack up EXP quick in certain missions. Also, the first thing that I wanted to get rid of were the online trophies. They can be annoying if one doesn’t know what to do, and people online are often rude and try hard. Thankfully, I managed to play with well-intended people and wasn’t that hard to get, at least. Then, the story what remains and can have my full attention in the meantime. I’ll be playing other titles from the backlog too, but in these days, I have had a huge boost in my gaming expectations and goals overall. Thanks for all of you progressing and sharing your hunting too. It’s exciting to know there are people like me who go serious in their goals and are progressing too. See you in the next entry, and meanwhile I’ll read as much as I can from y’all! 😉
  11. So just plug-in it again safely can restore the issue? It affected me so I just don't want to redownload everything all over again 🙄. Going to check it though.
  12. I literally have stopped like 5 seconds away before entering this thread by looking a profile from a friend and... I found a relic here. An account from 2009, with games with only unobtainable Platinums and stuff, like Midnight Club, FIFA 09 or LOTR: Conquest... Wow. Undeniable, that happening for some people. And yes, it is really curious and makes you wonder what happened to all those people playing and chilling and then suddenly disappearing. You can take it as romantic as you wish, or to the deepest bizarre stories behind those accounts. Wish you the best, and hope you can feel better again! Good vibes always.
  13. I can't believe the intensity and thrill that COD: MW3 is bringing to me on. Really didn't remember the emotion and addictiveness that games from the 7thGen brought back in the day. The satisfaction of finishing the Spec Ops is something I hardly have experienced nowadays gaming. I'm genuinely excited to play it to its full. :) 

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    2. PotrikBerger


      @AJ_Radio don’t even get me started. I feel like I could rant on this subject for a long long time. Last of Us 1 feels the most unpalatable of all of them. It’s a game where the story is front and centre. The story is what set it apart. Not graphics, not haptic feedback, not even the gameplay was particularly ground breaking or unique. It was the story.

      Improving water reflections and animations of Joel repairing things at a workbench add a big fat fcuk all. It’s a shameless tie in to a bloody tv show, which as a gamer (not an episodic tv viewer) I have absolutely zero interest in watching. (deep breath)


      But what really really really gets me the most is any reviewer trying to even slightly make out this re release is worth it to anyone that has played the original or any of the other remasters that have been made of the very same game. It’s the fable of the emperors new clothes and I personally feel like PlayStation are treating me like I’m an idiot with no ability to think for myself. That I’ll just buy any old crap if it has a ps5 badge on it and the promise of graphically improved eyes and puddles.


      ...ok, I better stop and go do some breathing excercises...

    3. AJ_Radio


      @PotrikBerger You know me, I love rants and tangents.


      I can't comment on The Last of Us, but I'll play the remastered version here pretty soon. What I will way is this remake crap is.... really getting old.


      The games that deserve remakes get nothing. The games that don't need remakes get.... remakes.


      It's like buying everything in 4K because you want it to look good on your 4K flatscreen, rather than caring about the product itself being good or bad.

    4. Xenoblast91


      Wow! I never thought that this would blow up overnight and there would be an interesting and heated discussion on this topic. Wonderful. 😨


      I strongly support the opinion of @AJ_Radio and @EverythingOnFire. Furthermore, I come precisely from that generation; although my sentiment can, and actually is biased and clouded by the nostalgia of that time in the late 2000s, I am very aware that many current games lack that magic that you guys mention. The PS360X era was definitely a memorable one, and it opened the doors for everything the industry is [and not] currently producing.


      @Honor_Hand nice to hear from you, my friend! I was reading around a thread about "what was the title that PS+ got you into a series?" or something like that, and the series that Sony reintroduced me to was definitely CoD. I love shooters from the generation we're referring to; heck, shooters themselves really took off during gen 7! So, I understand you perfectly; modern CoD (no pun intended) feels different, especially with the refocus given to co-op with the introduction of zombies. It is something that impresses me about the community in general, since solving Easter eggs is not an easy task. You have some truth in what you said; and the survival missions are hilarious, I just started playing them for a few trophies with a friend, and you can't imagine the satisfaction it gave me for the whole day :D; they lifted my spirits.


      And as for The Last of Us PS5 controversy... @AJ_Radio, you've been saying it for years: the industry has adapted to the throwaway trends of social media, and since many of today's generations are just figuring out the world of video games, they want to take the opportunity to lure potential customers by reselling the same titles over and over again. Personally, I enjoyed the remaster to a degree that blew me away. But, oh! big surprise... It's a seventh generation game produced near the end of the PS3's life; and look at the impact it has. I should also mention that it pains me that Naughty Dog uses controversy as a means of propaganda; It seems that the Kardashians are now dedicated to producing video games instead of clothing and fashion accessories. Unfortunate what you say about the remakes; I have the same feeling because there is an urgent need for remakes of classic games that defined an entire generation, and it is saddening that now, we, the players who were children and had those experiences, are already old enough and with the resources to carry out such projects once plus. You really hit the nail on the head with your comments, especially when you mentioned Super Metroid. Thanks for your insight.

  14. So, here it goes finally @MidnightDragon. I carefully think about it and I'll go with my first 5. Think is a good option to handle meanwhile. Going to start with 5 only, and from there moving to add few more. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ~ 0% Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse ~ 0% GT Sport ~ 55% (As my one above 50%; need to beat this one ASAP during September) Just Cause 4 ~ 0% UNO ~ 0% Pretty straightforward list. I'll be trying to beat the remaining on my profile and handle the new ones. Let's go for this. Good luck everyone!
  15. Given the monthly rotation now, I highly suggest to start playing next Monday and start grinding out the online part. At the end of the month, it is extremely difficult for an average racing gamer to stand for a Pole or a win. They've been grinding the whole month, so by this time around they have mastered the tracks. So, be quick and go for this before it's too late. For shutdowns, I think we still have like 6-12 months window, until Polyphony decides it; otherwise, I could stay longer due to its nature for online-only connection and functionality. Let's see how this goes. And yes, that's one of the things that I respect from them though that Sony is so fucking reluctant to learn about. For example, what about Gears of War 1 which was released 14 years ago and people are still playing it? Think about it... And yes, it's a ridiculous grind, though.