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  1. Hello guys!!! Wow... Just wow.


    It has been months since I even posted here. And well, there's a tragicomedy story behind why even haven't played so much in this time alike too. But if you really want to know about it...


    So, go ahead and Ask Me Anything (AMA) :awesome: Right here → 


    I feel so honored and commended about this! It is a special moment for me as this can help me to recover my lost time and regain control about my gaming and, by extension, hunting time once again. 


    I was sincerely waiting this since mid-2019, LMAO!! I feel so happy, not gonna lie xD 

  2. I fully and completely support this with all my soul and heart! Yes, definitely. Completion times has never ≠ Time played until completion. I want to see this burn down! 🔥 LMAO
  3. I guess you mean Crysis, ikr? Who still plays this anyway?
  4. Week 5 — GT Sport Status Report:

    [10/65] Pole Positions

    [03/91] Wins


    This week was insane. Feel grateful for what I achieved already! We jump from 0 wins in several weeks, to suddenly get not only one... but 3 so far! The poles have been helpful too. As in my previous post, I lost two positions due to a connection issue plus a win, felt it was a severe wound that I will hardly recover from. But... Miraculously, and pushing through, manage to overcome the deception and pursuing this insane Platinum.


    I loved the Gr.3 Blue Moon Bay Speedway II weekly race. Managed to get a trophy related to that track, get super fun races among great people, boosted my confidence and allowed me my very first wins too! I've been spent a lot of time improving my time, and while it is daunting to shave even 00.500 s to my record, it just feels quite a feat. Definitely, a lot of people are going into this game, and their passion makes me wonder how much I can slide through and take me to finish it. The game screams the "enjoy the ride, not the finish line" mantra so loud that I think that's the best part of it, not only here, but everything. 


    Still a long road ahead, but also it makes me feel good to know that Tidgney even reached me and told me that he will continue to support GT Sport in his YT channel from here and there, as his tips are revealing and insightful in the tracks. Feeling great after several weeks of a dark, sad mood and stress, so this motivates me to pursuing many other goals. 


    Stay tuned, pals, this is getting hot! ;) 

    1. Honor_Hand


      Awesome progress here. You finally starting to rack in them wins and pole positions. Great job, man. You still have a long road ahead of you but it's cool to see stuff moving forward at a steady pace. Not only that but I can also you've been having fun playing online.


      Go get 'em, tiger. :D

    2. Xenoblast91


      @Honor_Hand Thanks a lot for your encouraging and kind words, friend! Yep, I'm starting to liking this game bit a bit, but definitely not finished yet. There's a lot to still do, but well, I can say that there's a little progress here, but I must improve or die in the attempt if I'm going to take this seriously, LOL. 

  5. I played the Game Boy version while the Pokémon generational gaps... Dude, this is so freaking awesome! Would like to see the NGC versions remake or having a port too. The music is hitting me, and I can recall so vividly those hard 8-bits shuriken strikes, wow...
  6. #HWPO 😭 

    Finally, my first win!



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    2. nestamar5


      Nice Work

    3. Honor_Hand


      Awesome work, man! :D


      Lmao @ihadalifeb4this 😂

    4. Xenoblast91


      @ihadalifeb4this Yo! This game was free to me, so you could say this was def a bargain ngl LMAO 

  7. [Partial] Week 3, 4, & 5 GT Sport Status Report:

    2/65 Pole Positions

    0/91 Wins


    Today I booted the game with the solid intention to progress. I played a bit on weekend, but today seem to be promising. 


    Almost 2 Poles and 2 wins too... But apparently, the servers are decaying. Both races at which I almost got some progress onto, suddenly I got kicked out of nowhere. It left me completely amused and confused. Have a decent connection but this was... Hugely inconvenient. 


    I don't know how to take this. If taken by the frustration way and just leave it that, there will be no progress whatever; but on the other hand, if I persevere and this continues to happen, my experience will be baffled and ruined no matter what. The server closure is imminent from this, so I'm starting to thinking about to taking it seriously, really. 

    1. Xenoblast91


      [Edit]: Miraculously, and thanks for the rant I managed to achieve 2 more poles, this time no server kicked! Having that elusive win is going to take me all week but I'm feeling comfortable with Race A this time around and luckily, Tidgney didn't really retired from doing GT Sport guides so well, time to invest in this ludicrous game.

    2. Honor_Hand


      Nice to hear that you're still going after this was. Don't give up just yet, persevere and keep trying and you'll certainly attain those poles and wins you need.


      Also, yeah, now that GT7 is out, I foresee Sony and Polyphony Digital closing the servers on GT Sport not too far off from now. 🤔 

  8. The servers are quite garbage today. I legit tried to pull it off as much I can, managed to get 2 poles and almost 2 wins but the fucking servers just casually kicked me out and neither of those hard earned feats counted for trophies. I'm starting to understand the game mechanics (pun intended) and now this horseshit happens... Like the servers are becoming awful for potential closure, or is simply me? My connection isn't the best in my country but at least on my home have a solid 40 Mbps speed and tried with other devices and this isn't in my end. Really frustrating and is causing me headaches now... Ahhhhh!
  9. So, no PS4 DLC trophies, then? Really weird imo, but grateful at the same time though.
  10. Yeah sorry. I was having an error with the page while looking for it on the store. Also there's an error here and on (URL not allowed) where you can't get the proper link to purchase neither to see the price tag. Thanks for clarifying.
  11. Well the game has been delisted from the store, so the only option if possible is a physical copy of the game. I think this is a hint for the future of the game, though. I want to be optimistic as this game has been proven challenging, so having a good time window to even bother to get the platinum would be ideal, but who knows if Polyphony makes a statement about the servers closure. I think to play religiously this game from now onwards is the only guarantee for having a chance, not going to lie.
  12. Week 2, GT Sport Report: 

    2/65 Pole Positions

    0/91 Wins


    Shitty week whatsoever. I can truly say that I put my best into the Race A this week. The best I could pull out was 1:12:830. The best time is ~1:10:110. Those 2 seconds are a complete nightmare. However, I'm starting to acknowledge the importance of soft drift, and how to manage curves in really strategic tracks. I haven't been an avid racing gamer to be honest, but to hell that. The fact I platinumed Driveclub was a miracle, as I had to made new insights into this type of genre. The most I've played and enjoyed was Mario Kart, and completely proud to complete the Mirror Cups on all the titles I touched. 


    But never bet, this game truly is going to be my white whale. While it will take me 2 months or 2 years, I'll finish it (unless Polyphony chooses to close servers, and then I'm deeply fucked). I personally have a Mazda car, which I use on a daily basis and is my dream car, but not the one featured on this week races (which makes me nuts plus!). GT7 gives me failed hopes to have a chance in this game. I don't care about the grind. I'm absolutely sure that I can get to level 50 even before my 91 wins (which is a cosmic joke upon my, like I have 91 in my account... Fuck). 


    As a side note, I can say that I've been on the podium at lest on times. The CP is critical to get good races between other players. NA region can be tough as you're being matched with filthy racers, and that hindrances your chances to even being able to stand for the 1st place. The best I've come ist 2nd, and the very head of the race always wins me like around ~3:30. That's a lot. But anyway, if I can beat anyone else and get that finish position, then I'm satisfied. Going to wait for next week to improve, if possible, and in the meantime get points in other trophies too. 


    The only leisure I have is that I've been working towards other trophies, like the Route 66 and 24 hours trophies. Aside from that, I feel like a complete noob in this type of game. Plus, I've a hard time in real life struggling with other stuff that, while directly deals with gaming, has nothing to do with it also (if you read this far, YES, this is A complete RANT). I really hope this thing get better, and if not, c'mon I'm going to face it no matter what.

  13. [Partial] Week 1, GT Sport Report: Well, well... After 2 days or almost 16 hours of gameplay, I managed to being able to, not one but two Pole Positions!


    Yeah, I know, rookie numbers for few of you. But to me, damn... Means a lot. 0 wins at the moment, and I'm getting an unnecessary resentment feeling towards my Brazilian brother out there as thy always try to get their 1st place but by dirty means. Dudes, look to Pelé and Ronaldinho, you don't need that...


    But anyway, I this burst my hope into trying to get this Platinum. While I personally despise the game where you need to grind, i.e. train to obtain something, I'm starting to get the taste for this specific title. Going to beat you Polyphonic, really.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Really looking forward to hearing about your experience on this one. I have the game and love GT but the heavy onlinery just pisses me off. Especially on a racing game, as I can see you're experiencing right about now. People love to play bumpers cars and use all sorts of dirty tactics when playing online. I hate that shit so much, lol. xD


      Anyhow, best of luck with this one. I'll be monitoring your progress through your statuses. ^_^

  14. After a long and hesitating hiatus, I'm back to GT Sport. I got the guts to finally take it seriously, in part to the hype of GT7 for next month release. 


    Nothing in particular yet, but while I wished to post today that I finally got my first pole position, or even my first Sport win, it isn't the case. However, I managed to be from 10th place to reach 4th by just being aware of the track, watching a few YouTube guides and losing the fear about this game. Basically, be committed to it. And personally, this feels like solid progress in the short run. 


    As water breaks the rock not by its might, but by its consistency, this game is going to be melted, whatever it takes! I would like to make a thread on the forums about my progress, but overall free time is scarce, so I think posting my progress (mostly as self reminders) to push me forward and see how much can see through this. 


    Let's hunt this intimidating, yet fun and amazing white whale... 👊

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    2. Xenoblast91


      @Destructor-8 Thanks for your kind words! Definitely it is. I'm impressed that there are indeed a lot of dedicated players and while I can't figure out how they managed to run so fast to get the pole, I'm starting to notice few skills that are useful in races. However, I've been able to cut a few seconds every here and there on the weekly races, but not giving up so quick to be honest. Gotta be good if I stick to the game incessantly. :) 

    3. Destructor-8


      That's cool. Yeah there are a lot of decent players still around on it. The pole is very useful since you might get some easy races although it's also good to not be on pole in case stuff happens right at the start of a race. I always went for a nice track & a car that would be reliable without traction. If you can get a win here or there then that is enough. I would go without a win for awhile before getting a few in a row.

    4. Xenoblast91


      @Destructor-8 I greatly appreciate your advice, comrade! This a wonderful insight actually for what I've been experiencing lately and sounds incredibly reasonable. Going to take into account, no doubt about it. :)

  15. Man, if the graphics are like that, I'll have a huge nostalgia trip. Graphics look exactly as games way back on early 90s... Definitely give it a try!