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  1. Week 2, GT Sport Report: 

    2/65 Pole Positions

    0/91 Wins


    Shitty week whatsoever. I can truly say that I put my best into the Race A this week. The best I could pull out was 1:12:830. The best time is ~1:10:110. Those 2 seconds are a complete nightmare. However, I'm starting to acknowledge the importance of soft drift, and how to manage curves in really strategic tracks. I haven't been an avid racing gamer to be honest, but to hell that. The fact I platinumed Driveclub was a miracle, as I had to made new insights into this type of genre. The most I've played and enjoyed was Mario Kart, and completely proud to complete the Mirror Cups on all the titles I touched. 


    But never bet, this game truly is going to be my white whale. While it will take me 2 months or 2 years, I'll finish it (unless Polyphony chooses to close servers, and then I'm deeply fucked). I personally have a Mazda car, which I use on a daily basis and is my dream car, but not the one featured on this week races (which makes me nuts plus!). GT7 gives me failed hopes to have a chance in this game. I don't care about the grind. I'm absolutely sure that I can get to level 50 even before my 91 wins (which is a cosmic joke upon my, like I have 91 in my account... Fuck). 


    As a side note, I can say that I've been on the podium at lest on times. The CP is critical to get good races between other players. NA region can be tough as you're being matched with filthy racers, and that hindrances your chances to even being able to stand for the 1st place. The best I've come ist 2nd, and the very head of the race always wins me like around ~3:30. That's a lot. But anyway, if I can beat anyone else and get that finish position, then I'm satisfied. Going to wait for next week to improve, if possible, and in the meantime get points in other trophies too. 


    The only leisure I have is that I've been working towards other trophies, like the Route 66 and 24 hours trophies. Aside from that, I feel like a complete noob in this type of game. Plus, I've a hard time in real life struggling with other stuff that, while directly deals with gaming, has nothing to do with it also (if you read this far, YES, this is A complete RANT). I really hope this thing get better, and if not, c'mon I'm going to face it no matter what.