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  1. It was like that in RE1 HD, but thankfully not here. Like the poster above said, you have to make sure you're paused on the item menu and not the map menu, because the map menu will still run the clock.
  2. I think people usually give RPG's a hard time if it doesn't have the traditional level up system that they're used to. I've seen people give VIII a very hard time, and to a lesser extent X as well. I think the hate with the original is justified with how grindy it is, but the ability to boost it to your liking with this one redeems it.
  3. It might be worth noting that Game Corner Guides has excellent descriptions for each monster that shows their spawn rate and what exact floor you'll find them in. I'm going to pay attention to it more closely in the other games since those have missable monsters.
  4. Does anyone know if they plan to port more of the HE games over to consoles? I had a blast going down memory lane and hope they bring Blue's Birthday Party over at a later date.
  5. How I did it was this: 1st Chris - Very Easy - Save Everyone - Knife Only 2nd Chris - Normal - Don't save anyone - Don't stop running 3rd Jill - Real Survivor - Save everyone - Every nook and cranny 4th Jill - Invisible Very Easy - Don't save anyone - No saves This was my first time playing, so if I had prior exposure I would've done something more like this: 1st Chris - Normal - Save Everyone - Every Nook and Cranny - Knife Only 2nd Jill - Real survival - Save Everyone - Don't stop running - Restart from right before the catacombs for the every woman for herself trophy 3rd Chris - Invisible Very Easy - Don't Save Anyone - No Saves It may be tempting to save the knife only run for later, but you're going to have a way easier time with it in the first run since it's going to otherwise be on the hardest mode, or with invisible enemies. You're going to want to make sure some of those hunters are dead because they can kill you in one hit, so having guns for them is very useful. For Jill's run, it's good to time yourself and use segments like a checkpoint. You might be able to get the don't stop running trophy after saving everyone, but you might need the extra time you get by restarting and not saving anyone. I definitely wouldn't recommend trying a no saves and don't stop running run at the same time in case if you need to restart at a last checkpoint if you feel like you took too long at a certain segment.
  6. Yet another case of a game not being a person's cup of tea but acting like it's the game's fault. I think the game aged very well for how enjoyable it was, and I don't say that out of nostalgia since I got into RE just a few months ago.
  7. Resident Evil Director's cut is basically the original version with stuff added to it, and this one is a full-on remake of the original. Director's Cut doesn't have any trophies, but I prefer the remake anyways.
  8. You also don't need extremely optimized stats, but it's still ideal to optimize to them to the best of your ability. I managed to clear Galdera at level 80 with my Temenos having higher attack power than Hikari, and the Galdera sidequest was one of the first I tackled first so I ended up finding quite a few more nuts that I didn't end up using in the end. You can also get more nuts from octopuffs (which I also didn't do since I never managed to defeat a single octopuff).
  9. Glad it's not just me! I was checking other peoples' profiles to see when their most recent trophy was and everyone's was on the 21st, so I expected this was an issue on the site's end.
  10. You get to swap Throne out if you complete her story, so no worries there!
  11. This guide was a lifesaver for me. I had to make a few minor tweaks to make sure that I survived to the end, but overall it's very easy and straightforward compared to the other guides I've seen.
  12. Is there a list that has all map locations? I've been to every area by following the Polygon map but I'm stuck on 97/100. Yes, I've been back to Frigid Isle too. All Gramophone Record Locations in Octopath Traveler 2 - Gamer Journalist should help with the record locations!
  13. I went with Temenos first, and I'm absolutely loving his story so far! I didn't expect it to be a Sherlock Holmes and Wattson murder mystery, and I adore those!
  14. The only complaint I have is that it has loading screens during vs. mode that weren't present in the version that I played in my childhood, but it's not a dealbreaker. Also agree with hoping for a release of Puzzle Bobble 4, it has my favorite gameplay along with my favorite characters Develon and Marino!
  15. Pretty easy and enjoyable Platinum. You can just use the rewind feature to retain your current score for the high score trophies if you find yourself messing up, and you can abuse it for challenge mode too. For challenge mode, clearing 3/5 of the puzzles will net you the average rank, 4/5 will give you the good rank, and clearing all 5 will give you an excellent ranking. Still pretty easy if you don't wanna abuse that feature too.