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  1. Let's get this topic back on track. Does anyone have any news of Multiplayer for TLOU2? Anyone have any inside sources working at Naughty Dog? Any recent interviews, hints or leaks? We all know they are hiring programmers but I'm you can tell.
  2. 1. Days Gone 2. Resident Evil 2 3. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 4: The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan
  3. There's a guy on YouTube called Mr. Reign. Really funny Brit who drinks vodka and has great tips and advice. I watched his videos and was able to get the gold on all of them because of him. The Bike challenges were the worst in my opinion. 2 or 3 were really hard and took many hours and tries. I actually enjoyed the horde challenges though.
  4. The description for this trophy is very misleading. All the guides say you can unlock it after you gain Force jump on Chapter 7 but I wasted 20 minutes there and 20 minutes on Chapter 8 trying to do it. It wasn't until Chapter 9 (2nd part of Nar Shaada planet) that I got it on the first try. You run shoulder up against the wall, press L3 towards the wall and press X. It will make you run "sideways" on the wall and then you jump. Just wait until Chapter 9 and later to try and attempt it.
  5. Wish I had taken the photo but I came to an area before a bridge and there were 5 "No peeing" signs all around. I looked down and saw someone had spelled "Hi" in mushrooms. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
  6. Well that sucks. Makes sense I guess as they only seem to appear while in the Timefall/rain. I'm playing on hard and it doesn't seem like the BT's patrol around very much. They pretty much stay in the area of when you scanned them and it's pretty easy to sneak by them. Only gets hard when you're carrying a giant load on your back, going downhill, trying to balance and hold your breath at the same time. I'm assuming it get's harder along the way as I'm only in Chapter 2 at the moment. At what point/chapter can I cut their umbilical cord?
  7. Looks like a long grind that will scare away most people from getting 100% platinum. Good, it will only make the trophy ultra rare for the rest of us willing to go for it. Red Dead Redemption 2 was long too but one platinum that I'm proud of. Can't wait to tackle Death Stranding. Maybe by the time I get done with it, the Last of Us 2 will finally be here...sigh.
  8. This looks great. Trophy list looks easy enough.Only downside is that I'll be a week into Death Stranding and will have to make the hard decision to keep exploring Death Standing or give this new Star Wars game a go.
  9. If the reason for the delay is to add multiplayer, then I'm fine with this news. If not......this kind of sucks because I have to tell my boss I need a different week off now.
  10. Even though it's not on sale, I highly recommend Observer from the Bloober team. It's a futuristic/sci-fi horror game. Think Blade Runner meets Flatliners. You are a detective that can plug into people to interrogate them but you're not supposed to use it on dead people...since his son is involved, he decides to break the rules and you go into the heads/minds of the deceased to figure out the mystery of their death and puts you on the path of the killer. Some people get turned off by not being able to fight back and hiding/stealth from the monsters but this story was so damn good
  11. I'm bummed. No Layers of Fear Masterpiece edition or Layers of Fear 2......
  12. I remember drinking 2 White Russians and 8-10 beers while playing Friday the 13th. What an amazing experience and apparently I had 10 new friend requests the next day and a couple of trophies I don't remember getting. Note to self, driving the car in the game is hard enough but when you're drunk, you can take it to a whole new level and be comical at the same time. Good times!
  13. Yes, I'm hoping for the Layers of Fear Masterpiece Edition that includes the DLC to go on sale as well as I like to 100% games if I can. Never heard of White Day a labyrinth named school but I'll check it out. Thanks!
  14. Nothing for me at this time. I'm waiting for that upcoming October sale where all of their scary/horror games go on sale. My favorite time of the year. Need to get my hands on Layers of Fear 1 & 2
  15. Yesterday was a roller coaster. First news broke that there was no multiplayer and that became the hot trending story rather than focusing on the new mechanics and gameplay (crawling in grass, dogs, hunters using names of others, new bloaters/infected). I was one of those who panicked as I play the crap out of TLOU multiplayer. I was devastated. Then people started cancelling their pre-orders and took to the message boards to complain and rightly so. It got ugly and fast. Even the trolls (you know who you are) came out beating their chests saying they hated the multiplayer just to get a rise out of us. I just think Naughty Dog could have handled the situation better. Why didn't they address the no multiplayer with their Outbreak day but reassure everyone that it's coming at a later date? Whether that be a DLC, a stand along game or on the PS5 version. It wouldn't have created the mass hysteria that was yesterday and there wouldn't be a need to put out a statement to the world. I am feeling better about the future of TLOU2 multiplayer, it's just that we'll have to wait a bit longer before we can play it.