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  1. Attempted to do this in one sitting last Friday with my 2 pals without quitting and without returning to Sanctuary. We were 3 and half hours into it and the host got a blue screen error message. It booted all of us. We were probably another hour away from getting all locations too....I'm guessing that if you are trying to get this trophy, you probably want to play alone rather than in a group. I've had the blue screen error a lot recently making this trophy nearly impossible. Have no idea how many people are doing this on a daily basis and finding the time to spend 5-6 hours doing this. Hats off to them I guess.
  2. I also attempted to knock this out yesterday in one sitting and my game also crashed. Got a blue screen error message. I was only 45 minutes into it but still. That's just my luck that this happened or my power goes out. I did put a ticket into Gearbox about 3 days ago, I'm waiting for a response. Hopefully, they patch it, recognize you've been everywhere and my last 4 trophies pop (Pandora locations, Prometha locations, All that you survey and the Platinum) instead of making me go through all the locations again.
  3. I heard that if you go back to Sanctuary at any time or quit the game and come back, it resets it all over again. I'm probably going to wait for a patch as I don't see myself wasting 6-8 hours going around to all the different locations in one sitting on every planet and every map. What a bunch of BS.
  4. Yes, if it touches you, you get squished and killed instantly. Also, in case any asks, yes, I unequipped my infinite rocket launcher (on the higher difficulties runs) hoping it would make me run faster, but it doesn't work and the rolling head always gets me.
  5. I've died every time by that stupid rolling head. Standard. Hardcore. Nightmare. Inferno. That rolling head has killed me more times than Nemesis in all my playthroughs combined so you aren't the only one. Inferno difficulty is infuriating because there is no auto-save function so it reloads the last time you saved your game which involves a few minutes of backtracking.
  6. LA Noire Hidden Agenda The Invisible Hours Heavy Rain The Shapeshifting Detective The Council That's all I got off the top of my head
  7. Jon Bernthal (The Punisher/Walking Dead) as Joel? He fits that ball of rage we've seen boiling just below the surface quite well.
  8. Hugh Jackman would be my #1 choice for Joel. But Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jon Hamm or Joe Manganiello could pull it off. Kaitlyn Dever from BookSmart would be a good Ellie as well. W. Earl Brown as Bill of need to recast him. He was perfect.
  9. Naughty Dog is teaming up with HBO to create a new The Last of Us series with Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin (Chernobyl creator) at the helm. If it's HBO, it will be violent, bloody and done right. Can't wait to see who they cast. Man I am pumped!
  10. I'll wait until they release The Last of Us 2 Remastered with multiplayer on the PS5.....then I'll buy it.
  11. Nice trophy list! I'd suggest God of War (PS4)...dude you'll love it. The Evil Within would be my second recommendation.
  12. This game is meant to be played as a co-op experience right out of the gate. Which is what I did. I turned the lights off, had a few drinks and enjoyed the next 4 hours. Yes, the game starts slow but it picks up over time. I had a great time knowing my actions were screwing with my buddy and vice versa. We tried to keep everyone alive the 1st playthrough but we ended up killing each other. Had a blast doing it too. What made it really cool is that I discovered this game is based on a true story. You can find the History Channel's version of events on YouTube. Even the real life notes that were left behind made it into the game as collectables which gave me chills. Again, it's not going to be for everyone (especially if you play're missing out) but I highly enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one.
  13. Not sure what the big deal is. This trophy list and gameplay closely resembles any Resident Evil game. You don't have to do the under 4 hours and no death in the same run. Also, do we know if there is an easy, normal, hard and daymare mode difficulty? If so, put it on easy and speedrun the game and don't die. You might also get to use your upgraded weapons or unlock unlimited ammo or something to make it even easier. I'm kind of excited for this one. It comes out April 28th, 2020 for $39.99
  14. I can confirm that this method still works. I only picked up the rat pictures which are found after leaving flashback scenes. I skipped all collectables (except the toy train, 3 birthday cakes and the medicine vial) & letters, did not go into the crayon world and focused on the flashback actions listed above. However, it didn't pop right away. I'm not sure what triggers this (how close you stand to the pictures or how long you shine your light on the pictures) but I had to back out to the main menu and then select Continue at least two times. I found that if you don't stand too close and shine your light on the pictures for about 2 minutes or longer, it finally revealed the map and I got the Tree and the Apple ending. This took about 30 minutes.
  15. I know your pain. I haven't played Black Jack in real life since, this DLC ruined it for me. Ethan Must Die was just as bad. I had no health and fired every bullet into the wife. Never had I stressed so much before cause I knew that if I died, I'd have to do it all over again. I killed the wife with my last bullet in my gun. I had never been so happy to get through that and it took me 8-9 tries before that. Resident Evil 2 Remake DLC where you are trapped in the gas station was just as nerve racking. I was 11 away from 100 kills, health in the yellow, low on ammo, got knocked to the ground and thought I was going to die. I saw feet and legs all around me. When I stood up, I had less than a second to fire off a single shot and I hit the guy with the explosive tank on his back. It killed everyone in the room and I passed. So stressful!