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  1. This looks amazing! These monster designs are top notch and you can tell they improved upon the 1st game. I just hope they leave out “beat 10 bosses in a row” while we strip away all your Weapons and perks…that was brutal
  2. It’s almost an overload. I see day 1 purchases through April, Witcher 3 next gen, dlc’s for Cyberpunk and Horizon FW, my current backlog and access to extra/premium games dropping every month. There isn’t enough time in the day for all of it. I guess that’s a good thing though.
  3. I’m just here for the drama 🤡
  4. Fairy Tale by Stephen King
  5. Why would you want to cheat this masterpiece and game of the year? Makes no sense.
  6. Awesome! Going to try to make the PS5 version a milestone on my account. Can't wait to dive into some Gwent & brothels as well 😉
  7. I bought the digital deluxe edition and got 856 pts. My buddy pre ordered a month before release and got it. Wonder if there is a hidden date that you need to pre-order by.
  8. Anyone else pre-order God of War Ragnarok and not get the nft? I bought it on Nov 6th and it never showed up for me.
  9. 100% for Batman Arkham Knight. 3 community challenge trophies to go and zero patience for them. Flawless freeflow, insane combos, etc…someone should offer a share play service and rake in the $$$.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Guess I’ll wait to buy the new God of War until December and get my free $0.20. Lmao
  11. Don’t have a PC for gaming so this is fantastic news. Will be a day 1 buy for me.
  12. My life is now complete. I have a banana and a snail. Just what I always wanted. These NFT’s are useless. Instead of NFT’s, I hope we get better and more frequent campaigns where we can earn pts instead of these little kid models for show and tell. Also disappointing that if we spend $125, we only get $5 store credit. Spending $500, we get $20 store credit. This means there is no point to saving up your points. Ever. We might as well redeem the $5 gift card at every opportunity.
  13. @Neocarleen I don't think the above listing of games is correct. I'm seeing nothing but horror titles and games I've been wanting for a long time. This sale was made for me. Going to pick up Martha is Dead, Visage, Madison, The Sinking City, In Sound Mind, The Park, Perception etc.... Plus I'm seeing the usual Resident Evil, Evil Dead, Dead by Daylight, Dying Light, Walking Dead etc... games
  14. Disagree. It’s more of a 7/10 or 8/10 even with fully upgraded weapons and load outs kits. You’ll need to save up your human tank cards and abuse the cloud save system so you don’t lose the card in case you fail. Going to need lots of patience but the game is worth it.
  15. Just noticed my trophies show up as 84% instead of 100%. Looks like the trophy details for the DLC have been released. Only 2 mercenaries trophy’s. The rest look story related. Green Teen - finish shadows of Rose on casual Serene Teen - finish shadows of Rose on standard Supreme Teen - finish shadows of Rose on hardcore Its starting to grow on me - Use Rose’s mutamycete powers 20 times Craftsmaster - craft every type of item in Shadows of Rose Village of Blood - Complete the bloody village in additional orders River of Blood - Complete the Bloody River in additional orders