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  1. Looking for help on the passenger takedown trophy and I can return the favor. Thanks!
  2. Trophy hunter here. Thought it would be a good idea to start a post where we can all share trophies that are bugged/broken which is preventing the platinum and any work-arounds if there are any. Please feel free to add to the list. Hopefully the community can use this as a one stop shop before they decide to jump headfirst into a broken game or we can ban together to demand better from these developers to fix their games. Flood their message boards if we have to. If these companies do not fix these, I will not be buying any of their games in the future. Without respect, we reject! Borderlands 3 - Master of all you survey, A hundred names for Sand, Swamped, City Slicker, Exoarchaeolo - you get the gist (location trophies). In order to get these trophies to pop, you have to visit all the locations in one sitting. You can't quit the game. You can't visit Sanctuary at any point and you have to hope you don't get the blue screen of death. Will take 4 hours roughly to visit all locations in one go. Broken since 2020 and developers won't address the issue since there is a tedious workaround. Battlefield V - Globetrotter trophy. You have to play a round of Conquest on all 8 launch maps. Developers changed the Twisted Steel map from the UK vs Germany in a recent patch making it a US vs Germany map. The games doesn't recognize this as an original launch map anymore. So if you recently bought the game and started playing you are not able to get the trophy or the platinum. If you were lucky and played when the game first came out and played the Twisted Steel map back in the day or earlier in the year, you should be able to get the trophies. Broken in a June 2020 patch. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Completionist and Dr. Croft trophies. Reach 100% completion and all artifact collections. There is a hidden inventory limit which is preventing players from getting this on the first playthrough. Naturally you will come to stores and will want to buy things to upgrade your gear and look but do not!!! The only workaround is to start a new game, do not buy any clothes, weapons, upgrades, etc. and hold your breath that it pops for you. I had a dig spot that wouldn't let me dig the artifact up. Frustrating.
  3. Can anyone breakdown what the unlocks are after you beat the game and requirements for unlocking? Weapons, infinite ammo, etc...and can you use those on the higher difficulties? Thanks!
  4. $35 for season pass 3...what a joke. Without respect, we reject. Won't buy another game at launch from Rebellion ever again (Or Gearbox)
  5. Any word about future DLC or trophies tied to it? I was not a fan of Ethan must die but I endured. If I pre-order the deluxe edition all I get is a trauma pack with Samurai's Edge weapon, Mr. Everywhere accessory (wtf?), screen filter, background music...blah blah blah. But no mention if we get access to future DLC like in the past. Debating if I should shell out an extra $10 if it doesn't include future content
  6. If we get to kill Abby and finally get the closure we were robbed of....then count me in!
  7. I'd like to add how they sabotaged the party chat system (when it wasn't broken) and taking down communities. Again, not saying it's Jim Ryan's doing but it's under his watch. The PS5 launch feels rushed as well just to compete with Xbox. They have done literally nothing to stop the scalpers. If I'm Sony and I saw that Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc... jumped the gun on the launch of the PS5 at 2:10pm instead of midnight, I'd tell more PS5 units for you. The only way to get one is to go through our store/website and waiting list. They have info on all of much time we play, how much $$$ we've spent on their store, how many trophies, etc...Why not reach out to us and put us on a waiting list so the PS5's get in the hands of the gamers instead of the scalpers? Also, it's April 2021 and in my neck of the woods (One of the largest cities in the Midwest) no store has had any inventory for the past 4 months. Zero, zip, nada. But I'm in no rush since all the games I want (Spiderman: Miles Morales, Resident Evil 8, etc..) are all playable on the PS4.
  8. If Druckmann is involved, he will just kill off Drake in the first 30 minutes so we can focus on Lazaravich's daughter (You know....the real hero & victim here) and all the trauma she went through due to Drake being a serial killer who murdered her dear old dad. Can't wait..sign me up! What? Too soon?
  9. You can play solo. The enemies scale to how many people are in your party but you won't be able to get the platinum that way. One of the trophies is complete all levels with at least a full squad of 4 people but you can matchmake or set up a boosting party to knock it out
  10. For those 100% completionists out there....just know that Zombie Army 4 requires you to buy their season pass 1 & 2 DLC's (normally $36 each but looks like they are on sale now for $18 each). Or you can buy the levels individually for about $7 each I believe. They are also rumored to be working on a season 3 pass later this year so just a heads up before you dive in.
  11. The season 2 pass finally went on sale for the 1st time for $18. I'm still not happy about paying $18 for just 3 trophies but I guess it's better than $36.
  12. Has the season 2 pass ever gone on sale? Or do they expect us to pay $35 for 4 trophies doing the same exact thing (levels/horde maps) with nothing new (not even new enemy types)?
  13. Probably the funniest thing I've seen all day. Cheers!
  14. The sound effects are pretty spot on....was just waiting for the "game over man" commentary somewhere in the trailer
  15. I have a mop that moves on it's own. Last night found it in front of my fridge. The week before it was on my bottom step like it tried to get upstairs. This game hits too close to the mark. Anyone else waste a half hour scanning copies and cleaning up coffee cups until they realized how to get past it....hahaha
  16. Played an hour and a half and it doesn't feel like it's polished. Long cut/loading times (I'm on PS4), last word of dialogue is often repeated twice, scenes abruptly end while engaged in conversation. Starts off pretty slow too but the one thing it has going for it is the co-op and special abilities once you've earned them. I hope they iron out those other issues that you'd normally see in a Beta....not a demo.
  17. The Evil Within 1 & 2 are amazing games. Some of the best boss fights I've had in horror games. Also a big fan of _Observer (has a Bladerunner setting and you're a detective that "observes" by plugging into people to see if they are telling the truth...but he takes it too far by plugging into dead people when you're not supposed to since his son is involved). Friday the 13th is a must if you're a fan of the movies. It's a damn shame the lawsuit shut down all updates and future content as this game was going somewhere special. Personally, I'm looking forward to the new Evil Dead game, Resident Evil 8 and Gun Media's next surprise game which is rumored to be Halloween (same guys who did Friday the 13th game)
  18. Ghost of Tsushima - Raid & Legends The Last of Us - Left Behind Resident Evil 7 - Banned Footage & 21 Days Gone - Challenge Mode (except the motorcycle challenges) Uncharted 4 - Survival
  19. So I recently purchased the season pass for the PS3 ($9.99) and I'm missing the Black Panther and Doctor Strange levels. Did this happen to anybody else? It gave me lots to download, except those 2 levels/content. I checked my download and purchase history and they aren't there. When I go to the PS3 store, it has them available for $2.99 each however you are not able to add them to your cart to check out. Plus, I shouldn't have to purchase them again since the description of the season pass says they are included.
  20. 100% agree. I'm in the same boat with both games. Don't think I'll ever buy another game from these studios ever again. This trend of tricking customers to buy the "ultimate" version of the game only to pull out the rug from underneath them is complete BS.
  21. While I'm not thrilled and jumping out of my seat on the casting, I'll judge them on their performance.
  22. I wasted most of mine buying skins and weapons....damn. But you're right, get 500 and backup your save in case it doesn't work the first time around
  23. Who the hell has 500 Eridium? Even with 4 players, that's 125 a piece. Then you probably die in 1 hit and last about 15 seconds and have to farm 500 Eridium to get another shot. Who comes up with this crap?
  24. Death Stalker 1 & 2 (Amazon Prime). Cult classics. For fans of The Witcher, Conan, Beast Master & Game of Thrones but made on a very low budget, you'll thank me later.
  25. Awesome...didn't know that