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  1. I haven't encountered any issues related to bug trophies. The trophies are just difficult and the gameplay of the game is made to be played on the mouse keyboard which makes it even harder but not impossible.
  2. Because after 400 turns the game hatches 5 eggs at once. it is surely a bug. I don't know what happens if you make more than 400. I didn't mention it in the guide because I haven't tried it, but I'm guessing if you do 400 rounds, change your hat, and quit the game, your progress won't know saved. And for the video I had 5 eggs 2 times too, I just pasted the 2 moments on video. And you are surely right, it is necessary to be level 7 for the bug to work, I will change its in the guide, thank you.
  3. Step 1 : get the trophy "that's my boy" Nothing buggy, here just the xp interests us, you will need to be level 7 to unlock it. (Thanks to DarkSamuraii- for the correction and confirming that you have to be level 7) Step 2 : jukebox hero is easy Yes, the milk bottle resets with each new game. Yes, doing 350 rounds make the little guy level up, but it would take 35h to unlock the other 7 little guys. Fortunately the game has a bug that allows you to do the last 7 guys in 2h30. How to do ? easy, just do 400 rounds and stop the game. You had to do it 2 times Play locally 1vs1 with 2 controllers. Match settings: - Required wins 50 - Rests every 50 - Wall mode no -Random maps 0% modifiers: all off except -Start with shoes (to kill your opponent by jumping on them) -Start with jetpack (to kill yourself faster) The fastest way is to do 150 rounds per cup 2 times and finish the last cup in 100 rounds. Step 3: the 400 rounds x2 1. With your controller 1 kill yourself, on each turn, unless you can equalize (kill yoursefl and your opposant with a grenade) Do the same process but with controller 2, and the last 50 spins don't matter, you just need a winner. (150/400) 0/2 Restar the game (Don't change hat or quit) 2. Do the 1. (300/400) 3.Basically 1. but you can win the game early. (400/400) 1/2 4. Repeat entierly the step 3. (400/400) 2/2 Hope this mini guide will help people, it was my 1st, thanks for reading it! (And it's translated with google translation sorry)
  4. ok I finally succeeded, it took me 5 minutes with this strategy lol
  5. I've been on it for 2 hours, someone this is how to do?
  6. I think this is the easiest and fastest way to do it, for the moment. You can read the description of the video for more details.
  7. Yes its attainability, now the speedrun its the finish the game in 20min no 15min, and finish the game in hardcore its not all level but hard level only.
  8. yes I finished all the trophies, I just miss 2 very hardcore, and the trophies are not even ultra rare