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  1. :platinum: #34 Yoku's Island Express


    Enjoyment: 7/10

    Difficulty: 3/10


    Yet another indie game down! A very cool one with an interesting design choice of combining the metroidvania genre with pinball. I love pinball so I enjoyed that part the most. The music is great, the art style is great. A relaxing experience. I only had to backtrack a lot. I understand this is often the case with Metroidvanias. I probably did not take the optimal path as I had to go back so many times and gotten some of the usefull upgrades a lot later so it took a bit longer for me to plat. Either way it was a fun game to change the pace from the longer titles. For some of the collectibles I recommend to have a guide open as some of the collectibles are pretty hard to figure out on your own. A small tip I can give you is to go for all the scarabs (part of the pinball maps) straight away, this saves some backtracking later.


    Either way, if you are up for something different, a shortish experience and you like pinball and or metroidvania I can recommend this game!