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  1. Update #4 Scarlet Nexus: 100+38-27.47 (Rarity)-15 (Completion)= 95.53 The Princess Guide: 100+65+50 (Speed Bonus)-5.99 (Rarity)= 209.01 Godfall: 100+50-9.13 (Rarity)-10 (Completion)= 130.87 Godfall DLC Fire and Darkness: 1(6) +1(2) +4(1) = 12
  2. Update #3 Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault: 100+33-15.45(Rarity)-10(Completion)= 107.55
  3. Update #2 Dark Rose Valkyrie: 100+27-2.69(Rarity)-15(Completion) = 109.31 Might not be a lot of points but at least I can finally put this game to rest. If anyone is considering starting this game, I would recommend during two playthroughs simply because the weapon upgrades carry over, but your skill points are reset and only a percentage is carried through along with money and marks. As far as I could tell all my items carried over to my next playthrough including the stat boosting items so save them for the very hard playthrough. Coo is your lifeline in the game because she is the only character with an AOE special move that guarantees stealing rare items from enemies. There is only one way to determine if the true ending is achieved and that is In regard to the True Ending, I believe you need to get at least 3 main interviews right, (the first one doesn't count since Amal always interrupts the decision). You can determine that the choice is correct because the commanding officers will make comments like "I see" if the choice is wrong, or "this report looks great" if the choice is right. Along with that you need everyone with an affection level of 4 and at least one of the girls at level 5. One of the male members will betray you by chapter 5, but I never figured out how that is determined. Finally, as a last thought the conversation guide, I followed on Game FAQs gives all the right answers to max affection levels for the characters and the remaining levels are determine by the missions given in each chapter and how much affection gain is determine by the grade of the mission (A, B, C... etc.). I did miss a few of the group events and I think that is partial to the day and night system, since I either advanced the story too soon or I missed them during the dungeon missions, but either way I was able to complete the true ending with both Coo and Yue at level 5, everyone else at level 4. If anyone else has any other questions, feel free to ask and I will try to answer to the best of my abilities.
  4. First platinum for the season. Hope my math is right Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin: 100 + 67 + 50 (New game bonus) - 31.6 (rarity) = 185.4
  5. Kept going back and fourth on what my bonus games should be but I decided to keep it simple. Double Points Mass Effect Mass Effect 2 Triple Points Mass Effect 3 Figured I would finally make my way through the Legendary Edition.
  6. I'm interested in joining this year since I missed out on last year. Plus it will help me to do some clean up as well. So a few questions I have are Does completing a game that I had previously started only have the new trophies count point wise? For example I have Dark Rose Valkyrie at 56% (I think) so if I completed it during the event will only the other 44% count? You mentioned auto popping will not count, but I assuming if I replayed through a game from beginning to end than it should be OK? For example if I wanted to replay FF7R for PS5 since I already completed the PS4 version. And finally can anyone confirm if the Aterlier DX games have their own trophy sets or if they share the same list with their other counterparts, i.e PS3, PS4, Vita?
  7. Proud to say I just got the Plat for ReVerse and it's my 10,000th trophy
  8. Hello I have just finished the platinum for Neptunia x Senran Kagura, so i believe that I am back to Ultra Fan.
  9. I would like to join Lombax Praetorian as I have the platinum trophy for every game
  10. That's a good question. I don't remember if RAC 2016 had skillpoints, but I think "Into The Nexus" did. But either way once I start playing "Rift Apart" I was doing random stuff trying to see if skillpoints would ping.
  11. Yea it's the trophy list here was very disappointing especially when it's compared to the other RAC trophies. Granted those lists weren't hard either but atleast they felt more flushed out to the point that it was still fun to complete them.
  12. Well not sure when the list will be updated but I just platinum Neptunia Virtual Stars which leaves me as an Ultrafan once again
  13. 6) Tales of Xillia 2 = 100 + 46 - 5.81 (Rarity) - 5 (37% completed) = 135.19 Finally got around to finishing the platinum 5 years later. Playing through it again I remember why I didn't finish it the first time. The title grinding is rough. But I got to re-experience the story again and I got reminded why this is one of my favorite Tales of titles.
  14. So I had TLOU2 pre-ordered, than when it was announced to be "delayed indefinitely" due to COVID-19 I decided to switch my pre-order over to Ghost of Tsushima since that still had a release date. Now TLOU2 spoilers had leaked and Ghost got delayed. Well I haven't seen the spoilers yet, but I'm not going to switch my order again.
  15. Much appreciated. Thank you.