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  1. 6) Tales of Xillia 2 = 100 + 46 - 5.81 (Rarity) - 5 (37% completed) = 135.19 Finally got around to finishing the platinum 5 years later. Playing through it again I remember why I didn't finish it the first time. The title grinding is rough. But I got to re-experience the story again and I got reminded why this is one of my favorite Tales of titles.
  2. So I had TLOU2 pre-ordered, than when it was announced to be "delayed indefinitely" due to COVID-19 I decided to switch my pre-order over to Ghost of Tsushima since that still had a release date. Now TLOU2 spoilers had leaked and Ghost got delayed. Well I haven't seen the spoilers yet, but I'm not going to switch my order again.
  3. Much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Just finished FF7Remake. 5) Final Fantasy VII Remake = 100 + 70 - 7.41 ( Rarity ) - 0 + 50 ( New Game Bonus) = 212.59
  5. Finally got around to creating a list, but some of them I am still debating over but this is what I have so far. #COOKWITHME: Ultra. Senran Kagura Bon Appétit. I have platinumed the digital version of the game but the physical version has a separate list. If this is a problem please let me know #DANCESINGWITHME: Ultra. Hatsune Miku Project Diva X. Its a dancing rhythm game. #CRAFTWITHME: Ultra. Resident Evil 3. Has a Trophy for crafting items. #HANGOUTWITHME: Ultra. Titanfall 2. Has a trophy for playing online. #READWITHME: Ultra. Muv-Luv. Has multiple endings for the different characters. #LEARNWITHME: Ultra. Bullet Girls Phantasia. Has a trophy for maxing out all the skill trees. #GETREADYWITHME: Ultra. Persona 4 Dancing All Night. Has to unlock all costumes. #SOLVEWITHME: Ultra. TBD. Not sure if games like Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney or Virtue's Last Rewards count for this category. Please let me know #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Platinum. Captain America Super Soldier. Game based on the movie. #BONDWITHME: Ultra. Record of Agarest War 2. You play through the game as the main character's offspring. #WORKOUTWITHME: Ultra. Beat Saber or Super Hot VR. Haven't decided which one yet. #FIGHTWITHME: Ultra. Soul Calibur 6 or Tekken 7. Haven't decided yet. #TRAVELWITHME: TBD #GAMEWITHME: TBD If there are any issues with my choices please let me know.
  6. If there is still room i would like to sign up as well
  7. This is great news. Just got done with my preorder. Although I was kind of hoping for the LE to come with some sort of box set to house all of the steel book cases.
  8. Currently taking a break to play through Doom Eternal and I'll probably jump into Resident Evil 3 remake afterwards. But hopefully I will have that done just in time to start FF7 Remake.
  9. #4 Valkyria Revolution 100 + 68 - 9.90 - 0 + 25 (beast mode) = 183.1 I believe that I qualify for the beast mode bonus since this is my second Valkyria game
  10. Plenty of franchises that I enjoyed on the PS2 and here they are in no particular order Jak Trilogy (3) Ratchet and Clank Saga (Up Your Arsenal) Xenosaga Trilogy (3) Devil May Cry Trilogy (3) Onimusha Saga (Dawn of Dreams being my favorite cause of the co-op) Killer 7 God Hand Viewtiful Joe series (1) Okami Tales of the Abyss Shadow Hearts series (3) Yakuza (1) These are the ones that really stuck out to me the most.
  11. As I recall you get the ex skill from beating a boss with an S or A rank for 2 and 3. In 4 you get the ex skill by setting the weather conditions to challenging and beating the boss.
  12. These games can be challenging but nothing to difficult (atleast to me). One thing to note that there is a grading system so if you obtain an A or S rank than the next missions boss will have an added move set, im not sure if it applies to Z1 but definitely for the later games. Other than that I think the ones that gave me a hard time was Zero 4 especially near the end and the omega boss fight in ZX, but I am super excited to play these games again
  13. Just finished up Azur Lane. For those interested in going for the platinum, make sure to rotate your ship girls often both for the battles and for secretaries, it will save you time. 100 (base) + 70 (trophies) - 11.98 (plat rarity) + 50 (new game bonus) = 208.02
  14. So for the 63 points I just added together all of the trophies I just earned and never added the ones I had previously otherwise the total amount of points should be 68, or is it that I have to subtract an additional 5 point anyways?
  15. So I just got the platinum for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster. 100 + 63 - 9.99 - 0 = 153.01 when I started the game I was already at 14% so I believe that there is no penalty for it. But of course if there are any miscalculations then let me know