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  1. Ok I figured it out you just need to do Extra op 17 13 times
  2. I’ve searched up multiple times how to unlock Zadornov mission 7 but I’m confused as fuck.My base is now hex (command center is rank 6), I have over level 40 r&d and intel.My mission support is rank 1 but I’m not sure how to increase it.I have no idea what else I’m meant to do.
  3. I just can’t do this button mashing part for the sake of my life.Anyone have any advice.
  4. Ok I bought Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD and I went through the trophies and noticed a couple of online trophies.Specifically Vic Vos which requires you to get 20,000 camaraderie which you obtain from co-op.I would rather play through the campaign with co-op instead of having to replay the missions later.Other online trophies I would like to get are Deliver,Trader and VERSUS OPS All Rules.My PSN is SulaimanGXS.