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  1. same hell, the account i own wasnt even made by me so i was lucky enough to not have to think of one
  2. Already tried it, doesn’t work
  3. Big Adventurer Yes, my last trophy was the plat in “Little Adventure on the Prairie” lol
  4. then change the rules of life so then it does, duh 😒
  5. Nope. Here is a link to an image of what it looks like in my library (if it helps)
  6. Ok so this is more of a 100%, but... The fucking playroom I swear to god for whatever fucking reason the game is locked and I can’t get it from the store. I have tried everything (restoring my licenses, making my PS4 the primary PS4 on all of the accounts I have on mine, etc)
  7. Guess I’m never getting any trophies on this game...
  8. Actually I checked every account on my PS4 and it doesn’t appear in the “purchased” part of the library, it only appears in the “games” part Thing is I can’t get it in the store cause there is no purchase button for it
  9. When I try to start the game it says “Cannot use content. Purchase it from the PlayStation Store to use it” or some thing like that I doubt it because I’m pretty sure it’s been there before that account was even on my PS4, but I could try
  10. Nope, neither worked. I have an account on my PlayStation that does have The Playroom though, maybe I need to activate my PS4 as primary for that account? I kinda doubt it though, I have had The Playroom for longer than that account has been on my PS4.
  11. No, I still have PS+
  12. I can’t get this game (as said in the title) because in my library it has this little white lock on it. When I try to start it it always says “Cannot use the content. To use the content, purchase it from PlayStation Store.” I do that, it appears, and... it has no button to buy it. Doesn’t say “free.” Doesn’t say “$__,” nope, just doesn’t have a button. Can somebody tell me how to solve this please?
  13. Imagine getting the plat on “Crypt of the NecroDancer” and then being like “If I make a new account, then not a single person will ever know I got the plat for that game.. sounds like a great idea!” Like come on, why the hell would anyone do that?
  14. Damn!
  15. Are any of the Japanese titles free?