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  1. I was missing Metro: Eisenhower ST in west Watson. Maybe it'll help somebody struggling.
  2. Thank you. Might come in handy when I start it.
  3. Silly question, but how do I play this with 2 controllers? It says 1-2 players on the back of the case, but I can't start it in game. 🤔
  4. I guess I'll wipe all my data then, I'm fed up with this. I miss two mission story trophies, in Dartmoor and in Mendoza (did the hidden one as well). What a let down this is.
  5. PowerPyx made one as well
  6. Yep, that's pretty much what wipe all data would do. I don't intend in doing that, guess I'll wait for a patch. Bummer, I wanted this for my 400th Plat and I have to wait before I play anything else. :/
  7. Apparently there was a patch today. I was playing a different game and missed it but there's the notification saying Hitman 3 updated. So I tried story mission in Dartmoor as the Full House is glitched for me, and nothing happened. Guess we'll wait til 23rd. Tried the method with deleting local data and going offline, still nothing.
  8. The game itself lags, I cannot finish a Sniper Assassin mission, it's stuck. I've beaten the mission SA rating 3 times and nothing. Wow.
  9. Calm your horses, they will patch it. Give them time to figure it out.
  10. Yes. Keep trying.
  11. I can confirm that all mastery trophies unlock, not the "complete X mission" ones, which is weird. Also Sniper Assassin missions trophies didn't unlock. Awesome thing is you can play the PS5 version of the game and auto-pop trophies on PS4 version. To be precise: it auto-pops both ways.
  12. Any luck yet? Been trying to log in for the last hour and still nothing. Everyone is trying to log in and the server can't handle.
  13. I believe it wasn't covered before. I encountered a bug in a quest which counts towards Lost Tales of Greece trophy set. The mission is "Ajax On Fire" which is a part of "One Really, Really Bad Day" questline. Thing is Ajax glitched on me as soon as we came to the city, the mission marker dissapeared. Does anyone know a fix to this other than having to reload a save? Edit: resetted the console and the game a couple times and it fixed itself.
  14. I was playing blind, didn't know what the trophies were. I had to do another playthrough.
  15. I sold the hat by accident and have to redo the whole quest. This game is really bad designed.