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  1. A true battle for the grind. I pass.
  2. PSN: arszofilipe Platinums: 64 Ultra rare platinums: 12 Average: 38,13%
  3. Ending song of Chaos;Child.
  4. Congratulations for #1 country rank, not a easy task. Btw you have some pretty rare trophies.

    1. LucasDiasC


      ThanksĀ manĀ :wave:

  5. 520, my next goal is reach the level 600.
  6. 8293
  7. Today earning 75k per use. I haven't been online in the last few days, I don't know if that has any influence.
  8. One thing that help me was change sides, doing some combos starting at right corner of the screen worked better for me. Giving a break with the hard ones (Raiden, Baraka...) also help me.
  9. DETROIT MASTER Detroit: Become Human Some playthroughs / replay chapters required. Game is great, good story, nice graphics, overall an easy platinum and a very enjoyable experience. Thanks PS Plus july 2019.
  10. Street Fighter IV, I did all stuff except the trials (I only completed the Hakan and Guy ones), at least I had a great time with this game.
  11. Currently watching Steins;Gate 0. I love the game, course.
  12. PES 2019, one reason I bought a PS4, also my first platinum.
  13. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  14. Enduring Samurai (Clear Survival mode in Samurai Shodown VI), no doubt the most difficult trophy in the game. I got it thanks to @Copanele and his helpful guide.