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  1. I've got a work trip that came up last minute and I'll be gone 2 weeks of the month so my gaming will be pretty limited. I'll do my best to get some time in for them all as I want that lion fill a color lol. But if you need to remove me from the comp, I understand.
  2. I will be following this thread for sure. Should be some fun and interesting reviews to read as it goes along! Those 3 months will give me some time to get some of my current backlog caught up so it will be great timing!
  3. Love that this is a 5 game event. Makes it much easier than your entire backlog. But currently working on my current played backlog. Can't wait to get in on one of these in the future though!
  4. Super Blood Hockey On the Up and Up. Win 10 games. Driveclub Apex Completionist Gain all stars in 'Apex'
  5. I really enjoy world war themed games. I have a fascination with that time period. So I wanted to play Call of Duty: WW2. Didn't realize that even if I didn't own them that the DLC counted towards my completion percentage, I don't play zombies. So there goes that as it will never be completed and even after getting carried through a few games of zombies for a couple trophies, I still sit at ~50% on that games and it will never go up. I've also participated in site events where I dove all my games to try and make it up over the year. Then a lot of new games came out lol. I have a tough time not worrying about completion percentage but it's taught me to finally sit down over the last few months and play through games fully. Games are much easier when you play them a lot instead of trying to get trophies in 15 games all at the same time.
  6. I'll take that Uncharted 4
  7. Working to Plat/100% Driveclub while slowly working on Battlefield V (waiting on their patch to fix the bugs for multiplayer trophy unlocks right now) and tossing in a bit of Foul Play and Super Blood Hockey.
  8. 😂 what he said. When I bought a PS4 last Fall and switched over from achievement hunting I told myself I would control my FOMO habit. I was doing well and then decided to bean dive and took a huge hit. Started some games I know I'll never 100%/Plat (looking at you WW2). Now I've got over a dozen sitting with 0 trophies, and a ton of long games waiting to be picked up. I have gotten better with being consistent and playing games over the last couple months though so hoping that carries over, forever lol
  9. Seeing as I'm bad at remembering, let's write down a list here so I can come back to check and see what I need! 0. Steep, AC Odyssey* or Onrush* 1. Bloodborne* 2. Last of us remastered* 3. The Bridge 4. KH Birth by sleep, GoW 3 remaster, Sniper Elite 4 or Driveclub 5. KH 3 or Super Blood Hockey 6. Foul Play or AC 3 remaster* 7. Uncharted 2 or Lego HP 5-7 8. Uncharted or KH Birth by sleep 9. Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 3 or Lego HP 1-4 What it looks like is I'm going to have to start a few new games (which I didn't want to do, so I'm going to work through the other 8 numbers first. * denotes a new game) and I've got multiples on most. I want to work towards some and see how long it will realistically take me to complete them. As I test the waters I'm going to edit this post until I've got a final list for fun! That lion is mine!
  10. This looks interesting, I'm in!
  11. Do we have a release date yet? Will it be released in NA? I've been curious about this since I saw it pop up on trophy sites.
  12. Believe I picked up like 6 games from a recent sale. But some of them were: Skyrim, Ride 3, Last of Us, Kingdom Come, God of War.
  13. Red Spider-Man PS4 Pro. Still new to this console so it will be my trusty sidekick for a while. Allows me to work on backlogs and wait for the "PS5" to get its launch kinks worked out before upgrade time!
  14. Just surpassed the requirements for the Jack of All Trades today and no trophy. Really hoping to see the update get pushed through next week with the new chapter.
  15. Nothing that really caught my eye this week. Got a couple hundred hours already in my unstarted pile and another couple hundred in my backlog so being a bit more picky with sales lately