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  1. actually, It’s not about that it’s easier cause as I heard the game adapts when you play on Pc with mouse and when you turn controller on there (that’s wonderful). So you’ll have more agressive enemies. BUT. I believe that the main difference is the movement ability ex. shoot anything while running more easily or sidedash and jump while targeting enemies. Also, I believe that base ps4 have good optimization but blurry textures... so I really wish now to play that game on a good pc (in ultra settings 🌝👀😭) because it’s so great.
  2. Hello! I found that there are some problems with trophies while playing Payback. They pop with delay, they sync longer (while game opened) than any game I've played etc. But today I realized that Pranked trophy didn't pop when should, I have already got Supercars for Breakfast (which means that Pranked should be done already cause it requires to beat one of the racers you have to beat for Supercars for Breakfast) and had no idea that something wrong. Today when I checked other trophies and focused on Pranked, I realized that Jessie is a racer from 1% club so I have beat him already... but no trophy. I beat him again and trophy popped. I had same problem with Holtzman boss, I completed level and no trophy (I pressed PS button after I completed race so that might be the key cause the menu works very slow when playing nfs payback. But I had save backed up (thanks God) so I moved it on PS4 and repeated mission and it popped. Am I screwed? Cause now pranked timestamp is illegal. There are some other topics about glitches on the web but still want to ask right here.
  3. I believe that's the best we could get from TWD series: 1. Not only-bronze trophies; 2. Best graphics version; 3. Good icons (only couple are bad from all except final episodes of S3 and Michonne); 4. Great for people who don't want to put games without platinum on their main account (like me); 5. No Tic-tac-toe idiotic random trophy (IMHO); 6. Finally, one line covers whole series. Not like S1 Plat + S2 100% + S3 Plat + Michonne 100% + S4 Plat, not like TWD Definitive Collection + S4 2 plats, nope. Some downsides: 1. Small amount of trophies for such series; 2. Only unmissable trophies; 3. 35-40 hours Telltale platinum :O. For me, I'll get that version
  4. You are lucky, dude. I have same feelings for Resident Evil 4, but I was 12 at 2006 and there were no trophies and moreover, after 10 years, resident evil 4 have very bad trophy set without platinum (even with re-releasing for PS4)...
  5. Hello, I wanna be added in the list. I have completed all KH games with platinum trophy and played Aqua on other account (I don't put 100% on my account)
  6. Yeah, actually there is a good points too and that makes me sad cause this could be much better with adequate balance and of course not so blend protagonists. I like level design and whole concept can exist in such spin-off game but grindfest and very strange protagonists and some cutscenes.
  7. You got all 4 regions in 5-6 seconds which is impossible without using completed save. You had to do it once legit way on ps4 and 3 other could be auto-popped. Moreover, now it's not possible to auto-pop that trophies at all cause servers were closed. (that's not about your case)
  8. Sorry, misclicked topics... Final Fantasy XII definitely