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  1. I believe that's the best we could get from TWD series: 1. Not only-bronze trophies; 2. Best graphics version; 3. Good icons (only couple are bad from all except final episodes of S3 and Michonne); 4. Great for people who don't want to put games without platinum on their main account (like me); 5. No Tic-tac-toe idiotic random trophy (IMHO); 6. Finally, one line covers whole series. Not like S1 Plat + S2 100% + S3 Plat + Michonne 100% + S4 Plat, not like TWD Definitive Collection + S4 2 plats, nope. Some downsides: 1. Small amount of trophies for such series; 2. Only unmissable trophies; 3. 35-40 hours Telltale platinum :O. For me, I'll get that version
  2. You are lucky, dude. I have same feelings for Resident Evil 4, but I was 12 at 2006 and there were no trophies and moreover, after 10 years, resident evil 4 have very bad trophy set without platinum (even with re-releasing for PS4)...
  3. Hello, I wanna be added in the list. I have completed all KH games with platinum trophy and played Aqua on other account (I don't put 100% on my account)
  4. Yeah, actually there is a good points too and that makes me sad cause this could be much better with adequate balance and of course not so blend protagonists. I like level design and whole concept can exist in such spin-off game but grindfest and very strange protagonists and some cutscenes.
  5. You got all 4 regions in 5-6 seconds which is impossible without using completed save. You had to do it once legit way on ps4 and 3 other could be auto-popped. Moreover, now it's not possible to auto-pop that trophies at all cause servers were closed. (that's not about your case)
  6. Sorry, misclicked topics... Final Fantasy XII definitely